FEAR of our own SHADOW (Part 3): DAY 191

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FEAR of our own SHADOW (Part 3): DAY 191

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

The Context that we’re walking within Fear of our own Shadow, stand within the Question: “Why, with Always being aware of what goes on in the Mind, what comes up in the Mind –have we never questioned our nature, our beingness, but simply blindly followed/denied it and had it define us/determine our actions/words and behaviour. Simultaneously in such moments knowing we can stop/change and how different the outcome for the moment/relationship would be, but would still, despite that knowledge and awareness – act on/deny the Evil of Mind?”
And within this, we’re starting more specifically with having a look at our accepted and allowed relationship to/towards our own shadows / “Dark Sides” that manifests in our Minds, within our Physical Bodies as-ourselves, where we have mentioned in the previous post that we’ll walk some practical examples in the Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments of how we create Illusions to hide from the reality of the Dark and how this thus inadvertently proliferate the Dark, where we’ve been running away from the reality of ourselves, when we should really just face it, direct it and sort it out.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to consider the point of “trying to find the good in people” / “always looking for the good in people”, from the perspective that this would imply, with having to “find or look for” the good in people, that the “good” is not evidently here in/as Physical Living and would thus furthermore imply that the “bad” is most evident, because one have to “search / look” to “somewhere find the good”.
I commit myself to show, how within ourselves, others and this world – the Dark/Bad/Negative/Evil has been the most evident, and we’ve been trying to search/find, and even going to the point of creating polarities/illusions from/of the backdrop of the Dark/Bad/Negative/Evil to manifest “some good/positive/light/love” within and from it all. Not seeing, realising and understanding how within this, we’ve never faced/taken responsibility for the Dark/Bad/Negative/Evil in ourselves, others and this world as a whole and that No Light/Love/Positivity/Goodness can in fact be REAL as long as Dark/Bad/Negative/Evil exist. Because we’ve created the Good FROM the EVIL and so the Good will always be dependent on the Evil/Bad to exist, because we’ll create this relationship where we’d actually accept and allow the Bad/Negative/Dark/Evil to exist, just so that we can Find/Experience the Love/Good/Positivity/Light. And so we inadvertently accept and allow the Bad/Negative/Dark/Evil to continue existing/manifesting/evolving – not wanting to give up the Good/Positive/Light, because we’re in fact AFRAID of what we may find in the Dark/Negative/bad/Evil, and so we instead continue, incessantly, insisting that there is “good/love/light/positivity” – but what is in fact driving that, is FEAR, us rather wanting to fight for an Illusion as keeping the Light On, than facing the reality of the Dark/Negative/bad/Evil.  

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how this Dynamic between Good and Evil / Positive and Negative exist in my relationship to me, within my Own Mind – where, there exist this automated defence/protection mechanism that if/as anyone would say to me “You are Evil/Bad” or “Your beingness is inherently Evil/Bad”, one would immediately go into a reaction of Fear/Resistance and immediately respond with “No! I’m a Good Person!” – which, within this is interesting, that we’d REACT to the words Evil/Bad and such words connotation/definition to who we are/our beingness. With reaction and the response through defensiveness, indicating that we know there is Truth to it, within ourselves – because, whatever one REACT to, and especially within the context of becoming defensive/resistant, like really enforcing denial/suppression: Show that there exist a SECRET in the Mind, an Awareness of what is in fact being said. Where we’ve accepted and allowed ENERGY and WORDS to be “enough” to justify self as being a “Good Person” within/as the Mind, that we have made MONEY and CHARITIES justify as being “Good Deeds” within/as this World System of Money – BUT STILL: energy and words as experiences and personalities, DOES NOT CHANGE THE INHERENT NATURE OF THE MIND, as does money and charities NOT CHANGE THE INHERENT NATURE OF THE WORLD SYSTEM. And this is a pivotal point to be seen, realised and understood: that we SPEAK a lot, that we DO a lot within the Mind and this World System within the context of good, of light, of love, of benevolence of positivity: but still, the very Nature of Human Consciousness, the very Nature of this World System is remaining untouched/unchanged. Why is that?
I commit myself to show, how within the Mind, for example – we play this God-Devil game with ourselves, and this goes for all human beings. Like, the Devil within us appear in all its glory such as jealousy, nastiness, competition, comparison, vengefulness, spitefulness, deceit, compromise, dishonesty – and the extremes to which our imaginations/projections in the Mind can take us when/as someone/something “push a button”. And then, what many human beings refer to as a “conscience” would manifest and we go into an internal self-talk/backchat/internal conversations by suppressing what we participated in/trying to make up for what we’ve done to/towards others in the Mind – like, going into a form of prayer/forgiveness for what we have accepted and allowed to participate in, within the Mind and make up for it through good deeds/convincing ourselves that “we’re a better person than the Evil that manifests in the Mind. Or not even make up for it but just give a big SIGH and move through it. But, we so continue in our Minds, our relationships – see-sawing between our own Devil/God and Heaven/Hell that can manifest within our Minds and for most part, all of this Remain Secret/Hidden – how little we in fact share/expose of what goes on in the Mind for REAL. If one would really make a list of the actual experiences in the dimensions of the Mind, one will find for Most part it’s the Devil/Hell that roams within the Mind and then we really in fact always only access the Good/Light/Love/Positivity when/as a Dark/Evil/Bad/Negative appear – it’s the perfect protection/defence mechanism, as soon as a Dark/Evil/Negative/Bad appear/manifest in our Minds, we immediately try and “turn on a light” within us to NOT SEE/FACE the reality of what manifests in the Mind. Having a look at this World System/Humanity – how much Dark/Evil/Negative/Bad exist, and then we have the governments/politicians come with “shining lights” on the Dark/Negative/Evil/Bad with EXPERIENCES and WORDS that FILL THE MINDS of Human Beings with some experiences/light – but does ANYTHING ever really in fact CHANGE in/as this WORLD SYSTEM and the LIVES of human beings and all that is Physical: NO. Same goes for ourselves in our Minds, we shine lights on what goes on in our Minds, filling us with experiences/light, but does ANYTHING ever really in fact CHANGE in/as the Mind and our lives/living: NO. We’re internally and externally playing this game, creating LIGHT in our Minds to shine on the Darkness of the REALITY of the Mind and this World but it does not change a Thing. So, obviously here we have to face some FACTS: Love/Light/Positivity/Good is not / has not changed human beings/humanity/this World System in any way whatsoever.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to consider an interesting thing: that when I close my eyes: it’s Dark. So –why hasn’t it been that when we close our EYES we see LIGHT? Again, here – we can IMAGINE seeing LIGHT within the Dark – but the base Substance of what we see/become immersed within when we close our eyes is Darkness. And furthermore within that, is that when we close our Eyes, the Darkness of MIND seems to run amok as our thoughts/imaginations/projections start running/racing with all sorts of bad/negative/dark/evil contents/experiences – WHY IS THAT? Why, when we close our eyes in the evenings, Why when we’re alone with ourselves in our Minds – is there not immediately ONLY good/positive/love/light as the “beautiful things” coming up in the Mind? WHY can the good/positive/love/light in the Mind only manifest when we imagine it/create it/deliberately have to focus on it/give attention to it? WHY is not as NATURAL as the dark/evil/negative/bad coming up?
I commit myself to show, how – we, individually and collectively, have created this battle between Good and Evil / Light and Dark / Positive and Negative: OURSELVES, from the within to the without. It’s interesting, that – everyone is asking for PEACE from WAR – but not seeing, realising and understanding that for Peace to manifest: WAR MUST STOP. So, in having a look at this WAR we are creating within ourselves between Good and Evil / Light and Dark / Positive and Negative – we must stop BOTH SIDES that is creating the friction/conflict as war within ourselves: Both the Good and the Bad. As we have shown, the Bad is what comes up almost ‘naturally / automatically’ within our Minds and then we have to create/imagine/pay attention t/focus on the Good to manifest or even exist within us. For War to stop – there cannot be a Winner/Loser: only an Equal and One SOLUTION. Same with the War we’re waging/creating within ourselves between Good and Evil / Light and Dark / Positive and Negative – there cannot be a Winner/Loser, as long as this Polarity exist, this competition exist, this War exist: there can be no REAL PEACE within/as ourselves.
And so, we propose to consider, for a moment – having a look at the Polarities you create in your Mind between good/bad, positive/negative – how you constantly, continuously see-saw between your own God/Devil and Heaven/Hell, and from here – rather than creating a Polarity of Good/Positive/Light/Love: investigate the Bad/Negative that come up in the Mind and FIND AN EQUAL AND ONE LIVING SOLUTION for it, where through self will IN FACT CHANGE within self and self’s living, instead of hiding from the Darkness within the Light, that brings/has brought not real change to who we are in/as the Mind and our Living.

We invite you to join the Desteni Forums where one can be assisted/supported with the HOW-TO of Facing the Dark with/as Self with Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self Commitments as the Process of actual, REAL CHANGE and taking responsibility for the consequences we created from/of the Dark of/as ourselves that we have now for too long been trying/attempting to Hide from/Deny/Resist/Fear – there’s no Point FEARING ourselves, let’s ESTABLISH/LIVE SOLUTIONS.

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