Alien Voices and Sounds in the Head: DAY 294 – DAY 296

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Alien Voices and Sounds in the Head: DAY 294 – DAY 296

Aliens are the personalities that invade the Orb on top of the physical human body and cause the human to Orbit Planet Earth on Flights of Imagination

Important Self Education about Reality:
Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century
The Century of the Self: Part 1- Happiness Machines

In and from this Post, we’re going to address the Experience of Hearing ‘Voices and Sounds’ in the Head – specifically within the context of when/as one Believe others in one’s Environment is ‘aliens’ and/or incarnations of interdimensional races/being that is attempting to/trying to ‘Contact you’.
However, all of this is only Happening in one’s Mind to which only self is privy, in the sense that – there is no Physical, Real, Direct, Clear One-on-One Communication in/as this actual, real, physical world through their own Physical Bodies, their own Voices; the ‘communication’ is purely happening within one’s own Mind only. Where one is within one’s Mind – ‘interpreting / perceiving’, based on external behavioural/movement stimuli, that in ‘alternate dimensions’ in this Physical Existence, normal human  beings in one’s Environment are aliens/beings from other dimensions/planet Communicating with one.

So, let’s get into explaining / giving Perspective of how your Own Mind generate ‘Voices and Sounds’ in the Head, through your own Personality Systems – and why and how, in the times of today; hearing Voices and Sounds in the Head is coming from within one’s own Mind and is not in fact Aliens contacting one within the Mind and/or through messages/TV-Programs/Music/Codes/Symbols/Numbers/Beams/Sound/Frequency/Vibration in/as this Physical World/Reality.
The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ it is that we can say/explain this with certainty – one can find at the End of this document, and also the Why and How it is that we can show, in detail, how one’s own Mind/Consciousness, through memories, can generate with the Imagination – voices, sounds and beings, and so from within one’s own Mind essentially “distort Physical Reality” to seeing through the Eyes of Imagination, than directly-here in/through one’s Real Physical Eyes.

To understand how one can Hear different voices/sounds in the head – we suggest listening to the Following Interview: Why Music Plays in the Mind. In this, one can reference the obvious point, which I’m sure all/most have done, is that: one can in one’s Mind – hear the detail of a song, the instruments, the artists voice and replay it in detail within one’s Mind. During this moment – one hear the sound of the artists voice as their voice exist, together with the entire ‘orchestra / instruments’. So, here already one can see, realise and understand that one’s Mind can immediately imprint Sounds and Voices of others that one can Hear within one’s own Mind. And, when one deliberately “think about” a particular song/artist – one can in a moment play and hear it in the Mind and sing-along, hearing the song/artist as they exist within what you heard in Physical Reality.
So, with this – one can now imagine the extent of Sounds/Voices one is exposed to in every-day life/living Participation. As we have explained in the Previous Post – regarding how the Mind imprint Physical Reality through one’s eye-blinking into itself, like ‘captures Physical Reality’ and transform it into energy-replicas in the Mind/Consciousness: your Consciousness essentially captures EVERYTHING, all the Detail of what you had seen/heard/spoken/read/experienced in Absolute Detail.
This is also Why and How your Consciousness, your own Consciousness, actually ‘know you better than you know yourself’ in the sense that – it can, for example, capture a Moment in Physical Reality while watching Television and you were so entranced in the Conscious/Subconscious Mind Dimensions while watching Television, that one wasn’t aware of how one was actually on a Quantum Mind level, for example, reacting to the scenes in the Movie.
Let’s say you were watching an Action Movie and you’re so transfixed ‘out there’ that you’re not realising what is in fact happening ‘within you’ and your Consciousness can take the scenes/actors/actresses and your Subconscious/Unconscious Mind reactions to it, upload it into itself and categorize the scenes/images into Personality Systems based on how you reacted to what you were Seeing.
For example – let’s say you have a Personality System where you often image yourself to be a ‘Hero’ of sorts, and the Movie had a particular-specific ‘Hero-Character’, such images/scenes/actions will imprint into that Particular Personality’s memory-database and will contribute to, for example  -when you go into your IMAGINATION and then Imagine yourself to be a ‘Hero’ – you will use the Information from a Movie, adapt/change it to your Personal Interests and so it becomes Fuel for your Imagination. You don’t ever Question where the ‘material’ that you use in the Imagination comes from, cause you believe “it’s just THERE” – not seeing, realising and understanding how Most, if not All, of the material you use in your Imagination, come from your external reality to which you had a Subconscious/Unconscious Mind reaction/movement of either positive/negative, that your Consciousness imprinted and channelled into particular/specific Personality Systems FOR YOU and so Consciousness provide you with an eternal database of collected/accumulated mind-physical relationships/data to keep you preoccupied/busy in the Conscious Mind Dimension of the Mind.
Here are interviews we suggest with regards to Understanding the existence of Imagination:

It’s like, one can see Consciousness and its control over/of your Awareness as an constant/continuous “Media Stream” – feeding you images, pictures, experiences, imaginations, fantasies that is collected within/throughout your daily living/participation, and you simply participate in whatever AUTOMATICALLY comes up within the Conscious Mind…without Question. Without considering/asking/investigating/introspecting HOW thoughts/imaginations, the specific energies of emotions/feelings activate/manifest in the Body, where is the energy created from, cause there is most certainly not a “physical organ” that can be scientifically dissected that show exactly how emotions/feelings are produced; and so here the evidence of an Interdimensional-Physical relationship as the Mind’s relationship to the Physical. Now, this is what we explain/walk/show in Detail within Desteni – what the MIND, what Consciousness Really is, how it is created, where thoughts/memories come from, how Mind Energy is created through the Sacrifice of the Physical, how did we come to exist in such a relationship, how/why it is that you’re “aware” of the Mind, the Body – but not in directive principle of it At all, how did we as a Human Race come to such a relationship, why is Consciousness the CON and must be transcended to return to Real Source as the Physical Body/Substance/Life Force that we’ve been separated from into and as the Mind/Consciousness. Additionally within this, as mentioned above – one can at the end of the document reference why/how it is that, through the Portal – we can see the Mind/Consciousness and its multi-dimensional/interdimensional relationship to/as the Physical Body. The Following Series on EQAFE explain this relationship in absolute detail:

Thus, as with Media in the World – that primarily exist as Propaganda and Mind-Control – controlling human thinking/reasoning/emotional and feeling responses to accordingly alter/change their consciousness/behaviour to the Interest of those providing the Mainstream Media: your Mind/Consciousness do EXACTLY the same:
So, within all of this – one have to understand, that: capturing Voices and Sounds from one’s external reality, your Consciousness do For You as Consciousness imprint this Real Physical Reality into and as a Simulated-Energy Version into and as the Mind. In this, the Mind thus have the ‘Power’ to change/alter/misconstrue Physical Reality ‘at will’ to accordingly produce/create “the Best possible scenarios/memories” to chip-into your Personality Systems, to produce the Most Energy-Experiences in the Mind. The Mind’s primary prerogative is to have you experience ENERGY in the form of Emotions and Feelings, that you produce in your Mind-Beingness-Physical Relationship, the moment you participate in any construct/part/energy of the Mind, your Beingness attach to it, from there root into the Physical Body and then resource the physical/substance of the physical and transform it into Mind-Energy. As with Mainstream Media – prerogative is to induce particular responses in Human Consciousness, through warping/misconstruing/changing actual real physical reality/real events that happened – so your Mind do exactly the same, and so why and how your Mind/Consciousness will have an Energy-Replica of Physical Reality within and as Reality so memories can be changed/altered to suit Personalities/your personal relationship to memories/reality to create/generate particular/specific Reactions.

Now, as I explained above, it may sound as though the Mind/Consciousness is the ‘separate entity/system’, but it’s not: the Mind/Consciousness have in fact become our Beingness, our ‘who we are’ as we have through the Generations of Humanity believed that the Mind is ‘who we are’, when there is an Existential History regarding how our Beingness was deliberately programmed into the Mind, and eventually we programmed our own Beingness to become to the Mind. And so, with Desteni – we show the Structured Process and Techniques to be walked, to release/free one’s Beingness from within/as the Mind/Consciousness and return to Source/Equality and Oneness as the Physical Body/this Physical Existence. So, it is in fact ourselves AS the Mind/Consciousness – that take Physical Reality in our Minds, as Memories, and alter/change it deliberately to suit our own prerogatives/intentions/desires/wants/needs/fears etc.
These processes of how to structurally, practically walk oneself from the Mind/Consciousness into equal and one Physical Living is available in the following interviews/courses:

Now, with understanding more – how we take Physical Reality, imprint it as Memories into Consciousness and accordingly alter/change/misconstrue Memories of Reality to suit our own intentions/interests of/as specific Personality Systems, let’s have a look at how one can, in one’s own Mind, create an Imagination / Alternate Reality and superimpose it into/onto actual Real Physical Reality with believing that ordinary Human Beings are ‘Aliens’ contacting you:

Here, one have to apply the Principle of Self-Honesty – in the sense of: having a look at, how much knowledge, information, images, pictures, ideas, conversations, sounds, movies, scenes one had imprinted into one’s Consciousness, in relationship to for example Aliens/Alien Contact. As we have also explained in the previous post: one accumulate throughout one’s Life an exceptional amount of Data in relationship to reality and accordingly form Personalities around grouped data that is of similar/same nature, and can so, essentially create a “Who I am in relationship to Aliens” Personality.
Within this, one can from an Energy-Experience/Reaction in the Mind – make oneself Believe in Aliens, if one continue “thinking about them/developing in one’s imagination a particular relationship to them” based on what is fed into Mainstream Media regarding the existence of Aliens, and there, in one’s own Mind, one can construct an entire self-relationship to Aliens, together with one’s energy experiences/reactions, thought processes, internal conversations/backchat as one talk oneself into belief; and so because it’s made to be Real in the MIND – oh, but then it must be Real in Reality!!! When this is not so.

So, if one is Self Honest – and really self-honestly look at the relationship to one’s Mind, one will find that one will start “thinking about / wondering” whether people might be Aliens, from other planets – this also coming from what is filtered into society from Media sources regarding that “Aliens are among us”, and if/as you have really fed your Mind with thinking/wondering/imagining about Aliens, Contact and/or ordinary human beings being ‘Alien’ and fed such an Imagination/Personality A LOT of Energy through participating in such things in the Mind…it can eventually come through in a form of possession, and so what one initially wondered about/imagined/though about in the Mind: starts materializing/manifesting into/as Physical Reality.
Thus, dependent on how much Energy one feed a thought, a wondering, an IDEA in the Mind – over an extended period of time, animating it within the Mind’s Imagination – the more and more the Imagination supersede Physical Reality, and so one will believe one’s Mind more than actual, real Physical Evidence. Accumulating data from/of the external environment/Media Systems – internet, books, TV, magazines, conversations etc. of, for example, Aliens, their existence, contact etc.; then start occupying one’s Mind MORE – and one can Self Honestly look for oneself, how much one THINK about things in the Mind, IMAGINE them and the conjure up all sorts of reactions/emotional and feeling responses to what you participate in the Mind and then, until eventually, one start seeing through one’s own Mind instead of directly at Physical Reality.
This is also evidenced in the ‘small’ – with regards to, how one can, from a Human Being behaving in a certain way / doing something, and one react to it in the Mind creating an IDEA/assumption/interpretation of the other, one start back-chatting about it, generating more emotional/feeling experiences, having one’s Imagination go out of control, until the person explains their reason for behaviour/doing and it had NOTHING do with what one imagined it to be. This is exactly how the relationship to Aliens/the Afterlife/Hereafter are created in the Mind’s imagination – reinterpreting reality/knowledge and information within the Mind’s Imagination according to one’s own ‘frame of references’.

We will be, within this Week – walking a Video Interview, explaining in detail the exact steps of how one, within one’s own Mind can create one’s own ‘Alien Contact’, how it all starts with a search/seeking energy experience, then accumulating data/information from reality, then personalizing the data/information through creating a personal relationship to it, from there expanding into the imagination, and creating an alternate reality that can be charged with energy/attention/participation to such an extent, that one’s Mind become more real than what is Real in/as this Physical Reality.
So, in this interview – we’ll discuss all the Steps of Personality Creation – into the eventual design of experiencing alien contact in/as the Mind.

Thus, primarily within this all is to understand: whatever you’re hearing / participating within the Mind – originate from Memories. Memories – in terms of what one had seen/heard/experienced throughout one’s life, whether one was conscious of the reality-imprints or not. And so, why/how people believe / would believe hearing sounds/voices in the head is ‘other-worldly contact’ or ‘other beings/forces doing it’; because the Mind/Consciousness is not Understood, and not seen/realised/understood how you can hear Sounds in your Head from actual reality-memories of sounds in your external environment, how you can hear other voices speaking to you in different tonalities – coming again, from memories in your Mind as voices of others that was imprinted into you, and if/as you unconsciously reacted to another person’s voice and for example imagined them to be ‘beastly’ in a way, can create an entity out of it in the Mind and then suddenly hear these ‘beastly creatures with a beastly voice’ speaking to you, but all of it was interconnected in the Mind’s imagination, the voice of another, the image representation of a beast also imprinted from your external world/reality, attach the two, generate a fear around it and one can generate such a fear/reaction to it, that one essentially create one’s own Beast in the Mind ‘talking to you’ – your own Fear, your own Creation speaking to you, yourself.

So, for example you’ll notice in a following scenario:
You start THINKING that other people in your world is Aliens/from a different planet / reincarnations of interdimensional beings, then you start THINKING about how they’re going to contact you/make contact with you. And this ‘thinking process’ is actually where you are starting to actively create in your Imagination – which you can do through, suddenly, in the Imagination this IDEA comes up of ‘neighbours are aliens’, and now within your Alien-Personality System in the Mind, what will come up as well is all sorts of ways means/methods that you’ve read/seen regarding ‘Alien Contact’ and so in a quantum moment can filter through the memory-data which contact-method is ‘most suited’ for this occasion/imagination and then decide, they’re going to contact you telepathically. Then, based on how you imaged the Aliens to be in the neighbours in your Mind – you will find that, in physical reality, they’re normal human beings, it’s only IN YOUR MIND you now placed in an ‘alien origin’ in your neighbours and now you started animating, in your imagination, your Neighbours as Aliens, as well as how they’re contacting you. So, how this looks like interdimensionally-physically:
You have now in your Mind imagined neighbours to be aliens. So, in your Mind’s imagination – this is ‘real for you’ and you can actually also animate the whole situation, where your neighbours in your Mind can move/walk/talk/be seen as ‘Aliens’. However – this is where IMAGINATION meets REALITY and so your mind’s imagination start merging with reality to such an extent, that you don’t realise that whatever you’re seeing in Physical Reality – is actually being superimposed from within your own Mind.
This also Illustrated in the Example above, where one can in one’s Mind – misinterpret another’s behaviour, and from within one’s Imagination, really make oneself Believe that the person’s actions/behaviours was done in a certain light, and so suddenly –almost EVERYTHING that person does, starts looking like it’s being done within and as the context one created it to be in the Mind, in one’s Mind’s Imagination; until the Imagination was ‘short-circuited’ when the Individual explain their actions/behaviours and the contexts within that.

Now, in your Imagination – you essentially have now your Animated-Replica of Physical Reality in the Quantum Time Dimensions of the Mind.  So, you have your neighbours as ‘Aliens’, (which before – they were normal people, only when you started ‘thinking about them as Aliens in the Mind/the Mind’s Imagination’ did they now become ‘Alien’) in your Mind’s Imagination and now you start wondering how they’ll contact you / be contacting you – and you can create/animate the ‘Neighbour Aliens’ in the Mind to have their own distinct voices, their own distinct ways/means/methods of ‘contacting you’ – and so you can create ‘Voices in the Head’, in your own Head from/of conversations/movies/documentaries etc. that you have HEARD that you in any way consciously/unconsciously linked to being ‘Alien Voices’ that you from within your Consciousness can suit to your ‘Alien-neighbours’ in the Mind; and/or ways of contacting – such as beams, energy beams, light beams, sounds, signals, signs – from within the Mind and/or from your external world such as from TV Programs, clips of videos etc. where someone at a specific time says something for example and that you connect that to, in your ‘Alien Neighbour Imagination’ as the Aliens contacting you. Again, here – a representation of how Imagination meets Reality, in sense that – dependent on your ‘State of Mind’ and/or where/who you are in/as your State of Mind – this can change/misconstrue Physical Reality entirely/completely.
Again referencing here the example of misinterpreting another’s actions/behaviours in the Mind, where suddenly – one interpret/perceive EVERYTHING that human being do, as being some sign/signal as to the Idea you hold in Your Mind of them, and NOTHING that they were doing, speaking, behaving or saying had Anything to do with what you Imagined in your own Mind.
So, one can start seeing here the Consequence of not Understanding Consciousness and Imagination, and how in the Quantum Dimensions of Consciousness, one can create/produce/manifest an entire alternate reality, that within the Mind is SO REAL, cause we already exist in such a way where we’ve made our own Minds MORE REAL than what is actually in fact going on in/as Physical Reality.

This process of how your Consciousness can animate people, change their representation, give them voices and/or otherworldly skills/capabilities – we will be walking in the Interview to come in the Next Few Days that will be in alignment with this Blog done of today, where one will see, realise and understand the ‘Advanced Technology’ of Consciousness-itself.
We have also in this Blog explained – how and why, even your own Personality Systems in your Mind, dependent on ‘who you are’ in relationship to different people/scenarios/situations, your own internal conversations/backchats will manifest in different voice tonalities/sounds. This was explained in and from this Blog Multidimensional Inner Voices – regarding what, within your own Personalities, determine different voices of yourself manifesting in your Mind, as well as how ‘Voices in the Head’ is created.

Thus, the PRIMARY point within this all – that must be seen, realised and understood is that: when one start THINKING/WONDERING about something, and one have a lot of accumulated knowledge and information of that something/someone, one can in one’s Imagination create an entire alternate reality for oneself.
For further assistance and support regarding Thoughts and Thinking – we propose the Following Interviews:

And, as we’ve mentioned – one have to reference one’s own Self Honesty and one will see, realise and understand for Self how self started wondering, thinking, imagining things and then it ‘came alive’ in one’s own Mind.
So, in the Interview to come – we’ll assist and support with practical perspectives with regards to how to let such Imaginations go, and ‘return to reality’; and assist and support self to ‘get to know the Mind/Consciousness’ so that one do not create one’s own Possessions within one’s own Mind/Imagination.

Now that one have the basics with regards to how the Mind can create alternate realities/scenarios that is then superimposed onto actual Reality, let’s have a look at WHY and HOW we can see and show such relationships/process of Mind Evolution:

I would suggest referencing the Previous Post, where I had explained and given references to Why and How it is, that through the Portal – we can directly see, investigate, the multi-dimensions/quantum mind-physical existence of Consciousness, the Physical Body and its relationship to self and existence as a Whole. Thus, what we write/show – we can Directly-See. Additionally within this, in the Previous Post – we explained Why and How we can with Certainty say that there are no Interdimensional Beings/Aliens that will attempt/try to contact Human Beings – through for example Automatic Drawing and so also with ‘speaking as Voices in the Head’ that have any context to what Human Consciousness believe Aliens/Interdimensional Beings to be.

Within this, with having a listen to the Journeys into the Afterlife Series where we’re walking the process of how Heaven REALLY existed when/as the Portal opened and we started investigating Heaven, that ‘Aliens’ / ‘interdimensional Alien Races’ for most part existed in their own Existences – far separate from this Physical Space and Time existence. The only Aliens that had Authority to intervene in human’s lives was when the Creators (Anu, primarily of the Reptilian Race) gave them permissions for particular technologies to be introduced into Human Consciousness which was done through interdimensional-physical implants. The control and who/what was allowed access into Human’s Minds/Lives was within/as ABSOLUTE control. And so, one should also consider that – I mean, Aliens – interdimensional advanced races, trying to contact one through snippets of TV Programs/sounds/words…there were really a lot more Advanced Technologies in the Interdimensional-Physical existence that having to go through all such effort…
So, to hear more about Aliens REAL relationship to Human Consciousness/this Physical Existence – would suggest listening/walking through the Journeys into the Afterlife Series. More specifically where Alien’s relationship to the Heaven’s Elite was discussed:

So, there’s much more practical in-depth processes going to be walked in the Interview to come, explaining – together with an example, how one create Alien Contact in the Mind, this more specifically from 2006 onwards and even before that – as Aliens did not contact humans through means of using external physical resources and/or sound/frequencies/beams etc. Most of the knowledge and information of Aliens circulating mainstream media has been conjured up in Human Imagination, and/or deliberately implanted to steer human consciousness away from the reality of what in fact happened in Heaven, as was also explained in the Previous Post. They had no purpose of ‘contact’ per say, their involvement with Human Consciousness was more to deliberately intervene/change/alter Consciousness under the Authority of the Elite in Heaven.

I understand that this post may bring forth Questions – please place any questions within the Desteni Forums, and we’ll assist/support with clarification/perspective. 

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