Character Dimensions – IMAGINATION Dimension (Part 1): DAY 165

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Character Dimensions – IMAGINATION Dimension (Part 1): DAY 165

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

As mentioned in the Previous Post, we’re continuing with the IMAGINATION Dimension writing, self-forgiveness and self-commitment statements as we walk our way through Personality Dimensions/Components and how we as the Force of/as the Mind have for so long Conned ourselves as Consciousness as ENERGY from/of our responsibility to ourselves and our living here in/as the actual, physical REAL world.

Now, from a THOUGHT, that would manifest as an image/memory in the Conscious-Mind, may initiate the IMAGINATION dimension. At this phase of the activation of a Character/Personality, from the Thought – the activation of a Character/Personality moves quite fast, in that one may experience that the Imagination, Backchat/Internal Conversations, Reactions and Behaviour manifest simultaneously. But when having a look at the Mind Interdimensionally-Physically, one can see the movement of the resonance of the dimensions of the Mind like a domino-effect, activating from the Thought, the Imagination, then the backchats/internal conversations, reactions and so behaviour.
Therefore, one will within the process of Writing, practise ‘slowing oneself down into and as physical breath/space time’, to access the moment/memory within self when a Character/Personality activated, to be able to identify and distinguish the Dimensions of the Character we’re walking through at the moment.

What determines the activation of the Imagination Dimension, is the extent to which one access a Character/Personality, on occasions one may find one immediately only become aware of the internal conversations/backchat, reactions and behaviour, but not the Imagination Dimension. This is because Consciousness will determine the extent of ‘motivation’ one need to separate self from self and so the physical body in that moment. Meaning, it assess, essentially the potential of self in that moment changing/moving SELF as an instance that the Mind/Consciousness would thus not have control of/as self, and so it becomes a moment of “It’s Either the FORCE, or ME”. Not from the perspective of a fight/competition, but within who self decide to be in that moment. And, obviously – because we have tended more to our relationship to the Mind/Energy than ourselves and our Physical Living in Reality, it’s become easier to manipulate our decisions in the Mind, than simply moving ourselves into and as an actual DOING.

It’s interesting in this, that – when we decide to change, we tend to decide it in our Minds and imagine who/how’d we be as this changed being and really in our Minds commit to change. BUT when the actual DOING of it comes before us, the ONE Thought and the domino-effect that leads from there, into and as the bliss of energy/experience overwhelms us and we negate on our own Words/Decisions within ourselves.
In this, we can have a look at the depths of the layers in our Mind-Physical existence/awareness, that we’d deliberately create this internal conflict within ourselves – making a decision to change, imagining it, experiencing it in an alternate version of ourselves in our Minds, not realising that to really become that change we imagine, we first have to face and walk through what it is we have become as we exist in this moment. We have to “walk through ourselves as we exist now” to get to the point/moment of Change. And so, with spending more time in our minds imagining change/projecting change, we in that process create a polarity within ourselves within ‘who we are now’ and ‘who we project ourselves to be’; and then when/as the moment of change comes, that would be a process to walk with taking the first step, we as the Force of ‘who we are/always been’ as the Mind fall back on the ‘old self’. Not realising that for the NEW to manifest, the OLD has to go, we have to really internally and externally change, walking from, standing up from and walking through the OLD into and as the NEW.

Thus, with having a look at the IMAGINATION Dimension within the context of the Postponement Character, one would see/realise the consequence of this Character in one’s world/reality, and would then “decide to change” and create this complete alternate self and world with a “changed self” within one’s Mind. BUT, what one is not taking into consideration here is the FORCE of/as the Mind as ourselves, where we’re essentially “splitting ourselves” within ourselves within the OLD Self and the NEW Self that is still only existent in IMAGINATION. And so we’ll create an inner-conflict between the Old Self that we’re currently living in the Physical as all of our habits and patterns and then the New Self we WANT to be that only exist in Imagination.
Within this, also to take into consideration is the nature of ENERGY that would do anything/everything to ensure/secure its own existence, and so with ourselves existent as the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY personified, we would within this sabotage/compromise any instances/moments/actions that would develop our Self-Aware living in/as the Physical. In this, is also why/how we’d thus in moments of Change, sabotage/compromise the change within our relationship to the Mind/Consciousness as the Force of/as ENERGY and all that we’ve become, defined and lived as ourselves as Energy as the Mind/Consciousness. Thus, even with taking a look at the ‘Game’ we then play with ourselves, while/as we’re IMAGINING change, even that process of imagination utilize energy that is resourced from/of the Physical. And in so doing, with IMAGINING change and not immediately in the moment implementing it, we’re inadvertently actually generating more energy for the Mind/Personalities and so make CHANGE difficult for ourselves, because we’ve given the MIND the necessary energy/resources to be able to manipulate ourselves in a moment into/as ENERGY-EXPERIENCE, instead of practical, self-aware, living.

In this, the IMAGINATION dimension can be utilized constructively, to when/as one make a decision to change, to map PRACTICALLY within oneself how one is going to assist/support self in and as practical application change/living. For example, in having a look at the Postponement Character: one would within oneself LOOK at what requires direction/completion within one’s world, what needs to get done, by what day/time, then PLACE IT INTO WRITING through structuring one’s day and time effectively to get to the things that require/need to be done FIRST, and then afterwards, once/as all one’s responsibilities are tended to, one give oneself the time to do whatever else one would prefer doing.
However, when/as one take the IMAGINATION into a complete alternate version of self/reality – essentially “imagining it’s all done, and imagining how disciplined one is in the future”, when in reality, this is not in fact so, and in reality self has not walked the process of change: what happens is creating a polarity within/between the old self and the new self and self will get to the moment of change, and fall back into/as the old self, because self’s decision and process to change was not REAL, it was all only done in the Mind, in Imagination with ENERGY.

Thus, to consider this with when/as one face the IMAGINATION Dimension within one’s Personality/Character walking, detailing what one imagined in the mind. And one will see, realise and understand how one created a change of reality/self in the Mind, in that process, feeding the Mind more energy / the Force as self and  so when/as the moment of change would come, SELF, HERE was not prepared to take it through into actual change. Self accepted and allowed essentially the old self to ‘have more power’ of/as the DECISION self has made to change and so in that equation, would give into the energy/force as Personality of/as the Mind.
And this is where Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Commitments comes in, within this process, one get to know the OLD Self/Personality, how one tend to activate it/become possessed within it, as well its consequences to one’s relationship with self, the physical and one’s world/reality. And furthermore – because it’s a process of PRACTICAL DOING, the writing and self-forgiveness and commitments, it serves as a platform of preparation for SELF to STAND by self’s DECISION/WORD and will make the process of change easier.
Not saying it’s not going to be difficult, still – ‘cause one is for the first time developing one’s SELF-Awareness in PRACTICAL LIVING from an entire lifetime of existing through the Mind in automated Personalities in the Physical Body. So, you as the Force/the Mind as energy will attempt/try to ‘survive’ in getting/having ENERGY and so why/how we’d create an internal conflict in ourselves in a moment of change, satisfying ENERGY instead of Living Change.

Thus, to assist and support self in this process of change, to ensure that when/as one make a decision to change, write it out for oneself, walk the character/personality that’s created the consequence in oneself and one’s life in the first place. Walk it out of the mind-physical relationship through writing and self-forgiveness and re-establish one’s decision/commitment of the change within self and self’s world. And to so in/as the moment of change, as with for example the postponement character: actually move into the DOING and not give into the THOUGHT/Imagination. In this process, self thus ensure that one do not create the inner conflict between the Old Self and New Self, but actually implement real self-change in practical physical reality, with seeing, realising and understanding that CHANGE is not something that’s as easy as one would IMAGINE, but is going to take actual practical action and a process of change in every moment one stick to one’s decision and bring forth the change in self and self’s world. 

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