CAUGHT in the Middle – Balancing Two Worlds : DAY 287

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 CAUGHT in the Middle – Balancing Two Worlds : DAY 287

LIFE-Regulation – continued

In this post, we’re continuing where we left off from the Thread we’re Walking as LIFE Regulation. For context:
And HERE – we get to more Dimensions regarding SURVIVAL, where you have an Internal and External Survival Management System that simultaneously attempt/try to Balance the Morality Scale between what’s Good and what’s Bad…essentially existing in Two Worlds, the Mind and the Physical and then trying to use ONE Morality Scale of Good/Bad to manage two completely/entirely different Realities.

We’ll continue with this in the Next Post with the Internal and External Realities and the One Morality Scale of Good and Bad we use to try and manage Survival in Both, and the consequences this Split has manifested in/as Human Nature/Living in this Physical Existence…

It’s evident that we’re existing in ‘Two Worlds’ – two Extreme Polarities: The Mind World and the Physical World. ‘Extreme Polarities’ in the sense that: the Mind World exist within and as ‘Quantum Energy’, the Physical World exist in/as Space and Time movement – the Laws of the Mind World exist in/as the Reverse of the Laws of the Physical World – YET, what Consciousness as the authority in the Mind World has done is superimpose the Laws of Physics into/as the Mind World, to manifest Quantum Interdimensional-Physical Physics. For such relationships – we suggest reading Physics Journey to Life, where these relationships/dynamics are explained/walked in Detail.
The Authority of this Physical Existence, ‘Life Force’ – the substance-awareness of all that is physical that exist according to its ‘natural programming/expression’ is/has been the Authority that has been undermined in the Physical World, by the Authority of the Mind World as Consciousness. So, we’ve been living in Reverse – under the Authority of Consciousness, instead of the equal and one Authority of Life Force as the Physical.

Now, these ‘Two Worlds’: the Mind World and the Physical World has been driven into/as two Extreme Polarities in the sense of the Separation between Energy and Substance/Physicality. For the most part, we’ve created a ‘Positive’ relationship to the Mind and a ‘Negative’ to the Physical, by our mere defined relationship to the Mind in comparison to the Physical. Now, This ‘positive’ relationship to the Mind, and negative to the Physical – one must understand that, whether one have a ‘positive/negative’-EXPERIENCE in the Mind-itself, one is still in the polarity of ‘Positive and Negative’ in/as the Mind-Physical Existence, as one is creating a Positive to the Mind within/as one’s very participation/existence within/as Consciousness, and a Negative to the Physical in/as one’s non-participation/existence in equality and oneness with and as it.
This has left, essentially – the Physical World, one’s own Physical Body “unmanaged”, because of one’s awareness not existing within and as it, and is one of the main contributions to the extent of consequences that manifest in the Physical Body, because human being’s awareness is not existent within and as it, and so cannot see the consequence the Mind World / Consciousness Authority manifest within/as the Life Force of/as the Physical/Physical Body. The point then within this would mean, that: the Human’s awareness is not even equal-to and one-with Consciousness Authority in the Mind World – this evidenced by the fact that Human Beings cannot explain where exactly energy is produced from, as emotions/feelings, where exactly the materialization of memories come from in the Mind-Physical relationship to how they’re even Produced in absolute detail, cannot explain What exactly Mind Energy is, what it looks like, What exactly Physical Energy is, what it looks like.
(This process of What exactly Mind Energy is, and Physical Energy – is walked in the Kryon Interview Series available on EQAFE).

With this evidence, there is a Distinct certainty of the fact that, we’re even in our Awareness separate from the entirety of the Mind World and the entirety of the Physical World, and we’re as our Awareness “caught in the Middle” of the Extreme Polarities of/as these Two Worlds – not seeing, realising and understanding that the Mind World as Consciousness Authority exist, through resourcing the Life Force of the Physical/Physical Body in the depths relationships of the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical. In this, we ourselves know that we’re “Aware” of the Mind World and the Physical World, BUT Not in control/directive principle of either of them. With our ‘awareness’ being aware of and being attached/connected to the Mind World and the Physical World means that we are existing in both of them – so, WHY then – are we not in directive principle of either of them? What is then the directive principle? And this is what we’re explaining/showing within Desteni – that the Consciousness Authority of the Mind World is what is in control/directive principle of itself and the Physical Body regarding how it Resource Physical Life Force for its own Existence – all of which is explained in Detail in the EQAFE Store, where one can make Life Investments with listening to/understanding the relationship/war between these Two Worlds that our Awareness throughout Human Civilization has accepted and allowed, have become, have lived out – without Change.

With this, another point of Evidence of us existing in Two Worlds – is how we can use the Morality Scale of Good/Bad and Right/Wrong, to accordingly attempt/try to manage these Worlds, dependent on within which of the Two Worlds, we’d most likely materialize/manifest our Self-Interest/Greed/Survival. The Consequence, essentially, of using One Morality Scale – for two completely Different Worlds; is/has been one of the causes/sources for/as a Disruptive/Conflictual Nature to emerge within and as Human Beings – with regards to explaining why/how; despite being raised with ‘Morals’ of what’s good and what’s bad; many individuals will do/become ‘what’s Bad’ in the reverse of the Morals they were taught whilst growing up, but to them – they’re doing/have become ‘what’s Good’. So, the problem with Human Beings ‘going off the rails’, so to speak – doing/becoming ‘what’s Bad’ as the opposite of the Morals they were taught during Childhood; or shall we say ONE of the Dimensions that do contribute, is that this Relationship between the Two Worlds is not understood – the Mind World and the Physical World. And that, the Moralities as what is taught within Human Society today – do not consider the Extreme Polarity between the Two Worlds. Where the Morals mostly apply to only the Physical World, but not to the Mind World and so in this Process – the Individual can then warp/change/alter Morals in their Mind World to suit their Physical World, or warp/change/alter Morals in their Physical World to suit their Mind World. Thus, the problem is not within the Morals themselves, or the human themselves - the Problem is with EDUCATION; and how human beings are not Educated within/as the existence and who they are as the Existence in/as the Split between the Two Worlds as the Mind World and the Physical World.

For most part, most of the Morals taught today – what’s Good and what’s Bad, is not applicable in the Physical World, if you live ‘what’s Good’ – especially when it comes to Money/Survival, you’re going to be Fucked; because, this whole System / life on earth / Survival Management is done within/as deliberate Evil/Deception/Badness. This is Why, for example – most Religious people, are economically compromised, cause they try and be ‘Good’ / ‘Nice’ when it comes to Business/Money-Making – religion completely blinding them of/as the Evil of Human Nature when it comes to Money/Survival; and so they compromise themselves Extensively in their relationship to Money/Survival.
To explain another dynamic Between the Morals of ‘what’s Good’ and ‘what’s Bad’ as the conflict between the Mind World and the Physical World, is: a Child is raised with the premise of ‘Alcohol is BAD’ – BUT, they’re forced into social circles in School with other children, other Minds, other upbringing, and with No LIFE-Skills in terms of standing within who they are; to them – Alcohol becomes GOOD in the Mind-World, to substantiate friendships, Personalities, Socializing. So, one then have to consider within this, how Polarities work – in the Mind World, in the relationship between Good and Bad – the Child is in the Mind polarized extremely in terms of Alcohol is BAD, the Mind/Consciousness BALANCE polarities of ENERGIES and so can Polarize Energy to such an Extent, where the Same thing then goes to its Opposite as GOOD and so the Child, now young adult, in/as the Mind World polarize the balance from BAD to GOOD and the PHYSICAL Consequence that goes with it. So, the MIND WORLD – exist in the Polarity of Good and Bad, and balance out such Polarities. The Physical World exist in SPACE AND TIME Consequence…there’s a difference.

We’ll continue in the next post with having a look at the difference between MORALITY education in the Mind World, and CONSEQUENCE education in the Physical World, and how Morality – what’s Good/Right and Bad/Wrong has created MORE Physical Consequence in Human’s lives, than actual learning, life skills, self development/expansion – diminishing the Human, more than evolving Human Nature.

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