Fact and Reality in one corner, Opinion and the Mind in the other…let the Games Begin (Part 2): DAY 433

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Fact and Reality in one corner, Opinion and the Mind in the other…let the Games Begin 
(Part 2): DAY 433

Before we have a look at the relationship between Opinion and Plausible Deniability, how we use/abuse the relationship between the two to protect/defend our Mind’s Self-Interest and abdicate Responsibility as to our thoughts, words and deeds – let’s have a look at the relationship between Opinion and Self-Interest:

To create/formulate an Opinion in the mind through the process of reasoning/thinking – we base our ‘trust’ on the thoughts/internal conversation/beliefs we hold/participate within, in the Mind. With this trust in our own Mind and the things we participate in, being the starting-point/premise for our arguments/reasoning in relation to how we (the I/Self in the Mind) ‘see/view’ things. Not considering within this…how do we manage to speak to ourselves in the Mind? How are the thoughts we think produced? Were the views/beliefs we hold in fact our decision to accept/allow in our Minds/to become part of ‘who we are’ – or did we unquestioningly simply accept/allow them/copied/imitated them from those that have gone before us? So, the obvious question then within this all is…are our Thoughts in fact “our OWN”? Meaning, we don’t realise the extent to which our parents/family/friends/society program our thinking/how we think/what we think through our process of internal and external acculturation into/as this world/reality – so, we should in fact ‘redefine’ MY opinion / MY thoughts to “those that have gone before me’s Thoughts/Opinions”. It’s like, if you want to look at how our Minds are programmed with other’s views/beliefs from childhood that then become ‘our thoughts’, the thoughts we use to formulate ‘my opinion’: imagine rivers of information streaming from your parent’s minds, from their parents’ minds, from family/peers/friends/media – and as a child, all of this information/knowledge as rivers then stream into your Mind. You (or actually the pre-programmed mind/consciousness) will then decide, based on your external relationships/environment/participation – what of this knowledge/information will become your thoughts, that will then determine your personality/ ‘who you are’.

So, with Opinions and its relationship to thought/reasoning in the Mind –the very “self” / ‘definition of self’ in regards to the views/beliefs that is held, is then used as a starting-point/premise for the formulation of an Opinion and in/as an Opinion one can actually see/learn a lot about an Individual with regards to their personalities/fears/beliefs/views and how they in fact limit themselves in relation to seeing things/people;  because an Opinion always defines the Individual/Personality in the Mind. While the person, in their Minds, believe that creating an opinion about something/someone defines that something/someone – it’s actually in reverse, an Opinion in fact reflect WHO YOU ARE and not that which you created an opinion towards, because the creation of the Opinion comes from one’s OWN MIND/thoughts/personality. It’s fascinating that Individuals forming Opinions believe that they hold some authority/power/control over/of that which they created an opinion towards; when it’s in fact that very something/someone they ‘imposed an opinion on’ that has authority/power over the Individual; because the Individual does not realise how they’re in fact limiting themselves in a relationship of Opinion, because having an Opinion, is always formed from ONE DIMENSIONAL VIEW only. only ever looking at things through the eyes/thoughts/views/beliefs of oneself – giving one ‘tunnel vision’; actually through the Opinions ‘validating oneself’ – using reality to find something/someone to validate ‘who I am’ through creating Opinions.

This is Why/how Opinions aren’t rooted/grounded into/as reality – because the starting point/premise isn’t the real physical reality, but the illusionary reality/personality of/as the Mind/Consciousness; and how we use/abuse Opinions for our own self-interest, to ‘define/validate OURSELVES’. Thus why we can’t see the multi-dimensions of reality/relationships/people/the problems of this World/reality and neither see the Solutions, ‘cause we only look at it in the dimension WE WANT to see it, instead of what would be best for all within a Physical starting point as that which in fact constitute equality and oneness in/as this real physical reality.

We’ll continue / explain more in the next posts to come together with illustrative examples to understand how the Mind/Consciousness use/abuse Opinions for Ego/Personality self-definition and how we in this process, MISS REALITY/what is real completely/entirely

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