Survival Management vs. LIFE-Regulation (Part Two): DAY 301

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LIFE-Regulation – continued

(Continuing with what we have Walked from DAY 283)

In and from this Post – we’re going to walk a Process of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments – exploring the difference between Survival Management/Morality and Life Regulation / Reality/Physical Consequence; as a proposal of what All Cultures of Humanity can incorporate into and as Living Principles that will serve as a Regulation of Life/Living within Humanity and for Individuals.

Now that we have thus far walked the relationship to Morality – the Polarity between the Positive and the Negative as Good/Bad and Right/Wrong and how this is being Taught with ENERGY with not understanding how Consciousness Balance Energies – where, essentially: the ‘principles’ taught within Morality becomes irrelevant and the ENERGY within which the Words are being Taught DOMINATES and the Individual can make, for themselves, in and as Consciousness, according to Energy-Experience – something that was ‘Bad’, ‘GOOD’ for themselves in the context of the Situation/Environment/Relationships that they Face. In this then, flows the Consequence of how we regard ENERGY-Experience/Reaction MORE than the Reality of the situation/environment/relationships that we Face, how often do we Regard how WE REACT to something/someone, MORE than actually bringing the situation/relationship into and as an Equal and One Solution for all Involved? We do not in fact LIVE WORDS, but words have become  ‘Energy-Pockets’ of emotions and feelings to which we define ourselves/react, that have more Evolved Consciousness, and energy-experience/reactions, than actual Living Examples of Living Integrity in our self-relationship and relationship with others.

In this – let us have a walk-through a Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Process regarding this difference between Morality as Energy-Polarity of Consciousness as Survival-Management for the Self-Interest and Consciousness of the Individual, and LIFE-Regulation that regulate relationships and consequence into and as What’s Best for All Solutions:

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how Morality as Good/Right and Bad/Wrong, split reality/environments/situations/experiences and relationships into Two Absolute Worlds – together with the Good/Right producing Positive energy-experiences and Bad/Wrong producing Negative energy-experiences. However, how the Bad/Wrong can be changed into being Good/Right and then the initial Bad/Wrong becomes Good/Right and then the Bad/Wrong in fact Produce Positive Energy Experiences. Within this, not seeing, realising and understanding how – Morality has more been Taught through ENERGY, instilling either FEAR or DESIRE within the Individual in relation to ‘what is Good/Right’ and ‘Bad/Wrong’ and so the child/young adult imprint More the energy-experience Reaction to ‘what is Good/Right and Bad/Wrong’ than in fact Understanding the WHY and the Consequence of Both Polarities.

I commit myself to show, how – if one have a look at one’s Childhood years, for most part – learning about Morals, Good/Right and Bad/Wrong, there was always an Energetic-attachment to it, especially if one learned through consequence / reward and the Parent accordingly change their Voice/Behaviour within an energy of either Fear/Praise to Teach the child the ‘difference between what is Good/Right and Bad/Wrong’. And so, we’re taught to Fear certain things and Desire other things, but Never really understanding the exact Nature of WHY we should Fear/Desire that which is Bad/Wrong and Good/Right; it is just accepted/imprinted – primarily based on the Relationship to the Authority of the Parent. THEN, we get to have our own ‘Minds’, so to speak – our own Voices/our own Authority – now trained/imprinted primarily with Fears/Desires as Taught by Parents and have such energy-experiences to Morality in fact ‘Guide us through Life’. Not seeing/realising/understanding that it is THAT ‘Authority’ in/as the Child’s Mind that hasn’t been guided, directed, nurtured and is still not Understood, that will become the Child’s directive-principle that will be able to, within ENERGY and the experience thereof, alter/change/misconstrue WORDS and their meanings to suit the interest of the Authority/Ego/Main personality and so be able to make what was Feared or Bad/Wrong, into and as Desire as Good/Right…

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how Morality of Good/Right and Bad/Wrong will be meaningless if the Individual’s Nature/beingness/presence as who they are in their Living/Relationships is not effectively trained/educated/guided. Meaning, Morality has been taught through a Punishment-Reward System, and the according experience in the Mind and the Body that the child/young adult will be exposed to, such as: if I do Right/Good I am Rewarded, both externally and internally and if I do Bad/Wrong, there is consequence both externally and internally. So, what is interesting here is then, how Consciousness/the Mind will respond is: “if I do something that gives ME a positive experience – it is GOOD/RIGHT for Me”; and so very easily then – the Bad/Wrong as the Negative that was taught into the Child by the parent, such as Alcohol and/or when/when not to have Sex, becomes Good/Right for the Individual later in life, cause they’re having ‘positive experiences’ in relation to Alcohol and Sex and so cannot fathom/understand why it must be ‘Bad/Wrong’ as they do not, personally, with being faced with it – experience anything ‘Negative/Consequential’.

I commit myself to show how, with imprinting Good/Right with the Reward internally and externally and Bad/Wrong with a consequence internally and externally, where the Internal then become conditioned in relation to the EXPERIENCE of what it gets/gets taken away in its relationship to Good/Right and Bad/Wrong: THIS is then the reference the Individual will use within/throughout their lives: the energy experience – NOT the Words or the teachings/principles, but using the reference of Reward / Punishment – what will present ME with reward / punishments and again, as we walked in the previous Posts with the alcohol for example. Parents may have taught the Child punishment in relation to Alcohol, but when the Individual finds themselves in specific relationships/situations, the punishment to THEM will be NOT joining in, and so they go for the REWARD which would be joining in and enjoying the relationships and so their Individuality starts forming their own Morality based on their OWN Mind Authority based on how the parents in fact taught them to use ENERGY and the experience thereof as a reference for/as what’s good/right and bad/wrong.

We’ll in the next post continue with What that Authority is, that has been left un-nurtured within Humanity – that in fact become the directive principle that will direct/control the Individual through Energy Experience, instead of referencing/regulating their behaviour/living according to Reality principles/consequence; and within and during this process continue preparing the Platform of how we’ll change Morality into and as Life-Regulation within the principle of/as equality and oneness as What’s Best for All.

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