Survival Management vs. LIFE-Regulation (Part 3 & 4): DAY 302 and 303

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Is this what Kids Really like or what we have TAUGHT them to Like?

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 LIFE-Regulation – continued

As mentioned in the Previous Post, we’re in this Post continuing with what that Authority is, that has been left un-nurtured within Humanity – that in fact become the directive principle that will direct/control the Individual through Energy Experience, instead of referencing/regulating their behaviour/living according to Reality principles/consequence; and within and during this process continue preparing the Platform of how we’ll change Morality into and as Life-Regulation within the principle of/as equality and oneness as What’s Best for All.

What is not yet seen, realised and understood within Humanity is - that ‘Individuality’ that develop/emerge within each Individual human being that distinguishes us from each other, regarding how we live/behave and make decisions and form definitions, relationships and connections in our Minds that accordingly manifest into and as Personalities that will so shape our view and experience of ourselves and our lives - that ‘Individuality’ that ‘determining factor’ that in fact Decides ‘who you are / will become’: has been the regulating relationship between our Beingness, the Mind and the Physical and what we were / are exposed to within and during childhood. And how, from sounds and energies, behaviours and movements in our external environment stimuli; we imprint into ourselves / our Minds and from there eventually form/shape into our own Words/Language that become ‘who we are and what we live’ from within our Mind-Beingness-Physical Relationship.

Now, the problem within educating children into life/living within this World/Reality, is the fact that the existence of our ‘Beingness’, our ‘Awareness’ – has essentially been ‘ignored/denied’. There is the dispute in the Field of Psychology with regards to ‘Nature vs. Nurture’ that determines the outcome of who/how/what an Individual will be and become, when BOTH aspects are merely Contributors to how the Beingness/Awareness of the Individual will RESPOND in relationship to both Nature and Nurture Dynamics that they’re exposed to early in life. This, as a baby – there exist an ‘awareness’, an ‘beingness’ that will accordingly, on an interdimensional-physical RESPOND to what is imprinted into and as it, even from the Stages of the Womb of the Mother; and this Interdimensional-Physical Science has not yet been explored – but is now being Introduced within and through the Desteni Material.
In the Sciences of today – it is fascinating the extent to which the existence of the Mind, of Consciousness – the constructs of Thought, Memory, Internal Conversations, Emotions and Feelings especially are disregarded, simply because there is no “Physical Evidence” of it, bar for the outflow consequence of SOME of the constructs of the Mind/Consciousness that can be Measured. But, yet still – what cannot be explained, and what is Walked in Desteni in Detail, in especially the Quantum Mind Interview Series, is WHERE thoughts, memories, emotions and feelings, internal conversations in fact come from, how they’re created, how they materialize in an interdimensional/dimensional capacity within one’s Mind and the extent to which they can influence who you are and how you experience yourself in the Physical Body, and their direct-relationship to the Physical Body and how the primary Mind-Physical relationship will determine your life/living in this World/Reality. And within this, have not seen, realised and understood HOW EXACTLY relationships and connections and definitions and experiences within the Mind develop in Detail – this also Discussed and shown in the Quantum Mind Interview Series with regards to How our Mind exactly create/form relationships to the external environment, and what it is within ourselves that determine such relationships that is Designed.

So, with this – what has only been ‘regarded’ is for example the Nature and/or Nurture and the OBSERVATION of children / childhood development, but what REALLY goes on within/beyond what is Physically seen/measured, has not yet been considered and realised in Human Consciousness, that is in fact THE determining factors that will influence a Child’s emergence/development within this World/Reality – and this is the Interdimensional-Physical dynamics and evolutions within and between the relationships of the Mind, Beingness and the Physical.
Our relationship to the incorporation of children into this Physical Existence – has been done through just that: IN-CORPORAT(E)ion, with the extent to which Children’s ‘Awareness’-development have come to be Owned by Corporations/Consumerism within this World System for the purposes of profit and the interests of Greed and Not in Fact for the Life/Living Education evolution of a Child/Children.
So, children have become like this Empty Pot and everyone is just throwing EVERYTHING at them into this Pot and ‘hoping that as the Child grow up, they would have themselves stirred the Pot / sorted the Pot with regards to what Ingredients is best for them/themselves in their lives in the Now and in the Future. But, with the evidence of how most Children eventually develop in this World/Reality – this is not working out so Great, especially also because this World/Reality is not prepared to welcome Children into this Physical Existence.

So, within this all – what is not seen, realised and understood is how the Mind/Consciousness “hardwires” itself in relation to all the external stimuli imprinted into the Child’s Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship/existence, and then from an interdimensional-physical perspective, sort, align, structure, organize and categorize the Individual’s Mind/Consciousness into and as systematic patterns of thinking, internal conversations, their relationship to imagination, their responses/reactions to the external environment and people within it, their own relationship to their own Emotions and Feelings; the Hardwiring in this regard, the ‘Motherboard’ of Consciousness is not yet taken into consideration within Humanity as it is something that had never been seen/considered before. So, when something happens to the ‘Hardwiring’ of the Individual in the Mind – all that has only been ‘managed’, and here again we get to ‘survival management’, is re-align the wirings into the Morality Systems of what’s good/right and bad/wrong; not seeing, realising and understanding that it’s the Hardwiring in itself that’s the Problem, and we’ve always only worked with ‘consequence outflows’ managing consequence to keep humans ‘relatively functioning’, for in fact the Purposes of this World System/Money System. There has been no in-depth studying done with regards to how thinking exactly comes about, why/how people think in certain ways, how emotions/feelings are produced from/of the Physical Body and how such aspects, the hardwiring process will affect/influence the humans’ living and behaviour. So, people then try and install NEW PROGRAMS in the already dysfunctional motherboard design of their Consciousness – while the old programs still ‘running in the background’ and so the Individual goes into states of inner conflict to try/attempt to remain stable / ‘normal’ when for Humanity to really In Fact Change, we need to redesign the Entire Motherboard System and Programming within and as it. Because the Consequence in Human Civilization has been, like – having one Computer platform hardwired into their Physical Body, as the Mind, and then trying to install new/upgraded/evolutionary programs into it, which the old Platform just cannot handle, and this is mostly the problem with Children growing up – their Minds were during childhood programmed with a certain platform, and then the external environment/world/reality started changing and evolving and their Minds/Systems/Platforms just couldn’t keep up with the external evolution and installing new Programs and so their Minds and their Lives ‘crash’. This is also one of the problems with Parent-Child relationships: Parents were in their past-memory lifetimes hardwired with particular motherboard platforms and evolved their Minds according to life/living conditions, however – their child now is coming into a Different Time, Different World and so their Minds will be hardwired differently based on how children changed, parents child, Parent-Child relationships changed and will be exposed to things that their Parents Never faced, and/or exposed to things MORE EXTREME than what their parents faced, and their Left to essentially “fend for themselves” and the Parent have NO IDEA how the Child will deal with things, because the Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship is not Understood, and no one has any Life/Living skills to deal with every day life situations.

Therefore, to Understand why and how MORALITY and survival-management is Not a Solution to regulating life/living/relationships within Humanity – THIS is what has to be understood: the Hardwiring process of Consciousness, and how Children form relationships to the external world in their Mind based on their Reactions to it, that eventually becomes their Consciousness and so will determine who they are and what/how they Live for the Rest of their Lives. Because, if this Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship is not regulated from Childhood: anything/everything one imprint into the Child will become like a ‘Lucky Packet’ of their Life, wherein you kind of just have sit by the side-lines and ‘Hope to God’ your Child comes out Fine. When, one can in fact walk a Process with one’s Child, regulating their Mind-Beingness-Physical relationships from birth, throughout their Lives to ensure there is always Equilibrium within their Life-Experiences in this World/Reality. Obviously, one cannot predict the Future in Detail, I mean – we share this existence with an innumerable amount of beings, manifestations, organisms – from nature, to animals/insects and the environment and human beings as well. However, what one can PREPARE the Individual/Child and so oneself for, is ‘who one will be’ within and during facing Life/Living in this World/Reality that will not lead to undue consequence/compromise for oneself, others and one’s Future in this World/Reality.

Within this, we get to the Principle of Life Regulation – where, as we have explained in the example above, it’s the Parent’s Responsibility to see, realise and understand that how they developed relationship to this World/Reality, is in fact based on their Childhood – the ‘life and times’ during a Parent’s childhood is most certainly Not what it is today, and everything will impact on a Child’s development within their lifetime. So, essentially – the Parent has to get their Minds ‘in line with’ the Life and Times of a Child of today and what they will be exposed to within this World and Reality. The Parent, essentially – has to walk back into their Memories as far as possible, to see, realise and understand how Childhood memories and experiences impacted on their Individuality-development, how they can prepare their Child more effectively with when/as they face similar/same situations so that it does not impact as Consequentially on the Child as it did for the Parent. But, here again – one face another problem, which is the fact that Parents cannot remember their Childhood – the First Seven Years that actually created/designed/manifested their Consciousness and who/what/how/why the Parent is in their Living in this current/present Time. So, this Process – of the First Seven Years of a Child’s life, also one’s own, is Walked the ‘Parenting – Perfecting the Human Race’ Series, which is essentially the Series being walked preparing for the Process of Life/Living Regulation. Explaining in Detail HOW your Mind had been hardwired/designed into and as the Way that it is with how you experience yourself in your own Mind, what determines the Decisions you make, your Behaviour, your Fears and Desires and how this create/manifest your Life/Living in this World/Reality.

What we’re essentially opening up here is that: Changing Human Nature – and/or even Guiding human nature, is not something as simplistic as Simply teaching Children Morals. I mean, yes – there are things relevant to today’s Life/Living that Morality ‘guide’, but again, as we have explained, because the Mind-Beingness-Physical relationship is not Understood; it becomes very easy for the Individual to change/alter the Morals based on their own Interests/Desires/Fears as their actual Mind/Consciousness – that Authority as their Beingness that ‘hardwired’ itself into Existence from within the Quantum Physical, Quantum Mind, Unconscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind as well as the Personality Systems within and as the Physical Body. So, THIS is why/how – even with Morals existent, Human Nature is in no way regulate for effective Living/Consideration/Regard for self, let alone for other Human Beings; together with being Forced into a World System/Money System where Survival takes over everything/anything in the individual’s Mind/Life and any ‘life/living’ Morals goes out the door when it comes to Survival and Money and what humans would do for it, at the sacrifice/compromise of their own Lives and so as well as others.

Therefore, this Process regarding Morals – what’s Good/Right and Bad/Wrong, for many in their Lives becomes irrelevant when it comes to Money and Survival, and so Morals won’t Stand – Money/Survival will Stand. In this, Life Regulation will be thus a Process of Internal and External Life/Living Regulation, in as one prepare the Internal World of a Child, to Prepare the External World for Children of the Future as also Proposed by/through the Equal Money System.

We’ll in the Next Post continue with LIFE Regulation – in having a look at more examples regarding the difference between Morality and how far we’d in fact have to go to Change/Prepare ourselves and so the Future of this World/Reality. 

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