Emotional/Feeling Body Creation – Part 2: DAY 103

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Emotional/Feeling Body Creation – Part 2 (Self-Commitments): DAY 103

Featured Artwork by: Agnieszka Dine

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

As mentioned in the previous-post, we’re continuing with the commitment statements of the self-forgiveness statements we have walked and so continue the process of how we created, automatically accepted and allowed energy-experiences/reactions within our mind-beingness-physical existence, not ever questioning whether it is in fact ourselves in our beingness/physical that feel/express/experience…when it is/always has been in fact more the Mind experiencing itself, than us ever having discovered what it really means to express/feel in the equality and oneness with our beingness and so our physical.

I commit myself to show – how what we feel/experience as emotions/feelings/reactions is a system of energy of the Mind/Consciousness that has from childhood, merged with the substance of the physical, that in this merging-relationship between the Mind’s Energy Body and the actual Physical-Body: created an organic-system, that when it activate as our energy-experience connections/relationships to, for example our thoughts, memories, internal conversations/backchat and/or behaviour as our internal environment and so also our external environment; this activate the “physical experience” of energy we’ve come to beLIEve/perceive means that we “exist / are alive”. That, thus – what we have done, instead of accepting and allowing ourselves to live here, in equality and oneness with our beingness and physical body, with breathing here, expressing here with and as the physical as the reality of life/living: we’ve separated our beingness into the entire mind consciousness system components and parts, animating them with ENERGY that consume substance/physicality as Reality to animate the Illusion as the Mind as the System we have created as the manifested-separation of and as ourselves, and power/charge it with and as energy to give its existence validity through and as experience/energy, referencing ourselves/our living to/as ENERGY EXPERIENCE instead of actual physical living with and as that which in fact gift us life/living.

In this, I commit myself to show why/how it is that we’re not Living, because how can we in any way in fact LIVE when our very Mind/Energy exist from and of the infinite continued separation of our beingness into and as pixels/parts/components as various characters/personalities consisting of thoughts, memories, emotions/feelings etc. And where that very separation of ourselves, now existent/manifested as the entire Mind is dependent on energy’s relationship to substance, dependent on the sacrifice of the physical, our beingness to animate/construct the Illusion as the Mind of Energy/Experience. That’s within its very existence/nature/manifestation Illusion as it’s dependent on physicality to SURVIVE and thus it’s a system of survival and not in fact a system of living, and when the physical end, so does the Mind and so does the being as nothing of who they were as characters/personalities of the mind remains in death.

I commit myself to show why/how the Mind/Consciousness is in fact Illusion, walking the detail of how we in fact abuse the Physical in our relationship to the Mind/Consciousness in valuing energy-experience/illusion more than life/physicality/reality – which within this is proven within our relationship to/as the current World/Money-System. Where, as has been mentioned before: how can any being in the current Money System, especially the Elite claim that they are living, when their very lives/experience of their lives is dependent on the sacrifice of the physical/other human beings. Not seeing/realising and understanding that in this – themselves, their lives is an illusion/an EXPERIENCE in their OWN MINDS as it’s dependent/created within their mind’s relationship to Money, and the material/physical possessions they own that validate their internal definitions/experiences/living in their relationship to money within their minds, with the owning/possessing of material/physical possessions validating their illusionary experience of life/living is existent  at the sacrifice of the physical/earth/animal/human’s lives.
In this, I commit myself to establishing an Equal Money System – where each as all have an equal and one opportunity to life/living, no more separation between the haves and have-nots, where life is not an experience in the mind and in the physical that is dependent on money, with the experience actually in fact existent within survival, more than actual living; and so –transform the current system of abuse, competition and survival with a minority and majority separation, to an equal and one humanity of life/living on and with this Earth; where living is VISIBLE, is REAL, is HERE as each individually and together in their within and without, contribute to the well-being of all.

I commit myself to show, why/how energy-experience is in no way any reference for self in fact being alive, but only a reference for/of the Mind being ‘alive’ and why/how the Mind that we have become is now existent as a parasitical organic-system that consume physicality for its continued Survival. And as long as one exist within energy-experience, one is existing in the very acceptance and allowance of self’s own limitation in one’s separation from oneself and the physical to keep Consciousness alive as energy the more and more self continue accepting and allowing self to give attention, validation, recognition to the Mind/Consciousness, continuing to accept and allow energy-experience as a sign/reference of ‘being alive’. Which within this – separates self from giving the required attention, consideration and regard to who self is in one’s within and without, one’s physical body and so this physical existence as a whole. Now, all human beings’ existence is confined/limited to giving a system-representation/Mind of themselves attention, recognition in believing energy to mean life/living and whatever is existent in our minds to be our definitions/our lives/the entirety of ‘who we are’; never in fact living HERE in the physical in actual PHYSICAL reality.
As has been mentioned before – if we’d spend as much time in reality, as we do in our Minds and really working together with ACTUAL PEOPLE in conversations/communications, rather than the extent to which we talk to ourselves in our thoughts/backchat, spending as much time giving attention to solutions in this PHYSICAL WORLD that consider/regard all equally as one, rather than spending the time on giving attention to our own interests of wants, needs and desires: This world could have been an entirely different scenario than what we’re facing now.

I commit myself to show – the detail of how we create/manifest our emotional/feeling body-systems, how from one primary emotional/feeling body system of the Mind Consciousness System, we create multiple energy-bodies, a personalized emotional/feeling body for each one of our Main Characters we come to live as within/through the physical. And in this process – how even our OWN apparent SELF experienced emotions/feelings is/has been copied/imitated from others as those that has gone before us, and even within and throughout our lives still continue copying/imitating reactions of emotions/feelings from/of others. That not even our emotions/feelings as reactions are our OWN/who we are – and this also goes for the detail of our thoughts, memories, reactions, behaviours: everything of who/what we are now – come from the past, from living memories of the mind/consciousness as those that has gone before us. And so claiming that ‘I am me’ is illusion, cause what self in fact had become is ‘I am the past of all those that has gone before me’.
And it’s not that – for example, any one is to blame, or that self is an illusion in the sense of simply make a quick statement of ‘I am real’ and then everything suddenly change…No. We have created ourselves as Illusion into Reality – organic SYSTEMS as we’ve merged energy with substance and weaved/created/manifested our mind-physical relationship interdependently to such an extent that we’re Living Illusions. In this, simply stating ‘I am real’ will in no way change the reality of the illusion we have come to live and accept and allow as ‘who we are’ that has become our entire Mind-Physical energy experience existence that is the reality/truth as illusion of/as who/what we are and have become.
What is existing in and as our Mind, is a direct mirror of who/what we are, and can only change this illusion-reality relationship and the consequence of and as it with walking the detail of the process of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application. Walking part by part we have separated ourselves into and as, walking equally as one what we have done to ourselves – we separated ourselves part by part, piece by piece from reality into illusion and so we have to piece ourselves together part by part, piece by piece – until all the pieces/parts of ourselves as the Mind is returned / here equal and one with and as our beingness/flesh and so be/become reality as the physical and finally align our attention, consideration and regard to what matters as PHYSICAL MATTER.

I commit myself to show – that, yes –we may be copies/imitations of and as parents/those that have gone before us, where we developed our entire Mind, our thought-patterns, internal conversations, reactions, behaviours from and of the framework/platform of our parents’ minds, and our external world/reality, that nothing of who we are in our mind-physical existence has been CREATED/initiated/directed by/as self in absolute equal and one self-awareness. But, the responsibility still remains with ourselves, as we have ACCEPTED ourselves as this Mind we have come to exist as and physically embody in our mind-physical relationship, and so in this acceptance, allowed the existence of this mind-physical relationship we’ve become and so the consequences within this. And thus, within this acceptance and allowance – it is each one’s individual responsibility to take responsibility for what we’ve become and done, to change ourselves and our living, for ourselves and for all as ourselves.
Our existence is/always has simply been duplicates from the past, layering time/generations of humanity from and of those that have gone before us, layer by layer, generation by generation, duplicating/copying the past over and over and over again. With all of humanity on this earth and never seeing the solution of physical equal and oneness – as all of humanity has been lost in the possession of the mind as energy-experience; and thus in this – how no one can claim SELF-awareness, if from childhood in one’s mind-physical relationship, self had in no way been aware of the emergence of the mind as duplicates from/of those that have gone before self, how one’s Mind developed/emerged without one’s self-awareness but automatically emerged/manifested as what we as beings throughout lives/generations accepted and allowed from the beginning of the inception of the mind, reincarnation and the relationship between heaven and earth.
And so; this process of walking with Desteni, is the process of establishing – for the first time, actual SELF-awareness, where one really get to know self as the Mind/Consciousness, see/realise/understand how self came to be who self is, what/how self live/behave in the physical, one’s experience in relationships, to the world, the past, present and future and simultaneously within this, see, realise and understand the consequences of our existence as the Mind, in its limitation and the extent to which human beings have diminished their potential to contributing/living in this world/on this earth.
In this, I commit myself to – walk my process through, within and as the Characters in my Mind, identifying the Characters as the thoughts, reactions, backchats/internal conversations and behaviours, to no more accept and allow myself to exist in and as the automated system I have separated myself into, and given all my power and directive principle to/as that only exist for the purpose of its own survival. But align all the parts/pieces into and as equal and one living within and as the physical, and align me/my life to the purpose/directive principle of all as me. Starting first with myself – as I can only stand that responsibility to/towards all as me within this world/reality, if I have equally as one walked the responsibility within all the me’s within myself as my own Mind; and so walk the 7 year Journey to Life, the Desteni I Process as the processes I walk from Mind/Illusion to Physicality/Reality to for the first time really rebirth ME, here. No more existing as a personalized imitation/copy from/of those has gone before me, but know and live who I am and in this ensure that my living in this world/on this earth is visible/real in being/becoming a living example of how we as human beings, individually and together can change this world, through the taking of responsibility of who we are and what/how we live in alignment/starting point of what’s best for ourselves as all, instead of the self-serving interest of the illusion of consciousness/mind that’s come to destroy the opportunity of life/living in this world/reality.

In the next post, we’re continuing with more detail regarding how Friend A, from the one energy-experience of ‘Love’ that formed the primary energy-experience alignment/activation within their Conservative-Character within the want, need and desire for/of relationship: created/manifested an entire emotional/feeling body-system that would come to define herself/her experience of herself as this Character. 

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