When one Mistaken Perception makes something look Completely Wrong DAY 417

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When one mistaken perception makes something look completely wrong DAY 417

Recently, I was busy typing and as I was typing a specific word – I missed one letter in the word. By first glance, the word seemed COMPLETELY wrong, where I had really typed the word incorrectly. The emphasis being here on ‘first glance’, because I just quickly ‘looked at it’ – I didn’t initially move slowly through each letter of the word, I looked at the word as a whole, and it didn’t ‘look right AT ALL’. So, I was then about to delete it to retype it when I instead moved through each letter slowly and all the initial letters were correct, there was only ONE letter that I didn’t include in the word and so when I added it, the word was ‘there’ – all aligned and making sense.

What opened up in that moment is something I have faced in my process as well, where – I’d for example make a mistake in relation to walking a specific point, or I would ‘fall’ within a specific application; but what I’d NOT do is for example state the reality of the situation as: “I made a mistake / I fell in relation to THIS SPECIFIC point/application/explanation”. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo – I would go: “I am a TOTAL failure” / “EVERYTHING is ruined” / “It’s the END of my world” and then just like really, in my mind, go into this deep, dark pit of absolute loss and ruin. As though a meteor came and destroyed this entire earth, with the meteor representing the mistake/fall and the earth representing ALL of me – when, all the while, it was really just a little rock that was thrown into a field. So, it’s fascinating how –within the mind, especially, it has the knack for making things look much worse than what they in fact are. Now, there are instances where things just in reality are, obviously, really bad/consequential – but, in this interview I am focusing on the dimension where we make a mistake/fall in a point and then we relate that ONE THING to EVERYTHING of ourselves, instead of seeing/realising and understanding that the one point/application relates to ONE ASPECT/DIMENSION of ourselves that we’re in the process of walking/transcending/changing.

It’s with having a look at the relationship to the word – there was in fact only one letter misplaced, but when I glanced over it – getting an “overall view”, it seemed like EVERYTHING was wrong/misspelled. Like with what we do when we make a mistake/fail – we “generally look at ourselves” in relationship to it and then everything of ourselves seems wrong/mistaken. But, when I looked at the word specifically, I realised there was only ONE LETTER out of place and changing that one letter, changed the entire word into structure. Exactly as what we do when we make a mistake/fall/fail – look only specifically in relation to the point/application one had made a mistake within/fell/failed and accordingly correct that ONE POINT, find a solution, establish a way to correct it / re-align it and not accept/allow oneself to define EVERYTHING of oneself to/as that ‘one point’ as a mistake/failure, but to rather find the point where the mistake was made and correct it/change it and/or correct/change oneself within and as it. Essentially not looking into the mistake/fall/failure itself – but move through the problem slowly, but surely – step by step and establish a solution/change, otherwise everything LOOKS wrong from ‘glancing at it’, but walking through it, step by step in reality – one in the problem, see the solution.

A really cool example being walked in terms of ‘seeing through the problem into the solution’ is the process of emotional / feeling energy that is being walked by the Atlanteans, explaining how emotional/feeling reactions tend to blind us from reality – where we tend to look at reality through the ENERGY, and once one release the energy and see into Reality: it’s amazing how what one see/how one look at things change.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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