Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit: DAY 310

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Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit: DAY 310

(ANNOUNCEMENT: In and from this Post, we’re going to be Implementing a New Structure to our Writings – Problem-Solution-Reward. We’ll Identify the Problem, blueprint the Problem and lay it out, following from that the Solution to the Problem – with the Problem and Solution explanation, extending from the Individual, to Humanity and Existence as a Whole. Included within this, we’ll be Walking the Reward Dimension. In the Reward Dimension, self will see from an Individual, Humanity and Existential Perspective – how the Solutions to the Problems will benefit/reward not only Self, but Humanity, this Physical Existence and Existence as a Whole. As those will know that have Followed these Posts from DAY 1 – we walk this Process, with seeing, realising and understanding the Responsibility we have towards ourselves, humanity, this physical existence to bring forth actual, real change. And so, within the Dimensions of Problem, Solution and Reward – one will see, realise and understand for self how the Problems we have, the Solutions we propose and so the Reward that exist – will stand for self, humanity, this physical existence as a whole. Enjoy.)

Problem: Karma and Reincarnation

In and from this Post, we’re going to Start having a look at the Problem of/as Karma and Reincarnation within and as the ‘Cycle of Life’ that has existed, before the Opening of the Portal, as: From Spirit to Body to Mind…back to Spirit. And WHY within and as and throughout our Lives within Existence, have Human Nature Not EVOLVED if/as we’re here within this Physical Existence, in our Life/Lives, ‘Learning Lessons’ / ‘Facing Karma’.

So, in the Previous Post – we outlined the Main Dimensions that we’re going to be walking, as The Problem, summarised here:
What was in fact within/behind the Process of Reincarnation / Recycling of Beings/Spirits into and as a life/lives within this Physical Existence as to Understand WHY the Spirit/Being had not Evolved within Humanity/Human Nature and so contributed to any change whatsoever within this Physical Existence.
Then - the Purpose of the Soul/Soul System, in its relationship between the Spirit/Being, Physical Body and Mind/Consciousness, ensuring Contribution to Devolution, rather than Evolution.
And, Finally – Why, at Death, one’s Spirit/Being – from the relationship between the Soul System, Mind, the Physical and your Spirit/Being – Why, at Death, one’s Spirit/Being actually Devolve/ ‘lessen’ from what it was BEFORE the previous life one had.

So, with referring to the Heading of this Post “Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit”: If one have a look at the Process of Recycling within this Physical Existence, many Systems ‘profit’ from this Process of Recycling; and upon Recycling – whatever is being Recycled, change its constitution, form, shape and design. YET, it still exist - just in another Expression/Manifestation. So, the question though here then, with having a look at Reincarnation from an Existential-History perspective, is: Why, then – with us Returning to this Physical Existence, life after life after life – has THIS Physical Existence not ‘profited’ from the Recycling/Reincarnation Process of Beings?
Obviously, within the Statement “Reincarnation: Recycling Beings for Heaven’s Profit” – is the Answer. In that: HEAVEN ‘profited’ from Recycling/Reincarnating Beings into this Physical Existence, and Profited at the Expense/Cost of our Spirit/Being and so also from/of this Physical Existence itself. I mean, it CANNOT be MORE OBVIOUS than the Physical Evidence and the History of Human Civilization within this Physical Existence, that: we have in NO WAY as a Humanity Evolved. What has evolved, is: Technology and the Consciousness of a select few of Humanity that has access in the System/access to Money…or, well, Most of them, cause some even manage to take for Granted their upbringing in the Elite hierarchies of the World System/Money System and so compromise their Minds and their Lives despite having access to a Life/Living and Money.
Now, the Question within this all, is: WHY has Consciousness – for only those with Money Evolved, and Technology within the World System/Money System evolved, where for most part, those that are in Control within this Physical Existence, has utilized their ‘evolved Consciousness and Technology’ for means of War, and Profit through/from War to Protect Resources, Investments and Money within/on/as this Physical Existence? Why has our Relationship to the Physical Body, this Physical Existence, the Animals, Nature – THAT which in fact gives us Life, Not Evolved? Why has actual Life/Living Conditions for ALL in/as equality and oneness Not Evolved?

And Here, the Premise of ‘Evolution’ we refer to, is that fact that All of Humanity have an equal and one opportunity to Life/Living, that we have ways/means/methods to contribute to the Animal Kingdom, to Nature and actually CO-EXIST – I mean, if THAT is not Evolution, or what Evolution SHOULD BE…then, we really need to Introspect and see, realise and understand the Delusion and Illusion of the Accepted and Allowed Evolution/Advancement of the Human Race, that predominantly is/has become dependent on Money/Technology that now more define the Human Consciousness, than in fact who we are and how/what we Live in every Moment of Breath in our Relationship to ourselves, others, and this World/Reality.
So, instead of us Evolving in Life/Living – the Consciousness-Technology and World-System/Money System relationship has Evolved, for only a Select few of Humanity, and that Evolution, that Evolution Profiting from/of its Consequential relationship to the REST of Humanity, this Physical Existence that is thwarted into Unimaginable conditions of Survival/driven to extinction. So, I would REALLY not say, with having a look at existence within the Principle of ‘Life/Living’, that – we have in any way as Beings, as ‘Spirits’ Evolved, if we haven’t even managed to come up with Ways to CO-EXIST, to practise, live and apply – on a Global Level, the principles of ensuring all has an equal and one opportunity to Life/Living; but we do Invest in ways to Annihilate/Destroy each-other and/or just not care, consider, regard other Life Forms within this Physical Existence.

I mean, the Physical Body, this Physical Existence – is a LIVING ORGANISM. It is Alive. It express, it move, it adapt, it change, it unconditionally assist and support and in fact gives us the Opportunity to Live, Here – but, we’re in our relationship to it ALL to all the Living Organisms, driving everything into and as a point of Survival, Survival of the Fittest as what we’re superimposing onto all our Relationships in this Existence. And, I do not think that human beings have actually considered that going into a Race, Survival of the Fittest, against this Physical Existence, the Living Organisms within it, that – the PHYSICAL is most certainly the fittest, when human beings cannot even yet in Self Awareness change, let alone on a Physical Level, whereas Living Organisms can do so, and adapt and change and alter themselves to the conditions that Human Consciousness have imposed onto/into this Physical Existence, and it’s already being Proven with the Super-Bugs emerging…

Now, HEAVEN – Heaven was Not a ‘Living Organism’. Heaven was existing as Pure Energy – Pure Energy Resourced from the Mind-Spirit-Body and Soul System relationships of Human Beings within this Physical Existence. So, Heaven’s existence - was dependent on the Controlled and Preprogrammed Relationships that maintained the Trinity of Enslavement of/as the Relationship between the Mind, Spirit and Body, and the Soul System within and as that.
See, everything is in fact in Reverse – that which is Regarded as ‘GOD’ in this Existence, and/or Deified is actually in fact That which contribute to your Enslavement in your own Mind and own Life the Most, and that which is in fact the ‘Way Out’ – as Desteni, for example, is Regarded as ‘Evil’. Why this is, we’ll also get into and Explain in Detail within Posts to come. So, within this Post – the Main Problem one have to understand within this, is: that – Heaven/Energy and Consciousness was always throughout the Generations deified within the Minds of Human Beings, when Energy, the Light – was in fact dependent on, and Created from Human Beings and channelled into the Heaven Existence. The LIVING ORGANISM as the Physical Body, this Physical Existence has been used, abused and Sacrificed by the Mind, Consciousness and Heaven to Profit from, for its Own Existence –and this is Why, we are as Humanity the ‘Living Sacrifice’ that have sacrificed our Spirit/Being to the Mind and so Sacrifice the Physical Body, this Physical Existence to Heaven and so why/how we as Humanity exist in such a Consequential-relationship to our own Bodies, each other and this Physical Existence as a Whole.

So, we’ll in the Next Post Continue with the First Point and Problem with regards to how Heaven Profited, exactly, from Reincarnation and Why/How the Physical Body, this Physical Existence has been Sacrificed for it and while Heaven/Consciousness and Energy has been Deified – the Real Living Existence, as the Physical, has been left to ruin…

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