Character Dimensions – PHYSICAL/BEHAVIOUR Dimension (Part 1): DAY 174

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Character Dimensions – PHYSICAL/BEHAVIOUR Dimension (Part 1): DAY 174

 Featured Artwork by: Kelly Posey

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Before we continue with the Physical/Behaviour Dimension – let’s have a quick summary of the Dimensions we have Walked thus far:
THOUGHT Dimension (Day 163 to Day 164)
IMAGINATION Dimension (Day 165 to Day 166)
BACKCHAT Dimension (Day 167 to Day 169)
REACTION Dimension (Day 170 to Day 173)
And, now we’re going to be walking the PHYSICAL/BEHAVIOUR Dimension and from here, the FEAR Dimension as Memory as Origin of the Character/Personality, then to the CONSEQUENCE Dimension until we finally get to the point of the REDEFINITION Application, in establishing an Self-Agreement of change from Postponement as a Personality, to Self Directive Will/Discipline as a Living.

A few points to consider before we continue with the PHYSICAL/BEHAVIOUR Dimension regarding Characters/Personalities:

We had within Day 171, mentioned the following:
“…we’ll expand more on the point above, regarding, let’s say one primarily only created relationships to backchat/reactions of a Personality, how to also take into consideration that, even though the thought, imagination and behaviour dimension do not ‘activate’, it does still exist ‘submerged / inactive’ within the Personality, and how the Mind can utilize such dimensions to manipulate one ‘back into a Personality’ instead of standing with and as self and self’s change in the physical.” Where we had walked the relationship to some of the Dimensions of a Personality in illustrating that there may be occasions that only one thought and/or backchat and/or a reaction of a Personality can move self into the Mind, instead of remaining/walking/living in the Physical, because of the particular energy-relationship one created to particular Dimensions of the Personality, as to in what Dimension in previous instances the Personality activated – one most often ‘gave into’ / ‘fell into’, as essentially the point of ‘what Dimension had the strongest influence on self giving into the Mind within a given Personality’. And so eventually one’s relationship to a Personality can evolve where one thought and/or backchat sentence/word/statement and/or reaction of emotion/feeling can trigger one into giving into the Mind, and giving up on Self.
So, to continue within this point – it’s to take into consideration that: work with the initial Dimensions that one are aware of, such as the Backchat and/or the Emotions/Feelings as Reactions and/or the Imagination and “flag point” them in your awareness. “Flag point” means to emphasize/highlight one’s awareness within one’s relationship to self and the tendency one have within responsibilities to postpone through following, participating in Dimensions of the Mind. And so – when/as one face responsibilities, to be aware of what one accept and allow in one’s Mind, ESPECIALLY the Dimensions one has walked in writing and self-forgiveness. To ensure that when and as one find facing a Responsibility and similar/same backchats, imaginations and reactions emerge that one immediately walk the PRACTICAL CHANGE one established within one’s commitment statements as the process of PRACTICAL LIVING. And furthermore, within this: to see, realise and understand that as one is walking the change from the Postponement Personality to Self-Directive Will – that, in such instances, when/as one is now walking through the backchats and/or imaginations and/or reactions, that the OTHER Dimensions one was not initially aware of will start emerging as the attempt of the Personality to ‘survive’. Then, when/as the other inactive/submerged Dimensions of the Personality emerge, one can assist and support self in writing, self-forgiveness and commitments to release self’s energy-relationship and so definition from the dimensions, re-establish who one is within the commitments and then LIVE and APPLY in the moments when/as the Personality and the Dimensions within it manifest within self.

Within this, what one will see, realise and understand as one is walking through each individual Dimension – is establishing self-awareness to/as the Dimensions. And as we have mentioned, within this, one will be effectively, specifically, prepared to move/will SELF into and as change in a moment, instead of continuing the accepted and allowed consequence of being defined by, and so moved by Personalities and Energy of Mind.
Thus, with how the Mind work within the context of Personalities – it is best to, as you initially maybe only identify one or three of the Dimensions, to identify ALL of them. Because, if one has not established self’s Awareness and Standing in ‘who one is’ in relationship to all the Dimensions of thought, imagination, backchat, reactions and behaviour within a given Personality – any ONE of those can in an instant lead one into the giving into the Personality and giving up on self. (This is especially in the Beginning of one’s Process when walking through Personalities, eventually – the more and more one walk through Personalities in all the Dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reactions and Behaviours, it will become more and more easier to stand in the face of any thought, imagination, backchat, reactions and behaviours and immediately stand with self, the physical and living. But, for the moment – to get to that point, walk through the Dimensions of a Character/Personality as specifically as possible to establish/re-align/stand within Self’s Awareness and Living Change.)
This is so, within the context of understanding the extent to which we’ve become, by definition and experience: the Mind. And so within this, that – within Personalities, the Personality Systems within the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind are layered, like “Back-up Servers” for example. From the perspective that, if/as one only walk through one or two of the Dimensions, it can still reactivate the Rest of the Dimensions and have you fall into/give into the Personality from the other Dimensions one had not established one’s relationship/standing/change to/as.
Furthermore – if/as one only walk through One/Two of the Dimensions and now believe that ‘I am Changed’, when the reality of it show that self has not in fact changed as self still do not stand within Responsibilities/Discipline to self and self’s world/living, but had morphed/mutated the personality into ‘excuses, justifications and reasons’ such as: “Yes, BUT I couldn’t do it now BECAUSE…” or “No, can’t do it now because of this/that…”. Thus, ‘changing’ the EXACT SAME Personality into and as different thoughts, backchat, emotions/feelings as reactions, this time within the ‘Illusion of Change’ one had created within the Personality as an additional Dimension. And then superimposing the Illusion of Change into one’s Personality in the MIND and then creating self-manipulations within justifications, reasons and excuses for not doing the Responsibilities/Discipline in Reality, this time – “making it sound better” for self and for others. Thus, this is a “Personality Metamorphosis/Mutation” that takes place, as existing within the exact same Persona, just within different content within the Dimensions – but one’s relationship to Responsibility in REALITY still remain EXACTLY THE SAME as Not tending to one’s Responsibilities and so still, the Mind “wins”.
Thus, this is another point to be aware of – to Always utilize your actual LIVING in REALITY as a physical, proven reference for actual, real self-change; which in this case would be self actually getting one’s responsibilities done and complete; and not morphing/mutating the Personality into such a way to manipulate self out of the living responsibilities in one’s World/Reality.

Furthermore to consider the following in why the following statements would be manipulations, justifications, excuses/reasons to not Move Self in/as Self-Directive Will – is that: if/as one REALLY in a day cannot get to Responsibilities, one will then Immediately re-align one’s week/days to come in such a way to ensure that one make the time to get to it, and not every day give into Backchat as  “Yes, BUT I couldn’t do it now BECAUSE…” or “No, can’t do it now because of this/that…”. If such sentences remain as Backchat, instead of rescheduling one’s days/times to ensure that one get to one’s Responsibilities, then it becomes self-manipulation. Obviously, within this – it’s to ensure that one do not use Rescheduling as an Self-Manipulation – lol; meaning every day scheduling everything to the next day and patterning one’s Personality within excuses, reasons, justifications etc. So, in this, it’s ALL about SELF-HONESTY. REALLY Ensuring that when/as something else comes up that one REALLY cannot get to the responsibilities, then REALLY schedule and GET IT DONE in assessing one’s days/times ahead. So, ‘get to know’ the games you play with yourself in the MIND, especially within this context of/as the Illusion of Change that can manifest in a Personality as the Mind, when reality completely contradict that Change in one’s actual physical living proof in reality. So, we will once we’re complete with this Postponement Character/Personality, walk an example of “Personality Morphing” and how can create the Illusion of Change as a Personality, and validate it through reasons, excuses and justification for self and for others, when in REALITY one can clearly see one has not in fact Changed.

Furthermore, returning to the “backup servers” mentioned earlier, is that: when/as one only change One/Two Dimensions of the Personality for example – the Mind in the Physical layers all previous instances one activated the Personality into and as dimensional layers within the Physical Body. And if/as one “selectively walk the process in one’s relationship to the Personality”, meaning – only walking One or Two of the Dimensions and then not walking the Rest: the Personality System can from the memory-layers of when the Personality was activated, layered and stored in the Physical Body – Re-Initiate those two Dimensions, especially when/as one give into the OTHER Dimensions when/as they do come up/manifest that one had not yet walked. So, instead of self identifying the OTHER Dimensions one had not walked and walking through them in writing/self-forgiveness and self-commitments and ensuring one is prepared again for when/as those Dimensions of the Personality Activate and one instead give into them: the entire Personality will re-activate ALL the Dimensions Again, even those one/two Dimensions one had walked through only, and will come back with a Force, making it more difficult to transcend.
Furthermore, also ensure that self walk the Positive and Negative Dimensions of a Personality, if one find that both the positive and negative exist. Because, within the Mind as its Personality’s Multi-Dimensionality, if/as one walk selectively in wanting to ‘keep the positive’ within a Personality and only walk through the ‘Negative’ – again, the Mind can reactivate the ‘Negative’, cause then the Mind / Personality will have you fall in the Positive and when/as you give into the Personality again, it will reactivate BOTH the positive and negative dimensions/processes from/of the Personality’s Memory Layers within the Physical Body.

This is Why it is imperative to walk ALL the Dimensions and both the positive and negative dimensions within that, and why it is that Change will be met with resistance when/as one change from the Postponement Personality, for example, to the Self-Directive Willed Living. Because every moment one LIVE the Change, instead of giving into the Personality – is a moment that self is walking through a LAYER of the Personality in the Physical Body, as all the moments/layers/memories that was stored in the Physical of when one acted in Personality instead of living with the Physical. So, the more and more one stand with SELF and living in getting the responsibilities done and NOT give into the Personality – the more one walk through all those Personality Layers in the Physical Body and re-establish Self in equal and one living with the Physical.

We’ll in the next post continue with the PHYSICAL/BEHAVIOURAL Dimension, and how from thinking, to imagination, to backchat and reactions, one EMBODY the Personality within and as particular behaviours/physical experiences that one require identifying, because with becoming aware of the Physical/Behavioural Dimension, one can within this also see when/as one’s behaviour start changing because of a Personality, instead of self being aware of one’s Physical Body and behaviour within it.

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