The Organic Memory-Chip: DAY 97

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The Organic Memory-Chip: DAY 97

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

As mentioned in the previous post, we’re in and from this post continuing with how we create, design and manifest our process of, for example staring/catching glances at others that we observe as we cross-reference ourselves within the starting-point of Characters in our Minds in our processes of either evolving/specifying a character and/or changing a character and/or creating a character, as the child with the mother in the process of developing her ‘Conservatism Character’ within herself.
And within this, continue with the mechanics/designs of actual Personality-Systems in the Mind-Physical relationship, where for example that One Memory/Decision will manifest as an actual ‘micro-chip’ in a Personality Framework design; that centres itself within a particular position that will serve as an primary activation for and of Friend A’s Conservative Character, as the One Point that her ‘Suspicion’-Character will protect/defend to maintain the Conservative Character, to secure her interest as want, need and desire for/of relationship.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, see, realise and understand the processes and mechanics involved when One Memory manifest as a Micro-Chip within a Character that becomes a full-bodied Personality we come to physically live-out, as a Primary Character that consist of/exist as a myriad/conglomeration of ‘supporting Characters’ that is aligned within the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind, one of them for example the ‘Suspicion’-Character that would protect/defend the Primary Character/Personality the human being is in their Mind-Physical existence living-out.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now, seen, realised and understood, with walking the Example of Friend A, how she – the moment in her beingness, mind and physical self existence made The Decision of ‘who she is/will be’ as the Conservative-Character of her Mother and the relationship within and between the Mother and Father, where she in that moment connected, merged and defined the ‘who she is/will become’ within herself  as the Conservative Character in relation to her relationships/partners: she manifested that One Memory into the centre of a Primary Character as ‘Personality System’, that is/was existent as system-embodiments/system body suits within the Subconscious Mind of the Main Mind Consciousness System. With such mind-system ‘body suits’, having a framework of an actual physical-body – with already-existent platforms of a Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind as ‘mini versions’ of the Main Mind Consciousness System, that will be used to develop the Primary Character/Personality’s own particular-specific thought-patterns and internal conversations/backchats together with its individual-specific emotional/feeling body of reaction-patterns. With such Main Character/Personality Suits activating – within/from that One Moment, in quantum time as the beingness in their mind-physical existence speaking/living The Decision in that moment, that in that one moment is aware of the decision they make of ‘who they are’ / ‘will be’, for example as the Conservative Character (who she is) regarding Relationships (who/how she will be/become). And this moment will thus be ‘forgotten’ as Consciousness then take-over in initiating a internal systematized body-suit as Primary Character/Personality where this one Memory will be centralized within the head-region of the ‘body-suit/physical framework’ of a Primary Character/Personality that is existent within the Main Mind Consciousness System as already-prepared frameworks of Personalities. That just need activating by One Memory/One Decision of the being in a physical real-time moment deciding with all that they are – who they’re going to be/become within the living statement of, for example: “This is what I want/want to be/have when I grow up”. With such moments never communicated to anyone, as this becomes a ‘personal self-decision’ that will always remain secret/kept hidden to so ensure/secure the potential for it manifesting/materializing in their lives. Just as we ‘wish upon a star’ – keeping the wish ‘secret’, for if it is spoken/shared – the deal one make with existence in the wish will be broken, as it’s a ‘secret’ that is maintained with existence and self, as it’s a secret that’s maintained between consciousness and self.

I commit myself to show, how/why thus – with slowing oneself down with and as the physical-breath in and as one’s process of aligning self to the One Character of and as the Physical as Life, living in and as equality and oneness with and as the starting-point of ‘what’s best for all’, aligning self into and as the Real/Reality of the Physical – within and as the process of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application; where one will within this process clearly start seeing, realising for self, how: dependent on the people and environment/situation, will activate / ‘trigger’ a particular-specific Primary Character/Personality, where one will have individualized/personalized experiences/reactions of emotions/feelings, individualized/personalized thought/memory-patterns emerging, together with individualized/personalized internal conversations/backchats and physical-behaviour that is aligned with and as that/such a particular-specific Main/Primary Character/Personality that was ‘activated/triggered’ that one had aligned with and as certain people, environments/situations. Which is what we’re going to be walking through within the posts within this Blog, to see/realise/understand the detail within the Mind-Physical existence of how we have come to exist as various Characters/Personality – primarily in our Minds, understanding, seeing and realising what separation from self, the physical-body and this physical-existence mean, and the consequences of this accepted and allowed separation for ourselves and humanity as a whole.

In this, I commit myself to show – how/why we will not have a remembrance of such absolute quantum-time decisions we’ve made of ‘who we are/will be/become’ in relation to memories from our childhood from what we’ve copied/imitated from/of those that have gone before us. As we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to abdicate our ‘self-creation processes’ to Consciousness, where the only ‘work’ we essentially do directively in the beginning of our lives is making such ‘life decision’ from and of memories in our Minds, ‘holding onto’ such Memories in connecting/merging/defining our beingness,  mind and physical existence to/towards it. From where Consciousness of and as ourselves will ‘take care of the rest’, in activating the Primary Character/Personality systematized ‘body suits’ and accumulating/storing memories with this Primary Character/Personality systematized body-suits, from where we within and throughout our lives design/program this particular Primary Character/Personality suits’ personalized Mind, that will consist of/exist as specific thoughts, internal conversations/backchats, reactions and behaviours.
In this, I commit myself to show how we’ve essentially developed this ‘secret relationship’ with our own Mind/Consciousness in essentially stating “I give you the points/memories of wants, needs and desires to work with; you make sure I get, have, own and possess them”. And so, we actively work with ourselves as Consciousness in designing/programming our Personalities/Primary Characters to attempt/try to manifest/materialize our own individual wants, needs and desires. With most of our lives existing in the confines of our Mind with our primary relationship always in all ways existing to/towards/with our own Minds, and the rest of our actual physical-relationships, simply stepping stones to ensure/secure our wants, needs and desires manifest. Which is why/how we will always stand up for Consciousness/the Mind – protecting/defending it, as our own wants, needs and desires cause it is the point/manifestation that will get us what WE want; and thus will so never equally as one stand up for humanity/this physical existence in any way whatsoever; as we’ve come to regard our own personal wants, needs and desires MORE than the lives of all in equality and oneness here.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to see, realise and understand in equality and oneness with and as Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – how, with for example Friend A – would from within and as her Mind, thus: the moment Consciousness activated the/a Primary Character/Personality systematized body-suit, centralized within it the Memory of her standing observing her Mother and Father in relationship, where the two primary points within the Memory is 1.) her – observing her Mother’s Conservative Character, and 2.) her observing the relationship between the Mother and Father. That One Memory will thus resonate within and throughout the ‘body suit’/personality system. Where, when the Personality as systematized body-suit activate, will align as an ‘inner lining’ within the entire Physical-Body and positions itself parallel to the Main Mind Consciousness System. Where Consciousness will thus use Friend A’s primary Mind-Existence to construct, build, program and manifest the Primary Character/Personality she is in the process of creating with and as herself as the Mind/Consciousness.
And so, this Primary Character/Personality internal body-suit will ‘activate’, the moment her Physical-Mind Eyes capture a present-moment into a Memory within and on the ‘glass window pane’, where Consciousness will scan it, and when/as it’s in alignment with the Primary Character/Personality Memory as the Conservative-Character and/or relationship between Mother and Father, will activate the Primary Character/Personality, that will in quantum time align with the Physical-Body and the Mind Consciousness System and so Friend A’s ‘awareness’ will be as her own ‘Conservative Character in creation’. Where Consciousness will thus move its primary ‘attention’ into and as this ‘Conservative Character’ suit that has possessed the being and the physical for a moment, where Friend A’s eyes and attention will be focused on the Mother/the relationship between the Mother and Father, accumulating specific memories/moments into and as this ‘Conservative Character in the making’ body-suit within her Mind and Physical; as she’s actively in the process of designing, programming, creating this Personality’s Thoughts, internal conversations/backchats, emotional/feeling body and behaviour.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how, for example – Friend A, will see a moment of physical-interaction with her Mother and Father sitting watching television, with her Mother sitting close to her Father, one leg crossed over the Father’s leg, her Father’s arm over her Mothers and her Mother leaning her head slightly on the Father’s shoulder.
That moment is captured through the Physical-Mind Eyes of Friend A, as a memory into the glass-window pane, where consciousness scans and then detects its alignment to the Memory within the Personality suit/embodiment of the ‘Conservative Character in the making’ within Friend A. From where Consciousness moves its primary attention into and as the activation of the ‘Conservative Character in the making’ that activate its ‘body suit’, and the being for a moment becomes that ‘Conservative character in the making’ as it aligns with her Physical-Body and parallel into and as the Mind Consciousness System. From where this Memory/moment of her parents sitting – will transfer from the glass window pane, into and as the centre of the Mind/head/brain region and IMPRINT into and as the lining of the ‘Character in the making’ body suit, as a memory-layer/storing that manifest. Where, the experience/reaction Friend A has within herself within and as this memory/moment of her parents sitting together, will also originate from Consciousness scanning the database of the Parents’ Minds within herself, of her parents’ reactions to such moments they observed in their lives, such as for example reacting in an experience of ‘love’, as in “this is love”. And so – the Memory of her parents sitting in such a way, is lined with an energy experience of ‘love/care’, is aligned as an inner lining/layer in and as the body-suit of the Personality/Character, and so that specific memory is then taken into the Body-Suits Unconscious-Mind Platform, where it’s stored, that the being will eventually later in life use when/as they are in relationship with their own partner to sit the exact same/similar way as what her definition of love/care has become within and as her alignment of and as her ‘Conservative Character’.

I commit myself to show, the extent to which we’ve automated our existence as the mind in the physical with and as Consciousness, that due to/because of this automation that we have evolved throughout the history of human civilization, most/all of our processes of self-creation in our mind-physical existence has become ‘automated’ / ‘unconscious’. ‘Unconscious’ simply meaning that we’re not 100% equally as one aware/here in equality and oneness with and as our Mind/Consciousness/Physical processes as we create/manifest ourselves into and as Characters/Personalities from and of memories/within and during our physical living in this world/reality. As we in essence only participate, actively/consciously in 1% awareness of the totality we consist of/exist as with giving the system-representation of ourselves as automated consciousness/mind the other 99%.
This, however does not in any way absolve us from and of any responsibility, as Consciousness, the Mind and our relationship within it with the physical body is still ourselves as system-representations WE CREATED and accepted and allowed to evolve by OUR decision of who we are in abdication of equality and oneness into and as separation. And thus – our responsibility still remain 100%, cause everything that happen within us, is by our acceptance/allowance; we’re existing only in the 1% awareness by our continued acceptance and allowance, and can with a Decision – align ourselves to 100% awareness and direct ourselves as living beings in equality and oneness with the physical body, which is what the Desteni I Process within Desteni assist/support with.

In this, I commit myself to show – how, each human being in their alternate reality of Mind, defined ‘love / care’ for example, within the context of relationships and/or within the contexts of what will fulfil THEIR OWN wants, needs and desires within their Mind-Physical existence and ‘personal life experience’. How we have individualized/personalized the words ‘love and care’ for example in alignments with Characters/Personalities that serve only our individual interests. Not seeing, realising and understanding for example, how such fantasies of love/care is Illusion, because Friend A, for example – that moment with her parents sitting in  HOME, on a COUCH, in front of  TELEVISION, with FOOD: how such a moment can only exist because of MONEY. That that very moment of it apparently being LOVE and CARE is illusion, cause only MONEY made that moment so ‘real’ for Friend A and her parents, but all Friend A see is that mother and father in their external portrayal/representation of apparent ‘love and care’. Not seeing beyond that – what made that moment possible, as the couch, the home, the television, the parents having a job/work within and as the very World-System that provided it, with the labour, suffering, abuse and compromise of human beings’, animals and earth’s lives to create/construct such an illusionary moment in reality, with not seeing the sacrifices in lives within this existence to have made it possible for such elitist human beings.

In this, I commit myself to show – how/why the current definitions/acceptance and allowances of love/care in this world is actually abuse/evil, because love and care is only aligned within what will serve the interest of the individual’s wants, needs and desires and that it can be traced to the sacrifice/suffering of actual lives to make such an illusion an reality. Where, what must be considered regarding actual love and care is aligning it/self into and as equality and oneness with and as human beings/humanity/this physical existence, in aligning one’s living through and as the Desteni I Process in walking self to establish a PHYSICAL LIVING WORLD where self stand as a living example as a human being that take responsibility for all, equally as one. And the EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM that is the manifestation of equality and oneness in VISIBLE, PHYSICAL, REAL alignment with love and care, where each human being/all is equally as one considered, cared for / taken care of. Then love/care transform into and as an actual physical visible existence of equality and oneness as heaven on earth, where NO CHILD coming into this world will be exposed to suffering/sacrifice for a minority of Elite to materialize their Illusion of love/care with and as MONEY that feed off of the lives of this existence that is REAL.

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