Character Dimensions – PHYSICAL/BEHAVIOUR Dimension (Part 2): DAY 175

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Character Dimensions – PHYSICAL/BEHAVIOUR Dimension (Part 2): DAY 175

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

As mentioned in the Previous Post, we’re continuing with the PHYSICAL/BEHAVIOURAL Dimension, and how from thinking, to imagination, to backchat and reactions, one EMBODY the Personality within and as particular behaviours/physical experiences that one require identifying. Because with becoming aware of the Physical/Behavioural Dimension, one can within this also see when/as one’s behaviour start changing because of a Personality, instead of self being aware of one’s Physical Body and behaviour within it.

With continuing having a look at the Postponement Character/Personality, as a Personality System that is manifested within the Subconscious-Mind, and when/as it activate and merge into and as the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind into and as the Physical Body of the Main Mind Consciousness System:

So, what’s interesting to see, interdimensionally-physically, is the process of how the Personality System would activate from and of the domino-effect ‘falling’ of all the Dimensions (and, within this the falling of self, essentially into the Mind), as it manifest like a Wave, where: The ‘1st wave’ come as the Thought, which within the thought is resonantly connected to/as the emotion of boredom, for example, that then accumulate the 2nd wave as the Imagination which is resonantly connected to/as the emotion of apathy, and parallel to the 2nd wave an accumulation of energy as enthusiasm. By that stage one is already starting to accumulate energy experiences/reactions in and as the Personality, which brings it to the 3rd and 4th wave as Backchat and Reactions where the emotional/feeling experiences of apathy, boredom and enthusiasm become more distinct/overwhelming as the Personality at this stage, as it’s drawing itself out into position within the Main Mind Consciousness System in the Physical Body through activating the dimensions and the energies within it: it is interestingly enough more the energy-experience within the Dimensions that draw one into the Mind than it is the content of the Dimensions of the Personality.

And so, as the Personality is literally drawing itself through/with energy / falling as the domino effect of the Dimensions: every moment a Dimension activate and self connect self’s awareness, participation and experience to the Dimensions in the Personality - that very process of the experience of the energies existing in the thought, imagination, backchat and reactions themselves – is physically drawn/resourced from the Physical. As we have explained regarding the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind of the Main Mind Consciousness System’s connection to the depths and structures of the Physical Body; and so every moment one participate in the Dimensions of the Personality and the energy-experiences within them: the more the Personality shift and move from the Subconscious and extend into and as the alignment of the Main Mind Consciousness System in the Physical Body the more one continue participating in the Dimensions and the energies within them. As one in one’s connection, participation and definition as the awareness of one’s beingness, function as the mediator between the energies/systems of the Mind and the physical body, and so the more one continue within the energies and dimensions, one fuel the process of where the Personality System then shift and move in alignment to the mind and the physical and so connect itself deeper into the depths of the physical to be able to more and more and more resource physicality and substance into transforming it into and as the Mind Energy.
So, interesting here, when looking at our relationship to Consumerism within the World System, what one will find regarding images and pictures and words and scenes is that: it is mostly that one will have an energy-experience relationship/reaction to the images, pictures, words and scenes than actually having a look at the detailed physical-content of what it is that one is seeing. And so one will tend to “follow the energy experience” that will lead one into decision and so behaviour/action: Energies leading one into temptation, as it exist within the Mind – Energies and the experiences within this, leading one into Temptation of participation, definition and falling/giving into the Mind.

Now, with walking the Quantum Mind Interview Series available on EQAFE, we’re explaining for example, how in one’s relationship to ENERGY and Energy-experience, that at a Quantum Mind Level, whether one experience the positive and/or the negative energies, for the Quantum Mind in the Physical: both experiences are equal, as it is ENERGY, and as long as the Quantum Mind receive/resource energy – whether negative/positive: it survives. And this is why, whether a Personality is activated in a negative or positive, one will still tend to follow the energies into the Mind, as from a Quantum Mind dimension of one’s existence as the Mind in the Physical: one experience this relationship to energy, the ‘purity’ of the energy in itself within the positive and negative as ‘life / living’. And thus why one would when/as the Negative comes up first in a Personality – not immediately, for example go “NO, stop the Energy, I don’t want to experience the Negative”, you’ll shift it into the Positive which is simply an accumulation of the Negative. So this is the other dimension of the CON of Consciousness, making humans believe the Positive is ‘better’ when it’s actually the energy that creates the most consequence in the physical body. I mean, this can be equally seen in the World System/Consumerism – the more and more positive energy as money you accumulate, the more and more it’s resourced from the physical existence and human, animals, nature lives/living.

So, within this, again why the importance of also walking your energy-relationship to dimensions of the Mind, such as thought, imagination, backchat, reactions themselves and then as well as within the behavioural/physical dimension of the Personality/Character, because within doing so: it becomes really easier to determine who you are in relationship to the dimensions, essentially ‘seeing beyond the veil’ into and as the reality of the content of the dimensions and can from there really SEE what one accept and allow in one’s definition to thoughts, imagination, backchat, reactions and behaviour that Energy and the Experience thereof has blinded one from seeing.
Additionally, then within this - with walking through the veil, from the blinding light and experience of energy in the positive and the negative, it’s like, with when looking again at Consumerism – images, pictures, scenes, advertisements etc. - without the energy-component/reaction attached to it, one will find a stability, a clarity, an insight/direct seeing within self, where self will in that moment actually be able to make a decision of ‘who I am’ in relationship to the image, picture, scene, advertisement in whether it really assist/support self physically, practically and whether it is really needed/required and not base one’s decision on ENERGY in the Mind, but stand within the Practicality of Physical Assessment. So the same with the Dimensions of a Personality/Character – when you release yourself from that energy-relationship to the Dimensions,  one will actually see MORE in what one accepted and allowed in one’s relationship to the actual content, nature and detail of what the thoughts, backchat, imaginations, reactions themselves and behaviour manifested in one’s relationship to self and self’s living, from the perspective of HOW MUCH energy and energy experience has determined one’s decisions and definitions of who one is and the consequences this in fact led to.

So, within the Behaviour/Physical Dimension of the Personality/Character – here, one is going to identify how the Physical Body changed in relation to one’s physical-experience and behaviour when/as one has fallen into energy and its dimensions into the possession and activation of a Personality in the Physical. Where at this stage – with the Personality completely activated/possessing the Physical, as one had already fallen into the temptation of the energies of the negative and the positive and so the embodiment of all the Dimensions of the Personality; that there will be a definitive behavioural and so physical-change, because the Personality is now completely locked/initiated into and as its position in the Main Mind in the Physical.

In this, what one will also find, that we’re walking in the Quantum Mind Interview Series in EQAFE, is: why/how it is that one will have certain Pains/Discomforts within the Physical Body when and as a Personality System activate. As the Mind, dependent on the nature of the Personality’s content and energies, will root the Personality System into and as various parts of the Physical, as aligning/storing/filing, constructing and building actual ROOT SYSTEMS of memories and energies into the flesh/fabric/tissue of the physical. And so, in this – is why it is of the benefit to self and self’s process to identify the root systems of a Personality in the Physical, so that one also have this additional physical-reference to utilize for when/as one would for example, face any Responsibility in one’s world/reality and one start observing/physically experiencing changes in one’s body and behaviour, as an physical-indication/reference of when/as one is in the process of activating/being/becoming possessed by/as a Personality in the Physical.

Furthermore, this will assist and support self to develop physical self-awareness, in becoming more and more aware of how Personalities manipulate/change the Physical-Body, when essentially it’s actually more within the context of how we EXPERIENCE ourselves in the MIND as the Physical and will thus from there determine how we manipulate our bodies into submission to the Mind and so our own submission into ENERGY as the Mind. Thus, within this process – walking the Dimensions of a Character/Personality into and as seeing, realising and understanding how we manipulate ourselves and the physical for ENERGY and EXPERIENCE, and from there REDEFINE one’s living into and as equality and oneness with the Physical. I mean – we’re creating pain, discomfort, dis-ease in the Physical for ENERGY, instead of the simplistic living in breath in getting a task/assignment/writing done for example, that should be the simplicity of moving with breath, the motion/naturalness of physical hereness. But we’ve become so separated from the Body into the Mind that we don’t even realise the relationship we’re creating towards it in the consequence of the Mind and Energy.
So, time to establish the equal and one relationship with the Physical, that’s always been here, that we’ve neglected and ignored and establish our living with the equal and one unconditionality of the physical, in ‘giving as you’d like to receive’ – starting living this principle as self in one’s relationship to the physical through nurturing the body in one’s alignment to an equal and one living with and as it. Instead of what it’s been as: taking, and taking and taking and the consequences this has created in the within and without of ourselves. When furthermore looking at our relationship to the world/physical: we’ve been taking and taking and taking, and with investigating the Equal Money System, will establish the equilibrium of giving and receiving, gifting to all what self would like to receive and so in that, giving to self and to all the receiving of life/living in equality and oneness.

We’ll in the next post continue with the Behavioural/Physical Body Dimension Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments. 

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