Friendship Suspicion Character – Part Two: DAY 92

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Friendship Suspicion Character – Part Two: DAY 92

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

As mentioned in the previous post, we’re continuing with Friendship-Suspicion Character Part Two in walking the details of what thoughts, internal conversations/backchat arise/manifest within us within and during the Suspicion-Character possession, how Consciousness bring up a myriad of thoughts and memories we try and analyse/assess the why/how of the change/inconsistency IN OUR MINDS, instead of simply ASKING as the extent of fear we exist in, in protecting and defending our character/personality that we would  not even consider ASKING, directly as this in itself may prove a potential threat/change to our characters/personality.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now, seen, realised and understood what processes manifest within my Mind-Physical existence when and as another human being/friend is ‘under suspicion’ within and as my Consciousness through and as the activation of and as the ‘Suspicion-Character’. Where, the detail of what manifest within me is:
What the primary purpose is of this ‘Suspicion-Character’ – as it is the primary purpose of Consciousness within and as my entire Mind-Physical Existence: is the protection/defence of my definitions/characters/personalities of and as me as the Mind, which always in all ways comes first. And so, when and as within the ‘glass window pane’, my consciousness detect any changes/inconsistencies within the other human being/friend’s character as manifested in their behaviour, presentation and speech, an immediate/instant activation of the ‘Suspicion-Character’ ensue, where Consciousness with that one memory, with the highlighted inconsistencies/changes transfer itself into the centre of the Mind/head/brain region and I become an entire possession of Consciousness, the one Memory and the ‘Suspicion-Character’ that in ‘real time’ through my Physical-Mind Eyes – scan and zone in onto and as the inconsistencies/changes; with the processes that manifest within me in and as this possession is as follows:
As my Physical-Mind Eyes as Consciousness zone-in on the inconsistencies/changes as highlighted within the memory, within and as my ‘Suspicion-Character’ – Consciousness simultaneously from and of that One Memory manifested in the centre of the Mind/Head/Brain region, will resonate the information as the highlighted inconsistencies/changes within and throughout itself, into and as the Unconscious/Physical-Mind in the search for any similar/same inconsistencies/changes I have been confronted with in the past, where this Character/Personality that is now under ‘threat of change’, had faced similar/same instances of inconsistencies/changes in another. To from there: be able to assess/determine the ‘course of action’ to be taken to protect/defend the Character/Personality and/or to assess/determine the extent of the threat/change to/towards the Character/Personality of myself. Where, while this is happening/manifesting within and as Consciousness and my Unconscious-Mind – I am in my Conscious and Subconscious-Mind being preoccupied with Thoughts and Internal-Conversations/Backchat about/of the human being/friend’s changes/inconsistencies within and as my ‘Suspicion-Character’ physical-behaviour, with my body tensing within the chest, upper-arms, neck and shoulders area with my tensed eyes and smile as my Thoughts, Internal Conversations and Reactions are floundering within me, whilst still maintaining a cordialness in my external physical presentation/behaviour/communication – ‘multi-tasking’ my participation with and as this human being, existing and functioning within two multi-dimensional worlds at once.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand the nature of the Thoughts, Internal-Conversations and Backchats that manifest within and as me as the ‘Suspicion-Character’ whilst my Consciousness is from and of the one Memory in the centre of the Mind, fishing for similar/same memories/instances/past experiences where this Character/Personality faced similar/same moments with other human beings. Where, this ‘fishing’ for memories – is for ANY and ALL memories where this character/personality reacted in fear/resistance as friction/conflict, which could be from movie-scenes with actors/actresses certain behaviours, presentation and speech, from images/pictures in magazines where models were posed in a certain behavioural-instant to/towards which my character/personality reacted in fear/resistance, from conversations OBSERVED within a group of people, where this character/personality reacted in fear/resistance: literally ANY and ALL memories are searched in ANY and ALL contexts of any instances where the highlighted inconsistencies/changes are existent in memories that this particular character/personality may/might have faced.
Which within this, is why/how – as we are in ‘real time’ participating with this human being/friend, our Thoughts can come up with the most far-out ridiculous conclusions regarding their change/inconsistency in behaviour/speech/presentation as a various/multitude of memories and thought-patterns are activated by/through the ‘Suspicion-Character’ in relationship to Consciousness, to rather fuel the fear and resistance and friction/conflict relationship within myself to/towards the human being/friend within my Mind, than simply directly ask about the noticed/prevalent change in behaviour, presentation/speech. Where an entire internal war is waged within self, than simply communicating, here – because as mentioned, I would rather protect and defend my character/personality, make up reasons/why’s in my Mind for the change/inconsistency, accumulating a myriad of reasons/why’s in fear/resistance as reaction, than having to go to the point of asking and having to deal-with ‘new knowledge and information’ that I’d have to filter, analyse and assess regarding whether I will accept/allow this new knowledge and information into and as my character/personality or whether I will downright resist/deny it to protect/defend my character/personality without even really investigating/exploring the new knowledge and information for IN CASE it may lead to change.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how, within and as the activation, manifestation and ‘possession’ of myself within and as the ‘Suspicion-Character’, to/towards another human being/friend’s inconsistencies/changes; the reason why and how so many Thought-Patterns, Internal Conversations/backchats and seemingly arbitrary/random memories will arise within the Secret of my Mind, is because: Consciousness – when and as it find/allocate any memory/past experience within my Unconscious/Physical-Mind database where this Character/Personality had faced any similar/same instances of fear/resistance reaction to/towards anything/anyone’s similar/same inconsistencies/changes: will bring-up those memories into and as the Conscious-Mind, align it with the Memory in the centre of the Mind/head/brain region and so ‘test’ whether the memories containing our character/personality that is currently under threat of change – had faced any similar/same instances, whether towards actual human beings, in movie-scenes with actors/actresses, in magazines or observing other human beings from afar. Thus, any and all thoughts, memories that ‘activate’ within the Mind during and within the Suspicion-Character activation, will be in an equal and one alignment to the current ‘real time’ participation with the actual human being/friend and their inconsistencies/changes and our reactions of fear/resistance to/towards them as this Suspicion-Character hold us within a state of Fear/Resistance as the ‘frontman’ that stand before our Character/Personality to protect/defend our definition of who we are of and as Mind. And so, essentially – the stream of thought-patterns/memories that manifest/preoccupy my Mind, is Consciousness in the process of ‘testing/cross-referencing’ selected memories/past experiences that is similar/the same to the one I’m facing in ‘real time’ to attempt/try to formulate a ‘course of action’.

I commit myself to show, thus – with this very manifestation of the ‘Suspicion-Character’-existing that has become automated in our Consciousness/Mind-Physical existence, places into question whether any REAL relationship exist, as we do not immediately go into the point of simply ASKING or actually communicating within the ACTUAL REAL PHYSICAL REALITY, but will trust our assumptions/interpretations that manifest within our Conscious and Subconscious Mind first, as Thought-Patterns and Internal-Conversations/Backchats together with reactions of emotions/feelings to come up with reasons and whys: Trusting MEMORY and experiences, knowledge and information, instead of actual real physical communication.
Where, we as characters/personalities fear change to such an extent – that any and all ‘New knowledge and information’ is confronted with immediate Fear/Resistance, together with a ‘Suspicion-Character’ that activate, that will firstly cross-reference the ‘New knowledge and information’ against the framework of our Character/Personality to first analyse/assess the potential changes that could/may/might manifest in our Character/Personality.
In this, I commit myself to show, that ‘fear of change’ – cannot exist within and as the full absolute trust and standing of who self is within the principle of and as what’s best for all/equality and oneness in an equal and one within and without living of ‘who I am’. Where self is the TRUST that stand here with and as self, and will within this – assess all knowledge and information within the starting-point of what is/will be best for all, and so for self; assessing knowledge and information with regards to how it can contribute to the life of all as with mine. And so, thus, where ‘fear of change’ and resistance to ‘new knowledge and information’ can only exist when/as we have a solidified/cemented character/personality within our Minds, that serves ONLY ourselves within particular-specific wants, needs and desires. And so will essentially only meet with new knowledge and information in fear of change/resistance, when there is in fact a hidden/secret want, need and desire within and behind that Character/Personality self is protecting/defending that serve only self’s interests.
Which, within this – is primarily why/how human beings within their characters/personalities will resist/fear the message/standing of what’s best for all/equality and oneness, because of fear of losing personal/individual/self-interested wants, needs and desires that characters/personalities protect/defend; and that serve only the wants, needs and desires of the Individual – with no consideration/regard/care for anything/anyone else but the secrets we protect and defend in our Minds within and as our characters/personalities of Mind.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood the nature of the Thoughts, Backchats/Internal Conversations and Reactions that manifest within being confronted with a human being/friend that presented changes/inconsistencies in their presentation/behaviour/speech, where for example:
Let’s say the Character/Personality this ‘friend/human being’ secure, is one of the Primary Characters I developed, constructed/manifested within and during my childhood in my relationship with my parents/family/peers; as the origin of the creation, construction and manifestation of the Primary Characters/Personalities we physically embody/live-out. Which I then secure within ‘Friendship-Relationships’ to maintain/sustain such Primary Characters/Personality I created, constructed and manifested within and towards Family. So that when and as I ‘leave the nest’ of Family, that secured such Characters/Personalities - I can continue securing such Characters/Personalities within and as Friendship-Relationships, aligning myself with Friends/Human Beings that is similar/the same to my Primary Character/Personality.
Thus, essentially – even within and as ‘friendships’, I ‘protect and defend’ my Character/Personality and so thus my Family-network/relationships origins within and as my Mind-Physical Existence. Even though I create/manifest Characters/Personalities in opposition/equality to/towards and from Family/Parents/Peers: I always still solidify/cement the very Family-Construct within and as my Mind-Physical Existence. Because, even the Characters/Personalities I create, manifest and construct – either in deliberate opposition/equality from and of what I copied/imitated from my external reality/world, and drew from within my Memories of the Unconscious Mind Platform of my Parents’ Minds/Memories as Characters, both the opposition/equality Characters/Personalities still originate from my Parents’ Minds/Memories. And so, when and as I align my Characters/Personalities, whether in opposition/equality to/towards my Parents/Family/Peer to/towards particular friendship-relationships: I am still always in all ways in my Mind, cementing/solidifying my ‘who I am’ in my co-dependent/interconnected relationship to/towards Family/Parents/Peers from and of which I have become a direct/opposite copy/imitation. And this thus the function of ‘Friendship-Relationships’: solidifying/cementing the copy/imitation/replica I have become from and of my Parents/Family/Peers, internally and externally – always ensuring that I remain the same in my Primary Characters/Personality I created, manifested and constructed from and of my Childhood.

Now that we understand the why/how we manifest the ‘Suspicion-Character’ to/towards friends in protecting and defending our Character/Personality, essentially our wants, needs and desires of and as self-interest that we developed/manifested from and of our Family/those that have gone before us: we’ll in the next post continue with the Practical Example of the detail of the Thoughts, Internal Conversations and reactions that manifest in our Minds in relationship to another human being, to assist/support self in seeing/realising/understanding when and as the Suspicion-Character activate, to in this – instead of fortifying self in and as the Mind, to simply ASK and assess the information within the principle of and as what’s best for all/equality and oneness, to stop existing in fear of change, and really learn the potential of expanding/learning/growing from others as self. 

I commit myself to show, how – the Primary Characters/Personality we embody/live-out, that is aligned within and as our ‘friendship-relationships’: is/has been constructed/manifested/created from and of our Family/Parents/Peers within and during our formative/childhood years. Where, our friendship-relationships essentially stand as ‘Guards’ to our Primary Characters/Personalities within ourselves, protecting and defending our Authorities as Primary Characters/Personalities we developed, constructed and manifested from and of Parents/Family/Peers in and as our within and without. Where our Characters/Personalities will accordingly align us into and as relationships with friends that is the similar/same to our Characters/Personalities, and so: we continue as the copies/imitations/replicas of and as Family/Parents/Peers which we cement/solidify within and as friendships. With the nature of friendships thus only to protect/defend our definitions of mind to ensure we do not ever in fact really Change, but can always in all ways remain the same…which is why and how humanity as the nature of ourselves throughout the generations have never in fact really changed, as generation after generation after generation, we protect and defend the honour of the Mind/personalities/characters that had been transferred/copied/imitated by us from our within and without through and as our Parents/those that have gone before us, living out the exact same/similar lives as we aligned ourselves in our Mind-Physical existence, and Friendships and eventually Partners to the exact same/similar lives of our Parents/Family/Peers. Only existing in the Honour of the Mind/Sins of the Fathers as ourselves – within and as complete dishonour to/towards reality/the physical as Life, with friendships thus in itself – existing only for the interest of the individual, and in neither instances within friendship relationships has to do with the totality of who each individual really is.

I commit myself to show, thus – that the starting-point creation, construction and manifestation of who we are within our within and without originate from and of our internal and external relationships to Family/Parents/Peers. And so – the change required for our very nature/living, has to start with identifying the characters/personalities we’ve copied/imitated from those that have gone before us, to assess such characters/personalities within equality and oneness/what’s best for all, re-align our characters to the One Character of and as Life in equality and oneness with and as the Physical as Living Character of what is/will be best for all; so that within and as this starting-point, we within ourselves stop the existence of the sins of the fathers, stop living as memories from OTHER’S MIND’S/PAST and in fact be/become the generation that prepares a world/reality of Life for all in equality and oneness Here.
And so, I commit myself to – assist and support me, to stand within and as the principle of and as what’s best for all/equality and oneness, where within this standing/starting-point I can walk this World-System/Humanity and determine what within this world/the mind of me can/will stand within what’s best for all/equality and oneness, what requires/needs changing/alteration and/or what simply cannot stand at all. In this, giving up my personal wants, needs and desires within the Secrets of my Mind that has lead me to become a deceptive fearful human being, interpreting and assuming everything/everyone to be a potential threat, just to protect/defend my Mind/Secrets. So that I can be/become a living example to in fact LIVE and stop being the EVIL I have become in placing my Mind first above all life in and as equality and oneness here in and as this physical existence, and take responsibility for me as all as me, to finally align us as Living Beings, instead of the inner and outer Evil that has consumed/possessed this existence as a whole. And so re-reverse myself from Evil, to Live – to be/become a living example of stopping existing as the Mind/Memories and in fact Living equality and oneness here, for me as all as me.

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