Parenting Building a Child’s Character: DAY 85

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Parenting Building a Child’s Character: DAY 85

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

As mentioned in the previous post we’re having a look at the process of creation of Illusion and separation, how we within our Mind-Physical relationship, created ourselves into characters as Illusions as our utmost/absolute separation from ourselves, our beingness and so this physical-existence. How we’ve taken the ‘whole’ as our beingness/this physical-existence, created separation as energy-experiences from our beingness and memories of actual physical-reality to construct ourselves into characters in our Mind.
And within this – how we have, with creating ourselves into illusion and separation, we have equally as one manifested our external reality/existence in and as illusion and separation, in our acceptance and allowance of and as our relationship/separation between energy and substance, and within this clarifying/specifying more in detail why/how ourselves as energy/characters of the Mind is Illusion and substance/physical is what is/always has been Real.
But, before we get to this particular point of explaining Illusion and Reality, let’s first have a look at the process of creating/manifesting ourselves as Memories /Characters within them, from Memories/Characters of and as our Parents’ Minds/Memories, where self can see/realise/understand for self: how we have become memories, that’s created/manifested ourselves from Memories; to from this understanding – better see/realise/understand as we continue, what’s the difference between Illusion and Reality, and why – with us existing as Memories: we’re the Illusion destroying/annihilating and sacrificing Reality – a relationship that is becoming all the more prominent within the consequences we’re individually and together experiencing/facing in and on this Earth in this accepted and allowed consequential relationship between Mind/Memories as Illusion and the Physical-Body and this Physical-Existence as Reality.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, from the beginning to now – see, realise and understand in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical how we have, from the beginning to now continued existing as a ‘separation creation-machine’, where I as we - used what is Here, as the Reality of ourselves that’s always been here as our beingness and existence of and as substance-manifest to create/manifest ourselves and so all and everything as ourselves into and as Illusion within our process separation-creation in our separation-relationship from substance into and as energy that consume/sacrifice substance to transform into energy. That from the beginning – we have instead of living ourselves as the Real/Reality of ourselves as Here in equality and oneness, REALising ourselves as Here as the equality and oneness of ourselves with and as substance: we became exceptional ‘separation-creation machines’ that slowly but surely, from the beginning to now – have taken pieces of our internal and external Real/Reality as substance/beingness within, and substance/existence without, to create/construct/manifest an internal illusion/reality in which only ourselves exist alone/are ‘god/authority’ of and as, serving only ourselves within ourselves with energy as we consume/devour ourselves as substance/here. While in this process of consumption/devouring – transforming substance to energy/illusion within ourselves that serve only our interest/intensions/purposes alone: compromising/taking from/hoarding our beingness/substance and  existence/substance to construct/create our absolute/utmost separation from ourselves and all as ourselves. Where from the beginning, we’ve instead of living/REALising here: created/manifested the utmost, absolute separation in our within and without, as we’ve stripped what is here in equality and oneness in our within and without into and as what we’ve become as the Mind manifested/representing pieces of ourselves of our beingness we have stripped away/separated to construct into memories/characters representing parts/pieces of the wholeness of ourselves; separating the very physical-body into and as pieces/stripping it away to create/manifest energy-experiences, taking from/separating the external physical-existence within ourselves, accumulating it as memories/parts within ourselves from and of which we’ll create/manifest characters.

And so – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, from the beginning to now, in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical – seen, realise and understood how/why we created/constructed/manifested ourselves as Illusion within ourselves, from the Real/Reality of ourselves as substance/existence as our beingness/the physical here, where:
In our Minds – in our relationship of the Mind, our beingness and the Physical – we’re already with coming into this world, equipped within a relationship between our beingness and the Mind, and from our beingness-mind merging, manifested into and as the physical, from where we additionally become manifested with our parents’ Minds/Memories/Characters that we’ll use from birth throughout the remainder of our life to manifest our own personalized Memories/Characters from and of our Parents’ Memories/Characters. With this process of developing/manifesting/constructing/creating ourselves as Memories from Memories which work as follows:
Our Parents’ Minds/Memories/Characters serves as a framework/platform from which we assess behaviour/speech/sound/movements/interactions of others in our world/reality. So, for example:
Taking an example of and as a child, with the Mother coming face-to-face with the Child and the Mother smiles: that moment is then captured within and between the two eye-blinks, uploaded into the Unconscious/Physical-Mind from the Physical-Mind Eyes, into and as the interdimensional/dimensional ‘glass window panel’ where that present-moment manifest as a memory/past present-moment that’s in the process of becoming the child’s ‘future’ as they’ll use that memory/present-moment past-manifestation to create/construct their character. Then - from the glass-window pane - the Mind/Consciousness proceeds with ‘scanning’ the present-moment memory. Where the very  Consciousness/Mind that ‘scan’ that ‘glass window panel’ of ‘new’ present-moment memories is existent/manifested from the child’s beingness merged with its own Mind Framework/Platform and that of the parents’ Minds’ Memories, where this merging between the child’s beingness, its Mind Framework/Platform and the Parents’ Minds/Memories: developed/manifested the child’s initial Consciousness. Where, from this ‘initial Consciousness’ of the child – only existing as the merging of the child’s beingness, its mind framework/platform and the parents’ Mind/Memories, the child’s ‘personalized consciousness’ will come into existence as the process of developing/manifesting its own consciousness that will manifest once the child had successfully constructed/manifested their own unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind from and of the parents’ Mind/Memories and also eventually ‘new present-moments’ they will face throughout their lives where the child’s consciousness will then transfer from the initial consciousness as mind-framework, the child’s beingness and the parents’ mind/memories = into and as emerging/expanding itself in including itself/its existence from the child’s beingness, to the child’s entire mind system as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind as well as the parents’ mind/memories that the child will still reference/use within and throughout the remainder of their lives.
Where I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how/why we have automated our existence throughout existence in and as this relationship between energy and substance, evolving as consciousness/energy-itself as the utmost/absolute system/manifestation of separation. Where - from the beginning as the manifested-singularities with our separation existent into and as energy Only as ‘life’ – we have continued and evolved in this process as the ‘separation-creation machine/system’ that take from our beingness and our external existence as substance to construct/create/manifest as ‘piece’-together the illusion as ourselves as memories into characters and energy-experiences.
And so – the moment that present-moment memory is manifested within and on that interdimensional-dimensional ‘glass window pane’; our consciousness still existent only as the manifested-merging of our beingness, our parents’ Minds/Characters and our own Mind framework/platform - would ‘scan’ / ‘move through’ that new present-moment memory on the ‘glass-window pane’. And the moment that scanning happens with consciousness existent as the merged-manifestation of our beingness, our Mind framework/platform and the parents’ Minds/Memories: it scans to see whether, within the parents’ Mind/Memories there exist any similar/same memories of someone/a women looking similar/the same as the mother, had smiled to either the mother/father and how they reacted to that/such a moment within themselves. Because, in the Parents’ Minds/Memories within the child – is existent all their memories of ‘who they were as energy experience and what/how they lives as physical behaviours/responses’ as characters they’ve come to manifest throughout their lives, that transferred into the child’s mind-physical relationship as an entire database of characters the child can/will use to embody/become characters in and as themselves.
And so, when/as consciousness find a memory, within the parents’ Minds/Memories existent within the Child’s unconscious/physical-mind in and as a platform containing all of the parents’ memories/characters as their Minds: it will connect/merge that memory (let’s say it found a memory of the mother reacting in experience and behaviour to someone smiling at her, that was similar/same to the present-moment that the child was experiencing currently); so consciousness will then connect/merge that memory of the mother with the present-moment manifestation of the child manifested in and on the glass-window pane. And the moment that merging of the two memories manifest: that merged-memory manifestation will resonate within and throughout the beingness/mind and physical-body of the child, and if/as the child’s beingness accept the reaction/memory of the mother’s character in response to someone smiling at her as manifested in the memory, where in the detail of the mother’s memory is existent how the mother reacted in excitement when someone smiled at them and also physically responded with a smile/laugh. As within that memory of the mother’s reaction to someone smiling at her, was manifested the detail of how they ‘characterized’ themselves when someone smiles at them, from the perspective of: in the memory of the mother’s reaction to someone smiling at them – is all the detail of how they physically reacted, and reacted in experience/energy within themselves, which manifested them as a ‘character response’ to someone smiling at them. Thus, within the parents’ Memories, manifested in the Child’s Unconscious/Physical-Mind in a platform – is all the detail of the parents’ characters they created throughout their lives, the memories/characters consisting of the detail of how they internally experienced themselves and externally behaved as actual character-manifestations.
And so, in a quantum moment, as the child’s beingness accept that character-response to smiling as the memory of the mother reacting in excitement and behaving in smiling/laughter: consciousness take that merged-memory manifestation, upload it into the centre of the Mind Consciousness System that’s manifested in the centre of the head. The moment that merged-memory manifest in the centre of the Mind, in the centre of the head/brain region - it in quantum time integrate into the entire mind-physical relationship of the Child, and the child absolutely become the character in the memory, and will experience/react in excitement with a laughter – equal-to and one-with as the Mother did in her Character within the Memory the child used to create/manifest their character-response to their Mother. And so within this entire process of the merging memories, transferred into the centre-point of the Mind and downloaded/manifested into the entire Mind-Physical relationship of the Child: manifested a character in the Child’s Mind, which they physically became from and of Memories/Characters of the Parents/Mother, always existent/manifested within and as their Unconscious/Physical-Mind.
And so, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how/why much of ‘who we are’ – especially in relation to physical-mind-responses as characters of other people’s physical-behaviours/actions as embodied-characters: have been created/manifested from memories/characters of our Parents within our Minds. And so why and how our responses/reactions as characters to people’s physical-behaviours/responses as characters is so Unconscious/automated that we’re not even aware of the extent to which we mentally-physically react/become characters to people’s physical-behaviours/responses as characters. Because, the moment then, the child becomes that character, manifested as the merged-memories in the centre of their Mind Consciousness System – the merged-memories and character within the mother’s memory as her response/reaction with excitement/smiling/laughter - then integrate/manifest into and as the Child’s entire Mind-Physical relationship. This means that, as that merged-memory manifestation manifest in the centre-point of the Mind in the centre of the head/brain region, where that centre-point manifestation, is the One Point within the Mind-Physical Relationship that interconnected the entire Mind into and as the entire Human Physical-Body.
So, as that merged-memory is manifested in that One Point within the Mind – the merged-memory resonate as an entire Mind-Physical imprint, into the entire Mind and Entire Physical of the Child. And so that character of the mother in her memory, that the child accepted and manifested in their Mind-Physical existence: becomes One Layer that layer/manifest in the entire Mind-Physical relationship of the Child, which then create/manifest the Child’s own Unconscious/Physical-Mind.
So, every moment the Child from that moment throughout the remainder of their life – sees a person looking similar/same to their mother smiling and the particular-specific way she smiled: that present-moment will move through the Physical-Mind Eyes into the glass-window pane, where the child’s consciousness will scan the new present-moment, activate the child’s merged-memory manifestation that layered/manifested in their entire Physical-Mind existence and so the child will instantly become the character in a mind-physical response, as becoming excited and having a momentary laugh/smile.
And so, we have as children, manifested such physical-mind responses as embodied characters from memories to/towards our external environment/world behaviours/physical-responses of others’ characters they’ve embodied/created/manifested. With such Physical-Mind characters that’s manifested and layered in our entire Mind-Physical relationship, which is how and why we simply have come to ‘automatically respond’ as embodied-characters to others’ physical behaviours/representations; as we’ve – whatever we automatically respond to: is in fact existent as LAYERS of characters in our Mind-Physical relationship, that will automatically activate. As these characters in which we have a particular energy-experience, with a particular behavioural-response as we become a living-character from a memory we created as a child, from a memory of our parents – only always existent as living-memories and characters within them.

 Now that one have the understanding of our relationship as energy to substance, as walked in the previous post, with how we have given ‘life’ to energy/illusion at the expense/cost/compromise of substance/existence as real/reality, and how we have constructed/created ourselves into memories/characters from memories/characters of those that has gone before us: we can in the next post continue with having a look at WHY we’re in fact ILLUSION and our beingness/substance and the physical-body/this physical existence as substance-manifest is the REALITY that is and always has been compromised for the Illusion as Energy/Mind/Memories/Characters to survive/exist and maintain its ‘life’ from the taking/stripping of what is real, and piecing ourselves into separation within ourselves as Illusion.

I commit myself to show – how we have never in fact in equal and one awareness with ourselves, our beingness in our equal and one relationship with the physical/physical-body, DECIDED /directed ‘who we are’ in moments of interaction/participation with others, because our responses/experiences/relationships with others have always been dependent/created/manifested from MEMORIES as characters of our parents’ Minds within ourselves, that’s determined ‘who we are’ and ‘how/what we live’ and ‘experience’-ourselves as, as individualized characters in relation to others’ behaviour/physical-responses to/towards us in moments of physical-reality participation/interaction. Thus, we’ve constructed/created ourselves as memories/characters from memories/characters, and so have never actually in fact lived/really decided ‘who we are’ in our living, interaction and participation in existence as memories had come to control our entire mental-physical relationship from birth to who/how we are now in our entire mind-physical existence.

I commit myself to show – how we have only become memories, characters within those memories, that we’ve created/constructed/manifested from memories/characters of and as our Parents’ Minds within ourselves. Where ALL/most of our responses as ‘who we are in the energy-experience of ourselves and how/what we live as our behaviour’ in relation to others’ behaviours/responses have been manifested as-ourselves as characters we become in a quantum-moment, from what we created/manifested as a child. As such characters we become in relation to other’s physical-responses/behaviours to/towards us, have manifested/layered into and as our Unconscious/Physical-Mind, so now as we continue moving/walking within this world/reality from childhood, we will thus automatically respond/activate our characters we’ve manifested/layered ourselves-as.
And from childhood as our characters in relation to other’s physical-responses/behaviours automatically activate/upload within us, within the continuation of our life in our interaction/participation with others in physical-reality: we then spend ‘less time’ focusing on ‘who we are/how/what we live’ in relation to others’ physical-responses/behaviours as all of that is automated, and more time within/throughout our lives in creating/manifesting more and more and more memories, more and more characters/energy experiences as the Mind/Consciousness attempt/try to survive/exist. As the more and more characters/energy experiences we create, the more and more and more we separate ourselves from our beingness, our physical body and this physical existence, the more and more and more the Illusion stays alive and the reality of who we are gets compromised, because for Illusion to exist, the reality/beingness of who we are has to be sacrificed.

I commit myself to show, the detail of how we created/manifested ourselves as MEMORIES from MEMORIES, both from the within of ourselves and the without of ourselves. Where we initially as children: developed/manifested our Unconscious/Physical-Mind as our responses/behaviours/experiences to/towards others in our ‘who we are as energy experience and what/how we are as our behaviour/response’ as embodied-characters from memory - that we constructed/manifested/accepted from and of our parents’ memories/characters. And as we develop/manifest our Unconscious/Physical-Mind automated responses as embodied-characters to people’s behaviours/responses; we as we continue within our interaction/participation in reality – manifest/create our Subconscious and Conscious Mind, that will become embodied characters that we create within ourselves, from taking new present-moment memories; that we’ll cross-reference with our beingness only – when/as our parents’ Minds/Memories in us, did not have/contain similar people/moments/experiences as present-moments/memories we face within our lifetime. And so would with such present-moments memories with no reference from and of our parents’ Minds within us, only cross-reference the new present-moment memory with our beingness. In seeing whether within and as any of our past-lives (in DAY 82 of this Blog, we have walked the relationship between our beingness and past-lives), from and of which we created/manifested our beingness in our mind-physical relationship throughout our lives: have encountered similar present-moments. And when/as we do, from our beingness find a character that we’ve become within our past-lives that is equal-to and one-with this present-moment we’re facing within ourselves: our beingness will connect that past-life experience/character that is still here as-ourselves as what we’ve become as our beingness that we accepted as-ourselves, and connect it to the present-moment memory as past-manifest within the glass-window pane; upload the merged-memories into and as the centre of the Mind, resonate it through the Mind-Physical relationship, but specifically store such a memory/character, where only our beingness connected to the present-moment memory, and not the parents’ mind/memory: into and as our Subconscious-Mind; and store the merged-memories there. As the Subconscious-Mind represent the characters/memories we created ‘anew’ in our current-life with the reference between our external-reality and our beingness; where eventually: our subconscious-mind will transfer into and as our children to come, and serve as a platform for them to create/construct characters when/as they face similar/the same present-moment memories as past-manifest as we have within our life-time.
And so – I commit myself to show how/why our Subconscious-Mind serves as the character-database that we create from memories of our beingness. And will in posts to come within this Blog – show/reveal how even our beingness has become an embodiment of characters we’ve accumulated/manifested as ourselves throughout our lives in existence. Thus still – our characters in our subconscious, created/constructed from memories/characters of and as our beingness, and our Unconscious-Mind serves as the character database that we create from memories/characters of and as our Parents’ Minds = always in all ways constructing/creating ourselves from MEMORIES, which is all that we’ve become good at doing within existence in the illusion of ourselves WITHIN ourselves only, while everything and everyone else in existence as-ourselves has been ignored, neglected, ruined and compromised/sacrificed as we have given illusion the authority of ‘life’ only within ourselves, as memories creating memories: Instead of really in fact ever LIVING HERE, together – equally as one; manifesting ourselves as LIFE.
So thus in this the question…has Life ever really in fact existed, if – from the beginning, all we’ve done and became is stripping/taking from HERE into pieces as memories, into the separation-creation of-ourselves as ILLUSION as characters we come to embody/live-out???

I commit myself to show – how as children coming into this world, what we create ourselves into and evolve into is as Consciousness, as our automated separation/illusion creation system, that evolve from initially creating/constructing ourselves from only memories of our Parents’ Minds/Memories that become our Unconscious/Physical-Mind, and from there our ‘personalized’ consciousness evolve into creating/manifesting our Subconscious and Conscious-Mind as we continue within and throughout our lives in creating ourselves from Memories as Memories into living-embodied Characters: a process that will be walked in detail, as how we’ve come to accept and allow Consciousness as a Memory-database/Memory-creation machine of Energy/Illusion to control who we are, never in fact living who we are in our equal and one relationship with ourselves and all as ourselves as Here.

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