Automatic Drawing – Channelling one’s Own Mind: DAY 290 – 293

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Automatic Drawing – Channelling one’s Own Mind: DAY 290 – 293

 Becoming Aware of the Mind: by Andrew Gable

In and from this Post, we’re for a moment going to Direct a Point that opened up – to assist/support with perspective/understanding of how the Mind works with images/pictures from within one’s Unconscious Mind as Memories and how such images/pictures as memories, can be energized to such an extent, where the image/picture itself and the energy-presence one attached to it – whether consciously or unconsciously, can take-over one’s Mind and actually express itself through the Body. Essentially – “how a Memory draws itself”.

The context of this, specifically – we’re going to have a look at when, for example: one is simply sitting/being with oneself, and then suddenly, unexpectedly one move to a pen/pencil and paper and just start Drawing. And/or one was for example “thinking-about / “looking at” something/someone specific and there was just this ‘automatic’ movement and one started Drawing. And/or one had in previous moments been thinking about/accessing something/someone specific and/or something/someone had “been on one’s Mind” of late – yet, only a while after / immediately after, this process unfolded of ‘automatic drawing’. There was no ‘conscious Mind’ involvement, in the sense that one was seeing the picture/image that one was in the process of Drawing – it’s like, it just suddenly, unexpectedly ‘came through you’ directly onto Paper, without you Consciously thinking about the Drawing/Seeing the Drawing in your Mind – as though, what you’re drawing is an interpretation of something/someone else and/or something/someone else ‘drawing through you’.

In this, we’re now going to explain Why and How – in the times of today, such an experience of ‘automatic drawing’, is Not any beings / interdimensional races / aliens contacting you, but that you are in a sense “channelling your own Mind’s memories of images/pictures that was charged with a particular Energy”, that essentially had the power to ‘take over the Mind and Body’ and Draw itself through you.
First, before we get to explaining the Process of Why and How we know that no interdimensional being/alien race is/will be contacting any human being through ‘automatic drawing’, but that such a process in fact unfold in one’s own Mind/Consciousness and Imagination – we’ll first explain HOW the Mind Process work; then at the End will explain the relationship between the Opening of the Portal and the Changes of Heaven; and how each human being on Earth is in Process of Facing your Own Mind ONLY.

To understand thus – how/why one can Draw an Image/Picture from within the Mind, without that Image/Picture being consciously accessed, one have to understand the Mind’s relationship to the Physical Body, and so this Physical Existence as follows:
(Also understand that: how/why we can explain such processes – is because, with and through the Portal, with being able to leave my Body and/or any beings entering into it, we can directly access/investigate and see the multi-dimensions of existence and this include the entire Mind and so the entire Physical and the Mind-Physical relationships within this. Additionally, through the Portal – one can communicate with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in existence, as it all has Always been “aware” – this Physical existence, the Mind, Consciousness everything has an “awareness” only the human has been so separate from everything, none of this was accessed/realised. This relationship of what the Mind is and its relationship to the Physical – one can learn more in the Quantum Mind Interview Series – explaining in detail how your Mind in fact exist, what it is, what’s its relationship to the Physical etc. and can also more Hear about the awareness of the Animal Kingdom in the Animal Life Review Series).

So, in This Interview – Mind Simulate Reality, one will Learn that: the Mind creates an Energy-Replica of Physical Reality into and as itself. This is how memories are created in your Mind. Where, your Mind – completely merged with the Physical Body, essentially ‘take pictures’ of Reality/the Physical as what you physically see, and imprint it as memories into itself. This is done through every eye-blink, with every eye-blink, the mind takes a picture of reality, imprint it as a memory and so construct physical reality into/as the Mind. This is why, for example – when you see a Bird, you’ll not be equal and one with that Bird and communicate with it as you, but will immediately reference an Image in your Mind of the Bird and then have an energy-experience/reaction to it. In that moment, the mind took a reality picture of the Bird, uploaded into your consciousness, connected it with energy-experiences/reactions and/or definitions/words/memories; and so in your Mind – you experience the “memory of the Bird” and have no direct-access to the Bird in equality and oneness. So, your relationship to REALITY has been constructed through the Mind. This is why so many humans believe “reality is Illusion” – lol; not realising that: it’s their MINDS version of Reality that is the Illusion, they’re separate from the REAL PHYSICAL that is your physical body and this Physical Existence.
(This Process of how/why Humans believe reality to be Illusion, when they’re with and as their Minds accessing the Mind’s version of reality/the physical which is the “illusion”, and they’re not equal and one with their own Real Physicals and this Physical Existence – will be walked/explained in posts to come.)

So, with this – throughout one’s life, one accumulate knowledge, information, images, pictures, words that your Consciousness will categorize and organize within itself.
Thus, for example – let’s say you accumulate, throughout your life - knowledge, information, pictures, images of ‘the Dimensions / Aliens’ for example; most/some of it you won’t even Remember – cause, look at this interesting thing: can you remember ALL the thoughts, images, pictures, humans, experiences/reactions you had the Previous Day? In ABSOLUTE Detail? No – you can’t, your Mind/Consciousness does that for you – storing an entire Day into/as the Unconscious where the MIND use most of your Memories for its own purposes in fuelling Personality Systems, charging emotional/feeling bodies in the Subconscious/Unconscious Mind Dimensions – while consciousness keep you busy with the Past, in the Conscious Mind thought processes/internal conversations and reactions of emotions/feelings.
And this is Why, for example – one may not ‘remember’ where the Image/Picture that one is Drawing automatically ‘came from’, in terms of where one saw it, how one saw it, what was one’s experience upon seeing it – on ALL levels of the Mind, from the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical. And so, with not understanding/knowing how Consciousness in fact operate/function, how memories work, how the Mind stores memories in the Unconscious/Physical Body and how they can activate with external stimuli / internal reactions: one would Believe that an Image/Picture Drawn of for example representing an interdimensional being/alien is someone ‘contacting you’ in some way, when in fact: you’re channelling your own Memories that you activated either consciously, through wondering about it/thinking about it and/or that activated unconsciously, where from your external environment – a stimulus activated a memory of an image/picture you saw to which you had an energy-reactions/experience on any/all dimensions/levels of the Mind/Consciousness; and in that activation, took over from the Unconscious and you drew it / it drew itself through/as you.

Let’s get into more Specifics regards these processes:
So, there’s two ways an image/picture from a Memory can activate: Consciously and/or Unconsciously. Let’s first start with Consciously:

Conscious-Mind Activating of Mind-Memory Drawings:

As we’ve mentioned, you will accumulate throughout your life Knowledge and Information about, for example – ‘alien contact’ / ‘dimensional being contact’, how it happens, how it’s done – “what they look like” etc. In this, you within your own Mind – can create an entire reality of accumulated knowledge, information, images, pictures – even from movies/magazines/the internet and manifest an entire System/Database in your Mind as “Who I Am in relationship to Aliens/Dimensions/Hereafter/Afterlife”. That within this, can create an entire Personality System in relationship to the Words Dimensions/Aliens/Hereafter/Afterlife/Other Side etc. – where you will have all sorts of thoughts towards it, imaginations towards it, emotional/feeling reactions/experiences towards All the knowledge, information, words, images, pictures, fantasies that you accumulated in your Mind/Consciousness within and throughout your life.

Now in this, you have to understand that you’re not aware of ALL levels of your Mind’s existence, and so not even in a relationship with your Body – so you can’t remember ALL the things you saw/experienced throughout your life, or created particular relationships towards, or what energy-experiences/reactions you had towards what you had seen/experienced in your Mind-Physical relationship throughout your life; that Consciousness deals with FOR you; all you do in your awareness is participate in the Conscious Mind, within the Thoughts/Personalities Systems that Consciousness Activate For and as You that you Follow as though it is ‘who you are’ – so there’s in fact very little of even your own existence in the Mind that you’re in Control of; and can listen more to How and Why in the Quantum Mind Interview Series.
Also, a suggestion would be Listening to the What is Sex Interview Series – that walk practically how a Personality System in relation to Sex/Sexuality is created, accumulating images, pictures, fantasies, imaginations, energy experiences, how the Individual creates an entire Persona around Sex/Sexuality that is often far taken from the Reality of what Sex/Relationships is in fact about, and so why/how Relationships have become more about Sex; than realising it’s about two Human Beings – walking together, living together, expanding/developing/growing. The same happens with creating a Personality-relationship around the Dimensions/Contact/Aliens – completely taken from the Reality of what is in fact involved in such processes of “contact”.

Thus, with this – your Mind can “animate, alter, change, misconstrue” memories of reality within itself, according to what will suit your Personalities / who you are. Have a look at how often, one can remember something as a memory/past experience and actually change/alter WHAT REALLY HAPPENED and/or how things really looked like…thus, the Mind do the same with images/pictures for example. The Mind can take images/pictures you saw of for example aliens/dimensions, and then in the Mind – can change/alter/misconstrue it to ‘make you feel better about how you saw the REAL image/picture of it in reality in a magazine/movies/internet. So, let’s say you saw an Alien drawing that looked quite ‘serious / stern / frightening’ that you reacted to. Subconscious/unconsciously, you can then change that image/picture to see the Alien smiling / dress the Alien differently to make them seem more ‘approachable’ as you would for example Imagine in your Mind ‘how Aliens would be / could be if they did exist’. Not realising that, in doing so: One is actually CREATING / animating ‘aliens/dimensionals’ IN YOUR OWN MIND, and creating a relationship to them in your own Mind, based on images/pictures you saw, animated in your Imagination and then changed to accordingly suit your Personalities/who/how you are. Even such imaginations, one may not even remember doing, cause they can happen Really fast – but, they will imprint into your Consciousness as remembrances/memories as “Who I am in relationship to aliens/dimensions/hereafter/afterlife”.
(This process of how Memories are created and how the Mind simulate Reality is walked in the following POSTS: Who’s the Boss but Memory and The Organic Memory-Chip.)

Thus, with this – when/as you for example sit and wonder about the Word “Dimensions” / Word “Aliens” or Word “Contact” or anything that has to do with the hereafter/afterlife/other side; and you have connected to that Word/such Words, all memories/images/pictures/knowledge and information And Imaginations/Fantasies that you have accumulated within and throughout your Life, and/or all that you can consciously remember and all that unconsciously imprinted into you: what Activate then is an entire database of such memories and energy experiences in your OWN MIND in relation to that Word. Your entire “Persona” can activate / ‘Mind database’ can activate from/of One Word and/or wondering about / thinking about a Word/an existence based on what you accumulated from THIS WORLD’s knowledge and information.
(We suggest here having a listen to the Following Quantum Mind Interview that explains how Consciousness create Words and from Words, create Personality Systems, where words belong to the Mind/Consciousness – instead of you in/as your Living as Living Words:
Language System we start explaining from STEP 35 in the Quantum Mind Series. Also more interviews regarding Language/Words and the relationship to the Mind/Consciousness: Language – the Sceptre of Creation and How Language Substantiates the Mind. )
So, if/as you Unconsciously – created a particular connection and/or energy experience to want to have contact with aliens/dimensionals, and/or imagined how it would be, and/or READ anywhere how it could be/is etc. – one can Simulate, in one’s Imagination ‘doing/being something like that’; and if/as one had a particular connection to dimensional beings / aliens, looking a particular way from images/pictures that you had seen/accumulated throughout your life that you particularly ‘liked’ – one can actually in a Personality System in the Mind, create a ‘self’ that ‘contact/channel’ an ‘alien’ and how it looks like. So, essentially – with all the gathered information from reality, now existent as memories, one can in ONE’S OWN MIND – create a ‘self’ that ‘contact/channel’ a being/alien, for example:
How this Process unfolds in the interdimensional-physical existence as the Mind-Physical relationship, as one can see it through the Portal – regarding how you can animate memories in your mind, create relationships to it in your mind and then manifest it into physical reality as though it’s “really happening”, but it’s all just happening in your own Mind/Consciousness:
So - One can see the being ‘seeing themselves in their own minds’, like for example a ‘mind simulated version of you coming up in the Mind’ and then a picture/drawing/image of a dimensional/alien that you liked from a memory. In that instance, what is then ‘imagined’ is that Image/Picture Animating into a “Real Being” – that being then ‘come alive’ and one Imagine oneself ‘channelling / drawing’ it as one would imagine how such an Alien/Dimensional would ‘contact you’. Now, understand – the Mind can animate memories, create an entire imagination of images/pictures/words/knowledge and information together with energy-experiences; and so you can Create a ‘self’ that channel/draw/contact/experience aliens/dimensions from within your own Mind. And so, how over an extended period of time of accumulating reality-data, together with your imagination, and consciousness ability to animate things: One can create such a “Self” into Physical Reality. Where, it’s actually happening in one’s Mind, that one is ‘communicating with an alien/being that one’s Mind animated’ and it manifesting into Physical Reality where it then happen in ‘real time’ – doing in reality, what one is doing/already done in one’s Mind: Drawing a memory that one animated.  So, your consciousness can accumulate Data – simulate it in your Mind, based on your ‘wish/desire/want and need’ and then manifest it into happening in and through the Physical.

So, here is a Conscious Mind example of what happens, how you can activate an image/picture, animate it – “channel/draw it” in your own Mind and then that version/personality of yourself will then come through in actual physical reality, where you’re drawing your own Memory and not in contact with a Real Alien/Interdimensional Being.

Now, within this obviously is Why and How it is that one then do not consciously see the drawing/image that you ‘channel’ from your own Memories?
This is because, what you’re becoming in that moment is the Imagination of yourself that you constructed by/through your Consciousness in your Mind’s relationship to accumulated data from/of this world/reality; that animated as we explained above. And so, because you already created the scenario in the Mind, you’re now just living it out / embodying it as who you are in the Physical Body and so why/how it’s experienced like a ‘channelling’; you have no ‘Conscious Mind’ reference of any of this – cause it’s all coming from your Unconscious Mind, manifesting through into and as the Physical.

Unconscious-Mind Activating of Mind-Memory Drawings:                       
Now, we have walked the Conscious Mind activation of Mind-Memory Drawings – where it happens when you think/look a Word such as Aliens/Dimensions/Contact, for example. So, the process Unfold through the Unconscious Mind activation – exactly the same, however – all that change is the “stimuli”.
Meaning, that – in the Conscious Mind Activation, you consciously activated the Personality/Imagination-relationship to the process of Drawing, whereas with Unconscious Mind Activation, an external stimuli such as a colour, or a sound, or a fraction of an image/picture/photograph you see; you can unconsciously react to, that create a “movement” in your Mind and Body, with that movement/reaction in relation to the external stimuli then synchronizing to/as for example your Personality/Database of aliens/dimensions/contact and can through such a way, access the process of ‘automatic drawing’ with activating images/scenes/pictures/imaginations in your Mind.

Thus, essentially  - this entire Process manifesting, only because human beings do not yet Understand HOW Consciousness in fact really work. So, I would REALLY suggest – starting one’s process in researching Desteni, EQAFE as we have for the past 7 Years dedicated ourselves to bringing through what is REALLY going on in Existence, Consciousness and why/how ‘life on earth’ is the way it is and HOW we can Change it through the Process of ‘freeing’ oneself from Consciousness as Provided in the Desteni I Process LITE and the Desteni I Process PRO, and returning to one’s Source-Beingness and equal and one Physical Body Relationship.

Now that we have walked the HOW the Mind-Self relationship operate/function regarding ‘drawing Memories’, let’s have a look at How/Why we can say, with Certainty that – one is not Drawing/Contacting/Interpreting any dimensional/interdimensional being/alien:

Now, what has to be seen, realised and understood is that: everything in Human Consciousness regarding the Afterlife/Hereafter/Other side – was Preprogrammed into Human Consciousness and deliberately manipulated; meaning – the relationship between Human Consciousness and the Heaven Existence was regulated/controlled by the Creators of existence; primarily because they did not want Humans to see what was REALLY going on within the Heaven Existence.
Before the Year 1998 – the History of the evolution of Human’s relationship to the Heaven Existence, was still regulated, but much more ‘accessible’. Meaning, a select few Humans did have direct-access to the Real Heaven/Real Beings within and as it. However from 1998 onwards, no Human Consciousness had direct access to the REAL Heaven Existence bar for when some of Heaven’s Elite deliberately decided to access the Mind and the Physical of Humans however this was far and few between. From 1998, the Heaven Existence was simulated and Preprogrammed into the Minds of Humans and so human beings have, and still are, in their own Minds – working with/recreating, in/as the Quantum Multi-Dimensional Existence of the Mind/Consciousness, their relationship to ‘Heaven’.
With the time of the Opening of the Portal in 2005 going onto 2006 – we Found the entire Heaven Existence completely Separate from Earth/Humanity, essentially all beings in their own ‘Heavens’ with no care in existence; while Human Suffering within this physical existence continued without their intervention, support/assistance in any way whatsoever. With this, a Process started in the Heaven Existence – which Changed Heaven forevermore within what is currently understood / still believed to be ‘how Heaven exist’. Thus, now – no more Angels, Demons, Alien Races, Archangels, Guides, Masters etc. exist in the Interdimensional existence at all – only Beings, equally as one in their Process of taking responsibility for the consequence that was accepted and allowed to exist within this Physical Existence. Thus, there are no more ‘hierarchies / dimensional planes’ in the Heaven Existence – ALL beings, upon Death, face their Lives in a Life Review and then return to the interdimensional-physical existence that is here in/as this Physical Existence, just within a different dimension – and walk their process of becoming equal-to and one-with taking Responsibility for what is Here.

We have gone into Detail regarding all the processes above within the Following Interviews for further research/investigation:

The Change of Heaven:

How the Opening of the Portal:

A Series explaining what REALLY happened in Heaven, as was discovered through the Portal having Direct Access to All of the Heaven Existence and its relationship to Humanity/the Physical:

In this Series – one get a perspective of the Life Reviews that beings walk upon Death, taking responsibility for their Life on Earth, to from there continue their process of taking responsibility for existence from the Interdimensional-Physical Existence:

So, with this – with me having the ability, as the Portal, to Leave my body entirely / completely – which one can Understand more of within My Interviews; we have walked a Process thus far of 7 Years, exploring, researching, investigating ALL of existence – from Heaven’s relationship to this Physical Existence, from the Mind’s relationship to the Physical Body and so within this: What Consciousness really in fact is as a Preprogrammed System, separating human beings from the Physical Body, this Physical Existence – that was deliberately done for Humans to generate Energy for Heaven. (This Process also explained in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series)
And now, with Desteni – we’re showing, in detail, how to walk yourself in freeing yourself from this Preprogramming as Consciousness, and return to your REAL SOURCE as your beingness and physical Body from which you were deliberately Separated.
This is Why – we are able to with Certainty say that: No Aliens/interdimensional beings will contact any Human Being through ‘automatic Drawing’, for example. This is not any being’s prerogative within the interdimensional existence, they’re all walking their own process of returning themselves to their Source, their equality and oneness as the Physical – only, they’re walking it from the interdimensional existence, Humans on Earth are walking it from ‘your Mini-version of an interdimensional existence’ as your Mind into the Physical.

With this, some of the Beings that have participated in creating the Mind, the Physical Body and so contributed to the Evolution of Consciousness – are now walking their processes of explaining WHY and HOW they did it, which is walked in the Reptilian, Atlantean and Kryon interview Series.
Thus, the Portal – has been the first Real Access into and as the Heaven Existence – where a being, myself, could leave my body COMPLETELY, and allow another being to Enter into my Body COMPLETELY – sometimes me remaining in the Heaven Existence from 1 – 3 months, the longest I’ve been there is 7 months, while other beings from the Interdimensional Existence occupy the Physical Body, living in the Physical Body; doing interviews and writings as much as possible to explain what REALLY happened in Heaven’s relationship to Humanity; ALL of which one can find explained now in EQAFE.
Thus, previously – because no Human Being had Direct Access to the Heaven Existence in terms of leaving their bodies for real / completely: it was very easy for the Elite/Creators of existence to control human’s minds with regards to what information/beings they have access to, and then eventually to even simulate Heaven in their own Minds to make them believe they’re accessing the ‘Real Heaven’ when they did not in fact. This was explained also in the following Interview:

Another point regarding Why/How interdimensional beings will not contact one through ‘automatic drawing’ and/or ‘sending their  vibrations/sounds’ to be interpreted through the Mind/Physical to be drawn is that: with now Leaving the Body – the Interdimensional Existence is absolute ‘darkness’, lol – not an “evil dark”, but the darkness of Substance, which is what one’s ‘Source’ in fact look like, like an eternal darkness, yet within and as that eternal darkness – everything and everyone exist within you, as you. With this, beings in the interdimensional existence no more represent themselves by image/pictures of themselves, WE ALL LOOK THE SAME in the interdimensional existence, from the perspective that you take on an ‘egg-shaped formation” which is what your Real Beingness-Form look like. What distinguishes us from each other is our SOUND expression/signature, it’s like “beingness DNA” in a way – your ‘individual signature’ of/as your ‘unique beingness’ that has a particular Sound-resonance to it, within and as the natural substance of/as your Beingness. One can listen more to what is “beingness” and how your beingness was programmed into the Mind and into the Physical as the relationship of/as enslavement, when your beingness was ‘supposed to’ be aligned with your BODY that is made up of the same substance as your beingness, you were separated from that by the MIND that USED your substance of your beingness and physical body; instead of us living and expressing our Beingness/Physical relationship in equality and oneness:

Mind-Beingness-Physical Relationship explained in the Following Interviews:

Thus, with this – when moving out of my Body, and/or when anyone dies – they first walk their Life Review, they don’t manifest into any ‘pictured version’ of themselves, they return to their Original Beingness Form as Substance and Sound.
For more Information/Perspective regarding ‘what is Substance’ / Sound: why the Physical is Substance, our Beingness is Substance and how/why that was Separated into the Mind/Consciousness we suggest:
Secret History of the Universe Interview Series (This explains how we evolved from an Energy-Substance relationship, that throughout time – solidified into the Now Mind-Physical relationship.), Atlanteans: The Evolution and Materialization of Sound, Atlanteans: The Physical as Sound, Reptilians: Why can’t we hear the Sound of the Physical

Another Reference, is: through the Portal – when Drawing the Atlanteans / Reptilian Race; they themselves come through the Portal and describe themselves to an Artist that accordingly, in the best way possible in 3D – represent what they looked like. The Sketches can be seen here:

It is difficult in the sense that they were Multidimensional regards to how they looked like before the Change in Heaven. With this, they go into absolute detail regarding WHY certain aspects of themselves look the way they do / why certain features are shaped/designed in particular-specific ways; we started this Process that one can reference in the following interviews below, to show how – they themselves come through the Portal and describe/walk themselves in Absolute Detail together with the History of their form/presentation etc.:
Alien Race Research – The Grey’s Part One and Part Two
We have done the same process with the Atlanteans/Reptilians – walking/describing their Interdimensional-Physical Forms/Shapes/Designs, however they’re not available on YouTube at this stage, as we’ll be commencing them within the Interview Series on Eqafe.

With this, also – when the Portal opened, the first thing that was done, was: to Never accept/allow Any being/ Any thing to “just come through the Body” – I initially Always firstly checked, who’s the being, where they come from, what’s they’re intentions, why do they want to come through the Body, so there was Never and still is Never accepted/allowed for anything to just “automatically come up out of nowhere” in the Body, it’s ALWAYS sourced/checked if/as its immediate origin is not seen in a Moment.
This is a responsibility that one should consider Implementing in one’s Process – and this is essentially the Process that is being walked with Desteni and the Education on the Mind/Consciousness, because you don’t even know where exactly the Thoughts you think come from, how they were created, how your emotional/feeling energies are produced, how they affect the Physical Body, so in a way – you’re always ‘channelling your own Mind’, embodying it and living it out – without being the Directive Principle of ANY of it. Thus, how I would suggest having a Read-through the 7 Year Journey to Life Process that is being walked, where Individuals through the process of writing, self forgiveness and Self Corrective Application – are investigating, understanding the Mind/Consciousness, to be/become a Self Directive, Aware, Living Being in/as this existence, to start taking Responsibility for ourselves, our Lives and so Existence as a Whole.

I Understand that much of the Writings above may bring forth Questions. Please join the Desteni Forums and ask your Questions within the appropriate Threads and we’ll assist/support and/or direct one to relevant Interviews done for further Understanding/Clarity. 

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