Character Dimensions – REACTION Dimension (Part 2): DAY 171

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Character Dimensions – REACTION Dimension (Part 2): DAY 171

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

We’re in this post continuing with the REACTION-Dimension, and have a more detailed looked, first as the following points, before continuing with the Self-Forgiveness and Self-Commitment examples for/of the Postponement Character that we’re walking to illustrate how the Dimensions of a Personality of the Mind operate/function and what they consist of/exist as:

The first point to look at is within the context of where we in the previous post mentioned the nature of how we connect our relationship to the Dimensions of a Personality/Character, through and as energy that will manifest an energy-relationship to/as all the Dimensions/Components of a Personality/Character. Regarding how/why we’d suggest walking the energy-relationships as reactions of emotions/feelings also within all the Dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Backchat and Behaviour, to assist and support with releasing the energy-experience relationship to it; which will assist/support with self’s stability and standing to not accept/allow self to be moved so instantaneously by the thoughts, backchats, imaginations, memories, images and behavioural systems. But to instead move self into/as physical equality and oneness when/as the Mind starts activating within and as the Dimensions of Personality.

Thus, in this REACTION-Dimension, when we’re going to walk the Self-Forgiveness and Self-Commitments, one will notice that we’ll again mention the Thought Dimension, Imagination Dimension and Backchat Dimension within the context of the ‘energy relationship’ of emotion/feeling that was attached to/as the Thought, Imagination and Backchat. In this, what the Self-Forgiveness assist and support with is severing/releasing the ENERGY-relationship to/as the Dimensions of Thought, Imagination and Backchat for self to, instead of having an automated energy-relationship to such Dimensions, be able to stand in the face of it within self-awareness and self-directive will. So, through self-forgiveness, within the context of the REACTION Dimension, one assists and supports self to change one’s relationship to the Dimensions from an energy-experienced connection, to a self-aware seeing. Thus, self-forgiveness assisting and supporting with the realisation of: “Hey! Who I am is not just THOUGHT, it only is THOUGHT and my relationship to it, because I accepted and allowed my definition of who I am to be an energy-experienced relationship to/as a Thought as Memory in/as the Mind, and I now in/as this awareness have the ability to change this who I am as energy and as thought”.
Furthermore, within the Commitment statements, thus – one change one’s definition, acceptance and allowance of the ‘who I am’ – that was existent as for example ‘a thought of seeing oneself as bored’ and the experience of being bored, in walking the self-forgiveness in releasing self from such an accepted and allowed definition of ‘who I am’, and then in the commitments, re-establishing the ‘who I am’ into and as an self-agreement of establishing ‘directive will’ in one’s world/reality. So that every time the thought and experience of boredom manifest in facing a task/writing/assignment – self can stand within self, in/as the newly established agreement of who I am as directive will, not accept and allow self to participate in the thought and the boredom experience, but take a breath and physically move self to complete the task/writing/reading/assignment.

Through this, one thus within the writing of self-forgiveness in the reaction dimension, especially to the thoughts, imaginations and backchat, and also into the behavioural system – release one’s relationship as energy to the dimensions, for accepting and allowing self to limit self as an energy-experienced relationship to a dimension/component of a personality in the mind, and then in the commitments, re-establish one’s agreement to self and to living, in changing/transforming one’s relationship to self as the Mind, to the relationship of self and the physical and so actual, real living.

One will more and more see, as we’ll in the future walk more Characters/Personalities – how we have accepted and allowed our experience and awareness to be limited, confined and defined as energy-experience relationships to Dimensions of Personalities in the Mind, separating us from an equal and one relationship to ourselves, our physicals and our lives in this world/reality. What we’re thus doing in the process of writing, self-forgiveness and commitments and so the actual living correction of the process of relationship of mind, to relationship with self as the physical, and so living: is walking the process “From Relationships to Agreements”, wherein one assist and support self to change the automated relationships of energy and dimensions diverted into the Mind, to an equal and one, self-aware living agreement with self in the physical. With having a look at, for example the Thought Dimension of the Postponement Character/Personality, where one would then change the relationship of self to a thought and the energy experience relationship/connection to that thought as an energy of boredom, which more often than not lead one into postponement in physical, practical reality responsibilities, to an self-agreement of directive-will of actually moving oneself physically and getting a task/writing/assignment done/complete, through simply taking a breath when/as the thought/energy emerge and standing by self and self’s commitment into self-corrective living/application by getting the responsibility/task/writing done.

Here, as well – the more and more self practically walk through the Characters/Personalities within the Dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reactions and Behavioural Systems/habits/patterns, one will more and more see, realise and understand how one had accepted and allowed MEMORY and one’s energy-experience relationship to MEMORY, such as thoughts, imaginations, backchat, fantasy etc. – to determine ‘who I am’ in moments. That more often than not led one into a consequence, compromise in one’s relationship to self, one’s life and others. Because, for the Mind – all that matters is ENERGY, and one will observe the extent to which one compromise one’s integrity, self-honesty, responsibility and standing with self and one’s life in this world and the realisation of one’s responsibility to All in this world, with the extent to which we accept and allow Dimensions of PAST as MEMORIES and our energy experiences within that, to stand/come before life/living/responsibility in this world HERE. I mean, it’s essentially the same that is being done with the belief of there being an Afterlife that is ‘better’ than the life one live/face in this World – the heaven the positive energy experience followed, with no responsibility to self, to here and the living in this actual real world, which is the same that we do with those moments that we accept and allow ourselves to follow ENERGY in the Mind, such as postponing physical, practical reality responsibility.
So, it’s really time to see beyond the illusion/veil of Energy – lol; I suppose it’s quite interesting that everyone want to ‘see into the Afterlife’, but not realising that in the Afterlife, one will look straight into REALITY and face self as the consequence of who self was in one’s life and living and the effect of this on all of existence. The same as here, it’s like – seeing beyond the veil as Energy/Heaven of the Mind, one will come face to face with the consequences one abdicated in one’s relationship to self, the physical and so all of existence here.
(More of the Reality of Heaven and the Processes one face in the Afterlife – can be found in the Interviews available on EQAFE: Life Reviews and Journeys into the Afterlife)
So, really time to stand and take responsibility for here, face the consequences of our accepted and allowed abdication to energy, because the consequences of what we have created through energy in the physical, is not just going to go away through hiding in/as energy – it’ll always be here and remain as is and even intensify/worsen until we realise how we’re not living HERE and taking responsibility for HERE as long as one accept and allow participation, definition and living through the Mind as Energy.

The next point to consider in our walking through the Characters/Personalities, as mentioned in the previous post is why it is that, for example – sometimes one will find a Personality can activate and change self from One Thought coming up, or activate and change self from only an emotional/feeling reactions coming up, or activate and change self from only imagination manifesting/coming up. All of which is primarily related to the extent/amount of time one access a Personality and/or which particular dimensions within a personality one had created a specific relationship within energy to/towards that would lead to only one/few dimensions having to activate to initiate one into/as a Personality Possession, instead of remaining with self, the physical and one’s responsibility/living with self within and as the physical.
This is also why/how for example – in taking the Postponement Character as an example, that – let’s say one participate in this Character/Personality often and extensively, that with self becoming so completely this Character/Personality: one can fall into with just one sentence and one energy-experience within that – for example going: “Nah, I don’t want to do this” and simultaneously experiencing an energy of resistance and then would immediately turn around and do something else. Or, even to the extent of ONLY experience energy of resistance and turning around and doing something else. Now, this relationship to a Character/Personality  evolves within and during one’s participation within it over time – for example, initially a Character will have all its dimensions of thought, imagination, backchat, reactions and behaviours as the process of how a Character/Personality develop. Dependent on the times that the Personality activated and within which Dimension one would give-into it/fall into it – would thus manifest a “primary relationship” to/as certain dimensions of a Character/Personality. And those will be the primary dimensions that will most overwhelmingly activate to initiate one’s Possession into a Character/Personality. For example, let’s say one primarily fell into the Character/Personality when the backchat and reactions started activating, and over and over and over again primarily creating an energy-relationship to the dimensions of backchat and reactions, and so the Personality would deliberately overwhelm one within backchat and reactions, to so give into the Character/Personality more readily. With the dimensions of thought, imagination that will remain submerged in the background, and the Personality thus accentuating the backchat and reactions more.

We’ll continue up to here for this Post, in the next post, we’ll expanding more on the point above, regarding, let’s say one primarily only created relationships to backchat/reactions of a Personality, how to also take into consideration that, even though the thought, imagination and behaviour dimension do not ‘activate’, it does still exist ‘submerged / inactive’ within the Personality, and how the Mind can utilize such dimensions to manipulate one ‘back into a Personality’ instead of standing with and as self and self’s change in the physical. 

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