LIFE-Regulation Practicality (Part Two): DAY 307

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LIFE-Regulation Practicality (Part Two): DAY 307

LIFE-Regulation – continued

In this post, we’re continuing with having a look at the relationship between Life-Regulation and Responsibility. With the existence of Morality, and our relationship to it at the Moment – in fact standing within the starting point of ‘Abdicating Self-Responsibility and Responsibility to/as Life on Earth’. Where, within Morality – we’re left to ‘keep in line with the Good/Right and stay away from the Bad/Wrong’ – while the World System is left to ‘Manage’ both Polarities; and so – we’re ALL, individually and together, accepting and allowing this World to Continue, consequentially, existing as-is and so why/how Nothing will ever Change unless we take Responsibility for it and Change it.

Therefore, we’ve Never then actually Ever really taken Responsibility for ourselves, our Mind, our lives and our relationship/future within this Physical Existence as a whole. We’ve only ‘Managed our Survival’ within the Problems/Consequences that exist within this World/Reality – never taking them on, standing up for ourselves and others; but we’ve gone into that deep-seated Acceptance and Allowance of ‘this is how things are / the way the world is’…Really? “The Way the World is” – reflect “The Way We Are” – the Way of the World, is the Way of Humanity.
So, Changing Morality from Good/Right and Bad/Wrong –will Change into/as “What is Best for All, within Equality and Oneness”. In What’s Best for All, and so Best for Self – exist no ‘Polarity’, but an Absolute that can be implemented within Humanity / ‘life on Earth’. Now, an Interesting thing will emerge here, that: one’s Morality will be ‘put to the Test’ with regards to whether ‘Morality’ in fact make one a ‘Good Person’-defined, when Morality will be Challenged within the Principle of What’s Best for All / Equality and Oneness, here. Because, within ‘What’s Best for All’ – cannot, necessarily, exist: WHAT I WANT, WHAT I PREFER, WHAT I DESIRE – one’s OWN wants, needs and desires will have to placed ‘second’ to Re-Aligning reality/existence into and as What’s Best for All / Equality and Oneness.

Meaning, that – what’s been ‘Convenient’ about Morality, is that: it’s come to ‘suit the Individual’s Personality/Mind’ with ‘living according to the Morals of ‘good/right’ and ‘bad/wrong’, more than actually bringing forth an Actual, Real Solution for Humanity/this Physical Existence and Human Behaviour. And, for most part – it is those with Money that have the ‘Luxury’ to be able to exist within such Moral Guidelines…or, for most that so ‘choose’ to maintain their ‘upstanding status’ in their Relationship to Money. The Rest, are for most part Forced to exist within the Bad/Wrong polarity of Morality due to their Life/Living conditions created by/through this World System/Money System.
Therefore, as we have Mentioned before – one require Extending one’s Relationship to Responsibility from ‘Following the Morality System’, of only ‘maintaining one’s Survival’ and keeping away from the Bad/Negative, and Expand oneself to take Self-Responsibility for both the ‘Good/Right’ AND ‘Bad/Wrong’ and cross-reference such Morals with regards to its applicability to/as Humanity as a Whole. As we’ve said, Morality has kept human beings in this ‘Personal Survival Management Bubble’ – stay in line with Good/Right and stay away from Bad/Wrong, while the World System takes care of the rest…which, obviously it hasn’t; the Rich become richer and the Poor become Poorer and the Bad/Wrong/Consequential within this Physical Existence keep on Escalating.
So, it’s really thus time to start considering one’s Relationship to Responsibility, BECAUSE – what’s happening, is: even though one may ‘stay in line’ with ‘What’s Good/Right’ and stay away from what’s Bad/Wrong – here, an example such as Alcohol, Drugs, Violence, Crime: one is living in a Physical Reality together with A LOT of other human beings, even in one’s personal world/environment. And, more and more in the News/Media one is reading about drunk-driver / alcohol/drug possessions / crimes becoming more and more and more extreme, and so the ‘Bad/Wrong’ into/as which human beings are forced to, due to their Minds, their Lives, their History: ‘clash’ into and as one’s own Life, and life/living is becoming more and more and more Unpredictable. In the sense that, it’s becoming more and more and more difficult to now just ‘stay away’ from the Bad/Wrong, as the Bad/Wrong start Touching human’s lives in all ways, means imaginable – especially unexpected, sudden.

Therefore, when we speak of Self-Responsibility and expanding Responsibility: we should have a look at the Consequence that is Escalating within this World/Reality that is especially also Directly related to this World System/Money System and the life children/young adults are being/becoming exposed to, where Morality in itself is NOT going to protect them from what’s coming/escalating in this World/Reality with one’s future being so absolutely uncertain. That, we have to start standing up/preparing this World/World System in/as which an equal and one Life/Living can be certain for each Child/All Children and so Humanity as a Whole. For this to happen, we have to Change within and without, and we’re already busy with BOTH – that one can see/find/research/investigate in Desteni Forums, the Desteni I Process LITE (Free Course), the Desteni I Process PRO – and see how Individual human beings are Walking their Processes of Self-Responsibility in establishing their LIFE-Regulation, through becoming Living Examples of what it means to take Self-Responsibility and Responsibility for LIFE, for All, and stand up and stand within and as being/becoming a Living Solution for this Physical Existence within and without.

So, I would strongly suggest investigating the Equal Money System, Investigating Desteni – for self to be/become the Living Destiny of one’s own Life, all’s Life – instead of the certain-Doom we’re creating/manifesting/accepting and allowing with not taking Responsibility for our own Minds, our Living, what we accept/allow within and without within who we are and how/what we Live. Because, for LIFE Regulation to exist…LIFE must be birthed from the Physical, and then we will ‘Regulate’ the Equilibrium within humanity’s co-existence and equal and one relationship to Nature/this Physical Existence to remain stable, constant and consistent, rather than what Morality has done/become, as abdicating responsibility, becoming Victim/powerless to the Consequence that exist within and as this Physical Existence –where Morality with ‘Managing Survival’ has been more like walking on a ‘Tight Rope’, being able to fall into/as Consequence/Bad/Wrong in any given moment with how unpredictable life on earth is/has become.

Join us, as we walk a Process of Birthing Life from the Physical, within and without – for this Existence to Change into and as an existence where LIFE is Regulated, as humanity, as this physical existence in/as the Principle of/as Equality and Oneness – instead of Survival managed within/for/as the luxury/convenience for only the Haves on this Earth, that is only perpetuating consequence for ALL, and so including for self and the future of all others in this World/Reality.
Time to Take Responsibility, for oneself and one’s life and see, realise and understand that: one will have to, for this one life, give-up one’s I WANT, I DESIRE, I PREFER – and have a look at what would be Best for ALL, in equality and oneness. And one may even within this, see, realise and understand how one’s initial Wants, Desires and Preferences…were not even Real, but imprinted/programed/copied from those that have gone before you and/or the Consumerism System, becoming a loyal Servant to the very System that created life on earth to be/become what it is Today. See BEYOND - ONLY yourself, and stand as existence, and stand for Existence.

We’ll continue in the Next Post…

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