Character Dimensions – REACTION Dimension (Part 1): DAY 170

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Character Dimensions – REACTION Dimension (Part 1): DAY 170

 What are thoughts, feelings, and emotions but Self Trapped in Time as Repeating Memories? by Matti Destonian Freeman

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

In this post, we’re continuing with the REACTION Dimension of the Postponement Character, walking the example of a Character/Personality, to see, realise and understand the Dimensions/Components that a Character/Personality consist of/exist as, and within this – how to walk from existing as a Personality of Energy, to an Living Being in equality and oneness with and as the Physical.

The Dimensions we have walked thus far:
THOUGHT Dimension
BACKCHAT Dimension
Within these Dimensions, we also had a look at how the Dimensions of a Character interact and so merge within and as one-another, in how the Imagination and Backchat can interrelate, where essentially with regards to Backchat/Internal Conversations we commune with our own Creations/Dimensions of a Personality/Character as the Imagination. In this, creating an entire alternate, interactive reality of ENERGY in various dimensions, forms and manifestations in and as the Mind; and so separating, compromising and sabotaging our relationship, and responsibility to ourselves, the physical body and our life/living in this World.

In this post, we’re having a look at the REACTION-Dimension, this is the Dimension in/as which reactions of emotions and feelings activate along-with the Imagination and Backchat/Internal Conversations which eventually lead to an actual physical-experienced change in behaviour/body-language as the Character/Personality would activate/possess from and through the Mind into the Physical.

As we have walked, the Reactions of a Character/Personality and/or Sub-Character/Personality, originate from and of its emotional/feeling body that is existent in the Personality System, or will activate from/of the energies that defines/substantiates the Sub-Characters/Personalities. As we have explained, only Personality Systems have distinct Emotional/Feeling Bodies that originate from the Emotional/Feeling Body of the Main Mind Consciousness System, whereas the sub-Characters/Personalities that extend from the Main Characters/Personalities – only consist of/exist as a select number of emotions/feelings that defines it and do not have an emotional/feeling body system as existent in the Main Characters/Personalities and the Main Mind Consciousness System.

What is interesting to note, regarding the entire Mind Consciousness System, the Main Personality Systems and the Sub-Characters/Personalities, is that – the entire Mind in the Physical, and all and everything within it, is at its core substance – a merging between physicality as substance and the mind as energy. And so essentially that, the entire Mind in the Physical is ENERGY manifested/constructed/evolved/personified into various forms, structures and dimensions that constitute the entire Mind in the Physical.
In this thus, the energies of emotions and feelings, primarily permeate and infiltrate into and as all Dimensions of the Mind, as with having a look at, for example, Personality Systems, within the Dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Backchat, the Emotions/Feelings themselves and so into the Behavioural Systems – EVERYTHING will have an energy charge/experience to it, within and as either the Positive and/or the Negative. Thus, one will have a relationship to thought/memory or an image/picture or a fantasy/imagination and/or a behavioural pattern/habit within and as a distinct energy of/as either positive, negative or neutral (and, as we have mentioned, we’ll in future posts to come look more in detail into the neutral energy reference, for the moment, we focus on only the positive and negative).

This relationship of energy/energy experience within the negative, neutral and positive to/towards and within all dimensions/components of the Mind, is primarily existent for the mind/the entire Mind to always have energy relationships to all its dimensions/components so as to be able to channel the required/needed energy into all its parts/components/dimensions to keep it functioning/existing. Within this, as well – it ensures an extensive network of separation in one’s relationship to all Dimensions/Components/Parts of the entire Mind in the Physical, because with having an individualized energy-relationship to the specific thoughts, words, imagination/fantasy, reactions themselves and behavioural systems, as well as the images/pictures manifested in one’s Mind: the Mind maintain control, as Consciousness will primarily manage the networks and their relationships between the negative, neutral and positive. From the perspective that the Mind will essentially be able to move self in/as energy and energy-experiences within the dimensions of thought, backchat, imagination, images/pictures and behaviours.  All that self in self’s awareness in the Conscious Mind, and occasionally the Subconscious Mind accept and allow is participation, which allows the Mind to resource energy from the physical body and so keep all its parts/components/dimensions existing/functioning within and as all their energy substances/definitions and relationships.
(We will in the next post go into more detail, regarding how/why we’d suggest walking the energy-relationships as reactions of emotions/feelings also within all the Dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Backchat and Behaviour, to assist and support with releasing the energy-experience relationship to it, which will assist/support with self’s stability and standing to not accept/allow self to be moved so instantaneously by the thoughts, backchats, imaginations, memories, images and behavioural systems, but to instead move self into/as physical equality and oneness when/as the Mind starts activating within and as the Dimensions of Personality.)

Thus, here – as a Character/Personality activate from a Thought, what happens is that the emotional/feeling body of a Character/Personality would activate as the domino-effect falls within all the dimensions of thought, imagination, backchat and eventually to reactions which lead one into and as an overwhelming energy experience/reaction of the Mind within the Physical. Obviously, the emotions/feelings as energy-experiences is the most ‘powerful source’ of the Mind as energies themselves have the most direct-relationships to/as the entire Mind as they resemble the very substance of/as the entire Mind in the Physical. Where if you look at thought-manifestations, imagination domains, backchats/words and behavioural systems – they have more limited structure to them, whereas emotions and feelings are ‘pure energy’ that is only contained within an emotional/feeling body system, and so why/how it is that emotions/feelings or energy experiences are most ‘powerful/challenging’ to face within one’s process from the Mind to the Physical.

For, example with having a look at the Postponement Character, when/as one face a moment of Responsibility – and all the layers of the Personality System in the Physical activate simultaneously, as all the memories of the moments the Personality Activated and one gave into it, formed a memory layer of the entire Personality in the Body. So essentially one in a moment has to ‘physically move through’ all the past Moments / Layers of the Personality one accepted and allowed, as the Mind stores all Personality Activations within the very Physical Body. And so, within this – the “energy experienced resistance”, for example would be more overwhelming and easier to give in to, than for example only a Thought Alone coming up in one’s Mind of ‘seeing oneself as bored in front of the book/writings/task/assignment’. And so the Mind would domino-effect one from Thought, to Imagination, to Backchat and so into and as the Reaction-activation that overwhelm all the dimensions of thought, imagination and backchat and so eventually physical behaviour that leads one into the temptation of giving into the Mind, instead of standing here with Breath as the Physical in an actual physical movement of self in starting to write/read/type.
Thus, when and as the Reaction-Dimension already activate, it may be more challenging to in that moment move through the energies into and as physical-application, because at this stage of the activation of a Personality System, the energy-experiences of emotions/feelings are additionally ‘backed/supported’ by the activation of the thoughts, imagination, backchat and so behavioural system, this essentially experiencing an entire possession in the physical body, and if self’s awareness / will as directive principle and the commitment to the decision to stand is not developed – one will tend to give into the EXPERIENCE of energy as the Mind.
But, I’ll tell you this – when/as one continue developing one’s self-awareness and apply one’s commitment/decision to stand with self and the physical, the more and more one will come to realise how limited energy and its experience in fact is. One is now at the moment only experiencing it as overwhelming, because one’s awareness, definition and living is/has always only been existent within and as energy and its experience and so its connections/manifestations to the Mind’s dimensions/components/parts. Thus, one want to get oneself to the point where, essentially – even at the Thought-Dimension, to stop participation and immediately physically MOVE oneself to start reading/typing/writing, and not give a moment’s hesitation/consideration in entertaining the thought/imagination, or even when it gets to the activation of the Backchat, to immediately stop participation and not continue and immediately MOVE ONESELF PHYSICALLY. Otherwise – if SELF, HERE do not MOVE, the Mind as energy will move one FOR SELF into and as directions in the mind and the physical that will only serve the Mind as Energy, instead of self, here in the developing of self’s relationships with self, the physical and one’s life/living in this world/reality.

We do understand, that even initially in the beginning of process, before one may know it – one find oneself already participating in the backchat and energies, happening so fast, that one already turned around/away from the responsibility into the doing of ‘something else’. This will become more easier to see regarding how the Mind moves with continuing to focus on moving at the pace of the physical breath, and moving one’s awareness to physical participation, doing and living. Because, in the Mind, the mind takes you into its quantum time reality of energy and experience; and so one will in one’s Mind move with the ‘mind’s time’, instead of the here of the physical, so the more one slow down, with the here of the physical, the more one will see how the Mind moves in the Physical and be able to identify how the mind activates its dimensions.
Thus, within this – initially when walking with characters/personalities, one can walk through the dimensions that we’re walking now, and even if one’s awareness is initially only in the backchat and/or reactions and/or behaviours, then that’s cool. Then walk one’s writing and self-forgiveness within the initial dimensions that one is aware of, and practise walking with physical breath, and continuing one’s process of writing, self forgiveness and corrective application. The more and more one walk this developing of self’s awareness, the more one will see how the mind moves and works and how to re-align self’s awareness and living into and as the physical.

We’ll in the next post walk more dimensions/considerations regarding the REACTION Dimension, especially from the perspective of, why it is that, for example – sometimes one will find a Personality can activate and change self from One Thought coming up, or activate and change self from only an emotional/feeling reactions coming up, or activate and change self from only imagination manifesting/coming up – all of which is primarily related to the extent/amount of time one access a Personality and/or which particular dimensions within a personality one had created a specific relationship within energy to/towards that would lead to only one/few dimensions having to activate to initiate one into/as a Personality Possession, instead of remaining with self, the physical and one’s responsibility/living with self within and as the physical. 

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