Quantum Consciousness Programming in Childhood – Part 2: Day 100

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 Quantum Consciousness Programming in Childhood – Part 2: Day 100

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

Now that we’ve walked the overview process that manifest within and as quantum integration of behavioural systems as done within the previous post, we’re in this post continuing with the commitment statements and more step-by-step details as how we in our Mind-Physical existence become the behavioural systems we observe from/of others we developed a particular-specific relationship to/towards that will activate within particular-specific scenarios together with a particular-specific energy experience.

(Commitment Statements Continuing from the previous post…)
I commit myself to show – how/why as Children, within and as our mind-physical relationship – we have the capacity and ability to in quantum-time integrate and manifest entire behavioural-systems from and of people/examples we created a particular energy-experience/connection to/towards within and as a/the particular alignment of self-interest in surviving as evolving as Characters within our Minds as what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to, throughout the generations within humanity – be, and become. Where, as Children: our Mind was not yet completely/fully merged with and as the Physical Body, as the Mind only completed its merging within and during the Age of Eighteen Years – which has now within and as the manifested-consequence within our existence/relationship to the Mind, come to manifest up to the age of Nine Years, where the Mind completely merge into and as the Physical-Body. (The Details of these processes of the Mind’s relationship to the Physical is/will be walked in the History of Mankind interview series, walked at the moment by the Reptilians and Atlanteans with more Races to come - available on EQAFE.) With the Mind not being fully integrated into the Physical, this makes the Mind-Physical relationship pliable in giving the Mind movement-access within the Physical Body to within and during childhood, develop, design and manifest the specifics/details of its integration into the Physical-Body – as is done within and as the processes of the quantum-integration of entire Behavioural-Systems that eventually solidify into and as the Physical Body as the Mind-Physical relationship cement itself within the Human Being.
In this, I commit myself to show why/how it is this relationship that makes it so difficult for Human Beings to change, as no human being had actually effectively thus, gone into the ROOTS/ ‘mind micro-chips’ of who we are/have become within the Unconscious/Physical-Mind. Not seen, realised and understood the instructions, acceptances and allowances we created/programmed in our Mind-Physical relationship and manifested/programmed into the physical. With the only way, thus to deprogram/change the instructions is through, firstly getting to know self as the mind-physical relationship, identify the nature/substance and detailed design/programming of the relationships/memories/characters/experiences that created/manifested self into and as the who/how self is in the mind-physical existence. And then only from there be able to align the instructions, acceptances and allowances into and as a directive-principle of self LIVING equal-to and one-with the physical. In this process, becoming the directive principled living with and as one’s physical body, as the actual emergence of SELF/life/physical-awareness, instead of Mind Consciousness that has been directing/controlling self throughout self’s life. Thus, the only reason why human beings haven’t changed – is because we haven’t walked/understood the process/intricacies required for change; which is what Desteni is in the process of assisting/supporting humanity with: to understand the process of Change, with the tools of writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application available on the Desteni-Forums and the Desteni I Process; as we have to change/deprogram equally as one as we programmed/created ourselves: through instruction, through how we through the mind instructed our physical, and now we have to as SELF stand with the body and manifest the living instruction of the equal and one directive principle of Life/Living; which one do within, as and through the process of writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective application – getting to know the instructions, letting go of the old instructions and standing as the new instructions of actual self-aware living in and as equality and oneness.

(Continuing from the previous post…)
I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as  Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood the process of how the child, with the example of Friend A: accumulate data/memories from and of examples in her world/reality to construct/manifest her Conservative Character’s behaviour/mannerism from and of her Mother, within and as the process of and as the quantum integration/manifestation of behavioural systems, with continuing with the process of and as Sculpting Behaviour:
With the Mind-Physical relationship of the child still in the process of integration, merging and fusion – the Mind still possess the directive-principle to be able to in and with the physical, move itself to ensure/secure the process of ‘quantum integration/manifestation’, of for example behavioural-systems. Where, with the example utilized - Friend A observes her Mother – her Mother sitting on the couch, and observes how her Mother is sitting cross-legged, how she’s using/waving her arms in her process of explanation, her fingers moving swiftly, yet gentle and ethereal like as though she’s drawing the words simultaneously through her body/arms and fingers. Also her eyes are wide and her mouth open, her upper body stiff and lifting ever so slightly every time her voice-pitch simultaneously heightens as she’s completely in the moment with the words and her body channelling a memory within her Mind and displaying it in the moment as she grasps the centre of attention as all the other Females are entranced by her Mother’s show. The Mind essentially in that moment, moves one’s beingness into and as the physical-body, where the being will essentially thus experience it as though they are in a ‘bubble’ within reality; as though for a moment they are floating within the substance of reality, where everything feels ‘hollow’ and the physical-reality becomes more distinct as a live picture being watched, yet slightly out of focus at the same time. This physically manifest the being into a ‘trance like state’, where when looking at the child in such a moment – they will be staring, as though they’re ‘somewhere else’, deeply transfixed within themselves into/towards one point – like, staring at everything, yet nothing. This is when the child’s beingness is merged with the physical, and the Mind/Consciousness is in the process of manifesting a ‘quantum integration’ of reality/the physical.
Why/how the Mind moves the beingness into and as the physical body, is because – with the physical-beingness merging, both consisting of/existing as substance, this gives the mind more SUBSTANCE to work with in equally as one manifesting into the body the amount/extent of systems that it will integrate/copy/imitate from and of reality. One’s beingness is/has been deliberately separated from the physical-body, because in the beginning, the creators realised the power existent within the substances of the beingness and the physical merging, and wanted control of the beings and so developed/created the pre-programmed Mind and Soul Construct, to manage humans on earth with the Mind and in the Afterlife with the Soul. (All of this, the relationship between the mind, our beingness and the physical, energy and substance – together with the Mind and the Soul as control/enslavement systems: is walked in detail in the History of Mankind Series, now walked by the Atlanteans and Reptilians with more Races to come as well as the Journey’s into the Afterlife and Secret History of the Universe Series). And so – the Mind holds the directive principle of when/as allowing the access with the beingness and the physical as this give the Mind/Consciousness access to substantial amount of substance to transform into energy for the successful integration/manifestations/creations of the systems with and within the physical-body, as the process of infusing itself and so taking control of the physical body of the human being.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand thus, why/how the Mind manifest in and as ‘quantum time’ in the physical is with merging the beingness with the physical, because with the beingness merged with the Mind and from there the Mind merged with the physical, this relationship is set on time-loops. (The relationship between Time, the Mind and the Physical is walked within Part 31 and Part 32 of the Reptilian Series walking the History of Mankind). Time-loops – where, the Mind moves in processes dependent on the heart-beat/breathing of the physical body, only moving one thought/one movement/one point/one cycle at a time, for example. Whereas – with merging the beingness into the physical, that merging of the substances for a moment ‘short-circuit’ the time-loops as the Mind is then not as directly linked/merged/limited to the physical ‘space time’ programming. And with the beingness and physical merging – this manifest a ‘quantum here moment’ within physical-reality, where the Mind can thus do – what would’ve taken years for the mind to process into the physical: can manifest in one moment/a few minutes.
And so, I forgive myself that I  haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand - in that moment what manifest in the mind-physical relationship, as the being’s beingness is merged with the physical – with the mind still connected into and as the physical-body with a substantial amount of substance available to it: it’s like the entire body of the child becomes the ‘glass-window pane’ as mentioned before, the entire body becomes One Physical-Mind Eye – imprinting/manifesting as copying the mother’s entire detailed behaviour into and as the physical body as Consciousness IN THE PHYSICAL in real-time MIMIC the movements of the Mother the child is observing. Which would, for example physically be experienced as the twitching of the fingers/hands, pulsing movements in the arms and legs, a pressure within the chest area as consciousness imprint/manifest the sound of the mother into, as and with this behavioural system, with pressure/intensity in the eyes and slight substantial movements in the lips/mouth as the eyes/mouth and details of the face of the Mother is copied.
What is happening in this Moment is Consciousness within the physical moving itself within the physical-body of the child, mirroring the detail of what the Mother is doing in her behaviour within and as the very fabric/flesh of the child’s physical body, ‘drawing and creating’ itself into and as a behavioural system within and as the physical-body of the child. And as/while it draw/create itself into the flesh/fabric of the physical, it at the same time draw from the substance of the merged beingness/physical of the child, to transform substance into energy and manifest an actual physical-mind organic system, as the process of integrating/manifesting the mind into and as the physical through copying/imitating in quantum time integrating behavioural systems into the physical body. Where, this advancement of the Mind in the Physical is primarily done by what the Child observed within and as parents/people’s BEHAVIOUR in the physical as the living examples that have gone before them, that equally as one do/walk this process within and throughout life as we copy/imitate behaviour from magazines, movies, advertisements etc. – and with what we as humanity/this World-System has become: we as the parents/examples is/have obviously not been leading/responsible examples in nurturing childhood into and as effective living beings.

I commit myself to show, how eventually – as the child come of age, with downloading/integrating/manifesting such behavioural-systems into and as the physical through and as the mind/consciousness, the child will eventually later in their life actually recreate/manifest such an exact-same/similar moment of her Mother with her Friends, where she’ll seemingly ‘naturally / automatically’ - be sitting cross-legged, using/waving her arms in her process of explanation, her fingers moving swiftly, yet gentle and ethereal like as though she’s drawing the words simultaneously through her body/arms and fingers. Also her eyes are wide and her mouth open, her upper body stiff and lifting ever so slightly every time her voice-pitch simultaneously heightens as she’s completely in the moment with the words and her body channelling a memory within her Mind and displaying it in the moment as she grasps the centre of attention as all the other Females are entranced by her show – and not even question the behavioural-processes of themselves as it seemingly naturally/automatically manifest. This, with Friend A recreating an exact-same/similar moment as what she observed with her Mother and her Friends when she was a child - manifesting as Friend A would within her life, successfully have manifested the Conservative Character within her, together with the voice tonality, emotional/feeling body, thoughts, internal conversations/backchats and especially the behavioural systems; within this: aligning herself with equal and one friends as her mother did that ensures/secures her Conservative Character and so will equally as one align/manifest moments, situations and experiences within and as which she can physically live-out this Character as her mother did.

I commit myself to show, the detail of how we in fact create/manifest ourselves, our relationships and even our physical-experiences, ‘who/how we are’ within our physical-bodies and so within and as our physical-interactions/participations within reality; have created/manifested all of it through and as the Mind. To in this, make human being aware of how we in fact created/manifested/designed ourselves from childhood through the Mind into the Physical; that what we think, what we speak in the mind, how we react and especially behave within the physical, did not come automatically/naturally: we actually instructed it into and as the physical through a process of space and time and quantum time in the mind-physical relationship.
In this, to see, realise and understand the extent of the consequences this mind-physical relationship has manifested within humanity, why/how thus human beings haven’t in fact ever changed as CHANGE and the process/discipline/effort in change has never been put in/walked individually, and within this – that no-one has ever yet in fact understood the specifics of the mind’s relationship to the physical and what it will take to in fact change for real in the physical and stand as that change for a lifetime.
I commit myself to, prepare the way before me as/for all as me – to walk in detail, here in this Blog and in interviews/material walked within Desteni, EQAFE – how it is that we came to exist as we are as individuals in the mind’s relationship to the physical and within that, the detailed processes of change required to be walked as already prepared within the Desteni I Process. And so why/how the nature of humanity is/has only worsened as this relationship between the mind and the physical has never been understood, and so I will walk this process so that the understanding/realization can be here of what is/will be required to in fact change self. To in this at the same time: find/develop more direct/efficient/practical ways with the tools of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to manifest this process of change of getting to know self as the mind, to really change self’s relationship with the physical, and so our relationship with each other and this physical existence.
And so – in walking the detail, for those that are ready, for those that see/realise – for those that are ready for this ONE LIFE to give up the Mind’s limitation and commit themselves/their living to LIFE/the physical: to stand/be/become proven visible living examples – that stand with in walking the 7 Year Journey to Life, participating in sharing the physical process of change and the effort, processes and discipline required to walk. To be/become the leading living examples that will show to humanity – what is/will be required to change, and for us to continue standing, walking each day step by step until the eyes of those move from within the limitation of the Mind, to the potential of the physical as we become the living evidence of change, that cannot/will not be able to be denied as we stand here with ourselves/with each other. To in so-doing, prepare ourselves as living examples for the children to come, prepare the world for the children to come – as leading examples of life/living, as we open up the gates of Heaven on Earth through the equal and one living examples we become/live. 

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