Survival Management vs. LIFE-Regulation (Part 6): DAY 305

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LIFE-Regulation – continued

What we have found, even within Walking Process – Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application, is that: the Tendency is to not Remember the actual process one had Walked to manifest the Changes one had become within one’s Mind-Physical Relationship. And then, from within this ‘Now’ Frame of Reference of who/how/what one had become – we tend to assist/support others, not seeing, realising and understanding that we should actually consider ‘who/how/what’ the other is within their Present/Current Mind-Physical Process, position ourselves within ourselves in the Remembrance of what we ourselves have walked, together with who/how/what we have become/Changed and Then assist/support.

So, within this – exist also the Parent-Child Relationship. Parents cannot remember the Detail of their Entire life’s experiences and decisions that accumulated into their way of thinking/looking at things, reacting/experiencing things, making decisions, forming relationships etc. And so often, Parents essentially only ‘explain/SAY’ things to children as ‘end-result conclusions’ they have come to regarding ‘life lessons’ – but do not explain in detail to the Child how/why/when/where they came to such conclusions/decisions/changes within themselves. And, this is often also why, that also contribute to – despite the parent’s “Warnings of Consequence”, children/young adults will still do just that: Parents essentially only give them ‘knowledge and information’; which they cannot Fathom or relate to within their Minds to anything ‘real / practical’ – because things aren’t walked through with them in detail, in actual sit-downs, with examples, pictures, research, physical references. And so, even the “Warnings of Consequences” becomes more just imprints into the Mind that kind of ‘float around’ and the child/young adult, with that now existing within them, would want to make sense of it and so ‘live it out for Themselves’ through ‘experience’.

So, examples of how we would approach Life-Regulation within the context of teaching Morals within the Energy-Polarities of Positive and Negative, that imprint a Negative into the Child’s Mind that will balance out to either a Positive, or create so much Fear in them that they approach things in Life in FEAR instead of commonsense Understanding; and then the Point above regarding just speaking knowledge and information, the child/young adult having no Reference for it and so have to materialize that knowledge and information into and as actual physical reality – let’s have a look at how we’d approach such points in/as Life Regulation:
Teaching Morals within Energy-Polarities of Positive/Negative – the Fear and Desire, the Consequence/Reward System, would change from actually sitting down with the Child, having a ‘Portfolio’ of sorts of the particular Teaching, such as some of the Primary Points children/young adults are consequentially exposed to, such as Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Bullying. Then, for the Parent to within this ensure that they understand all the Dynamics involved within such fields of this world, meaning – going back into their own lives, seeing how they themselves responded to their Parents and/or life/relationship situations when faced with such things, what – with what the Parent had lived, had they learned regarding such relationships, and how can they assist and support their Child within the Principle of Prevention; to not have to go through the same ordeals/mistakes unnecessarily. Within this, as well – to gather information, studies, experiments, long-term consequence etc., what is involved in the ‘world of today’ with regards to Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Bullying – how the child/young adult can prepare themselves mentally and physically for what they may/might face and how to effectively deal with it, communicate about it, share it and discuss it with the necessary individuals to direct situations into Solutions. Essentially, assisting and supporting the child/young adult with the necessary knowledge and information and prevention assistance and support skills, to be able to take on this world/reality and the consequence existent within and as it. While at the same time, Explaining and Walking all of this through within a Stable, Certain, Clear Voice – not creating Polarities in the Child’s Mind, but showing REALITY-Consequence and what they mentally and physically need to prepare themselves for such conflicts they may face in their world/reality. In this all, the child/young adult now have a REALITY-reference of Understanding the WHY’s within/behind things. If/as from there – they STILL make decisions based on Consequence, that Responsibility/Prevention – one accordingly direct/assist/support and guide the individual through such consequence. Because, within Preparing them, and giving them all Reality/Consequence references and additionally, placing the Consequence before them that – if/as they go down any roads that will compromise their Future that one will accordingly implement the appropriate consequence: in this, the child/young adult have Self-Responsibility – as they see/understand reality and its consequence and the consequence for themselves if/as they continue down a path/go down a path and if/as they still do it, and one implement the Consequence – then, they will stand within that Responsibility cause they had all of the information/knowledge, reality reference and consequence. Obviously, even with sharing with them the Consequence – one do not want to go into ENERGY, but simply make it a clear, practical reality equation of “If this, then that”.
Then, furthermore – with regards to Consciousness/Mind Education, that is at this stage non-existent in what will be Implemented and what is being walked in the ‘Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race’ Series as well, is educating children on how to use their Minds, their Imaginations effectively – how to express and live in accordance to self-stability, self-trust, self-respect, considering/regarding others as themselves, actually ‘developing’ children, their individual skills/abilities; than what it is now where ALL of that is completely left uncheck, with the Imagination now ‘owned’ by Consumerism and children’s individual expression/skill suppressed to align their Minds into and as Only knowledge and information, without life/living skills and so the totality of ‘who they are’ becomes Owned by Money.

So, with LIFE Regulation – it will essentially become an entire ‘Educational Field’ in itself, with the primary focus of an effective Self-Relationship, and relationship with Others within the Principle of ‘placing oneself in the shoes of another’ before speaking/acting, ‘do unto others as what you would like to be done unto you’ – and how to implement such Living Principles practically within oneself and one’s world and relationships.
So, we Invite you to Join Desteni – especially, also, the Equal Money System development, where we’re in the Process of Redefining the Money System, and so Education also within that. Together with walking through/investing in the ‘Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race’ Series available on EQAFE where we’re walking a Process of Explaining exactly HOW children develop thought/patterns of thinking, reacting, Personalities, emotional/feeling bodies – all from WORDS and Behaviours taught to them as Children, that they imprinted as Memories and Reactions, and so from there developed into their Language, their ‘who they are’ – and how through Purifying Words, and realign words into and as Equal and One Living Expressions: we can assist and support ourselves and so our Children into and as the process of what it in fact means to Live, to express – to be able to Direct situations into Solutions, and no more be a slave, a victim to our Minds within and the World System without. While at the same time, with the Equal Money System – preparing this Physical Existence, into and as a Reality where each Child as All Children and all of Humanity in fact have an equal and one opportunity to Life/Living.

We’ll continue in the Next Post with Practical Life-Regulation suggestions that one can start walking/applying for self in one’s World/Reality. 

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