The Mind System’s Unconscious/Subconscious Mind Relationship – Part 2: DAY 160

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The Mind System’s Unconscious/Subconscious Mind Relationship – Part 2 
(Self Commitments)
DAY 160

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

As mentioned DAY 159, we’re continuing with the Self Commitments of the Self Forgiveness applied, having a look at more detail regarding the existence of thoughts, memories, imagination that we’re aware of in the Conscious and Subconscious Mind and what this process thus “from Consciousness to Awareness” practically imply, in seeing, realising and understanding that “who one is” is not thoughts, but it’s what we accepted and allowed ourselves to become in separating our awareness into a System as Consciousness instead of living in and as the equal and one awareness of the PHYSICAL.

I commit myself to show, this relationship between the entire Mind in/as the Physical Body, with now understanding the overview basics regarding how the Unconscious and Subconscious Mind connect into the depths and surface of the physical body and its processes, and interconnect within the depths and surfaces of the Physical Body – how the entire Mind as Consciousness in its relationship to the Physical becomes a “Force” that will determine, direct and control one’s decisions and so actions/inactions within the Physical Body.
With for example having a look at moments within oneself where one would make a decision that would essentially bring forth a change in one’s process to expanding one’s awareness/relationship with self/the physical, and at the moment of where the change would come, one give-in, return to the habits/patterns of the Mind/Personalities and not bring through/walk the point of Actual Change; this is where the Mind/Consciousness in the Physical as “The Force” would deliberately possess one to ensure one’s relationship to self and the physical remain in separation for the Mind/Consciousness to have continued control over/of self and the physical.

I commit myself to show, the detail of “The Force” as the Mind/Consciousness in and as the Physical Body that has determined/controlled so many pivotal moments within our lives, where we in an instance had a fleeting moment of commonsense awareness in and as our relationship to ourselves, the physical and others – but what had dominated the moment, the awareness, is/was this “Force” as Consciousness as the entire Mind in the Physical that had throughout the generations of human civilization defined our nature and so our living in/as the Physical. And, within understanding the extent of the control and direct-relationship of the Mind/Consciousness in/as the Physical Body, as is walked more specifically/in detail within the Quantum Mind Interviews available on EQAFE, one will simultaneously understand the extent of the processes, commitment, dedication and discipline to be walked to foster our awareness of ourselves, the physical-body and so this physical existence as a whole to stand up from within and as this “Force” as the Mind/Consciousness as Energy that has controlled, determined and directed our decisions and so our living FOR US within this existence. To so develop an equal and one awareness of who we are, and how/what we live that we’ll always understand/know/consider the consequences of our thoughts, words and deeds on ourselves and others as ourselves and so essentially in/as this process – in fact change the Nature of ourselves as Humans, and the Nature of our lives/living in this world together.

I commit myself to show, as we’ll start walking the process of outlining/describing this “Force” existent within ourselves as the Consciousness of/as the entire Mind in the Physical, that would deliberately compromise our relationship to ourselves and our relationship to the Physical Body to ensure its survival/continued existence, as it can only exist as long as we maintain our self-separation within ourselves and towards our physical bodies, to ensure we maintain our awareness in/as the limitation of the Conscious Mind ONLY, so that Consciousness can continue controlling/directing/determining who we are and how/what we live FOR US through consuming the physical to transform into Energy and through limiting our awareness into and as the Conscious Mind alone. That, within understanding how this “Force” operate/function within us, as us – will become more clear/practical regarding understanding why/how it is / has been so difficult for us to in fact change our internal realities and external living. That we do INTEND change, that we KNOW what would be best for ourselves and so others – but we NEVER get to the point of actually materializing it, it’s like – one take one step forward to in fact CHANGE, but then FALL and it feels like one had taken 1000 steps back again with the extent that one would return to one’s habits, patterns and personalities – every time wanting to make a change, that it becomes MORE and MORE and MORE difficult, with how this “Force” as the Mind-Physical merged System would ENSURE we always return to it, and NEVER return to OURSELVES in who we are as our equal and one awareness with and as the Physical that is REAL.

In this, I commit myself to show the detail of the components that “The Force” as Consciousness as the entire Mind in the Physical utilize, regarding essentially all its manipulation, protection and defence mechanisms with utilizing thoughts, imagination, emotions, feelings, behaviour, reaction-patterns, mind and physical habits to ensure that self do not change to being/becoming aware of self, the physical and so one’s responsibility and consequence to self, the physical and existence as a whole. In this, essentially, how we as human beings have become this “Force” within ourselves that enFORCE who we are onto the physical, others and this world as a whole that has catapulted each individual human being into and as a conditioned existence of “survival of the fittest” / “survival of the strongest Force” that would impose one’s individuality into and onto this world and ensure that only self is considered within the Mind, at the cost, expense and sacrifice of the physical and so humanity as a whole.

Furthermore within this, I Commit myself to show how/why the very nature of this “Force” is FEAR and the extent to which we’ve individually and collectively compromised our nature and co-existence on this Earth, because of not understanding our direct relationship and responsibility to/as the Mind/Consciousness and this “Force” as our Nature that had emerged within and as this Mind-Physical merging.
And so will within this, see, realise and understand what practical self-responsibility in fact mean in the extent to which we have to take responsibility for/of the ENTIRE MIND as Consciousness, and what is especially required to be understood is the dynamic of the Mind in its polarity between the positive and the negative that create the necessary internal friction within our beingness that is split between the Mind and the Physical. So as we continue in this conflicting relationship between the positive and the negative in the Mind, the Mind generates energies through consuming/sacrificing the physical, because both positive and negative energies is in its foundation ENERGY that the mind produce from the PHYSICAL. And so, within this – as we from here on continue walking the Personalities in the Mind, from how thoughts are created, the backchats/internal conversations, to reactions of emotions and feelings and even to one’s behavioural patterns/habits: how the Mind take actual reality, transform it into an Energy reality within ourselves through breaking down/tearing off and utilizing the actual natural resources of the Physical to generate, construct an alternate Mind reality within and as ourselves. In this, thus – what one will see, realise and understand is that the entire Mind’s base is ENERGY in separation from/of the actual Physical. And so, within this, the process of walking from Consciousness to Awareness – is, investigating BOTH the Polarities of the Positive and the Negative, and realign one’s relationship to it, to EQUAL and ONE practical LIVING in/as/with the PHYSICAL. So, essentially one will move one’s awareness from existing in the Polarities of the positive and the negative that the mind derive from/of the consumption/sacrifice of the Physical, stop accepting and allowing friction/conflict as ENERGY as emotions/feelings to direct oneself, but that one align one’s awareness into equality and oneness with the Physical and MOVE as BREATH with the PHYSICAL.
An example of this would be, with looking at relationships – a polarity of the “positive” and the “negative”, where one would have a “positive experience” when one See one’s partner, and one can refer to it as “happiness”. Now, what’s interesting is that, that “happiness positive energy experience”, will be limited to only CERTAIN THINGS one’s partner does and will thus only be happy within the equation of “if they do this, THEN I’ll experience that”, thus essentially in one’s Mind, one’s happiness is determined by/through OTHERS within only certain defined contexts which essentially limit one’s happiness in the Mind according to how one defined it as ENERGY and towards OTHERS.
Thus, within this process of Consciousness to Awareness – one’s relationship to “happiness”, for example will transform into walking a process of what one had limited one’s definition of happiness to within one’s mind, waiting for happiness from others, waiting for others to do the “If this” so that you can experience the “then that” as “happiness”. Walk one’s process of self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing self to limit/condition “happiness” in separation of self and then realign one’s expression in one’s relationship to happiness through REDEFINING the word in how it can be PRACTICALLY LIVED in and as an equal and one relationship with SELF/the physical. So, it does not become an energy experience that the Mind generate for you at the sacrifice/compromise of the physical, but is a living constant awareness as self, here. Thus, for example one would redefine the word “happiness” to realising that happiness as the positive only existed because unhappiness as the negative existed, and so it was more an energy-game you were playing in your mind in between the polarities of the positive and the negative. That when/as the negative as unhappy came, you tried to make yourself positive with the happy in getting/having what it is that you in limitation defined what it would mean for self to be happy. In this, you thus additionally walk your process of writing, self-forgiveness of how you in limitation defined what it would mean to be “unhappy” – and it’s interesting in this, how across the globe, dependent on one’s relationship to family, partners and money/living conditions – that this will determine how one in one’s mind constructed/created one’s energy-relationship to “happiness” as the extent to which one’s external world in fact determined how one create one’s relationships to energy and experience within oneself.
And so, as one walk one’s relationship with this positive and negative energy polarity within the words happiness and unhappiness, one will see how limited one’s definition of such energies in fact are within one’s Mind, how one will regulate one’s life based on ENERGY EXPERIENCES and in none of it there is a direct relationship to SELF and PRACTICAL LIVING, always chasing after the positive when/as the negative occur as the Mind/Force direct one to search/seek for more ENERGY the more one continue in this friction/conflict relationship between the polarities. Appeasing the MIND, instead of actually LIVING HERE.
Thus, one realise the word Happiness was an energy game of knowledge and information created in the Mind and so one align/change one’s relationship to the Word and the Experiences within it, to for example something that relate to self and practical living; as considering:
“Changing the limitation of happiness that was defined towards others and limited to a polarity experience of energy only, in making the decision to be/become CONTENT/Comfortable with “who I am” in and as my living/relationships. As I see, realise and understand that I do not need/require OTHERS to make ME happy, but I gift myself this relationship with me, my physical-body to develop a self-intimacy with myself that has a living-depth to it, where I can accept me/who I am in every moment of breath. In this, I become a living example of self-acceptance/content/comfortability and so commit myself to stand as this living example, so that human beings can see, realise and understand that we can stop the polarity of happiness/unhappiness and the search for it OUT THERE as the happiness, and the suppression of it as the unhappiness within ourselves in this constant energy game in the Mind. But to take a breath and develop an intimacy, a depth with myself that come through in my very living that transform into an absolute stability of who I am here, with and as the Physical. And so within this, see, realise and understand how I have preoccupied me within this polarity of happiness/unhappiness in the Mind and now commit myself to stand to get to know who I am within me and my living so I can walk in every breath within a self-stability here with the physical and so transform myself into a LIVING EXPRESSION of who I am in the physical, instead of an energy-addict of the Mind, chasing after energy. And so actually start focusing on actual living here, developing an actual relationship with me, to really understand what it means to develop an intimate relationship with another, instead of using/abusing and manipulating my relationship with others, just to get an energy-fix of “happiness””.
(For more practical context on this process of writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application – suggest reading the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs, and join the Forums at Desteni for any Questions, Support and Assistance.)

So, with just this one point of looking at Happiness/Unhappiness polarity of ENERGY in the Mind, one can see the extent of the consequence/separation it create in one’s relationship with self, the physical and others. That, we’re all essentially LOST within the preoccupation of ENERGY in our own Minds that we’re not seeing the consequence and direct responsibility of our actions/inactions to the relationship with ourselves, others, humanity and this existence as a whole, within for example considering an EQUAL AND ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL to be able to live as the expression of content/comfortability within having an equal and one chance to life/living on Earth as proposed within the Equal Money System.
So, the more and more we continue with the Mind’s relationship to the Physical, one will see, realise and understand the consequence of this relationship, the Force of FEAR as Consciousness and to be/become the living example of/as the Force of LIFE in/as equal and one PHYSICAL LIVING, where one’s living is aligned to the physical, within the principle of equality and oneness as what’s best for all, and no more lost/preoccupied in the energy fixes of the Mind.

We’ll in the next post continue with THE FORCE as the Mind/Consciousness in the Physical to establish more of a practical understanding with how we’ve come to accept and allow the Mind to direct/control ‘who we are’, and within this also clarify much of the misunderstandings that exist with Desteni with where we’d for example say to investigate the ENERGY relationships to happiness/unhappiness and then the Mind goes into the reaction of “But who am I if I can’t experience Energy?”, thus clarifying how one’s awareness will change, for example from energy experience of MIND, to SELF EXPRESSION through actual equal and one physical living. 

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