Two worlds in one Word: The Separation between the Mind and the Physical – Part 1: DAY 419

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Two worlds in one Word: The Separation between the Mind and the Physical – Part 1: 
DAY 419

I’m sure many has been introduced to the process where you repeat a word, speak it fast for a while and eventually the word starts looking weird/alien and it loses its meaning/purposes because you start looking at the letters of the word being the main focus and do not see the meaning/definition/purpose within/behind the word.

So, the question within this is – is it that the word-itself becomes ‘alien’ and/or loses its meaning/purpose or is it that we actually SEE the word-itself for the first time – purely seeing the letters aligned-together forming the word? What I mean with seeing the word-itself for the first time, it’s like ‘looking at the word without its definition’. It’s fascinating that within this, with just looking at the word – the letters/symbols without its definition: the relationship that forms with the word itself is like it’s a ‘foreign language’, when one is introduced to a foreign language one cannot form a relationship to the words/alphabet without understanding the meaning/definition/purpose of the words.
So, here – let’s have a look at this relationship between words repeating and our mind repeating – where we ourselves lose ‘meaning/purpose’ within who we are and how/what we live by/through what we constantly/continuously repeat in the Mind.

A shift happens when we repeat words, where the relationship moves from the definition/meaning – to the letters/symbolism. The same happens within our minds when something repeats, a shift happens from reality into and as the construct/symbolism of what it is that we’re thinking about/imagining and then we become ‘possessed by it’. So, within this – we create a separation/split ‘between two worlds’: the letters/symbolism separate from the meaning/definition. We do this in our Mind-World / Physical-World relationship – creating a separation/split between two worlds where we can create a Mind-Reality completely separate from Physical Reality and actually in/as the Mind-Reality create a whole new meaning/definition/purpose to something/someone that is not in fact related to reality in any way whatsoever.
As with the words, we for a moment become possessed by the letters/symbols, seeing the word itself alone without its ‘REALITY’ and in this process – the word loses its meaning/purpose/definition. So, the relationship evident here is that with words – to ‘fulfil them’, one need “reality”; reality being its physical context as its definition/purpose/meaning –its relationship to REALITY, this REAL WORLD.

Words ‘connect’ us, or rather should connect us to REALITY, how things really are in/as the Mind and Reality – meaning: “seeing things AS they in fact are” instead of how we WANT them to be / intend them to be. This is one of the main reasons as to Why/How human beings cannot directly-see into the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind and quantum physical layers of the mind-physical relationship: we split/separate the real world into the mind world and then redefine/fulfil the mind-world according to MY WANTS – creating a whole new world/realm in/as our own Minds. Have a look, even with the words that we repeat and they lose their ‘reality’ as meaning/definition/purpose – in the Mind-Physical relationship, we take it one step further in terms of separating/splitting the Mind from Reality and then REDEFINING/fulfilling the mind reality within its OWN CONTEXT and do not align it in/as equality and oneness with and as Reality.

We’ll continue with examples in the next post

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