Problem-Reaction-Solution Inner-Journey: DAY 82

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Problem-Reaction-Solution Leads to Problem-Character: DAY 82

 "The Characters I Play to Hide The LIE that is Me" - by Andrew Gable

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

(Please note, we will be continuing with the process of The Origins of Males and Females and Adam and Eve within posts to continue once we have completed walking the framework of ‘character/personality’ creations in the Mind that will be referred to when/as we continue with walking the process of The Origins of Males and Females, Adam and Eve. However, the thread/dimensions of The Chicken or the Egg and How the Fruit of Life became Rotten still applies within this process of Character-Creation in seeing/realising/understanding how we simultaneously created/manifested our within and without as internal and external realities as the chicken and the egg, and within this how we as the Tree of Humanity/Life have produced the Rotten Fruit of ourselves/generations of children to come in our accepted and allowed relationship of separation of and as the Mind and the Physical.)

As mentioned in the previous-post, we’re continuing with how this relationship between the Mind and the Physical manifest in the utilization of our physical-eyes and mind-eyes simultaneously; and within and from that walk the practical example, of how we use our physical-mind eyes in the creation of characters in relation to sex, sexuality, masturbation and relationships; becoming humans prowling for prey as targets within our external physical-existence to devour in our Minds as we distort/alter/change/manipulate actual physical reality in our Minds into and as the Illusion(s) that we are as Characters of Mind to serve the interest/infinite hunger of the search/seeking for the MORE of self/here.
However, before we walk this point – what we have walked thus far is the process of character-creation from and of memories that we store/manifest in our Minds, according to how we use our physical-mind eyes, with the memories that would become building-blocks from/of which we centre ourselves as the star of our own stage as the Mind in creating/manifesting characters through the Mind we would come to physically live-out in our searching/seeking of the MORE of ourselves/here. Additionally within this, what must be understood is the starting-point relationship of ourselves within character-creation, within the context of how/why character-creations manifest within the Mind in our relationship to our external world/reality from, within and as the starting-point of survival, and the according consequences that manifest in our relationship to/towards the external environment/world in separation, survival and self-interest.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realise and understood the mechanics of the Minds relationship to the Physical Body in the process of Character-Creation. Where, because as a child we develop through the Mind in the Physical, instead of in equality and oneness with, as and from the physical-body; everything we physically-experience as a child within our physical-seeing and interaction in physical-reality is layered/stored/manifested within and as the Unconscious/Physical-Mind. Layered/stored and manifested as Memories that would be/become the building-blocks from and of which we create/manifest our Personalities/Characters into and as our Subconscious and Conscious Mind as we continue coming of age in this world. With these memories that would eventually materialize as internal-conversations/backchats in the Subconscious and Thought-Patterns within the Conscious-Mind as Physical-Mind embodiments of characters/personalities we’ve come to create/manifest (a process that will be walked in detail within this Blog). And with our entire Mind Consciousness System existent with the blueprints of and as our Parents’ Mind Consciousness Systems (the process of the transfer of the parent’s Mind into the child is walked in the Blogs DAY 47 / 48 / 50 and will be expanded on/specified in the continuation of this Blog), manifested within and as the Platform of and as our/the child’s Unconscious-Mind. Where we would from within the Unconscious-Mind Platform with blueprints of and as our parents’ Mind Consciousness Systems – utilize the character-creations/manifestations of and as our Parents, to ‘personalize’/eventually manifest/build/construct/programme our own Character-Creations within and as our own Mind Consciousness Systems. Where our Characters/Personalities we eventually become as ‘who we are/what we live’ is/always have been designed from and of the backdrop of and as our Parents’ Characters/Minds. And thus why/how we always in some way or another – end up as the exact same/similar characters/personalities/minds of and as our parents, and/or the exact opposite. With us becoming/creating ourselves into ‘opposite’ characters/personalities from and of our parents’ characters/Mind in our Unconscious/Physical-Mind – this ‘opposite’ character/personality creations are still dependent on and created/programmed/manifested from our parents’ characters/Minds within our Minds. Because we can only exist in ‘equality / opposition’ characters we create within our Minds in relationship to our parents’ Characters/Mind in our Minds, with our parents’ Characters/Minds in our Minds maintaining their positions/manifestations within and as our Unconscious throughout our lives. And in this – why and how we thus never in fact can ‘escape’ our relationship to/as our Parents; as they’re existent within us and as us, as we’ve used their Characters/Minds in our Minds to shape, create, programme, construct and manifest our own Characters from theirs; and so how and why parents in fact become/are direct-mirrors of ourselves within our relationship to ourselves; that whatever we react to towards them, are in fact us reacting to ourselves/a part of ourselves that we’re recognizing in them as a direct-mirror of and as ourselves.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical from the beginning to now, seen, realise and understood – that because we did not develop/emerge in equality and oneness with and as the physical/this physical existence and so with human beings within that; that we’ve had to through and as the Mind: create and manifest ourselves into and as Characters for survival. Where we would create/manifest characters in our Minds that we’d eventually mentally and physically live-out/behave/present as ‘who we are’ – dependent on the people, the environment and the situation/moment, where essentially – for the variations of people, environments, experiences we’d equally as one have a variation of characters according to how we react to our external world/reality. As our relationship to the physical-body, human beings and this physical-existence and so our experiences/interactions and participations within that have been in separation: we’ve had to create/manifest a variation/multitude of internal and external characters within a survivalist starting-point of attempting-to/trying-to control our relationships/who we are within/towards our external world/reality; controlling through manipulating our internal and external reality in handling/dealing with our living in this world within the starting-point of survival and reaction.
And thus, our starting-point in the very nature of creating characters in our Minds was to survive, REACTING to our external environment and creating characters that would be able to control and manipulate the external environment/people according to what would best serve our survival / experience / searching/seeking of the MORE of ourselves/here in this world/reality.
And so, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and how and why from the beginning – we’ve been existing in reaction to our external environment, instead of responding with and as it in equality and oneness, and so living in and as a self-directive awareness in this physical existence, as the only awareness’ we have come to possess is the conscience of only the survival/interest of our own Minds within ourselves. But with our very nature of character creation existent in reaction to ensure survival; we haven’t actually lived responsibility to ourselves, our physical-bodies and this physical existence as responding/communicating with what is here/as what is here in equality and oneness. And so, each character that we’ve created in our Minds from memories/physical-experiences in actual reality – has/had its origin within a starting-point reaction to our external environment / person/people / experience. Where, from the reaction, manifesting as a memory within us we then created/manifested into and as our Minds as a character that we would embody, and so every time we meet a similar situation/experience/person; we’d have the same reaction which would activate the personality/character we created to protect/defend ourselves within ourselves/the Mind to/towards our external environment / person/people / experience.
And so, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how and why we have come to actually in fact exist in constant/continuous reaction to/towards our external environment/people within it – both within the context of either good/positive or bad/negative, both polarities still a reaction that will activate certain-specific characters in our Minds that we then in quantum-time become/embody and through reaction respond to our external-environment / people within it. Instead of existing within and as equality and oneness with ourselves, our physical-bodies and other human beings/this physical existence, where whenever we interact/participate with the environment/people within it, we remain stable, here and can assess the moment/person and accordingly direct ourselves/the moment/the person into and as the best outcome/solution for all involved; and so essentially live the absolute nature of responsibility, responding in equality and oneness here, with actually communicating with the entire moment in equality and oneness here.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood how, the very process of character-creation within ourselves/the Mind from and of the platform/blueprint/backdrop of and as our parents’ Minds/Character is initiated/instigated from/through Reactions. Where according to how we react to our parents’ characters/Minds within ourselves in our own Minds – will determine which characters of our parents’ we will use to personalize into and as our own ‘unique’ characters, or which characters we will use to creating/manifest/construct ‘opposing characters’. This process of determining which of our parents’ characters we will use or not, is determined by/through our beingness within and as the Mind-Physical relationship, as we did start off as interdimensional/dimensional beings from the Afterlife/Hereafter, reincarnating into and as the Physical with a Interdimensional/Dimensional Mind. Therefore, why and how now – we’re in the Physical-Body Flesh, participating in and existing as Interdimensional/Dimensional Thoughts, Conversations and Emotions/Feelings in our Mind of which the content only the individual within themselves can see/expose – but can be physically measured due to the Mind’s integration into the Physical-Body.
And so, what has determined the decision of which Characters from and of our Parents’ Minds/Characters within and as our Unconscious Mind we will use or not: is/was our Beingness – our ‘who we are’ before we integrated into the Mind, and with and as the Mind into the Physical. And our very beingness had developed/manifested within and throughout our lives in and on this Earth within the Mind-Physical relationship, where: life, after life, after life, minds after minds after minds – we had, as we walked this Earth as Minds within the Physical-Body; had imprinted/manifested into and as our Beingness that of our Mind-Physical relationship of and as Primary Characters/Personalities we lived-out within and throughout our lives. Because within our lives on Earth, we had come to accept our Beingness in relationship to the Mind; and so, whatever we had accepted in our lives on earth as ‘who we are’ in and with the Mind, that we had physically lived-out as Primary Characters/Personalities; would accordingly manifest/align into and as our Beingness and so had come to shape our Beingness / Nature within and throughout our Lives. And so, it is this Beingness/Nature of ourselves that we developed/manifested throughout our Lives on Earth that with every reincarnation would determine the character-creations in our new Mind-Physical relationship. And so, in this – why and how we do not need our ‘past lives’ information within this life/any lives that we have walked, because the past is/always has been here AS OURSELVES. And whatever we had created in and as our Minds as characters in this Life – is created in and as the image and likeness of and as the Nature of our Beingness of what/who we accepted and allowed to be/become. Thus, our entire Mind Consciousness System in fact stand within and as nature of our Beingness as all that we’ve been and will be, and so we only need to walk our Minds to walk our Past as ourselves to in fact Change the Nature of who we are, to so change the Nature/Condition of this world/existence as ourselves.
(Understand, that this process of reincarnation no more exist as it has before, where we integrated as beings into the Mind, and then with ourselves as the Mind into the Physical. With the changes in Heaven since the opening of the Portal – a process which is walked in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series – the process of a child’s development in the womb of the mother has changed. For reference/information/perspective of this change, please watch the following interviews: The Dawn of a New Age and Children of the Future.)

I commit myself to show – how we have existed in the relationship of Problem-Reaction-Solution, where we ourselves have been the problem, reacting to/towards our environment/moment/people according to either a negative/bad or positive/good energy-experience reaction. From where we then create/manifest/develop the ‘solution’ FOR OURSELVES ONLY, as our survival/interest as the Mind within ourselves, where that ‘solution’ manifest as a Character within ourselves that we create, program, manifest/construct to – when/as we again meet a similar environment, moment and/or person/people: the Character we created will as we react in the same/similar way, be activated and so we created/manifested the ‘solution’ as ‘survival’ of and as ourselves as Characters in the Mind. Where, as we’re going through the creation process of ‘problem – reaction – solution’, with ourselves starting-off as the ‘problem’ cause we’re the ones reacting to/towards our environment instead of responding/communicating with and as it in equality and oneness and DIRECTING ourselves, the moment and in fact taking Responsibility for ourselves, the moment. And so, from the problem as ourselves reacting in separation to the environment/moment/people; we then create the ‘solution’ as another additional ‘problem’ / ‘character’ of and as the Mind; that will simply continue reacting to/towards the external world/reality within the Mind, never actually standing equal and one with self, the moment/the environment/people in directing the moment to an actual physical visible equal and one solution as the action of taking responsibility for ourselves, the moment.  

I commit myself to show – how we’ve created/manifested ourselves as human beings living/existing in and as constant, continuous energy-reactions of either positive/good or negative/bad, where we’re in the relationship-equation of ‘problem-reaction-solution’ existing in and as the starting-point of survival/experience of only ourselves within our own Minds. Using this relationship-equation to as the problem/Mind – react to/towards our external environment, creating from that equation the solution/more problems/Characters in our Mind to continue our relationship of reaction to/towards the external environment, so that we can continue existing as/creating our Characters / Survival as the Mind in the Physical. And in this, why and how we have as individuals and together as humanity have not come up with an ACTUAL PHYSICAL SOLUTION to the nature of ourselves as beings within the Physical-Body and so the nature and condition of humanity/this world-system as a whole: because of the extent of separation that each human being is existing within and as in themselves, their mind and the physical-body, within the starting-point of survival and creation of the Mind. Enslaved to the relationship of ‘problem-reaction-solution’ that only serve the survival/interest of the Individual/Mind/Characters within the Mind – ALWAYS reacting, never in fact LIVING in and as Responsibility as being/living the directive-principle that in fact physically, visibly establish/direct/manifest solutions that serve all involved, equally as one into and as solutions that is/would be best for all.

I commit myself to – change/transform my relationship within myself, the physical-body and so my external physical world and all and everything/everyone within it from the equation of “problem-reaction-solution” that only serve the interest of character creations, protecting and defending my survival of who I am in the Mind only: to “problem – RESPONSIBILITY - solution/DIRECTIVE-PRINCIPLE” and in this aligning my starting-point from Mind/Character survival to ‘what’s best for all’. And so – when and as I walk in my world and find that I am reacting either within a positive/negative energy experience, I flag-point this moment and realise that I am either accessing/activating a character/personality and/or I will be developing/creating/building on a character in my Mind. I stop in the moment within myself, I breathe and re-assess the moment within and as stability, here. In this reassessment, making sure that I consider the moment, the person/experience and my relationship to it all in equality and oneness and direct the moment/person/experience into and as a solution that is best for all, and so best for me. In this equation: problem – responsibility - directive-principle; I take responsibility in my internal and external world/reality as: Firstly – I identify the ‘problem’ as me as the reaction, take responsibility for me and direct myself in the moment from Mind/reaction to stability. Secondly, I identify the problem in the moment, take responsibility for the moment/person/situation in directing it into and as stability/solution that will ensure that all involved are equally as one considered. And so, with problem-responsibility-directive-principle, I take responsibility for my within and without, walking me in my within and without into practical living visible solutions, instead of what has become within the problem-reaction-solution equation, that only involve me/my interest/survival/experience as the Mind in the Moment, that’s accumulated the physical-reality consequences in this world. ‘Cause no-one then in fact take responsibility for this external world/reality/environment; which is how and why this world has become one of consequence, each only regarding their own interest; instead of taking equal and one responsibility and directive-principle for their internal and external world/reality. 

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