Character Dimensions - Introduction: DAY 162

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Character Dimensions - Introduction (Writing): DAY 162

 'Carrying Demons' by Andrew Gable, 2009
Fearing The Moment When I Sit Down To Write – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 138

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

As mentioned in the previous post, we’re continuing with the “Postponement Character/Personality” regarding how it exist/function in the Mind, and how to practically assist and support self with writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application as well as to assist and support self to not accept and allow the Force of the Mind/Energy to distract/separate self from/of the relationship with self, the physical body and one’s responsibility to/as the actual Physical Reality; in in fact LIVING HERE.
Within this, we’ll also then walk the point of ‘change’ – how we’ve deluded ourselves into the illusion of change as the Mind, and so understand the difference between Mind Change, and actual real physical SELF Change.

Thus, with the example that we’ve walked in DAY 161 as the “Postponement Character” we will practically guide you through what a Character in the Mind consist of/exist as, regarding its Dimensions/Components of Fear, Thought, Imagination, Backchat/Internal Conversations, Reactions of Emotions/Feelings, Behavioural Systems – how to outline these dimensions in Writing, walk the Self Forgiveness of these Dimensions in Writing as well as one’s practical commitment statements regarding how one is going to assist/support self in changing/transforming self from the Postponement Character to Self-Discipline. And additionally within this: how to stand up/stand through the “Force” of the Mind/Energy in/as physical, practical moments of Change to not give in to the Mind and give up on Self but utilize the moment as an opportunity/stepping stone in and as one’s process of change/transformation from the Mind to physical, practical living.

With looking at the components of a Character/Personality in the Mind, it consist of the dimensions of Fear, Thought, Imagination, Backchat/Internal Conversations, Reactions (emotions/feelings) and also a Behavioural System. So, we will as we continue within our Blog, now and then walk some Character/Personality examples and how to assist/support self from Character/Personality control, to self-aware living in the Physical.

Thus, let’s first have a look at the Dimensions of a Character. We’ll first walk an overview example of each of the Dimensions of a Character/Personality and will in the next post go into more Detail within each Dimension with walking the Practical Example of/as the Postponement Character.

Fear Dimension:
With what we have walked thus far in this Blog in the relationship between the Mind as Energy to the Physical as Substance, is that the very Origin Nature of Energy is ‘Negative Energy’, in the friction/conflict it deliberately initiate in its relationship to Substance to transform substance into energy; which we have walked/explained in detail within this Blog regarding how the very nature of Energy is ‘negative’ and we only experience ‘positivity’ as actually an accumulation of energy from/of its source as the negative friction/conflict relationship between energy and substance as energy consume/transform substance for its own survival/existence. Thus, within this – we had furthermore also walked our relationship/origin in existence as separation and as fear that initiated the friction/conflict relationship between energy and substance and so from and of that moment: Everything of the Mind is existent within the starting-point of friction/conflict as negative-energy experience and existent within the very Nature of Fear.
Thus, what one will find within Characters/Personalities is that it has its origin within and from a Fear that one created in one’s childhood/within one’s life to something/someone, and from that Fear manifested a Personality as a defence/protection mechanism for/of one’s individuality/interest/desire. Thus, for each Personality/Character one can thus identify the Fear Dimension – what was the original point/fear that brought forth the construction/programming of a particular Personality.
To identify the Fear Dimension – one want to walk through one’s History within self and see where within one’s past/memories this Character/Personality originated from/started. Sometimes one will find the memory immediately ‘pop up’ in one’s Mind, other times one may have to walk through one’s past experiences/memories to see which relationships/events relate to the Character/Personality, other times there will be no indication of a Memory coming through.
(It may be initially difficult to find the Memory in one’s past that originated the particular Character that one is Walking, so if/as one cannot identify the Memory/Fear that originated the Character/Personality one is then not required to identify/note this Fear Dimension. The Fear Dimension may initially be more difficult to identify as this Dimension is situated within the Unconscious-Mind, imbedded into the physical-flesh as the root of a Character/Personality System of the Mind in the Physical. So, if/as one cannot yet identify the Fear Dimension/Memory, one will be able to – the more one practise one’s physical-hereness with Breath and walking more Characters through all the Dimensions and start establishing one’s relationship to the Mind and its Dimensions, Relationships and the more one stand/become equal to and one with the blueprint/networking of the Mind, the more one will be able to see all the dimensions and relationships.)

Thought Dimension:
Now, as we have walked within Thought’s relationship to Personality – a Thought is what essentially ‘activate’ a Personality, and as we have explained – it is quite difficult to identify the specific Thought belonging to a specific Character, because the Thought move so fast in the Mind, and because self is not HERE as the Physical in/as Breath moving in real-time with Physicality, but always preoccupied in various others dimensions and experiences in the Mind. Therefore, here – what one want to identify is the Thought that activate the Character. This one will be able to identify the more and more self walk one’s process of Physical-Breath, remaining here in reality/physical space-time and will in this process be able to stabilize self in the physical so that one will eventually be able to see a Thought move in the Mind and stop participation in it BEFORE it activates a Character/Personality. But, at the moment, we’re so separate from even the dimensions/components of Characters that everything manifest automatically/fast and before one know it – one is already simultaneously participating in Imagination, Backchat/Internal Conversations, the Reactions and Behavioural Possession – all of which started from one quantum moment in one’s relationship to physical-reality, that activated a Thought and so a Personality/Character. So, essentially in process one want to practise ‘slowing down’ in and with Physical Breath to be able to see how the Mind moves within self.
To identify the Thought Dimension, here one can also practise the application of ‘slowing down’ with and as Breath. So, when you’re about to write out the Thought Dimension – to consider here is that, the Thought will be an image, it will be like an ‘instant flash photograph’ that will speed through the Mind, and the Thought will be in particular context to/as the Character/Personality. Thus, here – when you’re in the moment of writing, one can sit and slow oneself down in and as breath and walk the Memory of when one participated in a Character. What is cool here is how one can practically utilize the Mind and one’s Memories to assist and support one in one’s Process of identifying and redefining Characters. Thus, one can within oneself go back to the Moment of when one accessed/became possessed with the Character and see if one can identify what Image/Picture as Thought crossed one’s Mind before one went into the Backchat/Internal Conversations, Imaginations, Reactions and Behavioural System of/as a Character/Personality, what happened in one’s Mind that lead one into the temptation of energy – where this Force as the Mind lead one into the temptation of a feel-good energy experience of rather Postponing, for example - than walking the Physical Practical Reality of a moment of Self-Discipline.

Now – the Fear Dimension is essentially the ROOT of the Character, the Thought Dimension is the ACTIVATION of a Character, and from the Thought-Dimension one may simultaneously experience Imagination, internal conversations/backchats, reactions of emotions/feelings and the behavioural system. But, within the Mind – all the dimensions activate in a sequence until eventually one is possessed within an entire Personality. On occasion though, the Imagination Dimension may not activate – it essentially is determined by the extent of convincing one has to do within oneself as the Mind to deliberately sabotage/compromise oneself in a moment of self-change to rather fulfil an energy-experience/desire. And so, one may on occasion not find the Imagination Dimension to be existent – but will always find the primary components/dimensions as the internal conversations/backchat, the reactions of emotions and feelings and the specific behavioural systems as the how the Personality will change one’s behaviour in the Physical. So, the Mind activates initially in a sequence of Thought, then Imagination, then Internal Conversations/Backchat together with the Reactions of emotions/feeling that then determine one’s behaviour in the Physical Body. But, all of this can move so fast that it may seem to self that self made a decision in an instant to not take responsibility for a specific point for example, but rather postpone – but one’s Mind had in fact walked all these Dimensions in Quantum Time within self as the Force that moved self from a moment of Self-Responsibility/Living, into and as an Experience as Energy.

Imagination Dimension:
In this Dimension one’s Mind will wander off in imagining doing/seeing/creating all sorts of different things/experiences – it’s essentially the dimension/domain within the Personality that the Personality will use to ‘motivate’ one’s decision from Reality into and as the Mind. So, one will essentially start imagining about a variation of OTHER THINGS in complete opposition to/as what is Here in actual Physical Reality. Sometimes, the Imagination Dimension will be utilized as the primary distraction, on other occasions the Personality possess entirely to distract self from the relationship to self, the physical and one’s responsibility to here in/as reality.
Thus, to identify the Imagination Dimension – one can have a look at where one wandered off into, within the Mind, what ‘play outs’ / ‘fantasies’ / ‘day dreaming’ did one get caught up in that lead one into the temptation of rather wanting to fulfil the Imagination in the Mind, than sticking to one’s responsibility, living and directive principle in actual, real physical reality.

Internal Conversations/Backchat/Voices in the Head:
This is where one would have conversations with oneself as a Personality in the Mind. Thus, Internal Conversations/Backchats would come up/manifest as words, sentences, short statements that can vary in length/intensity. It is within the internal conversation/backchat domain that one would start activating the reactions of emotions/feelings together with the words that one speak in one’s Mind – as, when we’ll continue walking the creation of Backchat/Internal Conversations within and as Main Characters/Personalities, one will see, realise and understand how the Mind substantiate words with ENERGY, so that there’s always an energy experience and definition to words. This is one of the primary relationships the Mind use to ensure the human being never LIVE words, and so words, their definitions and experiences becomes components the Mind use to attach to Personality Systems that define one’s behaviour, instead of self LIVING in the physical in self-aware directive-principle of who one is one’s living/behaviour in the Physical.
Thus, to identify the internal conversations/backchat of a Personality, one can within and during one’s writing have a look at what words, sentences, statements manifested in one’s Mind as the ‘voice of the Personality’ speaking to oneself, essentially talking oneself out of/convincing oneself as a Personality from/of taking responsibility for self here in/as the Physical.

Reaction Dimension:
Here one will Identify the reactions of emotions and feelings that ‘substantiate / animate’ the Character/Personality; what reactions of emotions and feelings, essentially did one utilize to manipulate oneself with, to fall back into the Mind/Personality instead of standing here with self in stability as Breath. Within this, we’ll use, as Personalities, specific emotions and feelings to activate specific behavioural patterns/habits to in/as this process validate why/how it is that we are a Personality and so in this attempt/try to make a Personality “more real”. Essentially saying “well, I am experiencing this and my behaviour is like that and this is who I am and so I cannot change” – when, all the while, we’re actively, within the Mind participating in creating the experiences and behaviour from the thoughts, to the imagination, to the internal conversations/backchat – sabotaging and compromising ourselves deliberately in the Mind to manifest/validate/materialize our wants, needs and desires, rather than our responsibility to ourselves, our physicals and our lives in this World.
So, to identify the Reaction Dimension is to have a look at what emotions/feelings manifested within one’s Mind in the Physical within and during the Personality Possession.

Behaviour Dimension:
Here, to identify the Behaviour Dimension – one have a look at how one’s experience in the Physical Body changed within and during the Possession of the Personality, how was one’s Physical Body BEFORE the Possession and then during, to so identify how this Personality would manipulate one’s Physical Body, and in this Physical Manipulation would further validate/justify one’s decision to fall into the Mind/Personality and give up on self/the responsibility of here as self in the physical and so one’s world/reality.
Thus, what will become clear here is essentially how we utilize the dimensions of the/a Personality to manipulate ourselves into submission to Energy/Mind, over and over and over again – not standing, living, being HERE in fact within/as this world/reality. So, in/during these processes one will thus understand more of what we mean by the difference between Personality-Control through/Energy as the Mind and actual, real Physical Living.

We’ll in the next post walk the Practical Example of the Postponement Character and so specify all these Dimensions, we have now only walked an Overview as a preparation platform for when we’ll in the next Post walk more detail in our relationship to the dimensions of Fear, Thought, Imagination, Backchat/Internal Conversations, Reactions, Behaviour and will also include, and so expand on the Dimension of Consequence. 

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