Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit (Part 2): DAY 311

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Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit (Part 2): DAY 311

Problem: Karma and Reincarnation (continued)

So, let’s get into Specifics: In the previous post – we mentioned the Process of Recycling, which within Recycling processes, materials are either re-used and/or reconstituted. The materials in both instances still exist – however, will never be the same again as it was in the Beginning of its existence. Even though it’s re-used and/or reconstituted – it’ll never be the same again.

Recycling within this Physical Existence – does have its ‘benefits’, as a lot less Resources would have to be utilized to recreate the same Materials and/or other Materials to produce things that Recycling materials can create/manifest. However, even still – Resources are Utilized within the very Recycling Process, so we’re Always, in all ways, utilizing this Physical Existence and the resources within it to Survive.
Now, this very Process of Recycling was existent within Heaven’s relationship to this Physical Existence – with our Being/Spirit that was ‘Recycled’, within and through the Reincarnation Process. Now, the Question – how Exactly was our Spirit/Being Recycled, and why/how within and during this Recycling Process, has our Being/Spirit Devolved/Diminished as our very Spirit/Being changed in constitution for the worse, instead of the better/betterment of ourselves and all of existence?

For this Question to be Understood – we have to look at the Relationship between the Spirit/Being, the Mind and the Physical Body, together with the Soul System. Now, what’s Celebrated within the Human Consciousness is this Trinity-Relationship between the Body, Mind and Spirit – with Human Consciousness not seeing, realising and understanding that the Separation between these Three Manifestations was Preprogrammed to be Maintained, purely for the continued Survival of Consciousness and the continued Survival of Heaven. When, the Relationship was supposed to have been: Being + Physical Body = One and Equal. Now, the Equation in fact read: Being + Mind + Body = Separation, maintained by/through the Soul System.
As we have discussed within the Previous Posts is that: we have been Moving through existence within the realities of starting as Being/Spirit, becoming Physical and then Separating into Mind and eventually again to Being/Spirit; this Process obviously Clearly exemplifying Separation, because within/during this Lifetime – we don’t remember our Spirit/Being from previous lives, we don’t remember our Baby/Childhood years as we eventually completely become the Mind/Consciousness. And within this, that – the Moment of Death, very little Remembrance of oneself/one’s Consciousness/Personalities of the Mind is remembered of the life that one had Lived. So, in this – what has to be seen, realised and understood is that: One’s Being/Spirit relationship to the Physical Body was in fact used/abused to Substantiate/Animate the Mind/Consciousness within one’s lifetime – for Consciousness as ENERGY to Survive/Exist, as the Energies was Channelled into the Heaven Existence to Substantiate/Animate Heaven that was existent of Pure Energy Only.

Now, what’s Interesting here – if one Reference the Reptilian, Atlantean and Kryon Interview Series, is that: Already in the beginning of Existence, before the Emergence of the Human Race and this Physical Existence, that: there was a Relationship to an Existential Substance within existence that could be seen, experienced by ALL Beings within Existence. Same as we Now exist within this Physical Existence: we ALL have a Physical Body and see and experience this Physical Existence. However, as in the Beginning – as is Now: what was Not seen, realised and understood is How the Existential Substance, as with this Physical Existence now – was in fact the Actual, Real Source of Life, but was used/abused as a Resource of Energy/Energy-Experience.
So, even in the Beginning – we had just our Being and Awareness and our relationship to the Existential Substance, and even then – we existed in Separation to/as that Existential Substance that in fact ‘gave us our Existence’. Now, we’re even MORE consequentially separated, in that: with Referencing the History of Existence walked by the Reptilians, Atlanteans and Kryon, is that: from the Beingness, the Substance of the beingness – ‘energy relationships/creations/experiences’ Emerged. Obviously even then not putting ‘two and two together’ in terms of Seeing, Realising and Understanding that the Substance is in fact the SOURCE of/as the Existence of Energy. It’s more like: Substance accepted/allowed the existence of Energy to show the Beings that – “Hey! I’m the one producing this Energy!”, but the Energy was so WHITE and PURE and BEAUTIFUL that even then it Blinded the Beings from seeing, realising and understanding this Relationship between Energy and Substance that Now exist as the Mind and the Physical.
And so, the Creators of Existence started Experimenting with Energy, the outflow-consequence creation, and completely disregarded Substance, which is what we do Now – we only Experiment with what we Create from this Physical Existence and/or what we Create within our own Minds without Seeing, Realising and Understanding where it in fact come from as the Physical Body, this Physical Existence.

From there, the entire Heaven-Earth relationship Evolved as the Creators created the Mind and Physical Body relationship, resourcing energy from the Being and the Physical Body for the Mind’s Existence, and eventually Resourcing energy from the Humans into and as the Heaven Existence. NOW – the CONSEQUENCE of this relationship between Energy and Substance in the Beginning, now the Mind and the Physical Body, was not taken into account, because the Beings then, as with Human Beings now – did not SEE the effect the Energy-relationships were in fact having on their Being/Spirit, as do Human’s now not see, realise and understand the effect of Consciousness as the Awareness of Energy have on the Physical Body, this Physical Existence into and as a Being/Spirit Level, that will be the primary cause for Why/How our Being/Spirit in fact devolved/diminished life after life after life…and so Why/How the Physical Body, this Physical Existence has deteriorated generation after generation after generation. And WHY the effects of Energy in its relationship to Substance and the Mind in relationship to the Physical Body is/was not Seen, is because we’re not equal-to and one-with it and have always Only worked with the outflow-consequence of the Mind’s relationship to the Physical in Humanity.
Now, the Energy-Substance as Mind-Physical relationship that was ‘missed’, was how – once the energy, produced by the Physical Body were created, it would be created FROM the physical body/its substance, and so: What one do with/as the Energy – will equally as one Effect the Substance, as the Energy emerged FROM the Substance, as one’s Mind/Consciousness and Energy Experiences emerge FROM the Physical Body: whatever one accept/allow in/as Consciousness and in/as Energy, will equally as one have an effect on the Physical Body. Obviously, not exactly the same way or even as Intended because the Substances are Different – your Emotions and Feelings are of a different nature/substance in comparison to the nature/substance of the Physical Body. BUT, because there is ‘substance in energy / physicality in energy’ (obviously, the evidence is here within the fact that one can ‘physically experience emotions and feelings’ and the Energy within/of that, that even Scientists to this day cannot explain ‘where exactly it comes from’ and/or the thoughts/backchats/imaginations that produce such Emotional/Feeling Energy). Thus, it follows from that – that: with Energy ‘containing Substance’ as a derivative of Substance/physicality – whatever one DO with Energy, will affect/influence the substance within it and the substance/physicality that the energy is in relationship with.

See, here we’re getting to how/why our Being/Spirit and Physical Body has devolved/diminished throughout our lives/existential lives, because from our Being/Spirit and Physical Body substance, was created a derivative, an outflow-consequence as ENERGY that would become the Mind/Consciousness. And then we went and programmed ourselves AS ENERGY, instead of substantiating ourselves, living ourselves in equality and oneness with our Being/Spirit and Physical Body/this Physical Existence as Substance/source of ‘life’. And, additionally within this – how, because we programmed/existed in/as a Derivative of our source as our Being/Spirit and Physical Body of substance, consequences manifested into/as our very Being/Spirit and Physical Body/Physical Existence as a consequence-outflow of/as the Energy-Substance relationship; which we will continue with in the Next Post…

(As you will Notice – we make many references of Interview Series of the Reptilians, Atlanteans and Kryon; most of the background / perspective of the Vocabulary that we use as ‘Substance’, ‘Energy’, ‘Mind’ and the relationship between the Being and the Soul is discussed and explained in detail with the Series.
For additional Existential-History – we suggest Investing in The Secret History of the Universe Interview Series in which the Origin of the relationship between Energy and Substance is explained as well as the emergence of the ‘First Awareness’. Then, for History on the Opening of the Portal and Detail on Heaven’s actual, real Relationship to Humanity/this Physical Existence – we suggest Investing in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series. Enjoy.)

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