The Sexualized Personality: DAY 80

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The Sexualized Personality: DAY 80

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

(Please note, we will be continuing with the process of The Origins of Males and Females and Adam and Eve within posts to continue once we have completed walking the framework of ‘character/personality’ creations in the Mind that will be referred to when/as we continue with walking the process of The Origins of Males and Females, Adam and Eve. However, the thread/dimensions of The Chicken or the Egg and How the Fruit of Life became Rotten still applies within this process of Character-Creation in seeing/realising/understanding how we simultaneously created/manifested our within and without as internal and external realities as the chicken and the egg, and within this how we as the Tree of Humanity/Life have produced the Rotten Fruit of ourselves/generations of children to come in our accepted and allowed relationship of separation of and as the Mind and the Physical.)

As mentioned in the previous post, we’re in this post having a look at how we still in and as the Mind’s relationship to the Physical-Body – create/manifest ourselves into and as diminished representations of ourselves as Characters; as we constantly, continuously move ourselves/our awareness into and as separation from and of ourselves as Here in and as equality and oneness with and as the Physical-Body – creating characters from and of our Primary Character we’ve become as we exist as Energy/Mind in relationship/separation to Substance/Physical in the search/seeking for and of the MORE of and as ourselves/here, and how from this One Character – we’ve just continued infinitely creating MORE characters/experience of ourselves/here. As our very selves/here existence had become a Character – searching/seeking for the MORE of itself/here.
So, in this post, we’re going to have a look at our relationship to ourselves in, as and with Sex/Masturbation and Relationships – regarding the characters we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to create/manifest within, as and of ourselves in this ‘searching/seeking of the MORE of self/here’-Character. As and from this Primary Character of searching/seeking for the More of Self/Here - that manifested into and as the extent of Fantasies/Desires existent in our Minds as the ‘More of Self’ in relation to sex/sexuality and our energy-experiences/orgasms within and during Sex/Masturbation that’s manifested the ‘More of Here’ within ourselves. As we have done from the beginning: where our Character-existence in Energy’s relationship to Substance of searching/seeking for the MORE of Self/Here, created the innumerable amount of characters as manifested-singularities as the ‘More of Self’ – equal-to and one-with the extent of Sex/Sexuality/Masturbation/Relationship characters we create/manifest in our Minds that become the More of Ourselves as the extent/amount of different characters we create/manifest ourselves in our Minds. And from the beginning - the energy within the manifested-singularities as the ‘More of Here’ – now manifested equal-to and one-with the extent of energy-experiences/orgasms in relation to Sex/Sexuality/Masturbation/Relationship we create/manifest in our Mind-Physical relationship as we experience the More of ourselves within ourselves as Energy.
Where our Primary Character of the ‘search/seeking More of Self/Here’ – had created/manifested the MORE characters/experiences of energy in our Minds, within for example looking at the extent/lengths we go to produce/manifest more Characters for more Energy-experiences within our internal and external reality regarding our relationship to Sex/Sexuality/Masturbation and Relationships.  And thus, within this – having a look at why/how it is we haven’t been able to be stable, self-honest in our internal and external reality regarding sex/sexuality/masturbation/relationships from the perspective of never being satisfied/fulfilled Here with and as ourselves in an equal and one relationship/agreement with ourselves, our physical-bodies and so with another human being: ‘Cause we’re only existing for the search/seeking of MORE – and so we create/manifest/become the More as we continue creating/manifesting MORE characters and energy-experiences within looking at the example we’re walking regarding sex/sexuality/masturbation and relationships and the according consequences to ourselves, each other and humanity as a whole in this incessant search/seeking for MORE.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to in equality and oneness with and as energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood:
What had happened within and as our relationship to Sex/Sexuality/Masturbation and Relationships within not developing the internal and external equal and one self-honesty of making a clear, practical decision of who I am within me, in and as my equal and one relationship with and as my physical-body; and so aligning me in and as equality and oneness with another human being in Agreement. Where who we are in our within and without is equal and one as our very Living; and so commit ourselves to walk ourselves and together in developing/expanding/growing who we are within ourselves, individually and together.
But instead, where relationships had become the Relations between Characters, where two individual human beings – manifested within and as their Minds with various different characters of energy-experiences/emotions and feelings and Fantasies/Desires that is competing for their fulfilment/completion within and as the Mind-Physical relationship of the Human. And even within this – within and as the relationship-forming between two human beings, only one Character can be satisfied at a time when physically in space-time being connected to one Human Being, which then leaves all the rest of the characters in our Minds restless for materialization/fulfilment; which then takes us into and as the Mind, where we explore/ride our Fantasies/Desires in various ways/means/methods: in/during Masturbation/while having Sex with our Partner/simply when alone with ourselves in our own Minds where we accept and allow our Sex/Sexuality/Energy Experience characters to wander as we please the rest of the Characters in our Minds attempting-trying to search/seek for the More of themselves/here.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how and why we’re never self-honest with ourselves or the other/our partner – that we’re not in fact in a real equal and one relationship with them or ourselves, as only one of our Sex/Sexuality/Masturbation/Relationship characters is lived-out in the Mind-Physical relationship when in a relationship with another human being, with the rest of our Characters in our Mind still running amok in our Minds searching/seeking for their fulfilment/moreness. Which we then give to our characters in secret/hiding within and as our own Minds during masturbation/sex/when alone with ourselves in our Minds; pleasing our own Characters within and as our own Minds, with nothing of relationships in fact having to do with self-honesty, integrity, respect, consideration and regard as we only exist to fulfil our search/seeking of the More of Self/Here which we do through continuously participating in and creating more Sex/Sexuality characters and energy-experiences in our Minds.
Within this, where our characters we created in the Mind in relation to ‘who we are’ within Sex/Sexuality – when one character that we live-out in our Mind-Physical relationship with another human being/partner is not enough, and the rest of the Characters in our Minds are not ‘satisfied’ with their Moreness accumulation of themselves/energy in our Minds, when we fantasize/dream/masturbate/entertain them while having sex – we go to the extent of where we then live-out those characters seeking/searching for more of itself/here as energy; and so manifest more physical/sexual relationships ‘on the side’ with other Human Beings. Where those other human beings can fulfil the moreness of and as the other characters in our mind searching/seeking for the more of themselves/here as energy, where such other human beings will be aligned in their characters with the rest of the characters in my Mind and so we fulfil/complete/manifest/validate each other’s sex/sexuality/relationship characters.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how – with me developing my sex/sexuality characters from childhood, throughout my life into adulthood – through and as the pictures, images, advertisements, pornography, film and conversations; that I manifested into and as my mind-physical relationship as memories that stored/accumulated and manifested into and as my Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious Mind; where every moment I created me in relationship to a picture, image, porn video/magazine, movie, conversation in desiring to experience/become what is portrayed within such external views of sex/sexuality: I immediately created/manifested a character within myself in my relationship to sex/sexuality – where I essentially said: “I want to be/experience that person in the image / picture / porn video/magazine / film”. And so immediately manifested me as the ‘star’/ ‘main character’ of that image/picture/porn video/magazine/film; and would – dependent on the alignment of that image/picture/porn video/magazine/film to reality: either live it out in my Mind in Fantasies only and/or actually attempt/try to materialize/manifest it in actual physical reality. And so, throughout life – we accumulate memories/manifestations of images/pictures/porn videos/magazines/films; which we manifest within ourselves, create a relationship to, making us the primary character/star within our own Minds and then attempt/try to satisfy/fulfil that character in our Minds / Physical-Reality.
But, in this – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand within and as our primary character existent in the ‘search/seeking for the MORE of self/here’, we continue within and throughout our lives – searching/seeking for MORE sex/sexuality characters to accumulate within ourselves as we’re searching/seeking for the MORE of ourselves in our relationship to sex/sexuality. And within that searching/seeking for the MORE of here within ourselves, we manifest MORE energy-experiences in our relationship to sex/sexuality within ourselves/our Minds. And so, our relationship to sex/sexuality had become the accumulation of sex/sexuality characters from images/pictures/movies/porn magazines/videos etc. and our energy experiences within that: separating ourselves more and more and more from and of ourselves, our physical-bodies and the natural equal and one physical expression of HERE within and during Sex that is possible within an equal and one relationship with one’s physical-body; where sex does not become an energy-experience created from images, pictures, movies, magazines, media etc. but an absolute equal and one expression AS THE PHYSICAL-itself. Where, relationships essentially have become the following unspoken acceptance and allowance: “You and I fulfil one of each other’s Characters in relation to sex/sexuality/relationship – and then the rest we attempt/try to continue fulfilling within and as the secrets of and as our own Minds” – with relationships thus becoming a point where human beings can fulfil at least One sex/sexuality/relationship Character with the rest left to be fulfilled in the Mind in fantasies, dreams, masturbations and obviously sometimes/most often going to the extent of cheating; as we’ve accumulated so many Characters, competing for fulfilment, that only fulfilling them in the Mind is not enough…

We’ll continue in the next post with the process of how we exactly manifested/create ourselves as characters in relation to sex/sexuality/masturbation and relationships from and of memories of what we’ve experienced/seen/heard within and as this physical-reality. Thus essentially – how we’ve used our own physical-bodies and this physical-existence to attempt/try to materialize/manifest characters within and as our Minds of Energy; within and as the starting-point Character of searching/seeking the More of Self/Here, which we then created in our Minds as a myriad of characters and energy-experiences; abusing, compromising and manipulating the very fabric/construct of this physical-existence just for the fulfilment of the MORE, instead of realising the simplicity of Life as Here in equality and oneness with Self, the Physical-Body and this Physical-Existence as a whole.

I commit myself to show, the extent to which we’ve created/programmed and manifested characters within our Minds from memories of our actual, real physical-experiences/interactions/participations in reality, where – because we’re not equal and one with ourselves, our physical-bodies and this physical-existence, but existing in separation from and of it as the Primary Character of searching/seeking the More of itself/here: we’ve been using/abusing/manipulating ourselves, our physical-bodies and this physical-existence through creating characters within our Minds and energy-experiences within and as that in our search/seeking for the More of ourselves/here. Which has caused/manifested the consequences of us not living equal-to and one-with ourselves, our physical-bodies and this physical-existence, within the extent to which we’ll justify, excuse and validate our deceptions, secrets and dishonesties ‘in the name of searching/seeking for that MORE of self/here’.

In this, I commit myself to show how – the moment we create a character in our Minds, such as from images, pictures, movies, pornography, magazines, media, advertisements which we store/manifest in our Minds and then personalize those images, pictures, movies, pornography, magazines, media, advertisements where we became the main star; starring in our own internal images, pictures, movies, pornography, magazines, media, advertisements; in so doing, creating/manifesting an innumerable amounts of characters, with their own personalities, preferences, energy-experiences etc. that we access whenever a character search/seek satisfaction/fulfilment. That, within this process of creating/manifesting characters – we’ve separated who we are into and as images, pictures, movies, pornography, magazines, media, advertisements from which we’ve created/manifested varying characters as representations/parts of ourselves. Where, as we’re existing now – we’re existing in and as characters in our own Minds as our own creations of ourselves, where all these characters are searching/seeking for the More of themselves/here. And so we spend our days in our Minds – trying/attempting to please the satisfaction of the all the characters we’ve created in our relationship to Sex/Sexuality; that lead us into and as an internal isolation/separation, where we within the secrecy of our Minds fantasize with and as our characters that we have created/manifested as-ourselves; enslaved to our own creations of and as ourselves.

In this, I commit myself to show how within and as us accepting and allowing to create/manifest ourselves into characters in our Minds as live-representations of ourselves in our own Minds, with each character having its distinct characteristics of preference/experience; we’ve accepted and allowed our characters to control, direct and manifest the experience/living of ourselves, to the point where, for example: within and as relationships, that one relationship with self and another being is non-existent, as self’s primary relationship has become with and as the characters in one’s own Mind searching/seeking for the More of themselves/here. And so we’d dwell in our Minds, during Sex/within Masturbation to fulfil/satisfy the searching/seeking of our characters’ fulfilment in our relationship to Sex/Sexuality. Not seeing/realising/understanding, that no matter how much we give/entertain our characters, they’re never satisfied/fulfilled – which then eventually takes us into and as the living-condition of having multiple simultaneous partners to attempt/try and please/satisfy the characters in our Minds.

I commit myself to show, the extent of the consequences we’ve accepted and allowed to create/manifest for ourselves, within for example – creating a multitude of characters in our relationship to Sex/Sexuality, separating ourselves in our Minds within various characters, from various memories of pictures, images, movies, magazines, media, advertisement and pornography that manifest to such an extent, that we become it to such an extent: that it comes to direct/control/influence our decisions of who we are within ourselves, our physical-bodies and so this physical-existence as a whole. Which is what leads us into the temptation of searching/seeking for the More of ourselves, the More of Here; and in our path to fulfilment/satisfaction – compromising, manipulating and destroying relationships and lives, with ourselves, other human beings and so this physical existence as a whole; as we’ve become Characters Possessed in One Mind; all searching/seeking fulfilment at the same time. Which within that manifested the consequence of most human beings’ relationship to Sex/Sexuality possession; as so many characters was created in the Mind; that all simultaneously search/seek for the More of themselves/here that become like One Force that direct/control/influence the human beings’ obsession and possession with sex, that can mentally and physically drive one to extreme consequences to the extent human beings would go for their obsession and possession with sex/sexuality.

I commit myself to show – how, human beings’ justification/excuse/validation of “it’s normal to masturbate / have sex / fantasize with pictures, images, movies, magazines, media, advertisement and pornography” - is in fact their characters in their Mind speaking, attempting/trying to protect/defend their existence and experience of the addiction/obsession/possession with and as that More energy-experience accumulation they attain/manifest within and as their Characters in their Mind within and during Orgasm/Sex/Masturbation.
In this, I commit myself to show, how and why - participation in fantasies of pictures, images, movies, magazines, media, advertisement and pornography – only exist when one is existent as the Mind of Energy in Characters to accumulate/manifest a Mind-Energy experience within and during sex/masturbation, and how this process/approach in fact compromise and abuse self and the physical-body. That this process / approach to sex/sexuality/masturbation only exist: because we haven’t been self-honest in our equal and one relationship to ourselves and our physical-bodies. And in this – how and why, the Sex and Masturbation interview series, walk one through the process of how we created a Sex/Masturbation MIND that we experience in our physical-bodies during sex/masturbation, and how to practically assist and support self to establish an equal and one relationship with self/the physical body/one’s partner, where one PHYSICALLY EXPRESS without the use/means/methods of accepting and allowing self to participate in the Mind-Characters of pictures, images, movies, magazines, media, advertisement and pornography to become stimulated in the Mind of Energy within the Physical-Body.

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