We’ve Dominated and Spiritualized the Physical, but not stood Equal and One with it - Part 3: DAY 424

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We’ve Dominated and Spiritualized the Physical, but not stood Equal and One with it Part 3 DAY 424

Featured Artwork by Kelly Posey

So, the question within this all is: how do we ensure that we work WITH what is here, SEE with what is here, UNDERSTAND what is here to change/cultivate an internal and external reality that work/live together within a starting-point principle of/as equality and oneness as what’s best for all? Meaning, the consequences is obvious when it comes to our relationships of dominance, spirituality, resistance/judgment to our own bodies and this physical existence – it’s benefitting the human, the mind: but not reality in any way whatsoever – it all just promote separation and consequence, which can be seen with what is happening to this reality, this world, the extinction of animal/plant species.

Obviously, we individually and collectively started this all in our relationship to ourselves, each other and then into and as this physical existence as a whole. So, we have to start with our relationship to ourselves – how do we attempt/try to dominate/spiritualize/resist/judge ourselves, our own bodies, our personal relationships to from here, open our eyes to seeing, realising and understanding how we’re doing it to the ‘greater world out there’. As we have discussed in the first post: we have to see how we dominate our own selves/bodies – where our minds walk all over ourselves and we compromise ourselves, our bodies. Have to have a look at how we spiritualize ourselves – where we place more emphasis on energy/the positive and how we “experience OURSELVES” – elevating ourselves in our minds “above” the physical/the consequences in this reality/real world and still here not directly seeing/working with/looking at solutions for this actual, real world/reality. Have to have a look at how we create resistances/judgments to who we are / our own physical bodies and the consequences this create in our relationship to ourselves, our bodies and relationship with others – in terms of what we’d compromise in our self-judgments/physical body judgments to shape/change/transform it into and as ‘MY WANT’.

So, within ourselves – we exist in separation with ourselves, our own bodies when it comes to how we dominate it/spiritualize it and/or judge/resist it: so the question has to start with how we learn to work with ourselves, to see ourselves, to see through the eyes of the physical/reality/what is here and stop the consequence of always wanting to change/shape/transform it to our Mind’s WANTS – not in this process considering our own bodies, who we really are. I mean, the simple question we have to ask ourselves is: are the WANTS we have when we dominate/spiritualize/judge ourselves/the body…really our own? Meaning, if one have a listen to the Quantum Mind and Parenting Series on EQAFE – you come to learn how it is that the things you think, the way you view yourself, your relationship to your body, the world, others – ALL of it has been resourced/imitated/copied from ‘those that have gone before you’, we’re all just clones – automatically programmed, based on what we ‘sponged up from our external environment and others’ within/during the first seven years of our lives in this world/reality that so determined our way of thinking, reacting/feeling. So, it’s really quite an eye-opener when one start introspecting the thoughts you have, the reactions, the behaviours – how ‘automated’ it all is, and how we do things without ever considering the consequences to ourselves, others and our own bodies.

So, I would suggest – if/as one can see how one dominate/spiritualize/judge oneself/one’s own body – how it affects one’s life/living experience, one’s physical body – how it cause us to not consider the physical/reality – into and as the ‘world out there as well’, you know – we’re so ‘caught up in our own minds’ that we don’t consider what we can individually and collectively change within life on earth if we start aligning our relationship to/as reality and what needs to be done to change it for ourselves and so for all.

Thus, I would suggest investigating Desteni, EQAFE, the Desteni I Process LITE and PRO – where we explain/walk you through in detail how the Mind operate/functions, why we are so separate from our own bodies/reality, why we live in this world, but also at the same time not – how have we come to accept/allow such consequential relationships of separation as dominance/spiritualizing/judgement that seem to only benefit the human and become ignorant to what we’re doing to our own bodies/this physical existence as a whole.

We’ll in interviews/posts to come expand more on the point of “here” / “reality” – what we mean with the ‘separation between reality and illusion’ with regards to Consciousness and the Physical Body and ‘Global Consciousness’ and this Physical Existence; and why/how within this – we don’t see/realise/understand that we’re not working with what is here, but instead working against it.

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