Opinion: Guarding the Self-Interest of Consciousness: DAY 434

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Opinion: Guarding the Self-Interest of Consciousness: DAY 434

Before we have a look at some examples in relation to Opinion/Fact and their relationship to the Mind and Reality respectively – let us have a look at another player in this Game, which is Plausible Deniability. First, let’s have a look at plausible deniability in the Mind and our relationship with Plausible Deniability when it comes to reality/real events and responsibility in/as the physical world. Within this, one will note a parallel between Plausible Deniability and Opinions when it comes to protecting/defending our own Self Interest – even despite real-time physical evidence that would prove the contrary to what one WANT to See and how one WANT to see it.

Now, in the Mind…each human being believe that that realm is “secret”…nobody knows what goes on inside there, apparently, but ‘self’. However it’s even more fascinating how human beings cannot see how one’s ‘Secret Mind’ does rear its head through behaviour/words/relationship/decision – not ‘immediately’ in the moment of participating in the Secrets of the Mind, but with time ‘the Secrets in the Mind’ seep through one’s words/deeds and into and as one’s decisions/views/beliefs that accordingly determine one’s life/living experience. This relationship between what we supress in the Mind, what we keep Secret in the Mind and how it stores/accumulates as memories in the Body and eventually evolve /become part of one’s words/deeds and so decisions that determine one’s life/living experience has been explained/walked in detail in the Kryon, Reptilian and Quantum Mind Self Awareness Interviews available on EQAFE.

So, with this – let us open up the next Player, which is ‘Plausible Deniability’ and how we use Plausible Deniability from childhood. So, as children we already come to the realisation that: “If I do something wrong/that I shouldn’t have done and there is no PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of it in reality…then I cannot be proven guilty/get into trouble”. So often as children, we experience this attraction to doing things we know we’re not supposed to do/allowed to do and which we’d get into trouble for doing – but, that very fact that we know it’s wrong/bad/consequential really pulls us to Want to do it, for example just to see the reaction/what WOULD happen if/as it was done. For example, with the parent saying to the child: “do not eat this/that – it’s for later”, but then the child indulge knowing full-well they weren’t allowed to. Then afterwards comes the planning/preparation for plausible deniability: if the child has a sibling/an animal around the house – they can shift blame to the other sibling(s)/animal(s), because the child KNOWS no-one else was around there, but themselves and so ONLY THEY have to ‘know’ and to keep it so. They can create a story that sounds PLAUSIBLE and deny Responsibility to what they have done. Some kids even go so far as, whether the evidence is RIGHT THERE on their hands/face – being so much in the mind that they cannot even physically see/feel the evidence on their own body and would still go so far as claiming plausible deniability of “I did not do this” – even though the evidence is right here. This relationship to plausible deniability, how we reason ourselves out of self-responsibility/for things that we have done = we also do in our own Minds.

In our Secret Mind – the things in our Minds we participate in/think about/imagine/feel that only “self” knows about, in that dimension/realm of the Mind – we believe we can do “anything/everything WE WANT”, it’s interesting that when one would observe one’s own Mind, especially the Secret Mind and what one accept/allow to participate in within it – one more often than not “reason the acceptances/allowances” to sound plausible/okay/validated – making it seem ‘better than what it in fact is’, or rather – making oneself ‘feel better’ about what you do in your own Mind. Then we go so far as reasoning that “no-one knows what I do in my Mind, there is no physical reality evidence of it – so, whatever I do in my Mind, I get away with” – obviously such reasoning is a matter of opinion, because Human Beings don’t see/realise/understand how the things in fact do filter through into reality – just in ways that one cannot trace a direct-link with/as. The relationship to plausible deniability within this, is that – when confronted with the contents of the Mind, one can call on plausible deniability, reason the contents of the mind to be plausible/okay/acceptable, deny any responsibility/self honesty in relation to it and so use Plausible Deniability to protect/defend/secure the actual, real nature/content of the Mind and what oneself knows is really in fact going on in there.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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