Have you Ever Really Loved your Parents? – Part Two: DAY 87

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Have you Ever Really Loved your Parents? – Part Two: DAY 87

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

This is a continuation of our previous post, where we’re continuing with more practical/physical examples of how we never in fact have a relationship with our parents/all beings in our world for that matter, because ‘who we are’ in relationship to them in our Mind, is/always has been constructed/manifested from and in relationship to memories/characters as-us, within ourselves/the Mind. How, we even go so far as creating/constructing ‘alternate versions’ of our parents within our Minds, from ‘alternate versions’ of ourselves as characters to serve only our interest/intentions/wants, needs and desires according to how we manifested our ‘who we are’ in our Minds.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical from the beginning to now, seen, realised and understood my relationship to myself and others as existent/defined within my Mind from/of memories, where with my memories containing defined-relationships of ‘who I am’ to/towards others in my world, will within my/such memories of past-experiences with others, establish me as the main-character within such memories, and within the memories-itself: even change/alter/warp the actual-reality past-experience, ‘who/how I was’ in that moment as well as the other person, to accordingly mould/shape/manifest my remembrance/memory of that physical-interaction to best suit my own interested wants, needs, desires / intentions as the process of using memories of past-experience to create/manifest me into and as characters in my Mind that SERVE ME and me Only.
Where, for example:
In my relationships/interactions with my parents as a child, with for example facing a moment where I wanted, needed and desired a particular-item, with all that stands in the way of me and that item was my parent saying ‘Yes’. And with the parent saying ‘No’ would go into an absolute ‘break-down’, because:
In the past, before this current-moment in seeing the item I want, need and desire - I as a child physically-interacted with a particular item, that was similar/the same to the one I was seeing with my parent in current-time. Where that particular item in the past, while I was physically in reality interacting with it/playing with it/eating it: had an overwhelming experience of joy. This overwhelming experience of joy, coming from similar/same memories of my parents in my Unconscious-Mind, that merged with my present-moment – containing me in interaction with the particular item within the glass-window pane, where I then ‘accepted’ my parents’ memory/their experience and behaviour as character to/towards a similar/same item; and so the two memories – (my present-moment interaction with the item, together with my parents’ memory as character/experience/behaviour to/towards a similar/same item); then manifested in the centre of my Mind/head/brain region and then manifested into and as mind-physical experience of overwhelming joy. Where, the moment I experienced the overwhelming joy with this particular item, I took another present-moment imprint containing me in the experience of overwhelming joy in relationship to this particular item with a particular behaviour; and manifested it into and as my own, personal Unconscious/Physical-Mind relationship. And this thus the process of creating me into and as a Character in relationship to a/the particular item, with the Memory as Character of me, containing the item, my behaviour and experience. And so – every time I physically see this particular item, my own memory activate within my Mind-Physical relationship and so will every time access the character I created as my ‘who I am’ to/towards this particular item in how I behave and experience myself.
And so, as I was walking with my parent in current-time – I with my Physical-Mind eyes imprinted a present-moment into my ‘glass window pane’, of an item that looked similar/the same to the one I formed a character-relationship to in the past; which then activated this character in my Mind only. Where I met this item I was seeing in current-time, with a reaction of recognition of the sense of overwhelming joy. But, because I did not PHYSICALLY have it, my experience to/towards that Item in my external world, was only existent in my Mind as my character and experience of overwhelming joy within that activated. And so, the only way this Character within me in relationship to the Item can be physically-materialized/lived: is if I PHYSICALLY have/get/own/possess that Item. Because the moment I get/have/own/possess that Item, I can fully embody/physically experience my character with the overwhelming joy experience and behaviour that goes with it. And so, the character in the Mind takes centre-point within the Mind – not yet fully integrated, because it does not yet have a physical-relationship of ownership to/towards that particular item; and so it is the Character the child created that asks the parent for that Item, to own/possess/have it, so that it can physically experience itself as the memory of itself it created within the past with a similar/same item. And so, the child essentially wants to re-materialize a memory, to experience themselves the way they did in the memory and behave the same way they did in the memory and the only thing that can fulfil that experience/behaviour as character within the Memory: is getting/having/owning/possessing this item.
And thus why – when/as the Parent say ‘No’ – the child will in a way ‘break down’; because in their Mind – they already activated the memory/character of their past-relationship with a similar/same item, already built up the energy-experience in their Mind-Physical relationship, which mean within their Mind, they already ‘have the item’ – they just needed to now PHYSICALLY have/own/possess it. So, the child built up their energies to a HIGH, and when the parent say NO, the energy suddenly/unexpectedly drop, because in the child’s Mind, it’s like in physical-reality they already ‘had’ it – but only in fact ‘had it in their Mind’. And so the child interpret the parent saying NO to them as ‘who they are as a being’, but the parent in fact only said no to ONE CHARACTER of and as the child, as the relationship they created within a memory in relation to a particular item. And so this Character, already positioned in the Mind-Physical relationship, ready to physically materialize/manifest would ‘fight for its way through into and as a Physical-Experience/Behaviour’, with this fighting manifesting the child into and as what is referred to as a ‘Temper Tantrum’ / simply ‘Tantrum’; as the child as the character take that Energy-Drop of the Energy that went from a high to a low when the parent said No and use it mentally-physically within and as the Child to attempt/try to manipulate the Parent into getting/having/owning/possessing the particular item.

I commit myself to show, how – as children, we already start with the basic process of character-creation in our relationship with toys/food/television-shows/school etc. we developed in and as manifested-memories of ourselves in relationship to the toys/food/television-shows/school with particular-specific behaviours/experiences. All/most such relationships to toys/food/television-shows/school coming-from memories of our parents as characters they created with experiences/behaviours to/towards toys/food/television-shows/school etc. Where – every moment we, in physical-reality come into contact with toys/food/television-shows/school where we had already created/manifested characters towards as particular behaviours/experiences: our Physical-Mind eyes would imprint the present-moments onto the glass-window pane, activate the unconscious/physical-mind memory with our character as experience/behaviour to/towards a particular-item, where we will in quantum-time meet that particular-item with the experience/behaviour as character we created/manifested to/towards it within our memories. And so, within this – how, we’re never in fact in REAL-TIME, here as breath within for example, as children in our relationship to/towards a particular-item, because we from a certain perspective, with activating our relationship to/towards a particular item, are only experiencing ourselves / behaving as a embodied character from a memory that centred itself within our Mind-Physical relationship. And so – we’re not in fact experiencing/interacting/participating with a particular-specific item, we’re always only experiencing/behaving WITHIN OURSELVES, only OURSELVES in our own MIND. And will with our relationship to a particular-item, essentially be in a possession, as we’re so focused on our experience/behaviour as character-relationship to the particular item in reality, that the rest of the world seem to disappear as the utmost/absolute separation from ourselves, our own body and the rest of the physical-environment.
And so, I commit myself to show – how, from childhood – into, through and as our adult-years, why and how it is we develop/create/manifest preferences to/towards items/material-possessions even to people –as we’ve used such particular-specific items/material-possessions and relationships with people, to within our MEMORIES as physical-experiences with them, develop characters of experiences/behaviours, that ‘activate’ every time we interact/participate in physical-reality with certain-specific items/material-possessions and relationships with people. That our relationships with items/material-possessions/relationships with other people, never in fact has to do with the real-time participation with the items/material-possessions/relationships with other people – but how they activate MEMORIES of characters we created within ourselves with particular experiences/behaviours that we then get to physically embody/live-out/experience as ‘who we are’.
In this, I commit myself to show how/why thus – the Elite, for example within this world will not ‘give up’ / ‘let go of’ or consider sharing their wealth within the implementation of an Equal Money System, where all are equal and one in elitist status on this Earth with an equal and one opportunity to life/living, because such individuals/the elite created memories as characters with experiences/behaviours in their Mind in their relationship to money/material-possessions. And so the Characters will fight for their existence in the Mind of the human being; because they must physically have the material-possessions/money to activate the characters/experiences/behaviours in their memories to which they have defined themselves as. That characters in the Mind would regard themselves as MORE than other human beings’ LIVES, and would justify/excuse/validate their why/how as their right to their money/material-possessions, and the amount of that they have at the sacrifice of countless lives…simply because a character in a memory wants to own/possess its activations in physical-reality as money/material possessions as the extent to which human beings have come to believe ‘who they are’ to be characters in their Minds from and of memories….

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood how: the moment the parent say NO, with the memory and the character still existent in the centre of the child’s Mind in relationship to the particular item that is attempting-to/trying-to physically manifest itself:  consciousness of and as the child will imprint that present-moment of the parent saying NO into the glass-window pane, scan for memories/characters of the parents with a similar/same memory with their parents saying NO. And when/as the child’s beingness  (now merged with the mind within and as that one-memory with the character in relationship to the particular-item)  – when/as the child’s merged-beingness accept a memory found, that memory of the parents is then merged with the present-moment of the parent saying NO. Then, those two merged-memories, from the glass-window pane then transfer into the centre of the Mind merging with the memory in the centre of the Mind of the child with the memory of the character in relationship to the particular item. And once all three memories are merged in the centre of the Mind, they resonate into and as the Mind-Physical relationship of the child and so the child will physically-behave, squeal and whine – equal-to and one-with what the child’s parents did in their character-creation to/towards their parents when their parents said NO as the memory the child accepted from their Unconscious-Mind and uploaded into and as their Mind to physically enact/live-out.
And so – what is in fact manipulating in such a mental-physical state is the Child’s Character in the centre of the Mind, merged with the present-moment of the parent saying NO as well as the memory of their parents’ character as how they behaved/experienced themselves when their parents said NO; together with the negative-energy the child/character experienced from the drop of the HIGH the child initially experienced within the expectations of getting/having/owning that physical-item. And so the child throw their tempter-tantrum/tantrum to attempt/try to manipulate the parent into giving them that physical-item; as the character in the Mind of the child fight for its existence.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand, what happens from that moment:
If/as the parent maintains the NO: The child will then take that entire present moment consisting of – the child existing as the three-merged-memories in the centre of their Mind (Memory 1: the character in relationship to the item, Memory 2: the moment their parents said No, Memory 3: the parents’ memory/character of their tantrum as behaviour/experience) the child will take ‘who they are’ as the three merged-memories, the parent continuously saying NO as well as the child’s negative-energy experience in that present moment and manifest it as ONE MEMORY within their Mind-Physical relationship. Where in the memory of the Child – the child will position themselves as the Main Character in relationship to their Parent saying NO, and construct the memory in such a way that it was the Parent that said NO to the child and caused the child’s negative-experience in their Mind-Physical relationship, and so in the Memory essentially blame the Parent. When this entire process/experience: was all in fact playing-out only within the Child within a character fighting for its existence/embodiment, and had nothing personally to do with the parent.
If/as the Parent says YES: The child will then take that entire present moment consisting of – the child existing as the three-merged-memories in the centre of their Mind (Memory 1: the character in relationship to the item, Memory 2: the moment their parents said No, Memory 3: the parents’ memory/character of their tantrum as behaviour/experience) the child will take ‘who they are’ as the three merged-memories, and the parent saying YES as well as the child’s positive-energy experience in that present moment when they got the item and the character was materialized in the physical: taking all that and manifest it as ONE MEMORY within their Mind-Physical relationship. Where in the memory of the Child – the child will position themselves as the Main Character in relationship to their Parent saying YES, and construct the memory in such a way as the entire process that the child will thus re-enact whenever the Parent ever again says NO and can embody all three memories simultaneously – from the character as the experience/behaviour to the item, to the memory of the parent first saying no, to the memory of the parents’ character/tantrum when their parents said NO and physically manifest it until their parents say YES again. When this entire process/experience: playing-out in the Mind of the child, with the parent thinking/believing that when the child is happy/satisfied with getting/having/owning the item and the child hug them/kiss them or say thank you – it’s in fact the character in the Mind that is pleased to have been able to be physically manifested, and had nothing to do with the Parent themselves.

I commit myself to show – how, as children – even within this relationship to getting/having/owning/possessing certain-specific items to/towards which we developed/manifested a particular character towards with a particular experience/behaviour, when/as we say thank you/give a hug, it’s not in fact an actual, real appreciation/gratefulness of another in the relationship of ‘giving and receiving’ in REALLY saying thank you in gratefulness to another as self, but in fact a reaction from a character in our Minds to/towards our parents for fulfilling our want, need and desire to physically-manifest and have a particular experience/behaviour, thus essentially a character within the Mind of the Child saying: “thank you from transferring me from a Memory into and as an actual Physical-Experience in reality”. And thus, in this example above – the parent essentially only pleased a character within the Mind of the Child, and the child’s reaction to/towards the parent is within the fulfilment of this pleasure-experience – which is thus not in fact Love, but a fulfilment of and as a self-interested desire.
Which, within this brings into questioning the very existence of ‘love’ – if even as children, our reactions to/towards our parents in our relationship as characters; was in no way in any context of ‘love’, but in the pleasing/satisfaction of desires within ourselves.

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