Redefining Faith, Belief and Believe (Part Two): DAY 286

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Redefining Faith, Belief and Believe (Part Two): DAY 286

BELIEF (continued):

The Solution: So, to redefine one’s relationship to BELIEF - one have to look at what one created a relationship of belief towards, and superiorized within one’s Mind. Superiorized, meaning – “made to be more than self and/or more than what it/they is in fact ‘promising/doing/manifesting in Physical Reality in relationship to life on earth’ and there’s NO physical evidence of that which one have faith in as the/a Belief is actually materializing/manifesting in/as this Physical Existence. In this essentially, to see/realise/understand how – Faith and Belief, is more / has come to more exist as a Preoccupation in the Mind, with no actual Self-Participation/Responsibility in/as it AT ALL within this Real Physical Existence. 
Then – from Identifying what it is, exactly, that one had place as a Belief in the Mind within/as a relationship of Blind Faith, with the Faith as trust Blinding self from seeing the Belief’s relationship/non-existence in/as this Real Physical Reality: to see what part of self, self had separated responsibility into/as. Cause, you’ll only create a belief out of something/someone, if you yourself believe that you cannot do it/manage it/direct it. Then, from there – see how it can be changed, how can you take that Responsibility within/as the principle of/as what’s best for all/Equality and Oneness. So, we use belief practically; bring it back to personal Self Responsibility.
Example being – we’ve created a Faith in the Belief as the Money System to manage Survival within this Physical Existence…not Happening. So, we look at how we abdicated this Responsibility into a System, and we all take Self-Responsibility to stand together for a World System that in fact stand for the people, as the people in/as the Principle of/as What’s Best for All – as proposed by/through the Equal Money System. The Education System – abdicating responsibility to the current Education System to ‘Educate’ children, creating a belief out of it, cause it’s not Happening in this Physical Existence. Here, one can also reference the Equal Money System – how we’d approach Education, incorporating LIFE/LIVING Skills for children, and all have equal and one access to/as Education within this Physical Existence.
Same with our Mind Relationship – we’ve created a Faith/trust in our Minds/Consciousness as a belief that ‘it knows best’ to control/determine our lives/living, which is obviously not showing to be so in/as regards to Human Nature/Living Responsibility in this physical existence. Thus, one take/become Living Self-Responsibility – which is the process that we’re currently within/as Desteni. And so one take responsibility for oneself/one’s mind and so Living to align into and as what’s best for all, and so in every breath know who you are, how/what you live in Self Awareness and really be the Directive Principle of/as one’s Life/Living; and become a Living Trust, have a Self-Evidenced Faith in who/how what Self is in every Moment of Breath.

The Self-Reward: The Reward with changing/transforming Belief into and as establishing one’s relationship to/towards what/who one created a Belief towards and so abdicated Responsibility, instead of taking Self-Responsibility – is that: one will see, realise and understand the Consequences we accepted and allowed individually/collectively with placing Faith/misplacing Faith as trust into and as Beliefs as Systems/People we believe to do ‘what’s best for all’ – when the Evidence in the Physical proves the Contrary. And thus, why/how such relationships in our Minds to which we abdicated Self-Responsibility - is just a belief, cause it’s not in fact happening/manifesting in Reality.
And so we give/Gift ourselves the ability/responsibility to in fact change what’s Here, in fields like money, education for example – as is also Proposed by the Equal Money System, where individuals stand up and stand together as a Living Trust into/as actual materialization of Solutions in this Real World, that is not just subject to faith and belief as now existent in the Minds of humanity that’s bring forth no, real, visible, change – only more Consequence.
Thus, one utilize Belief practically – what had one created as Belief in the Mind, and how can one Take Responsibility for self, one’s world / life on earth – individually and collectively. Cause surely, it must become more and more evident by now, that: Beliefs aren't Saving Humanity…we have to Save ourselves.


The Problem: Believing is the Personality that develop in relationship to Faith and Belief – where we create a real energy entity/presence as we truly BELIEVE this faith/belief to be ‘right’/real/absolute and it is this ‘Believing energy/experience/personality’ in our Minds, that cause one to not see PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of/as the Belief into/as which one have Faith/Trust, is not in fact Manifesting in/as this Physical Existence for real.
So, Believe – if you have a look at the experience of it, it’s like this absolute possession of I AM SO RIGHT, THIS IS SO RIGHT, THIS MUST BE REAL, THIS IS REAL – standing in an absolute conviction of/as one’s Faith in/as the relationship to the Belief, completely in this Possession not seeing that the physical evidence is showing to the contrary of what one ‘Believe in’ as one’s Belief, within and as ‘Blind Faith’.
Thus, Believe/Believing is like, the Evolution of the relationship between Faith/trust and the Belief in the Mind – that one grow, energetically, through energy-experience in the Mind, the more and more one ‘trust’ as an energy-reactive experience the Belief in/as one’s Mind/Imagination. Then this Mind-Energy experience relationship of Faith/trust and the Belief itself evolve and one REALLY BELIEVE in/as one’s Faith/Belief in the Mind; the Believing Personality Possession. Not seeing one’s own Lie as Illusion in the Mind, when compared to what is in fact really happening in/as this Real Physical Existence.
So the question then, how do one change/transform Believing into/as Practical, Physical Living?

The Solution: To make Believe/Believing real, we have to become the visible, Living force within this physical existence for human beings to really be able to see a prospect of a future for humanity/themselves. This will create a constructive believing in/as human nature to change and there in fact being a future for humanity. Thus, believing will not be something only existent in the Mind, human beings will have physical evidence of change and so, something “Real” to believe in, and then constructively utilizing that Believing into developing a Self Faith, a Living Trust to in fact be able to change, with other human beings Proving this Process of Self-Change.
So replacing current Mind-believing to real physical believing/achieving of change: Individually and Collectively. Thus, for Believing to materialize/manifest in this Real World – one have to become the Living Example of Self-Change – walking the Evidence of this Self-Change in one’s process of Writing, Walking the Courses, Investing in Interviews; accumulating internal and external resources for Self/Life/Living Education; to we can materialize/manifest change in/as this physical existence for ourselves and so for all.

The Self-Reward:
Here, we will encapsulate Faith, Belief and Believe – that, with Self Standing as Living Example, for others to ‘believe in’, from the perspective of recognizing themselves in you as a Living Example, can assist/support others as you and guide them through the same process of Establishing/Living Self Faith as a Living Trust in being/becoming the directive-principle of their minds, their lives and so expand into/as life on earth as a whole. This will all ensure that we stop our preoccupations in the energies and imaginations as Illusions of the Mind and get into and as Real, Physical Living Responsibility in this Physical Existence. ‘Time is of the essence’ as consequence is not ‘waiting’, and consequence is accumulating in our Minds, Lives and this Existence cause we’re not taking Responsibility for it All – but abdicating it. So, time is HERE, as Breath, making a Decision to Change and then walking it.

Thus, with Desteni, Equal Money, Desteni I Process, EQAFE – we establish our Living into and as Responsibility, for our Minds, our Lives and this Physical Existence as a whole, no more accepting/allowing ourselves to exist in Blind Faith, imprisoned into the Illusion of Imagination of Beliefs and possessed by Personality Systems of Believing, but bringing ourselves back down to Earth, the Physical – because, as long as we abdicate Responsibility to imaginations within our OWN MINDS, we’re not only imprisoning ourselves – but ALL Life, as ourselves.

Time to take/Live Responsibility. Join us.

For further assistance/support regarding how to establish Self’s Living in/as Living Trust and Taking Responsibility – suggest visiting Desteni I Process LITE, a Free Course and/or Desteni I Process PRO

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