Turn off the Lights and FACE the DARK: DAY 188

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Turn off the Lights and FACE the DARK: DAY 188

EVIL – continued

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In the previous post we have looked at the Dimensions of EVIL, from Heaven’s relationship to Humanity/this Physical Existence, our Mind/Consciousness relationship to the Physical Body/our Physical Living and the World System’s relationship to Humanity/this Physical Existence. Within this – not many human beings have access into the multidimensions of the relationship between Heaven and Earth, and within this cannot even conceive of the actual relationship between Heaven and Earth, being that Heaven produced the Mind/Consciousness and Physical relationship where the actual, real purpose of human being’s lives on Earth was to produce Mind-Energy for the Mind and for Heaven to exist/survive.
Within this – not many human beings have access into/as the Awareness of the relationship between thoughts and energies of emotions and feelings and how our very participation in the Mind, the Energy is resourced from/of the Physical Body substance, tissue and fabric. It’s like, internally and externally for the majority of Humanity “what happens in the Mind is what it is/how it is” / “what happens in this world is what it is and how it is”. So, for the Human Beings that live within this direct, limited awareness to the Mind and this World System – we invite you to consider that there is a History of the Mind, a History of Humanity, and a History of this entire physical existence that is beyond what one Now Directly See, Experience and Participate within. And with walking this journey with us in the Posts within this Blog – one’s awareness will expand to seeing, realising and understanding that there is much, much, much more going on in regards to our direct responsibility to what goes on in the Mind, how it affect who we are and how/what we live, and how our Mind-Physical relationship, manifest the World-System/Physical Existence relationship.
So, even with not being able to conceive/understand yet, the Heaven-Physical and Mind-Physical relationship within self, it still does not absolve self from the direct-responsibility of one’s awareness in the Mind, how it manifest in one’s life/living, how one’s life/living shape one’s world and this world/existence as a whole. And so, we’ll start this process of walking EVIL from the Physical, from the direct-awareness as responsibility that we have to ourselves in our relationship to ourselves and the Physical and the extent to which we live in an automated “acceptance and allowance” of ourselves and this world. Without realising that we can in fact change what is here – by the very fact that we can change ourselves, change what is here, indicate/show/reveal our direct-responsibility to creating/manifesting the evil/the negative/the bad within ourselves and this world/reality.

And so, this is where we’re going to start the Self Forgiveness, the Self Commitments – from within/as our awareness of what goes on in our Minds, how it shape/manifest/define our life/living and so our relationships, acceptances and allowances to/as the external. And within this: how we’re individually and collectively responsible for/as what is Here in/as the Physical. That yes, even though/while Heaven was resourcing Energy from the Mind-Physical relationships of human beings: we individually and collectively have still been living lives in/as this Physical World. That it is/has been by our Awareness and Physical Living that has created/manifested this World the way it is. And, this can be traced throughout the History of Human Civilizations, the individual and collective mind-processes we participated in, the decisions we made, the actions we lived: that accumulated/designed the relationships, the acceptances and allowances of what we face in our own Minds, our relationships and our living in/as this World/Reality. And here, with walking the Desteni I Process, self will see, realise and understand for self how one’s life can be traced/walked through the Mind to become aware of how self in fact created/designed/programmed self in the Mind as the Physical, that self was aware within and throughout it all – but still, never changed, simply continued “accepting and allowing and participating” in the Mind with full awareness, and so became who one is/how one live. And within the Desteni I Process, self is walked through a process of how to in fact change self’s relationship within/between the Mind and the Physical into and as equal and one self-aware directive Physical Living, always considering/regarding one’s thoughts, words and deeds and the consequences it manifest in self and one’s world/reality – to, essentially live in responsible awareness, and no more in denial/ignorance/abdication of responsibility that created the hell in the mind and one’s life in the first place.
And so, it will be an equal and one process, of identifying the mind-processes, decisions and living/behaviour that manifested/manifests the Evil in our Minds, the Evil in our Living – our “backwards living conditions” as this World is Devolving, I mean it’s really a shame that we in any way can state that this Earth/Physical existence in any way resemble the “evolution of man”, when it’s being driven to extinction and the majority of humanity struggling to make a life worth living on Earth. I mean, this physical existence is “ours”, from the perspective of having a look at how long we live in this world, so – why hadn’t we come together to make this world a life worth living for all? But instead, continued abusing, annihilating, destroying and ruining it all to the brink of extinction and devolution which is where we’re headed. And, yes this is the point where it comes in with regards to human’s Mind-Physical relationship, possessed with Energy and Money as Survival of the Mind and our Lives to divert the attention of how we’re in fact individually and collectively creating our lives for ourselves and for all on this Earth. But, despite this – each one of us has an Awareness, an awareness of what we do in our Minds, what we do in our actions, how we justify/excuse/validate this World/Reality and within all of this, we’re just continuing to exist as the evil devolving this world without changing it when we do have an awareness of the fact that we can change ourselves, this world: we just don’t; and so in this is our Responsibility to/towards it all.

The most common statement we use is: “but, I don’t know HOW to change” / “I’m not responsible for what goes on in this world, I’m making/carving out my own life” – however, you’re not seeing that the very System you’re using to “live only my life” is what is directly creating/manifesting this World/Reality for self and all of humanity. That, we will as we walk the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment statements, that in moments when you’re participating in deliberate ‘Evil’ in the Mind, in Words in actions/living: you know what you’re doing and you also within that know that you can stop: but we don’t. We really simply haven’t actually done ANYTHING substantial in our relationship to ourselves/our living in this world in any way whatsoever, even with the awareness of how we can stop/change ourselves / this world for ourselves and for all.
And this here is where the moments of EVIL manifest: that we Do things, despite of us knowing what we’re doing, and we don’t Change. Which has been the one single thing that we’ve accepted and allowed here on earth and in the hereafter, that we know what we’re doing/accepting and allowing, even with our Minds’ being pre-programmed, we’ve always in all ways been aware every single moment of what goes on in ourselves, and even in those moments of knowing, know that we can stop, not participate and change - we see a different outcome/solution, but we deliberately drive ourselves into the EVIL within ourselves. So, within this would then come to question – if the Mind has been pre-programmed, and with us in our very beingness having an awareness of what goes on in there, and we still participate/follow: what does this say, then, about our inherent beingness? Because if inherently in our beingness there was any indication/fragment of “goodness” / “benevolence” we would then REALLY have questioned our relationship to the Mind and what manifests within it and how it conditions/aligns/manifest/create our life/living: but we haven’t. We’ve just continued throughout the generations of humanity in our relationship to the Mind, especially the SECRETS that manifest within it, without Question. Yes, we may have moments of reflection in ourselves/the condition/state of this world – but, we’re so absorbed with the majority of what goes on only in our MINDS, that we don’t have ENERGY to give a care/consideration for what is really going on in this world/reality. That we’d essentially give more care, consideration/regard for what preoccupies our Minds, than aligning ourselves/our living to a solution to ourselves/humanity in this world/reality.

With walking the Reptilian Interview Series, one will hear/see with the History of our Beingness – that it is/always has been inherently Evil, even before the creation of the Mind, the Physical and so the Human Race, the interdimensional/dimensional existences was taken over by Wars/Conflicts – STILL exactly the same as what is manifesting here in the PHYSICAL through our direct-participation, awareness and acceptance and allowance in the Mind. And so, why/how – we in/as this Physical existence, within and throughout our lives and our lives/living still: have created this world as a direct-reflection/creation of our inherent beingness: Evil, Demonic and Hellish.

So, within the Next post we’ll continue with our relationship of EVIL within the dimension of awareness, in seeing, realising and understanding how, what we accept and allow in the small – knowing what we’re doing and still not changing, we accept and allow in the greater – knowing what is going on in this world, and still not changing it. Which, within this – has made us the Evil that has demonized ourselves in the HELL that we created on Earth/ as Earth, and will within this also as we walk the Self Commitments, see, realise and understand that we’re really in fact only going to Change HERE, if we finally come to terms with the fact that all we’ve ever been is EVIL, devolving ourselves/life on Earth and what it will thus mean to in fact change for REAL, to bring a REAL HEAVEN on EARTH. As Responsibility and so Change, can only come with realising Self Honesty – seeing self directly in the mirror, not altering the mirror to make self feel better, but face the Direct-Mirror, understand how it exist/why it exist to in/from that Understanding within Self Honesty, take Responsibility and change.

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