Forcing Change With ENERGY vs. Living Change As Self: DAY 299 – 300

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Forcing Change With ENERGY vs. Living Change As Self: DAY 299 – 300

In the previous post, we had a walk-through regarding the relationship between Fighting Change and Moving As Change.
In this Post, we’re going to walk a Dimension of going into Extreme Energy-Polarities within and as a Process of Change, such as for example walking from Laziness to Self-Discipline/Responsibility and then using the MIND within ENERGY to change, from a Laziness / Low Energy into and as a Discipline / High Energy; to within this – see, realise and understand the Consequence of using ENERGY within the MIND to change one’s Experience in DOING, instead of being/becoming the Physical Natural Movement in/as Living Change. In this, essentially – the tendency that we have to move ourselves within ENERGY, instead of a Decision and a Physical Movement as-ourselves; with the consequence of Moving ourselves in ENERGY being that we’ll go from a Low to a High and back to a Low and then to a High, which create the inner conflict of ‘Fighting with ourselves’ that we walked in the previous Post. So, this post walks, essentially – what it is within us that create that inner-fighting with ourselves, when we use energy as a Force to change, instead of who we are in/as our Living, Physical Movement:

For Context: We’re walking the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment process in alignment with when/as self find oneself having walked from Laziness to Discipline, but that process of ‘maintaining Discipline’ is being done with ENERGY, with Experience in how one Force oneself with Energy into Discipline, what this looks like when this happens, how it is experienced and how to assist and support oneself to ensure that within Change – one do not only Change in the Mind from one Energy Low to another Energy High, but that Change is Real in one’s Living Presence in/as the Physical.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand How I had created a Polarity between Laziness and Discipline, where I reacted to myself as being “Lazy” in all/many levels of my Mind and used that reaction to Fuel my Reason for being and becoming Disciplined.
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand How I had used Energy and/or Energy Force to Fuel my motivation for being and becoming Disciplined, instead of it being a living expression of Who I am, as Natural as Breath.

I commit myself to show, how – a starting point of Reaction for Change, and attempting to/trying to maintain that Change from within the starting point of Reaction, where one use a Negative to Fuel self into a Positive, will create/manifest Physical Consequence in the sense of, for example where one was Lazy, reacted to that aspect of self in judgment and then in an anger/frustration/blame towards Self deciding to become Disciplined and then essentially driving/motivating self Mentally and Physically from/of a Negative Starting Point: will manifest/accumulate so in the Physical and may produce physical consequence of tiredness, physical stress/tension – because self is fuelling the negative Energy into and as the depths of the Physical with this Energy being the starting point Motivation of Change and in this Process; one is in fact creating MORE Physical Consequence than Actual Self-Change with not Understanding the dynamics between the Mind, the Physical and Energy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think, believe and perceive that Change is “difficult” that it must be Forced – with this “forcing”, being done with “driving myself”, but have not seen, realised and understood how, the only forcing/driving I have come to know How to do: is from the starting point of energy. Building up and accumulating thoughts, backchat and reactions in me to force/drive me from my MIND to change me. Not realising then, that – I AM not changing, but I am only changing me in MY MIND – from one energy as Laziness as Negative, to another energy as Discipline as Positive. And so, took myself to extreme polarities in my Mind; and not really changing in physical living.

I commit myself to show, how – we have mentally and physically been conditioned to believing ‘Change is Difficult’, when we’re in fact creating difficulties in our Lives within our accepted and allowed consequential Mind-Physical Relationship. And that, change is a Process – yes, BUT the Moment of Self making a DECISION to change and then walking/living that constantly and consistently – that does not take time, the only “Process” that does take space and time is that Process of being/becoming the Living Change, naturally, through constant, consistent application/living.
I commit myself to show, how one would use the Mind to change – through, for example, reacting to the Laziness in thought, word and deed, essentially creating a Personality-reaction to Laziness within self, and in that process, ‘talking and energizing self in the Mind into and as Change’, and so create a NEW PERSONALITY with new thoughts, reactions, backchats, behaviours that is the ‘Disciplined personality’, but it’s like within this process – the Laziness is always still there, like a shadow in the mind haunting self; and using that Personality, to fuel the New personality and so creating an Inner Conflict between Polarities as a constant, continuous internal-fight with self that consequentially, over space and time, more affect the Physical Body, than bringing forth a Natural Living Change as Self.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that – Change, yes is walked through a Resistance, because I am initiating my change, directing my change which is essentially ‘going against my preprogramming’. BUT, this ‘going against my preprogramming’ – does not mean I have to ‘FIGHT through the resistance/with the resistance’. As I see, realise and understand that – because I approached changed and faced the resistance to change through FORCING it with energy/driving myself with energy: I actually making the process of change More difficult, cause now I am using Energy against Energy – like, using my thoughts, backchats, reactions to ‘Fight the Resistance’ – lol; like trying to build up MORE energy as Me, to take-on the Resistance I experience as me and so I actually in fact Wage WAR against myself.

I commit myself to show, how – with walking Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments as preparing the road before self for/as Practical Corrective Living, that: in/as this Process – one UNDERSTAND how one created the Laziness Personality, through dissecting the thoughts, backchats, reactions, imaginations, behaviour patterns, physical reactions etc. and then from there, Re-establish a LIVING CHANGE, that do not use the mind’s Personality constructs such as thoughts, backchats, reactions, imaginations and behaviour patterns to change, where one first BUILD UP ENERGY and then WAIT to be motivated to change, No. In this process – one Decide ‘who I am’ as Living Instructions and then actually do/live them in one’s world/reality within and as every moment of BREATH. This is not a process of ENERGY-build-up, but a process of making a Decision and then LIVING it with self as the Decision in Living Action as the actual process of SELF-Movement and not Mind-Movement; thus, using who I am in/as Breath-decision to move, instead of a build-up of energy/energy experience in the Mind to move.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that resistance to change is a Force in itself, it’s an energy that comes up, like a Wall – separating me from actually living, being and becoming Changed in fact. And so, with me now seeing that – me trying to accumulate MORE energy in my Mind, than the resistance I experience in my Mind is actually creating more inner-conflict, where it feels like I ALWAYS have to constantly, continuously “fight to remain disciplined and not go back into Laziness” – creating this eternal battle between good and evil in/as myself: I see, realise and understand  that using my Mind, using Energy – the very Mind and Energy that created the “problem” in the first place – is Not the Solution. So, then –what is?

I Commit myself to show - how to use the Force of Physical Breath, as a real Physical Force that can be gentle, yet strong and direct. Where – when/as resistance to change come up/manifest, to actually go into Breathing, using the Physical – the gentle yet strong and stable breath, to not accept/allow myself to participate in resistance/laziness in the Mind, but just naturally move me in the Physical in getting things done. Just sticking to PHYSICAL DOING, while breathing – in-breath and out-breath, and keep on moving PHYSICALLY one foot in front of the other, not ‘paying attention to the Laziness’ in the Mind. See, here – I move “for real” – from Mind laziness, to Physical DOING. There is no “energy fighting” going on then here within this; I simply make the decision to not participate in the Laziness and keep on moving me practically in the Physical.

In this all – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how I had created a Fight between myself as Lazy as the Negative and then Discipline that I made as a Positive in the MIND. Not seeing, realising and understanding how to walk a process of change is FROM the Mind INTO the Physical. This means that, how I now see to approach this process is: FORGIVE myself for the Laziness – or whatever thoughts/backchat/reactions came up towards myself and others regarding Laziness, and establish a workable, practical living commitment to change in physical reality and then DO it. So – I move from energy, to DOING, instead of what I’ve done as moving from One Energy to another Energy in my Mind and then FROM MY MIND try and change me in the Physical. An example here is:
I realised that I was Lazy regarding waking up in the mornings. I do the forgiveness for accepting and allowing all the Mind-participation, thoughts/backchats/reactions that create the Laziness so that I can flag point which things in the Mind I must simply not participate in, but move me physically. So, I then from there DO the practical walking – I wake up in the mornings, and when anything of the Mind comes up; I take a breath – say “No”, take an outbreath and stand up. Thus, process of self change is to be a MOVEMENT of self from a DECISION that is made, to not listen to Laziness, but to stick to Physical Doing.
In this Process walked above, one can additionally reference the Previous Post – regarding how to Move through Resistance, and not create a FIGHT against resistance/change.

Thus, within this – to see, realise and understand the process is not to create MORE Personalities as shifting from a Negative to a Positive and then using the Negative Personality to fuel and drive the new Positive Personality: these dynamics still then exist in the Mind/Consciousness and benefit only the Mind/Consciousness and will throw self into a constant, continuous inner conflict – using the Past to fuel/motivate the Future, will just create the same Past as self will go into lows and highs over and over and over again, never stable, never here, never living.
Thus within this – we suggest investigating the Desteni I Process LITE (Free Course) that introduce you into the Mind, and then Desteni I Process PRO that practically, structurally walk oneself through the Mind and into and as real Physical Living Change as Living Words.

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