From Spirit to Body to Mind…back to Spirit – the Cycle of Karma: DAY 309

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From Spirit to Body to Mind…back to Spirit – the Cycle of Karma: DAY 309

In and from this Post, we’re going to Explore the Question of WHY – with the Existence of Reincarnation, in its relationship to the Soul / Soul System, did Human Nature not Evolve within this Physical Existence?

Meaning, if we have a look at the Process of Reincarnation, this is in fact the System that was followed:
One’s initially in the Interdimensional Existence as a Spirit/Being with a Soul-System (the Soul System which one can Hear/Learn more about HERE), thus one ‘start off’ as a ‘Pure Spirit/Being’. Then one come into a Physical Body as a Soul/Being, and so as a Baby – become ‘Purely Physical’, in the Physical and as the Physical. One have no MIND Systems/processes such as thinking/speaking – one only have oneself as the Physical itself to Express through and so become for that time ‘Purely Physical’. Thus, one transitioned from being a Soul/Being, into and as being a Physical Body. THEN, as Space and Time progress – one’s relationship to the Physical Body separate more and more and more as one Evolve into the Mind/Consciousness and now come to exist within/as the Mind/Consciousness – and thus Become the Mind/Consciousness.

So, within this Process, one went from Soul/Being to Physical Body to Mind, going through various Phases of Separation. Because, once in/as the Body – one have no remembrance/recollection of one’s Soul/Beingness and become purely Physical. Once one separate from the Physical Body into the Mind, one have no remembrance/recollection of one’s relationship to the Physical Body as a Baby OR How one’s Mind/thinking patterns/processes, Personality Systems, emotional/feeling bodies, behaviour patterns evolved into one’s Consciousness and throughout one’s Life maintain the Separation from one’s Original Soul/Spirit, from the Physical Body as one become the Mind/Consciousness.
THEN, when one die – one return again to the Original Soul/Spirit – No Mind, and No Body, because in the Interdimensional Existence/Hereafter/Afterlife: ALL of one’s Mind/Consciousness – cease to exist, and only one’s Spirit/Beingness remain. There exist no more the same thinking patterns, reactions, Personality Systems, behaviour patterns, emotional/feeling bodies etc. – all of that belonged to the Mind/Consciousness, which was dependent on the Physical Body to Exist, together with one’s Beingness/Soul. And so – at the Moment of Death, all of it cease to exist as the Physical Body dies, and everything of the Mind/Consciousness that was dependent on the Physical Body to exist and one is essentially ‘back to the same Moment as where one started before’, and actually even MORE separated/compromised than before.

So, within this: IF we were ‘Evolved Souls/Spirits’…then WHY is None of our Past Lives knowledge, information, lessons, insights, perspectives, realisations, understandings coming through into and as our Lives now and/or the Lives of all of Humanity within this Physical Existence regarding bringing forth any Real Substantial Solutions to the Mind-Physical relationships, the World System-Physical Existence relationship? If anything, the EVIDENCE that is here, is Human Nature is DEVOLVING – life/living conditions within this Physical Existence is DEVOLVING. Surely, if we in our Past Lives / this Life are here to ‘Learn Lessons’…when you Learn Lessons, you actually LEARN and in the Learning CHANGE. But, there’s NO CHANGE in Human Nature / Life on Earth – in fact, everything is Exactly as it was before, just MUCH WORSE.
Therefore, the Physical Evidence of Humanity and ‘life on Earth’ – even with doing Research with regards to for example, the Documentary The Power Principle of how this very World System ‘came into being’: the Physical Evidence of Humanity and ‘Life on Earth’ is definitely showing that the ‘Karma System’…either didn’t work and/or was Non-Existent. In this post and posts to come, we’re going to explain How KARMA did not in fact exist, but became another Belief in the Consciousness of Humanity as a Diversion-Point, to ensure human beings do not change themselves, their relationships, this World System/Money System and so ‘life on Earth’, and who/what was Primarily Responsible for this: was the Elite within the Heaven Existence.

Obviously, the first Point that we had to consider is that: How could we have even believed that anything of our Past-Lives could ‘come through’ from within our Spirit/Soul – if/as, with again referencing physical evidence, our very Language, Words, thinking, reaction-patterns, Behaviours, world-view, relationship dynamics: imprinted into us from what we Copied/Imitated from those that have gone before us? That we from birth become conditioned by/through our Internal and External Environments with regards to how the Mind/Consciousness evolve within ourselves based on what is Imprinted into us from within our External Environments, and how the Soul System – that we reincarnated with as Beings/Spirits, would be the Primary System that ensure our ‘life experience’ is guided within the Unified Consciousness Field that existed, in/as how our Soul was Preprogrammed with an already preordained Life-Design/Pattern that we come into within this Physical Existence to ‘live out’. Now, here – we get into the Relationship between the Soul and the Unified Consciousness Field.
(Obviously, here – before we continue: the Soul System, the Unified Consciousness Field and the Reincarnation System no more exist with the Changes in Heaven that happened with the Opening of the Portal. For reference of this Process and the Journey of the Portal into the Afterlife/Heaven that exposed Heaven’s REAL Agenda/Relationship to Humanity/this Physical Existence – we suggest the following interviews/series: The Dawn of the New Age, Children of the Future and Journeys into the Afterlife.)
So to Understand WHY we’re as a Humanity Devolving, Why Life/Living on Earth is Devolving – despite the existence of ‘Karma’ and of ‘Living Lessons’ within this Physical Existence, obviously Understanding that there are MULTIPLE Dimensions that’s contributing to why there’s No Change in Human Nature, to life/living in this Physical Existence. However, this Particular Dimension in relation to Karma is relevant to Explore, in that – previously – before the Portal Opened, Karma was there to Divert attention for Individual Human Beings to believe they’re just here to Learn Lessons, when Heaven had other Intentions with regards to Human’s Existence within this Physical Existence. And from here, how Karma – REAL Karma was implemented within the Principle of Self-Responsibility within Humanity, and so how each Individual is facing their Karma in their relationship to the Mind, the Physical Body and this Physical Existence as a Whole.

In posts to come – we’re going to Walk the following Structure:
Explaining this process of Separation from the Spirit, to the Body to the Mind – back to the Spirit, where the entire Process Recycled, which was In Fact the Purpose of Reincarnation: Recycling the Being/Spirit into lives within this Physical Existence.
What will be Understood within the explanation of this Process, is why Human Nature / Life on Earth only devolved throughout the History of Human Civilization, and within this, the actual Purpose for/of the Existence of the Soul System, that was a separate device/system installed into the Being/Spirit within the Moment of Reincarnation into the Physical.
Within this, Explaining why even on a Spirit/Being level – after every Life on Earth/this Physical Existence, one would have No Remembrance/Recollection of Past Lives, and after every Life, why/how one’s Being/Spirit actually also Devolved, which is WHY Human Nature / Life on Earth, with the more and more Humans coming into this Existence, are contributing to the Devolution of Human Nature / Life on Earth, because we have throughout existence been ‘Devolving’ into/as a Beingness/Spirit level, and so why/how we’ve never been able to Contribute to Life on Earth / Human Nature in a Way that would in fact bring forth real, physical, Visible Change.
Within this, also Explaining Why and How it is that: we haven’t ever come here in all our Lives to ‘learn lessons’, but actually only Always returned to the Consequence we left-behind and abdicated Responsibility for in our previous lives/past Lives. That every life we’ve come back into, including this one – we’ve walked into the Humanity/World System/Life on Earth that we contributed to in past lives, walking right back into the exact same and worsened consequence we left behind previously. So, we always only returned to our own Consequence – but so blinded by this fact, through mere BELIEFS in Consciousness we’ve believed to be ‘real’, but was always only Diverting our Attention from our Responsibility to Humanity/this Physical Existence as a Whole. 1

Primarily within this all, what must be seen, realised and understood is that: the Problem we face within Humanity/this Physical Existence does not ONLY extend to what one can perceive through one’s 5 Senses. If one have a look at the thoughts you have, the imaginations, the backchats/internal conversations; those components of our Existence is ‘interdimensional / untouchable’, yet they are components that Define who we are and so how/what we Live. And thus, there is MORE to WHY we’re as a Humanity / life on earth in the Conditions that we face today. And, that – we’re not going to change Anything, unless this primary Defining relationship between our Awareness, Consciousness and the Physical is not Understood.

We’ll continue with this in posts to come, together with Introducing a New Structure/Process that we’ll be Walking as Problem-Solution-Reward, within which Self will See/Realise/Understand for self How the Process of Desteni – is in fact the Solution/Destiny for Existence, and so for Self.

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