See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Do No Evil: DAY 193

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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Do No Evil: DAY 193

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EVIL – continued

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

The Context that we’re walking within Fear of our own Shadow, stand within the Question: “Why, with Always being aware of what goes on in the Mind, what comes up in the Mind –have we never questioned our nature, our beingness, but simply blindly followed/denied it and had it define us/determine our actions/words and behaviour. Simultaneously in such moments knowing we can stop/change and how different the outcome for the moment/relationship would be, but would still, despite that knowledge and awareness – act on/deny the Evil of Mind?”
And within this, we’re starting more specifically with having a look at our accepted and allowed relationship to/towards our own shadows / “Dark Sides” that manifests in our Minds, within our Physical Bodies as-ourselves, where we have mentioned in the previous post that we’ll walk some practical examples in the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments of how we create Illusions to hide from the reality of the Dark and how this thus inadvertently proliferate the Dark, where we’ve been running away from the reality of ourselves, when we should really just face it, direct it and sort it out.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand what it means to HEAR. That, even despite us explaining the Detail of the Mind, the Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical as the Dimensions of Awareness that exist beyond the limited Awareness of the Human’s Consciousness in the Conscious and partly the Subconscious Mind within the components of thought, backchat, imagination, reactions, behaviours – the Human will still not HEAR how we’re in fact creating our own Minds, our own Lives within a Mind-Physical relationship that also in fact create this World, this Humanity. That, we’re not even HEARING ourselves in what we’re accepting and allowing in our relationship to our own Mind, this World when it comes to the dark/negative/bad/evil that exist/can exist, with for example having a look our relationship to the NEWS – how much of what is expressed in the NEWS in any way represent love/light/good/positivity – interestingly enough, most of the love/light/good/positivity originate/come from CELEBRITY/ELITE news that is spread, whereas the actual bad/negative/dark/evil is the REALITY that overwhelm the pages of the NEWS of Earth/Reality. And, then we’d take it one step further as condemning the news / not paying attention to the news / not HEARING/SEEING what is in fact happening within this WORLD/REALITY, but we’d rather spend the time/the concentration/the attention within our MINDS in an alternate elitist Reality that we create through/from ENERGY and even in our Minds not see directly the realities we create within it, the Reality we live of who we are in the Physical and so the reality that is HERE as the Physical.
I commit myself to show how, we can with all our Might lock ourselves into the Mind, lock ourselves into our homes – into our ‘own little worlds/houses’; BUT – our relationship to our homes, is in direct relationship to this World System, our relationship to our Minds is in direct relationship to who we are/ and so also this World System as the extent to which MONEY in fact determine who we are in the Mind and so our Lives/Living in/as this World/Reality – and SO MANY human beings are creating this IDEA of life in their MINDS, holding onto this Utopia, or this Experience that “everything is fine / everything is okay”: when it is REALLY NOT, IN FACT. Everyone is so AFRAID of Looking, of Seeing, of Hearing what is going on this World, of looking, of seeing, of hearing what is going on in the Mind, the question within this, and this is a question that one of the Beings from a Life Review interview asked, is: Why do we FEAR what is HERE, instead of establishing a relationship of SOLUTION to what is here? Why did we create FEARS of the evil, the dark, the negative, the bad – instead of, from the beginning, establishing a relationship to it without fear, but really UNDERSTANDING it and coming to an equal and one SOLUTION for ourselves and everyone else? We look at our participation in sites, for example when showing the Reality of Abuse in this world, but then SO MANY claim it to be “improper”, but we’d rather place images of ILLUSION, these beautiful/pretty/love/light images and pictures that have NO CONTEXT to reality, but makes one FEEL GOOD/FEEL BETTER for a moment in looking at ILLUSIONS? How does the reflect on our Nature/Beingness, then in our Mind relationship to ourselves and our living – that we in our MINDS, rather focus on/pay attention to ILLUSIONS than the REALITY of what the Mind portray/expose/reveal about the nature/beingness of who we are.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how we’re using our Minds like a Site – “not allowing our Mind to compute with content of dark/evil/bad/negative things”, “erasing them” – like, not giving them second thoughts/paying attention to them, kind of like brushing them aside and then only having ILLUSIONS preoccupy our minds that “make us momentarily feel good/feel better about ourselves. BUT, as with “removing REALITY content from Sites” – does not mean the REALITY thereof does not exist, as with “removing/erasing/ignoring the REALITY content of our Minds as the evil/bad/darkness/negativity” does not mean the REALITY thereof does not exist – it still does, it remains existent as a REALITY for the majority of human and animal and nature’s lives/living of suffering/pain, it remains existent as a REALITY within our Physical Bodies on a Quantum Mind/Quantum Physical Level; all we’re doing in our limited awareness in the Conscious, and partly Subconscious Mind is choosing to IGNORE it, within our own Minds and Reality. While what in fact happens to it on a Quantum Mind/Quantum Physical Level and so within this Physical World/Reality: is that is PROLIFERATE.
I Commit myself to show - what is being walked in the recent Quantum Mind Interview Series, is explaining in detail HOW our Quantum Mind Awareness, utilize ALL the negative/bad/evil/darkness that we in our Conscious/Partly Subconscious Mind awareness “Ignore”, imprint it into and on Personality System Platforms and where/how it ACCUMULATE into eventually becoming an Entity/Energy Awareness that can take-over and possess self in any given moment. Which within this Explains, why/how what is proliferating in Humanity is sudden/unexpected Personality Changes within the Context of the evil/bad/negative/darkness of the inherent nature/beingness of ourselves as Humans erupting like volcanoes, as we within our Minds proliferate our Own evil/darkness/bad/negative through IGNORING it, SUPPRESSING it, where it ACCUMULATE on a quantum mind/quantum physical level and eventually exert/release itself on a mental and physical level that stands within the nature/experience of a POSSESSION. This is what we’re doing in this Physical World as well, we keep on Ignoring/Suppressing the REALITY of this world, while what is happening to it, is that the evil/bad/negative/dark of the PHYSICAL REALITY of things is proliferating/accumulating into and as a Global/Humanity POSSESSION. And, no matter how much we continue Ignoring the reality of ourselves in this Mind and this World through Illusions of love/light/positivity/goodness on SITES and in our MIND SITES: it will not, and cannot change the REALITY of the inherent nature of ourselves and humanity.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand where we’re taking our relationship to the Mind and this Physical Reality to: to a Point where we cannot anymore just Ignore the Reality, the dark/evil/negative/bad in our Minds and this World – we’re self-honestly only able to ignore it, for most part, because of our relationship to Money, that creates this Illusion of our lives being “okay/ordinary/fine” that our Personalities we have formed because of our lives in our relationship to Money is Real, BUT, we’re really only seeing/experience a percentage-outflow of the Total Consequence of the entire World System in this existence, and the consequence its creating on the majority of this Globe and Humanity is catching up on the amount of people that’s been IGNORING/SUPPRESSING the reality of the consequence of this World System. And so will happen within our Minds, the more we suppress/ignore the Reality of the Mind, the more it accumulate/proliferate and will “catch up” to us, mentally and physically to the point where it becomes a Physical Possession and can no longer be Ignored.
I Commit myself to show, and walk in detail – within the Quantum Mind Interview Series, how our relationship to the dark/negative/evil/bad and our ignorance/suppression to/towards it, accumulate and proliferate on a mental/physical level, that eventually manifest into/as a total mental and physical possession / physical body consequence. Because what Human Beings have not seen, realised and understood is that – everything that manifest in the Mind, within one’s Conscious/Subconscious Awareness – originate from/of a Quantum Mind/Quantum Physical Level – and simply ignoring/suppressing it, does not mean it “just goes away” / “no more exists”, but that in fact accumulate/is stored on a Physical Level, where it continues generating energy on a level of awareness that is currently separate from self’s limited awareness in the Conscious/Subconscious Mind. And will also discuss the Consequences we manifest / could manifest on a mental-physical level with continuing to suppress/ignore the content/dimensions of the Mind/what manifests within it. And so, that the solution to our Minds, so this World System is in no way suppressing it/ignoring, especially not through/with Illusions of love/light/good/positivity – because, what is happening in the Minds, as within this World,  is that everything is proliferating to the Point where it MANIFESTS as a REALITY for each one individually and collectively.
As has been mentioned in the previous posts: it’s really time to consider, that FEARING your own Fears/Dark, FEARING the World System and using ignorance/suppression to deal with it and/or anger/retaliation to fight it: is NOT the Solution. The Key is facing it all within UNDERSTANDING, educating self on the Mind, this World System – which we’re walking with Desteni and the Equal Money System, to through Understanding be able to change within COMMONSENSE PRACTICALITY.
And so, how within this “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, do no evil” – does not mean Evil does not exist, within Self and this World, if anything it depicts the absolute Evil of deliberate ignorance/denial and suppression of what is HERE as Reality, the Reality of the Mind and this World. Because, one can “turn a blind eye” with not seeing evil: yet, with not facing it and directing it into and as an equal and one solution in one’s Mind and in this World – it will proliferate/accumulate. One can “speak no evil” – verbally, yet, with not facing/directing the internal conversations/backchat within the nature of evil that manifests/come up within one’s MIND – the evil in the words of the Mind will proliferate/accumulate. One can “hear no evil” – in this world/within this one’s Mind through resisting/suppressing/walking away, yet again: with not facing/directing/taking responsibility for the evil that is existent in this world/in the Mind, it will accumulate/proliferate. One can “do no evil” in presenting/portraying it as an external lifestyle, yet – if the Evil doings in the imagination/projection of the Mind, in secret, is not faced, directed and/or taken responsibility for – the evil still remains, the evil still accumulate/proliferate and so continue existing.

We’ll in the posts to come more have a look at the relationship to the “Three Wise (?) Monkeys”. 

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