How Children are Taught to Lie: DAY 88

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How Children are Taught to Lie: DAY 88

Who I Am as Money – continued

In and from this post, we’re continuing with the process of character-creation where we’re going to have a look at what exactly a ‘Character’ is, as what Characters in our Mind exactly consist-of/exist-as. Where initially as children our characters consist-of/exist-as the components of memories, experiences (of energy/emotions/feelings) and behaviours but which eventually evolve into an complete Mind-Physical System consisting-of/existing-as Conscious-Mind Thoughts, Subconscious-Mind internal-conversations/backchats and Physical Unconscious-Minds behaviours/habits of mannerisms/demeanours.
Thus, the relationships that exist with our Minds, our physical-bodies and this physical-existence is important to understand how we use this accepted and allowed relationships that make it possible for us to create/construct/manifest ourselves into Characters/various alternate versions of ourselves in our relationship to our external world/reality and our physical-bodies, as always in all ways – creating/constructing/manifesting alternate versions of ourselves/reality in and as the Mind within and as the primary purpose of establishing ourselves as the Main-Character in the Movie of our ‘life’ existent within and as our Minds only – at the sacrifice of our very beingness, our physical-body and so this physical-existence as a whole.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood, how as children – the development of our behaviour/physical-communication originate from a) memories within our Unconscious-Mind of our parents’ Characters according to how they physically-behaved/reacted to/towards instances/people within their external environment, as well as from b) observation/imitation of our external world/reality behaviours/reactions. With the origination of our behaviour/physical-communication manifesting from/is initiated by/through reactions/energy-experiences that come to permeate/infiltrate our Mind-Physical relationship that initiate/instigate physical behaviours/movements that we copy from our internal and external worlds/realities. Where, our behaviours/physical-communications is thus not an equal and one expression with our physical-bodies in equality and oneness, but is always instigated/initiated by/through characters of memories fuelled by/through energy-experiences of emotions/feelings that drive/direct our physical behaviour/communication. Thus, our entire ‘self’-construction/creation processes within our Minds as Characters we’ll within and throughout our lives come to create/evolve/physically-embody – from our interrelationships between our external and internal realities.
With our relationship to our External Reality: Whatever we physically-see, within our Mind-Physical Eyes within and between the two eye-blinks, we’ll capture as Present-Moments of Physical-Reality and store as ‘pixels’ within the interdimensional-physical ‘glass window pane’ within our Unconscious/Physical-Mind. Where such ‘pixels’ as memories of present-moments of physical-reality will come to serve as pieces/parts as the past-manifest that we’ll use to create/manifest our own scenes within our Minds, with ourselves as the ‘Main Character/Actor/Actress’. Thus, we use present-moments of actual physical-reality and our relationship to the external physical-world/reality in such present-moments to ‘pixelate’ within our Minds to create/manifest our own ‘Alternate Version’ of actual physical-reality and our relationship to/towards it. So that in our Minds we can manifest our own Alternate Reality/Illusion from/of Actual Reality/Physicality, to within this Alternate Reality of the Mind: construct/manifest/create ourselves and reality however we want, need and desire ourselves to be in relationship to actual physical-reality/everything/everyone else within it. As in the Mind-Reality – we can mould, shape, warp, change and alter ourselves and actual physical-reality to our Mind’s will/intent.  Where, because our Mind only exist in relationship to ourselves in the physical-body, our internal-reality/alternate reality will always only serve the will/intention and interest of ourselves and ourselves alone. Within this process, not seeing/realising/understanding how we have as the Mind/Consciousness evolved our relationship with ourselves to the Physical-Body/this Physical-Existence to only use it as an External-Platform we pixelate into our Internal-Platform as the Mind, capturing present-moment of ourselves in relationship to the external reality/everything/everyone within it to use in our processes of constructing/manifesting our Internal-Reality as a Reality where only we thrive/exist as the Main-Character.
Thus, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how/why we essentially – take the equality and oneness of Here of Physical-Reality/External-Reality, where if we were to really live in and as it in equality and oneness, we’d experience/move/communicate with all here in the moment in equality and oneness, with no one being more/less than another. But instead, have abdicated this responsibility of equality and oneness, separating ourselves from and of it in our Mind-Physical relationship, to in our Alternate-Reality as the Mind – establish ourselves in relationship to/with physical-reality participation/interaction as the Main-Character, as in and as our Mind’s Alternate-Reality we can establish ourselves as more/less in relationship to our external world/reality and everything/everyone within it, according to what relationship of ourselves to our external world/reality will best serve/suit only our interest/intentions/purposes of wants, needs and desires. Essentially constructing/manifesting an Alternate-Reality/version of Reality within our Minds where we can be/see however we want only ourselves to be / see ourselves, others/the external world/reality, owning our own Reality of ourselves, others and actual physical reality within ourselves as the Mind. Deliberately not wanting to consider equality and oneness here with all in every moment of breath, as this may/might mean that I cannot alter, change, mould and shape myself, others and actual physical reality to suit/serve only me within myself/my Mind as MY wants, needs, desires and interests only.

I commit myself to show – how, in this process of only taking present-moments of physical-reality, with such present-moments existing as a ‘live photograph/picture’ that is transformed into a memory-manifestation/pixel within our Mind-Physical relationship; with such a memory as present-moment as ‘live photograph/picture’, consisting-of and existing-as a moment of ‘who we were’ in relationship to our external world/reality/person within that moment. That we take such present-moments – where we physically-interact with another person/our external physical world/reality, and pixelate it into and as present-moment memories, that manifest as remembrances/reminders of ‘who we were’ in relationship to a person/our external world/reality. Where, within our Mind-Physical relationship – we never in fact REALLY participate in actual, real physical-reality/with a person in a present-moment, because all that we’re preoccupied with in that present-moment, is transforming it into memories/pixels within our Minds, recording our ‘who we are’ in relationship to the person/external environment that we’ll come to use in our Minds/Alternate Reality with our ‘awesome special powers’ of changing/warping/misconstruing that present-moment as memory in our Minds according to our will/intentions to best suit our wants, needs, desires/intentions according to how WE WANT TO SEE ourselves in relationship to a person/the external world/reality. And so, our relationship within ourselves, as the Mind to the external physical world/reality and people within it, is taking present-moments into ourselves/within the Mind so that we can mould/change/shape/alternate it, where we can create/manifest complete alternate versions from/of what actually really in fact happened within and as actual, real physical-reality.
Which, within this I commit myself to show how/why this comes to be one of the origins of how we as children learn to Lie: as we take present-moments of actual physical-reality play-outs/situations, manifest them as memories in our Minds, with the memories containing ‘who we were’ in relationship to a situation/person, and will accordingly when confronted by such memories of past situations/play outs by our parents – especially when we know, for example that in the past present-moment as memory what we did/who we were was dishonest/deceptive: we’d in the memory within our Minds, in quantum time – change the entire scenario/situation and who/how we were within it, and speak that altered memory from our Minds as ‘who we are’, completely manifesting/becoming the altered-memory within our Mind as the reality of what happened, when it is in fact not. And will reiterate that altered-memory with all our might/power to have the parent believe that our altered memory/version of what happened is real/reality, when in actual physical reality it was not.
Which within this brings us into question – aren’t we all then liars, with the extent to which we warp/change/mould/alternate what in fact happened in actual physical-reality and who/how we were within it, to in our memories construct an alternate version of reality and who/how we were within it to only serve our own interest and protect/defend only our own wants, needs, desires and intentions? Where, as we continue within this Blog, the process of character-creation – how we create/manifest ourselves and reality/others into lies/illusions within our own Minds, within the evil-nature of ourselves as the Mind’s relationship to the Physical, that reverse live/life into evil/illusion/lies for the benefit/purposes of only our own experiences within our own Minds. Which will within this show/reveal/expose the reality of who we are as the Mind as the lie we have become and now live/exist as in and as the extent to which we’ve come to lie/deceive ourselves in accepting and allowing ourselves to beLIEve that the Mind is real, when it’s in fact always been the Illusion that’s dependent on its existence from and of the Reality of the Physical-Body/this Physical Existence, and so why/how the very nature of ourselves as the Mind – we’ve become liars, deceivers and manipulators as ourselves, and so towards others/all of existence as ourselves.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood our entire ‘self’-construction/creation processes within our Minds as Characters we’ll within and throughout our lives come to create/evolve/physically-embody – from our interrelationships between our external and internal realities.
With our relationship to our Internal Reality: Where, instead of us existing in an equal and one relationship with our beingness, and with our beingness emerge in an equal and one merging/manifestation with our physical-bodies within our inception and conception process within the womb of the female and birthed into existence into the physical, as the physical: we’ve abdicated this equality and oneness into and as the separation of our beingness into and as an interdimensional-dimensional Mind, that exist in the reversing of life/live as substance/physicality into and as evil/energy as we come to within and as the Mind, reverse our relationship with our beingness, our physical-body and this physical-existence from equality and oneness into and as separation, to create/construct/manifest our own alternate reality/versions of ourselves as Characters within our Minds, and so alternate versions of actual physicality/others within it. And additionally within and as this Mind – instead of existing in equality and oneness with our beingness and physical-body, we’ve abdicated this responsibility of equal and one living to Consciousness, that reverse live/life/substance of our beingness, physical-body and this physical-existence into and as energy and pixels/memories as the components/manifestations we use to create/construct/manifest our own alternate-reality/versions of ourselves within our Minds. And additionally within this, we prepared an alternate-reality platform within our Unconscious-Mind as our Parents’ Minds of Memories/Characters as a base/database we will use to construct/manifest our own Alternate-Reality platform from our Unconscious-Mind, to eventually the Subconscious-Mind and Conscious-Mind. Where, thus – our entire process into this existence within our inception and conception process/relationship of the Mind to the Physical, we’ve only come to create our internal Alternate Reality/versions of ourselves, reality and others to in this creation-process within the Alternate-Reality of the Mind – only create a Reality within the Mind that serve us, and us alone – with no consideration, regard, care for the physical-body, actual human beings / this physical-existence as a whole, as we come into this world to only create an Alternate Reality of ourselves within ourselves as the Mind, in which only we exist/experience-ourselves and can have only our wants, needs and desires tended-to/fulfilled at the sacrifice of our physical-bodies, this physical-existence. As all human beings have become preoccupied with the creation of an Alternate-Reality of and as the Mind WITHIN THEMSELVES ONLY, that serve only themselves - with no human being ever standing in equality and oneness with themselves, the physical-body and so this physical existence to commit themselves/their lives to serving/as living WITH all that is here to in fact create an existence that is real, eternal and substantial.
Where, in this – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how/why from our Unconscious-Mind – we in the beginning establish our ‘who we are’ in our physical-behaviour/reactions as characters in our relationship to people/environments in our world where we primarily draw from our parents’ alternate-reality platform as memories/characters within our Unconscious-Mind, that we come to physically-embody. From where our Subconscious-Mind evolve/manifest as characters of behaviours/reactions we created/manifested from our Parents’ Memories/Characters that we’ve accepted as ‘Primary Characters’ we’d most often embody/use in our relationships to people/environments in our external world/reality. And the Conscious-Mind that become the automated Thought-Circulation system, that is connected to all the Characters in our Subconscious/Unconscious-Mind we’ve accepted as the Primary Main-Characters we come to physically, habitually live-out/embody. With the Conscious-Mind Thought-Circulation System the domain in which we constantly/continuously remind-ourselves of our Characters in our Mind-Physical relationship within the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind to keep them activate/activated.
(We will in posts to come in detail walk this process of our character-creations from the Unconscious, to the Subconscious and Conscious Mind – in why/how, for example our character-creations have to be maintained with a constant-continuous process of Thought-Circulation within the Conscious-Mind.)
And so, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand how/why we have an entire Alternate Reality/System/Database within us as the Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious Mind, where only we exist as Main-Characters in multi-dimensions into and as which we’ve separated our beingness, our physical-bodies and this physical-existence; as we create/manifest a multitude of alternate-versions of ourselves as characters within our Minds. Where, instead of us trusting ourselves here in our equal and one relationship/living with our beingness, to the physical-body and so this physical-existence: we’ve placed our responsibility/trust/directive-principle into and as our Character-Creation System/Machine within and as our Alternate Reality as the Mind, to create/construct/manifest our ‘who we are’ in relationship to others/the external environment to serve only our own wants, needs, desires and intentions.
Where, we’ve separated ourselves into the Mind/Consciousness to such an extent, that we’re not even AWARE of this character-creation process as is automated by Consciousness within/as our Minds, where we do not even have control, directive-principle, will or choice within our own ALTERNATE REALITY/ILLUSION as the Mind, let alone the actual real reality of our beingness, the physical-body and this physical-existence.
And thus within this comes the question: what/who are we, if we do not even have directive-principle, will or choice in ILLUSION as the alternate-reality/existence of ourselves within the Mind, where all of ourselves as the characters we create/manifest/construct in our Minds is automated by/through Consciousness as a multitude of alternate versions of ourselves in separation from our equality and oneness with and as our beingness, the physical-body and so this physical existence?

I commit myself to show – the extent of separation we’ve created/manifested from ourselves, where all we’ve done within existence, from the beginning is create separation and in that separation-creation, became our very creations of and as separation. As, for example – from the beginning – in the relationship between energy and substance: the moment we as substance accepted and allowed ourselves to split/separate ourselves into energy and substance, we from that moment lost all directive-principle of ourselves as energy and as substance as they would become two separate manifestations of ourselves with awareness’s unto themselves individually.
And so from that moment: lost all directive-principle, will and choice in this relationship of ourselves between energy and substance. As now seen within the Mind’s relationship to the Physical-Body, this Physical-Existence – where we have no directive-principle, will or choice in either realities/manifestations as the Mind has a Consciousness/Awareness unto itself, as the Physical-Body has an awareness unto itself. Where we’re existing in an Illusion/Alternate reality as the Mind, as well is Physical-Reality – with no presence/awareness/equality and oneness in either realities, as the Mind has come to automatically exist, as the Physical has come to automatically exist. As we had evolved into and as the very separation we created from the beginning as the Mind’s relationship to the Physical/this Physical-Existence, losing all control within and as that accepted and allowed relationship. Where within this, the entirety of who we are in the Mind as characters we separate ourselves into as a multitude of alternate versions of ourselves, where we do not even have control/directive-principle/will/choice within who we are as those characters/alternate versions of ourselves in the Illusion/Alternate reality of our Mind, cause we were never in fact aware, here in the processes involved in the creation/manifestation of ourselves in and as the Mind.

And thus, within this – I commit myself to show, that – as long as we accept and allow this relationship of separation within and between the two realities as the Mind and the Physical that is currently existent within a parasitic relationship as energy consume/reverse substance/life into and as evil as the reverse we’ve been creating in energy/mind’s relationship to substance/physicality: nothing will/can change within this existence. As we must take responsibility for both realities as energy/mind and substance/physicality as it is ourselves we’ve split ourselves into and lost directive-principle of and as within and as that split/separation of the awareness of ourselves in equality and oneness.
And thus, is the process of walking writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective application as the Mind and the Physical-Body, as energy and as substance; taking responsibility for both realities as ourselves to align ourselves from the split of awareness into two realities, to merge here with the actual real reality as the Physical/this Physical Existence as substance as the actual origin/starting-point of ourselves within existence. To in this, stop the accepted and allowed consequential relationship between the Mind and the Physical, and really in fact LIVE HERE in establishing our living in taking responsibility for ourselves, our physicals, each other and this physical-existence as a whole.  

We’ll in the next post continue with a practical example in how we use the interrelationships between the Mind, our beingness, the physical-body and this physical-existence in the process of Character-Creation/Alternate versions of ourselves and reality into and as Illusion, and within this – practical-examples of the process of assisting and supporting self in taking responsibility for the internal and external world/reality as the Mind and the Physical as energy and substance, so that we walk ourselves from the separation between the realities of energy and substance; no more accepting and allowing such an existence of ourselves of separation and establish our equality and oneness here with the physical-body/this physical existence as what it was supposed to have been from the beginning. 

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