Character Defence Mechanisms: DAY 93

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Character Defence Mechanisms: DAY 93

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

Now that we understand the why/how we manifest the ‘Suspicion-Character’ to/towards friends in protecting and defending our Character/Personality, essentially our wants, needs and desires of and as self-interest that we developed/manifested from and of our Family/those that have gone before us: we’ll in the next post continue with the Practical Example of the detail of the Thoughts, Internal Conversations and reactions that manifest in our Minds in relationship to another human being, to assist/support self in seeing/realising/understanding when and as the Suspicion-Character activate, to in this – instead of fortifying self in and as the Mind, to simply ASK and assess the information within the principle of and as what’s best for all/equality and oneness, to stop existing in fear of change, and really learn the potential of expanding/learning/growing from others as self. 
However, before we get into the details of these/such processes – let’s have a look more at the nature of ourselves within our Minds as Characters/Personalities regarding why/how we have become humans that approach all relationships in fear; always ‘on guard’ – instead of living here, in equality and oneness as the potential that is existent for, within and as ourselves if we’d only change and walk through the fear of change…

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realise and understood the nature of the Thoughts, Backchats/Internal Conversations and Reactions that manifest within being confronted with a human being/friend that presented changes/inconsistencies in their presentation/behaviour/speech, where for example taking a friendship-relationship between two females, belonging to a group of female friends:
I over an extended period of time in interaction and participation with my friend/human being, started noticing changes in their presentation, behaviour and speech – very subtle initially, but eventually becoming prominent. So, what first started happening with the subtle changes/inconsistencies – was ACCUMULATING memories/data within my Unconscious/Physical-Mind platform that is in particular-specific alignment to the Character/Personality this friend/human being secures. So, for each one of the Primary Characters we embody/live-out that our Family/Friendship and Partner-relationships secure, there exist a ‘memory database collection/individualized platform’ that is particularly-specifically accumulated within and during our particular Primary-Character/Personality interactions/participations with other human beings as friends/family/partners. And, when/as our Consciousness start noticing changes/inconsistencies – dependent on the extent of the change/inconsistency will depend on the extent of activation of the ‘Suspicion Character’.
Where, within this instance/example with the friend/human being – the changes/inconsistencies initially only started subtly over an extended period of time. So, due to the changes/inconsistencies only manifesting and being observed/noticed ever so slightly/subtly: the MEMORIES/MOMENTS with such changes/inconsistencies are accumulated within the memory-database accumulation platform of and as my particular Character/Personality that is in alignment to/towards this particular friend/human being. And will – every time I continue meeting up with/participating with this friend, become this Character/Personality – activated the moment I visibly see them/think about them/hear them, and what will simultaneously come up within this is all the memories/moments of highlighted changes/inconsistencies I’ve gathered within the memory-accumulation database of this particular Character/Personality. Thus, what I as Consciousness/this ‘Suspicion-Character’ is in the process of doing is accumulating EVIDENCE within me, with each memory/moment where I have noticed/observed changes/inconsistencies is then manifested within my Character/Personality platform – consisting of/existing as the noticed/observed and thus highlighted change/inconsistency, together with my character/personality subtle reaction of resistance and fear. With these subtle reactions of resistance/fear still ‘undefined’ with regards to ‘somehow knowing something is different but not able to put my finger on it’, thus indicating not enough ‘evidence/memories/moments’ have been accumulated for my Consciousness/ ‘Suspicion-Character’ to attribute to any extensive potential threat/change to my Character/Personality due to the changes/inconsistencies being so subtle. BUT, still within me as this Character/Personality becoming more and more ‘reserved’ the more and more Evidence is accumulated within my Character/Personality platform regarding the changes/inconsistencies as they become more Prominent; where: a moment comes in interaction/participation within this friend/human being and my Consciousness together with the Suspicion-Character brought up memories/moments of interaction/participation with other human beings/in movies/magazines/conversations with parents/others – where this Character/Personality established such changes/inconsistencies now ever so prominent in my friend/human being: to be a definitive threat to the change/constitution of my Character/Personality.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand the various dimensions/layers existent within and as ourselves as the ‘Suspicion-Character’, where – dependent on the extent of the changes/inconsistencies, will depend on the extent to which the ‘Suspicion-Character’ within and as friendship-relationships will activate, in whether it still remain in the background until enough evidence in memories is gathered, or whether it will immediately activate into a possession within our Mind-Physical existence when the change/inconsistency is prevalent/prominent. Where, when/as the changes/inconsistencies are initially subtle – we will accumulate the memories in our Character/Personality platform, to PREPARE for our absolute activation of the Suspicion-Character together with Consciousness in trying/attempting to from our MEMORIES determine the why/how/reasons for the change/inconsistency. And when/as the change/inconsistency is prevalent/prominent – will go into IMMEDIATE activation of the Suspicion-Character together with Consciousness in determining the why/how/reasons for the change/inconsistency.

Where, in this – I commit myself to show how this entire process takes self into a Possession of protecting/defending a Character/Personality/definition of the Mind, that we had gone to such extremes/details within and as Consciousness to instil/program ‘protection and defence’ systems, taking much EFFORT and TIME within our Mind-Physical existence to ensure the survival and continued existence of OUR DEFINITION only within our Minds of knowledge and information. Instead of utilizing our living in ourselves, the physical body and this world in developing an equal and one relationship with ourselves and others, establishing ways/means for EFFECTIVE, stable relationships through establishing AGREEMENTS of assisting and support ourselves/each other to reach our utmost potential within WHO WE ARE within ourselves and our living.
But, instead – approach everything/everyone as a ‘potential threat within fear’, SPENDING time in the Mind-Physical relationship, mostly preoccupied within protecting and defending our Characters/Personalities; when – friendships and relationships have become a domain of ‘pleasure and fear’ / the most ‘pleasure and fear’; where we simultaneously exist in the pleasure of securing our Character/Personality, but also in the most fear as we’re ‘MORE ALERT’ when with friends/relationships to detect any potential threat/change that can/may influence/affect our Personality/Character.

In this, I commit myself to show – the equal and one alignment within the principle “As within = So without”, regarding within the World-System of Money, the extent of MONEY and Resources that is SPENT on artillery, protection and defence systems – seeing anything/anyone as a potential threat/change to the character of the Elite/Country, where we have throughout human civilization, spent more TIME on evolving protection, defence and artillery/war – developing a World-System of and as Fear, from a starting-point of Fear and our possession within it, to protect/defend our possessions/definitions in our within and without.
Instead of from the beginning, having aligned our beingness with ourselves, our physical body and this physical existence in equality and oneness, developing a world/humanity of co-creation/co-existence, we developed/created a humanity divided and conquered by our own possessions and fears. The World-System didn’t develop itself/by God – we the humans did it, within an equal and one mirror of what goes on WITHIN ourselves as the nature of ourselves that hadn’t changed from the beginning of our existence. And so we evolved in creating/manifesting systems for survival – spending internal and external resources of actual physicality, for energy and money to evolve our protection/defence systems FOR OURSELVES Against everything/everyone else, spending/wasting so much TIME as PHYSICALITY on fear/possession – instead of on actually Living/contributing to a life/world that’s best for all, and so best for self: Becoming soldiers of and for the Mind – instead of Living Beings of Life. 

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand, in equality and oneness with and as Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical – from the beginning to now, how and why – within ALL relationships to/towards all human beings with and towards which we have particular-specific ‘contracts between Characters/Personalities’ we secure/protect/defend within and between each other: will always accumulate significant memories/moments with them, where in any way my Character/Personality went into a reaction of resistance/fear/uncomfortability/unease, where the other human being/relationship did not ‘hold up their end of the contract’ and in any way changed/altered – however subtly/extensive in moments of interaction/participation that placed my character/personality under threat/change as moments/instances where I experienced/reacted to them being unjust/unfair/deliberate to MY character/personality, that I then took Personally. BUT, didn’t / wouldn’t mentioned anything, only holding-onto such moments/instances in my Mind, within my Character/Personality ‘memory-database accumulation’, to when and as needed: use such moments/instances as FUEL when/as I have an opportunity to equally as one do to them as they have done unto me, for making me ‘feel the way I did/they apparently made me feel’.
Where – whenever I decided within my Mind, in my memories/past experiences of our character-relationship that they were deliberate in their interaction/participation with me; which I essentially ‘took personally’ – I reacted in anger; because they were not keeping their end of the deal/contract; and so would accumulate such reactive-instances until I have enough memories, enough energies/reactions to eventually do the same unto them. Because in such initial moments I did not immediately have a response/retort back as I did not have enough energy to ‘fight back’, I may make little snide remarks of spite/anger, but will continue accumulating energies/memories until I can equally as one get back at them as what they did to me as the very nature of Consciousness/Personality/Characters we exist as, that will protect/defend OUR PRECIOUS – no matter whether the cost would be the friendship/relationship.
And so, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand why/how we primarily accumulate such memories/moments, to USE AGAINST our relationships when/as moments present itself that we can use as an Artillery to ‘stand in the honour/guarding’ of our Personality/Character when provoked. Deliberately manifesting friction/conflict in arguments/fights using the FUEL of such accumulative memories/reactions/experiences we TOOK PERSONALLY within our character/personality existence. Where, most of the significant memories are of those moments we perceived ourselves to be ‘under attack’, and will come-back with an unexpected/sudden FORCE – speaking those memories/moments to/towards the human being/relationship within and during the argument/fight to use against them in justifying why/how we can behave/act to/towards them as we are, as ‘they did the same unto me’. Where we now exist, essentially within deliberate blame and spite as “do unto others as they do unto you” as the internal and external war we wage within ourselves and with each other, instead of “do unto others as you’d like to be done unto you” within the principle of equality and oneness, in considering/regarding our thoughts, words and deeds and the consequences this manifest within ourselves and our relationships.

I commit myself to show – why/how it is that, within and during arguments, with for example friends – we will bring-up, as Consciousness into our Conscious and Subconscious Mind, all the most prominent memories/past experiences within this friend/relationship where our Character/Personality took their Character/Personality ‘personally’ and reacted within emotions/feelings. Bringing them up – one-by-one-by-one as the accumulated artillery we manifested in our Character/Personality platform with finally having an opportune moment to ‘equally get back at them as what they had done unto me’; as what we MUST do to protect/defend the HONOUR of the Mind/Characters/Personalities.
Where, we will not immediately in moments when we react to/towards a friend/relationship INVESTIGATE OURSELVES within self-honesty regarding the reaction, but IMMEDIATELY blame the other/friend/relationship within our Memories, because remember: the contract between characters/personalities is: “you secure mine and I secure yours, thus if either/or in any way place each other’s character/personality in a point of change/threat – the Other is thus to blame”. Thus, within friendships within this ‘contract’ – also ensures/secures neither SELF-INVESTIGATE/introspect our reactions of the Mind within ourselves, cause we BLAME EACH OTHER, when we’re the only one’s existing within ourselves and thus responsible for our own experiences. But, in friendships – we can abdicate this responsibility, and maintain/remain within our characters/personalities by/through blaming each other for who/how we are within ourselves, and simultaneously within that – accumulate memories/moments where WE REACTED, and BLAMED THEM for it, so that within all those instances – we don’t have to face ourselves, but can in an argument really protect/defend our existence, with spewing out the blame to/towards them.
And so, I commit myself to show – how and why we accumulate memories of reactions within ourselves, holding the blame to/towards others/relationships, so that we don’t have to take responsibility for WHO WE ARE, but can blame others and in that: protect and defend our character/personality without having to change.

We’ll in the next post continue with the Suspicion-Character Part Four – continuing with the practical examples of the details of the processes that manifest within us is the Mind to/towards friendship-relationships within the interest of protecting/defending our Minds.

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