LIFE-Regulation Practicality: DAY 306

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LIFE-Regulation Practicality: DAY 306

LIFE-Regulation – continued

In this post, we’re going to have a look at some Practical Examples of How Life-Regulation can be Implemented within oneself and one’s life/living, while/as we simultaneously Walk to manifest a World System/Equal Money System as the external Representation of Life-Regulation.

Thus, the external World System – as the Equal Money System, will ‘literally’ Regulate ‘Life on Earth’ within the Principle / Stand of Equality and Oneness, for more information on this – we suggest Investigating the Equal Money System website.
Then, Self as Life-Regulation – will be Regulating one’s Living and Relationships with other human beings, one’s environment and relationship to this Physical Existence within and as the Principle/Stand of/as Equality and Oneness. The Process involving this, is – investigating one’s current beliefs, views, acceptances and allowances that is currently ‘managing’ one’s Mind and so determining one’s Living and Behaviour, and defining one’s relationship to everything and everyone within this Physical Existence. And, here we again get to the Point of CHANGE and how deep/far/extensive the introspection / self intimacy must go/develop within who one is and how one Live to really, in fact, fundamentally Change into and as the very Foundation that has come to define ourselves, our living and relationships; which is the Mind/Consciousness in its ENTIRETY.

Now, we started off with some Dimensions to consider regarding the Consequential relationship to Morality, ‘managing’ more the Survival of the Individual into/as Polarities of Positive and Negative – in this, there exist taking No Self-Responsibility, because everyone is just ‘kept away from what is Bad/Negative’ and only aspire to the Positive/Good; while within this – the Bad/Negative is left to exist AS-IS. No-one is actually investigating/directing/sorting-out the Bad/Negative, it’s left to EXIST and all you must do is ‘stay away from it’. I mean, we do this within our own Minds – suppress what is bad/negative and ‘keep one’s awareness away from it’; in this – Not even Understanding How one’s own Mind/Consciousness in fact operate/function, and the extent to which it will be the Bad/Negative that comes to define oneself/one’s life, as the Positive is created from resisting/suppressing the Bad/Negative. The more one stay away from the Bad/Negative, the more one is fuelled into the Positive/Good, and so the Positive/Good only exist because the Bad/Negative exist. Like, you’re a “Good Person” if you stay away from the Bad/Negative such as Alcohol/Drugs; thus a simple example of how Good is defined FROM the Bad. And so, we’d on a Quantum Physical level go as far as accepting and allowing Alcohol and Drugs to exist, just so that we can ‘stay away’ from it and define ourselves as being ‘Good’. Bizarre, but this is how Consciousness exist when it comes to its Polarities of Positive and Negative. It’s like, we become more define by what we’re NOT doing, than in fact actually LIVING. So, with Alcohol and Drugs for example, it shouldn’t be a matter of Self-Definition of ‘I am Good if I don’t DO this/that’; it should be a matter of Understanding Reality Consequence as in “I’m as the Decision of not doing drugs/alcohol as I realise that it changes me, without my directive principle/awareness being involved. And so therefore, it stands within the context of becoming possessed by own Mind and I will not accept/allow such substances to be/become the directive principle of/as me/my Mind’. See here, in this – is Understanding, is Self Responsibility, is not using the Bad/Negative as a means to define Self in the Mind as being ‘Good’, for example.

So, within LIFE-Regulation – the Premise within which Self make Decisions in one’s world/reality will Stand within and as the Starting Point of: Self-Responsibility, with Self-Responsibility standing in/as the principle of/as equality and oneness as what’s Best for All and so Best for Self. Now, what does this Practically mean?
As mentioned above, ‘Living Responsibly’ has come to mean ‘Following the guidelines of Morality’. So, one can even look at the Point of Morality existing so that no-one in fact take Responsibility for both the Good and the Bad that exist in this world/reality and consider their consequence within/as ALL of Humanity. So, it’s like – when the Bad/Negative emerged in Human Society – it wasn’t  a matter of Eradicating its existence and/or bringing it forth to Actual Solutions, but was a matter of: Okay, it exist – just stay away from it. So, again – Morality as a System/Program is Not a Solution, but was an outflow-consequence ‘Band-Aid’ to problems/consequences that Emerged within Human Civilization, and still throughout Human Civilization, the Bad/Negative Proliferate/Evolve and less and less people can Maintain their Minds and their Lives into/as the ‘Good/Positive’ – as the Bad/Negative has become this Force that is slowly, but surely Possessing/Taking over Human beings’ Minds and Lives.
I mean, this goes the same for the relationship to the World System – everyone must just ‘stay away’ and protect themselves against Poverty/Crime, for example and in this Process, would then Not Investigate/take Responsibility the WHY it exist in the first place and come to an equal and one Solution for it to Not exist AT ALL.

So, within this – Morality is thus in fact ‘Bad/Negative’, as it actually Produce the opposite results of Regulating Human Behaviour, in that: it just says ‘Stay Away from the Bad/Negative – don’t do anything about it, just let it be and stay away’. Now, in this – those just ‘staying away’ from the Negative/Bad, are equally as one Responsible for those Exposed to the Negative/Bad due to life/Living conditions that, for most part, are Produced by the World System/Money System. And for most part, those that can lead ‘Positive/Good’ lives, is because they have MONEY. And even with MONEY, many are confronted with ‘Moral Dilemmas’ and cannot keep themselves from Regulating their Behaviour/Decisions within/as what is Best for themselves, their Physicals and their Future and are quite ‘drawn’ to meddling within/as what was/is deemed by the System/Parents as ‘Bad/Negative’.
It’s also interesting within this, that – so many human beings deem people, that are for a myriad of reasons exposed to the ‘Bad/Negative’, such as Drugs, Alcoholism, Violence, Crime as ‘Bad/Negative/Evil PEOPLE’, when Humans have NO IDEA regards to their life’s history, and so that of their Parents and the direct relationship to the Mental Conditions that are created because of lifestyle/life/living conditions that are in fact DIRECTLY related to the SYSTEM/Money System. So, again here – PEOPLE are made to be bad/negative/evil, without seeing, realising and understanding the ADDITIONAL contributory factors that developed their mind-physical relationship so, which for most part is a history in a relationship with Money, and the life/living conditions they were forced into, and had to mentally prepare for to be able to survive in his World. So, now – in Morality, only people are Blamed, without seeing the Very System that additionally also contributed / directly forced them into and as such Life/Living Conditions.

See, here – WHY we say, that: for LIFE Regulation to manifest within this Physical Existence/Humanity, where human beings learn to actually work together, live together, co-exist, considering others as you would yourself: an Internal and External Change need to take place. The External, where the World System/Money System provide an equal and one opportunity to life/living for ALL, from birth to death – secured, and so provide the opportunity to get in/as preparing/educating human beings into and as actual Life/Living Skills. Obviously, for this to Manifest – RESPONSIBILITY, Self-Responsibility and taking Responsibility for/as Life on Earth has to Manifest; a Responsibility that Morality and following Morality is currently Abdicating by just deeming things as bad/negative/evil and not DOING Anything about their existence within/as this Physical Existence.

In the Next Post we’ll continue expanding on Responsibility/Self Responsibility and its relationship to/as LIFE-Regulation.

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