We’ve got the past, present and future – also ‘The Now’, but what about HERE? Part 2 - DAY 426

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We’ve got the past, present and future – also ‘The Now’, but what about HERE? Part 2 
DAY 426

Continuing with the point of ‘dominating our own minds’ where we looked at the example of the mirror – now, we may crack the mirror, change pieces around, turn them around, paste/plaster different things onto the cracked pieces; yet despite this – what is certain is that: the Mind, one’s Mind within the Mirror – stays the same. Nothing in fact changes, but the illusion of change is created. Where we looked at the example of dominating the Mind in the Mirror through cracking it/changing pieces around/pasting all over it/turning pieces around so as to not see them – how do we do this in our own Minds?

Cracking the mirror would be equal to how we look at things in our minds, where we misconstrue memories, for examples. Meaning, let’s say you reference/remember a Memory in your Mind where someone said something and you reacted ‘cause you interpreted what they said based on a reaction within you – never confirming with the individual what they in fact meant, but simply immediately making assumptions. From there, you completely changed the way you look at the memory/the person – ‘cracking/misconstruing’ the reality of the memory to only see parts/pieces what in fact happened and then you take those parts/pieces ONLY and from there make assumptions/interpret the entire moment/person. So, we can in our own Minds even go so far as cracking/breaking up individual memories into little pieces and then only analyse the pieces we WANT to see and react to and so change/alter/misconstrue reality in our Minds.

Here, comes to show why and how Nothing in reality in fact changes, why human nature does not in fact change – because we don’t face/challenge/confront/introspect/investigate even the reality of our own Minds, but suppress it and dominate it. In this process, we then start defining ourselves according to this dominant-relationship to the Mind, so for us to be able to “dominate our own Minds” – everything in/as the Mind has to stay the same, and so we in fact keep everything in our Minds the same, without change, just so that we can continue dominating it. Within this, bringing through the principle of “here” – standing in front of the Mirror, with one’s Mind in and as the Mirror: illustrate/show how our Minds are the “past-manifest”, where we’re standing directly in front of it would be us “presently looking into/looking at” the Mind as the past-manifest in the Mirror.
Now, what also contribute to nothing changing in the mind/nature of the human being is the fact that we’re taking the past – as our Minds, looking at it in the present and then in the present simply misconstruing/altering/changing the past in the present to create our future. Not seeing/realising/understanding within this how we’re not in fact changing THE NATURE/CONTENT/ACTUALITY of our Minds and what goes on in there – we’re not looking into/as the depths of the Mind and everything that exist within it from thought/imagination/words/images/pictures to understand WHY it exist and how it exist in the first place. And so, in the present, from the past – we’re in fact “as the future recreating the past / evolving the past” – always ‘bringing the past with us in our minds and lives and just mutating/altering/changing it’ but not in fact taking on the PAST-ITSELF and changing from within and as it.

This then bringing us to the point of THE HERE, where we’re not looking at “The Here” of our Minds AS IT EXIST in itself, we’re in a constant “past-present-future” relationship with it, using the past in the present to create the future – I mean, when are we going to learn that such a relationship to our minds, to life itself in this world is NOT THE SOLUTION and brings forth NO CHANGE but evolving consequence/remaining stagnant within what human nature and the mind/consciousness has always been?

We’ll in the next post have a look at how we spiritualize the Mind, how also through spiritualizing the mind we remain in the past-present-future imprisonment and in turn produce no change in human nature, this world or the Mind/Consciousness.

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