Character Dimensions – Practical Application (Part 1): DAY 163

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Character Dimensions – Practical Application (Part 1): DAY 163

 Becoming Aware of The Mind – By Andrew Gable, 2012.

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

As mentioned in the Previous Post, we’re in this post walking the Practical Example of the Postponement Character and so specify all the Dimensions of Fear, Thought, Imagination, Backchat/Internal Conversations, Reactions, Behaviour and will also include, and so expand on the Dimension of Consequence.
Here, we’re going to walk through the Practical Application Steps of Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application in Identifying a Character and Redefining Self into and as Practical Living.

The example we’ll be utilizing is the Identification of the Postponement Character and the Redefinition of Self into and as Practical Living as Self-Discipline.

Thus, the first step in the Process of Identifying Characters, is WRITING. Here one establish the context of the moment and one’s relationship to it, essentially a description of what happened in the moment of when one was supposed to practically do something to get it done, but instead Postponed.

For Example:
Taking the context of walking Writing itself, together with Self-Forgiveness and Self Commitment Statements – in process we have a tendency to Postpone such practical applications, as with Writing, one is in the process of facing self, the mind and developing an intimacy of understanding what’s really going on within self., because with seeing/understanding how we operate/function within the Mind, can bring forth a realisation of how to in fact Change. This is an example of where the “Force” will step in as the Mind as ourselves, as we’ve as ENERGY/Consciousness manifested ourselves with ‘self/energy serving protection/defence mechanisms’ that any opportunity that would bring forth a Self-realization/awareness / Physical Stability/Living will immediately be resisted, as what we have done/become throughout our Lives is always SERVING ENERGY/the Mind as Consciousness instead of ourselves, the physical body and so this Physical Existence as a whole. And so, we’ve become energy consumers, serving energy – instead of physical living beings, taking responsibility for our actual living in this world/reality.
This can be taken into context within this World System as well – we’ve come to SERVE MONEY, and will protect/defend our relationship to Money and how this current World System exist, serving/considering only our own Interests and not what is/would be Best for All in Equality and Oneness as an actual real PHYSICAL SOLUTION for all of Humanity. Consuming money, serving money – instead of considering our relationship to money within the context of practical living and humanity as a whole to stand up/stand for a solution in all of humanity’s relationship to Money.
Thus, this “Force” operate in two contexts, internally and externally – as ENERGY and Money, Energy Consciousness as the Mind and Money Consciousness as the World System, always protecting/defending/serving ENERGY within and MONEY without; as will be seen, with for example walking this Postponement Character, that we’d manipulate ourselves with ENERGY into giving into the Mind and giving up on ourselves/practical living HERE that would be best for ourselves.

Thus, this is one of the Dimensions, within the Context of the Postponement Character as where the “Force” of/as Energy as Consciousness of/as the Mind as ourselves would step in to serve Energy, instead of standing with ourselves in Practical, Real Physical Living. Because with Writing as well, what we tend to do in the Mind is simply ‘wave off’ / ‘brush off’ / ‘suppress’ / ‘blatantly ignore’ the things that preoccupy our Minds, not realising that those very things are what’s forming/shaping our relationship to ourselves, the physical and our world and everything/everyone within it. For the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY – it’s obviously best one do not Understand it, cause as long one do not Understand it, the better continued Control it has over/of Self, with walking the Quantum Mind Interview Series one will see, realise and understand the extent to which the Mind/Consciousness in fact control the entirety of who we are in thought, word and deed, but unaware of it due to our limited awareness only existent in the Conscious Mind.
So, here to understand why/how it is that one may experience Resistance in the beginning of one’s Process and tend to activate the ‘Postponement Character’ – as it is in fact a point/opportunity of Change, through understanding how self created/programmed self into a Personality in the Mind, because with understanding it, being equal-to and one-with it as one layout the blueprint of it in Writing, one  has the ability/power/responsibility to in fact change Self, from a controlled Personality dominated/manipulated by fears, thoughts, internal conversations/backchats, reactions of emotions/feelings and physical behavioural systems, to a self-aware living being that makes a decision of “Who I Am” and actually LIVE it.

In this, one can have a look at various contexts with regards to where the Postponement Character manifest in one’s World, and one will realise that this Character really has a tendency of possessing in instances that would contribute to change, to expansion, to commitment, to responsibility, to one’s future – for example, can look at contexts of:
Postponing with School/University Assignments/Tasks – compromising one’s future and survival in this world system that is, unfortunately at this stage really dependent on establishing a profession/having an education. Obviously yes even though this may not be guaranteed, it should still not be an excuse, reason, justification to not utilize the opportunity you have in this moment to complete your education. You do not know what the Future may bring, and therefore, rather utilize the opportunity you have with education, commit yourself to get it done, so as to not have to face the regret of not utilizing this opportunity you have, later in life. It is here in your life/world, therefore – do it, get it done.

Postponing Communication – this is also one may tend to face, postponing having a conversation with another human being after having had an argument, for example. And one had seen one’s responsibility within it and what one could have done differently. We tend to leave things in this context, instead of realising the opportunity to self change, in taking responsibility for one’s thoughts, words and deeds and the consequences it manifested in another. Thus, here, what postponement would do is creating unnecessary rifts in relationships, with ‘leaving things in unrest/without solutions’, suggest here thus to when/as one do see one’s responsibility in an argument/discussion, to communicate it, make an agreement to bring the point of the argument to a solution that will benefit both as equals.

So, here are just two examples for more contexts one can consider, thus – explore the Context of when/as one has seen the Postponement Character manifest, that had taken one into the separation of serving Energy/Consciousness instead of self, and self-responsibility here .

Let’s continue with having a look at the context of the Postponement Character manifesting with starting one’s  process of Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Statements, and/or even completing a task/assignment in one’s Profession/University/School:
“I was sitting in front of my Computer, about to start Writing/completing a Task/Assignment and as I was about to Write/ Complete the Task/Assignment, I was overwhelmed within me by this experience that I just wanted to ‘get away from’, like – really not wanting to stay in that moment and do the writing/task. And when I moved away from the responsibility – I actually felt better. Eventually it got to a point where I kept on doing this, and never got to the writing/completing the task.”
Thus, here an example of a Practical Reality Context – now, we start going deeper into/as Self/the Mind in that Moment with Walking the Dimensions of a Character/Personality, to understand what that energy experience was that self created – in seeing, realising and understanding how self in fact in the Mind deliberately created that ‘energy experience’, to not take responsibility in that moment, and so how to not accept/allow self to be directed/controlled by an energy experience, but stick to the decision self makes within self with completing writing/a task, not giving in to energy/mind, but standing with self, here.

[I’d further suggest reading through the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs individuals are walking, applying the processes of writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application to see/understand the practical process of facing/understanding the Mind as self and within that, how to redefine self’s living to what is/will be best for self and so best for all, taking responsibility for who one is in thought, word and deed.
Also, I would within this suggest reading Earth’s Journey to Life that is walked very Structurally regarding the process of facing Self as the Mind and taking/living Self-Responsibility.
Within this, is also the Desteni I Process that, together with a Buddy/Individual, assisting and supporting self to in detail walk through the dimensions/layers of the Mind as the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind.]

THOUGHT Dimension:
Here, as we have mentioned, the Thought will be the Point, the ONE point that would activate the Postponement Character. The Thought can be in the form of an image/picture and/or Memory/past experience that would relate to activating the Postponement Character.
For example – it can be seeing a Memory of ‘enjoying watching television/series’ / ‘just sitting and doing nothing’ / ‘seeing self sitting in front of the computer/laptop/book and being bored’ / ‘an image/picture of boredom’ may come up / ‘an image/picture of sleeping’ come up / ‘an image/picture of walking around aimlessly’ may come up. So, what’s interesting in this, is that the THOUGHT that would manifest in the Mind would either, for example deliberately create a negative-energy experience to/towards what one is physically practically doing, OR would create a positive energy experience with doing SOMETHING ELSE.
Primarily what I have found though with the Postponement Character is that it manifest Polarity, meaning – deliberately manifest a Thought as negative-energy experience towards what one is doing, for example ‘seeing yourself as bored sitting in front of the computer’, and then in the IMAGINATION dimension – the positive-energy experience would activate of ‘seeing yourself doing something that you would define as not being bored’, like imagining yourself enjoying watching a movie/series/television.
So, what would be interesting to establish here, the more one practise this process of Identifying Characters and within that establishing the walking with breath as the physical in slowing oneself down in physical space and time to see how the Mind moves, is – how the Thought would create a ‘negative’ to what one is doing, and then the Mind would in the IMAGINATION dimension bring up the positive temptation of doing something opposite that would ‘make one feel good’. So, essentially how we deliberately ‘play games’ with ourselves in our own Minds – deliberately creating a negative to a moment that would serve as an opportunity for change, to deliberately creating a positive in the MIND to lead us into/as the temptation of Mind/Personality as ENERGY. Because if one would in that moment Follow the MIND, one would give into doing something that would give one a positive energy experience/good feeling, giving the Mind/Consciousness its energy-serving, instead of doing that which would serve self as life/living in committing self to practically stick to responsibility/discipline.

We’ll continue in the next post – with the self forgiveness and self-commitment statements of the THOUGHT Dimension, and so continue through the Dimensions to simultaneously more understand how Characters operate, what’s our relationship to the components/dimensions of Characters and within this, how the Force as the entire Mind as Energy utilize energy to manipulate ourselves into separation/interest/ego instead of self responsible, directive and aware living here in and as equality and oneness with the Physical. 

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