Two worlds in one Word: The Separation between the Mind and the Physical – Part 3: DAY 421

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Two worlds in one Word: The Separation between the Mind and the Physical – Part 3: 
DAY 421

An example of how we split the Mind from Reality and in the process fulfil/define/give meaning/purpose to something/someone according to MY want/preference – in this process disconnecting oneself from reality/the physical/the real world completely is, for example again having a look at our relationship to our own physical bodies. Standing in/as the shoes of the physical body itself, the reality of the physical body – the physical body is a living organism that makes it possible for us to exist in this World/Reality. YET, where we bring in the Mind-World and Physical World mixture to words is where many for example can within them speak the word “My Body” and with it can come up all sorts of connotations/backchats/images/emotional reactions/discomfort. This an example of how we have taken reality, the physical body as-is and redefined it/fulfilled the word “Body” or words “my  body” with and as and into the “Mind World”. So, who/what defines “Body / My Body” – what/who substantiates this “Word” – we do! Who we are within and as the word “Body / My Body” will accordingly define who we are and how we live/experience ourselves within and as it. So, if the Word Body/My Body is in the MIND / Consciousness is will with judgments that substantiates the word – then we, who we are, becomes the judgment as the word ‘My Body / Body’ according to how we defined it in the Mind/Consciousness and that becomes our relationship to ourselves and so the Body – that of judgment/emotional reactions/ideas/images/pictures.

With this, have a look at how far people will go to from the Mind World / Word definition to/as their own Bodies – try/attempt to change/alter that which is REAL, that is Physical, to fit the Mind Word/World. Like, trying to mould/shape/design the Mind Word into the Real Word/World as the Physical Body; thus here an example of how we ‘live in reverse’ – it’s like the Mind/Consciousness is this black hole that sucks reality into it, and in that black hole churns/misconstrue/change actual real/reality and then tries and spews out the altered/changed reality into/as another ‘universe/existence’. Like within/beyond the black hole there’s another universe/existence into/as which actual reality is spewed-out and changed – trying to use/abuse physical reality to change it into and as our Mind’s Reality. In this process, everyone fucking up what’s here/what’s real, not being equal to and one with it – like, our bodies – it should have been the simplest relationship of nutrition, sustenance, everything the body practically needs to be stable/efficient/effective in ALL its processes, but instead it’s about appearance, the picture, the image how the MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS as ourselves redefined reality/the physical where there is little care of the reality of one’s body and more about the mind’s relationship/feeling to it.

So, I would really suggest investigating Desteni, investing in the EQAFE interviews – especially the series on Imagination, because in this series you can clearly, specifically see how we split ourselves between the mind world and physical world and the extent of consequences we create for ourselves, our relationship to our own bodies and also into our personal world/personal relationships. Specifically, how much of this can CHANGE –with us changing WHO WE ARE in and as the words we speak/live – changing our words/who we are in/as the words and how this change our world – within and without.

More to come

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