Survival Management vs. LIFE-Regulation (Part 5): DAY 304

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In this Post, we’re now going to have a look at the Different between Survival Management and Life Regulation – essentially, Morality vs. actual Life/Living Skills Education. Now, the root of this Problem is existent within the Education of both Parents and Children. Parents from the perspective of actually not understanding how the Quantum Physical, the Mind-Physical relationship evolve/develop that will produce the Child’s thinking patterns, emotional/feeling bodies/reactions, internal conversation/self talk, their definitions and experiences within words and so eventually even their view of themselves, their relationship to their Physical Body and so their living in this World/Reality. This because Parents themselves do not even Understand the multi-dimensional Mind-Physical processes that was involved from Birth, to manifest EVERYTHING of/as ‘who, how, what’ self is within the Mind and one’s living and relationships within and as this.

So, Morality – more than anything else, has been more a way of ‘Managing’ the Mind and Behaviour, while the child is primarily prepared for Survival in this world/reality in their relationship to Money. Therefore, as we have explained as well, ‘Following’ Morals does not determine your Nature and/or the Totality of/as ‘who you are’ in your Mind and Living and Relationships within that. Morals is more just an externalized program, programmed into the Consciousness of the Human Being to keep their minds and lives stable, to be/become/remain an Individual that continue producing Money for the World System. It’s been like: “Remain within the Moral Guidelines – and your Money is Secured”. Obviously, most find ways/means/methods to Present themselves as being ‘Moral’, whilst everything that they are and do to have the kind/type of Life that they do: is Immoral. The same we do in our own Lives, presenting ourselves as being ‘Good’, while Evil does not lurk far in the background of our Secret Mind…
So, the Problem with Morality is its relationship within the Mind and the World System – so, to change Survival Management into and as Life Regulation, we have to consider the Mind-Physical relationship and World System/Money and Physical Existence Relationship.

So, let us for a moment have a Look at Life-Regulation examples, within the Principle of actual Teaching of Life/Living Skills – and how Morality had been but a mere ‘quick Fix’ to protect Money and Survival, than actually putting in the TIME and the EFFORT to prepare Parents effectively for Children, and Children effectively for Life/Living in this World/Reality.
Here we can have a look at what has become a more increasing Problem within this World/Reality: Bullying – and how children from young as 5 years old are resorting to Self-Mutilation to deal-with their internal conflicts, and children as young as 9 years old, committing Suicide. This obviously Reflecting that Children do not have the necessary Skills to deal with their Minds, what they’re experiencing, how to make sense of it or even how to Communicate it. Because, at such young ages – their Vocabulary is very limited, and cannot necessarily ‘put words to what they’re internally experiencing’ and the only way, just like a Baby can only physically Cry for example when something is wrong, such Young Children ‘express that Mind-Physical experiences’ through the Physical – they don’t have Words/Vocabulary, so they in a way become that experience within themselves, possess it within themselves and then ‘Communicate’ it through the Physical with what they do to/with themselves Physically. SHOWING what’s going on, translating themselves through the Physical. So, the question within this is, how much more Children – and how much younger, must consequence accumulate where they as the Children are actually showing/asking that they have No Idea, No Skills, No Reference of how to deal with/direct what is going on within them and what they’re facing in relationship-dynamics within this world/reality. Children are more only prepared with knowledge and information in alignment with Consumerism and a Future Profession, than any Educational means focused on how to Regulate themselves within relationship-dynamics effectively, with Relationship-dynamics and who we are within it, that In Fact determine our experience in this world/reality. So, Why – with who we are, hinging on our relationship with others, is there No Effective Educational means existent from a young age, with regards to how to have effective relationships with ourselves and so with others? I mean, must this / such consequence manifest first in ALL Families with children, before individuals will starting standing up for Solutions – not only for their own Children, but for ALL Children Equally as One? Why can we not look at all Children as equal and one Individuals and prepare this World/Reality for All Children to have an Equal and One Life/Living? I mean, we ourselves / oneself could have been the one birthed into this physical existence, and/or been the parent of a child birthed into this existence in appalling life/living conditions – essentially starving to death from the first breath. So, why/how have we become so Conditioned within our relationship to Money and Survival, that – instead of preparing this World for ALL, we more go into protection and defence mechanisms, separating ourselves from the problems of this World within FEAR, instead of standing HERE for a Solution for all in relation to this World/System and Money?

So, within the Principle of placing oneself in the shoes of another, the Question is – must such Consequence manifest in your Children’s lives, before one will stand up for a Solution, or will one actually start considering the Future of not only your own Children, but potentially their Children’s children? Establishing a World System/Money System where we Know, when we leave this physical existence – the Children will be taken care of and cared for, within absolute Certainty. So, my argument is – why not, instead of Living in Fear, dedicate the time and the discipline and physical effort, of instead of Producing Fear in the Mind, live to produce a World that would be best for all, and so best for self and so for generations to come, that may again be Self.
So, again here – we return to the Question: Why is there no focus on Life/Living Relationship-Skills development in children? But the focus is only on imprinting and hoarding their Brains with knowledge and information and consumerism within this World, and for the Rest – which is their Relationship-Dynamics, experiences, confrontations and exposure to other Individuals Minds and Lives…their left to ‘fend for themselves’. It’s like So Absolutely deliberately this, this Real ‘Survival of the Fittest’ Competition – the World System, through Education, provide Children, or those fortunate enough to have an Education, with the knowledge and information for the future, and then…throw them into the Lion’s den of forced-relationships with no skills/understanding/comprehension of their Minds, their consciousness, reactions they experience etc. and then “those that Survive” through the Education-System with a Mental-Physical maintained-stability, will make it through into the World System/Money System…the Rest, well – the System makes Money off-of them as well, through Psychologists, Prisons, Mental Institutions, Charities as various Systems had been set up to make Money off-of even those that do not make it into the ‘Heart of the System’.      

So, all of this calls for an Reformation within the Education System – how many years and time can be included with regards to Educating children on Relationship-skills, and here I’m not only talking about partnership-relationships, no – your ‘normal’-Relationships, with the simple things of how to work-together, buddying children up to work together in solving problems in school and then shifting/changing the classroom so all learn to work with each other, work together.
Establishing already from a young age the Principle of equality, how to work together to assist and support each other in new environments, with new things, with the learning processes. Obviously, here – I would suggest Investigating the Equal Money System, where we’re in the process of Redefining Education, with regards to how Education will Change within an Equal Money System; that will also Include Life/Living Skills learnt from a young age. Within this then, what will also be included is an Understanding of how the Mind/Consciousness work, having children develop a Vocabulary of what it is that they’re experiencing, thinking/reacting to, to UNDERSTAND themselves  on ALL levels of their existence.

We’ll continue more in the Next Post.      


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