CAUGHT in the Middle – Balancing Two Worlds (Part Two): DAY 287

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CAUGHT in the Middle – Balancing Two Worlds (Part Two): DAY 287

LIFE-Regulation – continued

We’ll continue in the next post with having a look at the difference between MORALITY education in the Mind World, and CONSEQUENCE education in the Physical World, and how Morality – what’s Good/Right and Bad/Wrong has created MORE Physical Consequence in Human’s lives, than actual learning, life skills, self development/expansion – diminishing the Human, more than evolving Human Nature.

Within this, we essentially propose CONSEQUENCE Education – rather than MORALITY.

Consequence Education which will Lead to LIFE/Living Regulation in the MIND AND the PHYSICAL – equal and one, rather than Morality Education as the Polarity of Good/Right and Bad/Wrong that the Human then Energize in the Mind as an energy-experience, which their Consciousness Authority will take and ‘Balance’ – from the Mind World into and as the Physical World, which will cause/create/manifest the reverse-effect. As utilized in the example of the previous post:
Educating the child into/as ‘What’s Good’ and ‘What’s Bad’ – for example Alcohol, Consciousness energize it into and as a Negative Energy in the Mind, and accumulate to such an extent, that a multi-dimensional effect/consequence can manifest in reality where:
Because it’s made to be BAD/Negative Energy in the Mind – this becomes, then – the being’s Starting Point in/as their Mind World within the Physical World as ‘who they are’; which brings us to the principle ‘who you are is what you will create/manifest’; and so in that ‘Who they Are’ as Alcohol is BAD/Negative; this is what they will become and so manifest in/as their World/Reality and actually make themselves, their Lives Bad/Negative in/as their relationship to Alcohol.
And/or because the Alcohol is made to be BAD/Negative Energy in the Mind, the Mind/Consciousness will Balance that same Negative-Energy/BAD into and as a Positive Energy/Good for the Mind/Personality’s benefit, and so the Individual will develop, in their Minds/Personalities, a GOOD/Positive relationship to Alcohol based on the value it contribute to in their Social Life/Relationships/Who they are in relationship to others.  

The Problem within the Morality System of Good/Right and Bad/Wrong, is the ENERGY within and as which it’s taught as Positive Energy and Negative Energy, and the fact that Human Beings don’t understand how Consciousness-Authority work with Positive Energy and Negative Energy within and as the Law of Balance. So, one of the ‘problems’ is Not within WHAT is Taught…it’s within HOW it is Taught.
The Approach have always been in the ‘Name of Consciousness Authority’ – which is ENERGY, instilling Negative Energy into children / young adults Minds, with for example Alcohol; instead of sitting with them, educating them on REALITY consequence – what Alcohol does to the Mind and the Body, to Ageing, Statistics on Death resultant from Alcohol, Mental Disorders that manifest due to Alcohol, Mind Possession, not using Alcohol as a bridge for one’s Mind when problems arise but how to Communicate effectively; you know: REAL Education, REALITY Education, REALITY Consequence – not done within a particular ENERGY, but actual commonsense, reality deducing.

So, we’ll in a moment continue more with the difference between MORALITY and Physical CONSEQUENCE, but for the moment to explain more about the Reality Consequence we Create through Morality and its Polarity of Good/Right and Bad/Wrong within the starting point of Consciousness Authority as ENERGY of the Positive and the Negative:
So, through the Morality System – we’ve CREATED Physical Consequence, in our Minds and in the Physical. Parents, for example, continuing with the relationship to Alcohol would educate their Children on the Morals of Alcohol – BUT, what is not investigated, is: obviously – their parents did/may have done the same; and yet they when they themselves were young adults, flipped the Morality of Good/Bad in relationship to Alcohol to be GOOD for them in their Personality Development in Social  Gatherings/Circumstance, and then warn their own Children against the same things they themselves have done – doing it EXACTLY / similar to how their parents did it, which obviously did not work for themselves; and so strange that they would believe that it’d work on their Children…Thus, what is not investigated, is WHY – meaning: WHY – despite knowing the consequence of Alcohol, one still do it? Having being educated within the starting-point of Morality of the energies of Positive and Negative within the definitions of Good and Bad – one still do it? SEE – it’s interesting that MORALITY is ‘blamed’ and/or ALCOHOL is blamed, and/or upbringing is blamed – Various dimensions of BLAME, and the parents blame the Child…however, even the Child themselves do not understand the WHY, all the interdimensional/multidimensional dynamics of Morality in the Two Worlds as the Mind World and the Physical World.

So, everything/everyone else is Blamed for why MORALITY is not lived – instead of investigating the detail of the WHY. And, here is one example – how Consciousness work with Energy-Polarity in the Mind, the Positive/Negative Balancing of Energies, and because the Individual is not in control of the Mind, but under the Authority of Consciousness – the Energies will overwhelm and direct the Individual, through Personality Systems that they will then accordingly live-out; despite ‘knowing of the Bad’ – the Mind World takes over, and the Bad becomes GOOD within the context of the Mind that is then Lived-out into/as the Physical; because, as children – we’re educated into CONSCIOUSNESS, and not into equal and one Physical LIVING, in/as the Physical World. And so, the Mind World easily takes over the Physical World/Physical Body and in this Process – MORALITY as Good and Bad can be/become Warped; as the Mind World will direct the Individual through Personalities in the Physical – into and as Directions of living conditions, through which the Mind can acquire the most ENERGY. And so, if/as the child accumulate so much BAD Energy in relationship to the Bad/Wrong hand of the Morality System in the Mind/Consciousness – this then takes over and becomes lived-out, and the Mind generate even MORE energy through/as the living of the human being in/as this Energy Possession of Consciousness. This is why Most human beings turn out what is defined as BAD/Negative/Dark, it’s the Polarity that was educated into their Consciousness, that accumulated and slowly but surely came in through manifesting into the Physical/Physical Living.

So, there’s a lot about the Mind World and the Physical World that has to be Understood if we want to have a look at how to stabilize our living with the Life Force of the PHYSICAL, because the Mind World/Consciousness has surely not done a good job as directing Human Nature, because our Awareness have abdicated responsibility to/as LIFE Regulation, and so left this responsibility to Consciousness ENERGY that exist according to ENERGY Survival Management – mostly at the sacrifice of the Physical Body, one’s life, future and relationships.

We’ll continue in the next post with more examples of MORALITY and its consequence in the Physical, where we Create Consequence, instead of Learning HOW we’re creating the Consequence in the first place in the Physical, instead of actually producing children/lives that honour Life/Living.

We’ll continue in the Next Post

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