The Science of Thought – Introduction: DAY 149

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The Science of Thought – Introduction: DAY 149

Walking with Thoughts - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In and from this post, we’re going to have a look at the manifestation of thoughts, meaning – what thoughts are, how they manifest in the mind and within this to see, realise and understand that there is much more to thoughts than the general definition/assumption that currently exist in our relationship to thoughts/thinking. That ‘Thought’ is a ‘field of its own’ within the Conscious-Mind, from the perspective of having an actual interdimensional-physical science to it, with regards to how it varies in design and substance and mind-mathematical equations in its relationship to Personalities in the Mind Consciousness System, and so also the Physical-Body. That, essentially – the Mind is a Science that interdimensionally-physically has not yet been explored, with regards to the mathematics, equations and relationships that constitute the mind as the components it use as energy, frequency, vibration, symbols, patterns, relationships, networks that form into shape the thoughts, the personalities, the conscious, subconscious and unconscious/physical-mind that produce the entity as Consciousness. That will be walked in an overview within this Blog, but is more specifically walked within the Quantum Mind interview series available on EQAFE.

So, the question we have to consider is why this interdimensional-physical relationship between the Mind and the Physical had not yet been so in detail explored regarding the actual relationship between thought, personalities and the various mind-layers as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious-mind and its merging/dependency-relationship to/as the physical-body? Why has the nature, content/substance of thoughts, memories, reactions of emotions and feelings not been ‘scientifically’ investigated from the perspective of the detail of how the Mind and its various components in fact influence the physical-body, that determine our living and so determine our life experience on this earth. And within this – how the Mind use energy, thoughts and memories to throughout our lifetime create/manifest personalities? Why has the very sounds we speak when vocalizing words not been investigated in seeing, realising and understanding the detail of the impact of the sound/frequencies we speak as they originate from/of interdimensional-physical systems as personalities in and of the Mind in the physical that would resonate in the physical body fabric/substance and so actually manipulate the very physical fabric/substance design/constitution? How every time we think, converse within ourselves, we’re actually participating in multiple-personalities in the Mind in the Physical, and the very activation of thought-patterns actually originate from channels, ‘grooves’ made in/as the very physical-flesh in/as which thought patterns crystallize which throughout one’s life can be physically-experiences as pain and/or a deterioration of the flesh/tissue and/or bone? And with ‘education’ on the ‘Mind’ and its relationship to the Physical existing – why has this not been included in basic education for all of humanity to produce an effective living human being, when the principle is understood in this world – that what create this world/humanity is who we are and what/how we live?
The primary ‘reason’ for this, is because the very thing we’ve used as the Mind – thinking, ‘observing’, ‘looking at’ this physical-world/reality: is/has been the very thing that has shaped the physical existence as it exist now regarding our relationship to it, and its relationship to us. AND, why basic education on the mind, who we are as the mind and its relationship to the physical (even with what is only understood now) has not accorded to humanity, is because ‘surviving and money’ had taken precedence over/of the very living/life of who we are as human beings – the consequence of this which is becoming more and more evident in the current relationship between the world system of money and the majority of Humanity.  Which, within this is quite problematic in that, we’ve approached the science of this world from within the starting-point of the Mind, not realising that what we’re ‘scientifically, physically observing’ is only ‘manifested consequence’ / ‘the after effect’ of what had been created through and as the Mind in the Physical. That we have not considered/realised that the very Mind we use to investigate physicality/the consequences within it – is/has been the very thing that created/manifested it as it exist, throughout our lifetimes within existence, and the history of existence itself.

So, with Desteni – in this Blog, EQAFE, the Desteni I Process, one will see, realise and understand the unexplored scientific field of the interdimensional-physical Quantum Mind and its relationship and history to the Physical-Body and so this Physical-Existence as a whole.
That, if we have a look at the definition of Science According to (Collins, 2009: s.v. “Science”) “Science” is: “the systematic study of the nature and behaviour of the material and physical universe, based on observation, experiment, and measurement, and the formulation of laws to describe these facts in general terms”.
What has not been included/realised within thus ‘study of the physical’ is in fact the Mind’s relationship to Physicality: The Mind as the Physical. That we have essentially with how Science approached the “physical world” not realised that in/as the Physical exist only the ‘after-effect’ / ‘consequence’ of the source/origin as the Mind. Which place into question how little we then really in fact understand of the physical, this physical existence –as will be seen within the Animal Life Review interviews regarding their direct-relationship to physicality where they can essentially see the extent of the mind-physical relationship and the extent to which the Mind has determined/defined physicality and so this physical existence. Especially with regards to what has been ‘missed’, because the relationship within/between and as the mind and the physical has not been incorporated/included in the fields of study of existence, that we’ve essentially only always investigated consequence/the past, the ‘too lateness’ and not gotten to the origin/root/cause of it all that we’re physically seeing happening/manifesting in this world/physical reality.
So, why/how can what we’re walking interdimensionally-physically as the mind in the physical be classified within the context of ‘science’? Having a look again at the definition of Science According to (Collins, 2009: s.v. “Science”) “Science” is: “the systematic study of the nature and behaviour of the material and physical universe, based on observation, experiment, and measurement, and the formulation of laws to describe these facts in general terms.”
We are systematically walking/studying the nature and behaviour of the material and physical universe within the starting-point of seeing, realising and understanding that the physical has become the Mind as the Mind has become the physical. And so we’re walking this process through self-observation which is done through writing/self-forgiveness – observing self as the Mind and its consequence to who self is and how self Physically Live and how the Mind in fact physically determine the nature, relationship and experience of one’s physical life experience.
And so experimentation where self experiment with the various writings, self-forgiveness’s and self-corrective applications to investigate whether the original findings/observations in one’s relationship to the mind and the relationship between the mind and the physical and so the relationship between the mind, the physical one’s living was accurate so that it could be aligned/changed into and as an equal and one approach to life/living. Thus, essentially in this – taking this science of the mind in/as the physical in its interdimensional-physical existence, one step further in regards to utilizing the principles/processes/platforms of walking the mind/physical science, into and as the science of living – which within this is a science/field unto itself as well. Thus, this process we’re walking in Desteni, EQAFE, the Desteni I Process and that can also be seen within the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs is a merging, an equal and one process of walking from, and first understanding, the Science of the Mind in/as the Physical and so walk as the Science of Living that we’re doing simultaneously in/as the processes of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.
Then furthermore, one can look at the point regarding ‘measurement’ – in that, each individual in their mind-physical process into/as their living process – measure their study, observation and experimentation in the results of/as themselves in their mind-physical relationships; regarding being able to measurably see the change from/of the processes of study, observation and experimentation within and through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application. Utilizing self as the reference and also the cross-referencing, of course with other individuals that walk this process of science of the mind/physical and science of living together to ensure the process of observation, experimentation and measurement is aligned to self, the mind and the physical.
Then, having a look at the formulation of laws to describe these facts/terms – as we as individuals become the one’s that as-ourselves observe, experiment and measure and as well as change the current laws/relationships that’s determined who we are and how/what we live and so our relationship as the mind to the physical, to this physical existence as what has come to define the living condition of us all within this existence. And so change/transform the laws we’ve currently accepted and allowed in/as this existence, to/as the Law of LIFE of equality and oneness here as what’s best for all.

This is what we were supposed to have done in the beginning of our existence as beings in our DIRECT ORIGIN relationship of OURSELVES in relationship to ourselves, the physical and so existence as a whole. But, because we NEVER questioned/investigated the extent of ‘who we are’ as the Mind in fact, and the Mind as the actual source/origin of/as what we’ve been observing in/as this physical existence, and then we’ve been utilizing the very thing that’s created/manifested what we observe to investigate/experiment within/as this physical existence, without first investigating what it is that we’re using as the Mind within/as ourselves to see/observe what we do in existence. Because without doing that – everything we’ve been observing/investigating becomes questionable because we have not in fact understood the extent of the mind’s relationship to the physical within WHO WE ARE, first.
And so, one will see for example with all the sciences/fields that exist – Science, Education, Psychology, Geography, Biology and the list goes on – we’ve all reached a ‘dead end’ with them in regards to basic human functioning and existing/co-existing and really in fact practically living in this physical world/reality. That we’ve been advancing in the ‘knowledge and information’ ABOUT the physical, because we’ve always only approached it in/as separation – looking AT IT as the MIND as the consequence of the mind-physical relationship. Instead of seeing directly who we in fact are as what is here in equality and oneness and our direct-responsibility with and as creating/manifesting what is here as ourselves, our experience in our own physical-bodies and so this existence as a whole. And so why/how no-one, no knowledge and information or field/science of study have come up with an effective relationship and living with ourselves, each other, the physical body and this physical existence as a whole, we’ve only formulated knowledge and information about it, always chased after the consequence of what happens in the physical and this physical existence…but never an equal and one solution.

So, here thus an ‘overview introduction’ to the new frontier of Science – the Science of the Mind in/as the Physical and the Science of Living, simultaneously walked within the Desteni, EQAFE, the Desteni I Process,  7 Year Journey to Life and Equal Money as the process within which self become the Living Science – changing the word/Science into the Living Word as self, in observing, experimenting and measuring as the study of the material and nature of the physical in and as its mind-physical substance. And so the understanding/comprehension of how the mind as the physical and the physical as the mind in fact exist, to understand/comprehend the laws we current exist as and live by in and as this relationship. How this has determined our very existence in this physical existence, and to see, realise and understand how the Laws we’ve existed as the mind in the physical had consequentially manifested what is here as humanity and our relationship to this physical existence as a whole. And to realise, see and understand within this thus, our responsibility of changing ourselves into and as the Living Law of/as Life in/as the establishment/manifestation of/as equality and oneness as what’s best for all. The same scientific principles the Equal Money System is/will be based on in and as our external world/reality.

We’ll continue in the next post with having a look at the ‘Science of Thought’ within and as this interdimensional-physical relationship within and between the Mind and the Physical and the relationship between thought and the physical-body and so our living/physical living in this physical world/reality. To see, realise and understand what has been missed in the physical with us as humanity not first investigating in fact who/what we are as the Mind in the Physical.


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