LIFE-Regulation Practicality (Part Three): DAY 308

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LIFE-Regulation Practicality (Part Three): DAY 308

 Featured Artwork by: Marlen Vargas Del Razo
 "The Question would be: Do one Wait until it happens to you, or those whom you Love – before you Consider that the System must Change?" - Bernard Poolman

LIFE-Regulation – continued

In this Final Post, regarding LIFE-Regulation – we’re going to have a look at some Practical Living Considerations of how to start walking one’s Process from Morality as ‘Survival Management’ that has kept the Consciousness Personalities in place, and so one’s accepted and allowed relationship to this World System/Money System and abdicating Responsibility in one’s relationship to one’s own Life and so the Life of/for All in/as this Physical Existence – and start being/becoming a Living Example of/as LIFE-Regulation, as follows:

From Good/Right and Bad/Wrong to - ‘What’s Best for All’
Whenever one face a moment, relationship – and one find one’s Mind go into ‘this is Right/Good’ and/or ‘Bad/Wrong’, to in the moment change the cross-reference to: Does that stand within the Principle of/as What’s Best for All, and so Best for me or Not? With the ‘Not’ in fact meaning – will this Decision/Direction produce CONSEQUENCE as compromise in me/my relationship to others, or will this bring forth a Solution and/or how can I structure the Decision/Direction into and as an equal and one Solution for me and/or all involved?

See – already in the above one can see the Change in ‘abdicating Responsibility’ within Morality and actually Taking Self-Responsibility and giving Direction to a moment/decision/direction. Because, in Morality – one would have automatically, essentially, simply Judged a moment/direction/decision through the eyes of Morality. Whereas within LIFE-Regulation, one take Self-Responsibility for the moment/decision/direction, understand it, cross-reference it with/as everything/everyone that is involved and then from there – make an informed, objective, practical Decision with taking ALL things into consideration; and not just immediately going into a reaction of Morality.
Additionally, Morality would take one into a state of mind of only taking into consideration MY Opinion, MY View, MY perception/interpretation and how that makes ME Feel; when in a moment/direction/decision – there’s A LOT more involved/to consider than one’s own Mind Experience, and so the extent to which, consequentially, one Miss so much that is in fact involved with Decision making and Directive Principle in a Moment.

It is like, taking the example of Alcohol/Drugs for example – that can so easily be misconstrued within the Principles of Morality, where the Individual can change it to being ‘Good/Right for ME’, when within the Principle of What’s Best for All – the ME-only disappear, and one actually start considering MORE than JUST ME. So, within the principle of/as what’s best for all – one take ALL things into consideration, and cross-reference for example Alcohol/Drugs, one see that: one can be/become a Potential Danger for oneself and others, as one know one become Unpredictable on Drugs/Alcohol, and that Drugs/Alcohol has contributed to no Personal Advancement/Expansion/Growth within oneself and one’s Life. And so, one take the Self-Responsibility to not accept/allow Alcohol within oneself/one’s World and becoming more directive with those in one’s World that do still use/abuse it with pointing out this One Commonsensical Reality equation: Alcohol/Drugs completely remove one’s awareness / self-directive principle while on it and become thus in this a Danger to self and others and one simply will not / do not accept such Unpredictability of consequence in yourself/your world and will Stop/take Responsibility for such equations in your life where/as you can, in becoming a directive principle of what you accept and allow in your world and what Not.
Then, from here – extend the Responsibility even further, to Investigating the Consequence of Drugs/Alcohol within/on Humanity, and how many human beings resort to such substances, primarily due to life/living conditions and/or especially the Education System and Family/Parental History. Where, they simply did not have an opportunity in this World/Reality and so resorted to Surviving and ‘busying their time’ with Drugs/Alcohol, and/or using Drugs/Alcohol cause they simply do not Understand their Minds/Consciousness as such education do not yet Exist, and rather with Dealing with themselves/their lives – simply suppress it all; and Drugs/Alcohol do just that. And so, a correction needs to be implemented on ALL levels from Family, to Parents, to Education to the ENTIRE System, cause it will be Interesting here, to consider that: how Children/young adults would change if their Lives from the BEGINNING is oriented to UNDERSTANDING their Minds, how to SOLVE things they experience themselves within themselves, orienting Education to LIFE/LIVING Skills, enhancing their skills/talents/abilities and directing their Minds/themselves to contributing to Life on Earth, learning about this Physical Existence, how things work, how Life can be bettered for ALL…in this Drugs and Alcohol would be/become IRRELEVANT as being/living/expressing SELF would be so absolute, nothing else but Self and who I am in/as the moment would be needed to be ‘Self’, Express Self and Enjoy Self. Enjoyment/Fun will become about Self Expression and Participation – rather than the preprogrammed/brainwashed notion of wanting, needing and desiring Substances that only harm/compromise Awareness and Responsibility creating the idea/belief of ‘Enjoyment / Fun’ at the expense of Human Lives.

So, here thus – the Main Principle existent within/as Life Regulation, not looking at situations/relationships/moments within/as/through the Eyes of Morality, and so within/as Reactions of Emotions/Feelings; but to – when/as one face Decisions, for example to: assist and support self to really write out the Decision, who’s involved, what’s involved and how making a decision and directing it/taking responsibility for it, would influence/affect Self/All involved and so also self/all’s Future. In Morality – we tend to make Decisions ‘in the Moment’, the ‘Now’; not seeing, realising and understanding that ALL Decisions one make, affect and define oneself and the rest of one’s Life, and should thus Always take into account as well how a Decision would play out within one’s world/reality and the future to come.
Here I would Strongly suggest Investing in the Interviews Decision Making 101 Part 1 and Decision Making 101 Part 2, within these Interviews is very specifically outlined the Process of Decision Making. Because, within Morality – that’s become a ‘Guideline for Decision-Making’, Morality is used based on emotional/feeling Mind-Reactions/Responses to decisions/moments one may face in one’s World/Reality, and when making decisions in the MIND as the Interview will also Explain, we tend to not take into consideration REALITY and Reality Consequence/outflows/play outs.

So, we Invite you to Join in discussions with regards to the Process of actually taking Responsibility in moments of making Decisions, investing in the suggested interviews above, and start practising and applying LIFE-Regulation, as taking Responsibility for oneself, for decisions, for moments and referencing them within/as the Principle of/as What’s Best for All, and so best for self. To join discussions – visit the Desteni Forum HERE, and we can assist/support with/as this Process of understanding what it means to take SELF-Responsibility, and expand oneself and one’s life into/as a Purpose/Meaning, that extend beyond only limiting oneself within/as the guidelines of Morality that has limited/trapped individuals into/as what Life on Earth is/has become, and start referencing one’s Life/Living within/as the Principle of equality and oneness, standing for all and so for self.

In this, what must be seen, realised and understood is that – for LIFE Regulation to exist, we need to be/become the Living Examples of taking Responsibility/implementing Responsibility for ourselves, our lives and our Future. Thus, we suggest Joining Desteni, participate in discussions in the Forums as we walk the Process of redefining ourselves, our lives and living and so for those to come, in creating/manifesting a Life/Living that does not only exist for Survival, but actual Evolution of the Self.

Featured Art Work by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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