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 The Satan in you is the Satan in Me
The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

We have now walked through a more Structural Example of a Character/Personality and the Dimensions it consist of as Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reactions, Physical/Behavioural Systems and finally to the Consequence and Redefinition Dimensions, and within/during the process walked - seeing for Self the accepted and allowed relationships we have manifested as ourselves as the Mind and the realisation that self can in fact Change.

In and from this post we’re going to have a look at EVIL. We’re going to walk through and get into the REAL EVIL as the Nature of ourselves as beings, here on earth and in the hereafter, especially within the context of having a look at what is and has been of ourselves that Manifested this Physical Existence to be as it is today. And within this, primarily the point of “we KNOW what we do in moments of decision/choices, action and participation in the Mind”, yet – we’ll still do it, accept it, allow it and even take ourselves to denial/ignorance with making statements such as “but, I didn’t know / I don’t know”. However – when one Self-Honestly would go back to a moment, self was in fact Aware of who self was in one’s Mind and Living within such moments but would deliberately refuse to see that Evil, that Deliberateness of/as Ourselves. Why is that?

That we believe that with continuously ONLY focusing on the good, the benevolent, the love, the light – within ourselves and this world, that somehow the Evil that persists and accumulate within ourselves and this world will absolve / resolve itself. But, this is Obviously Not happening in this world/reality, the Evil persists and accumulate, the Bad/the Dark/Negative reigns this world/reality and the Only place where the good, the benevolent, the love and the light seem to exist is in Human Beings’ Minds, generated by energy experiences and of course the most important physical factor within that: MONEY. While the negative, the bad, the evil, the dark is a physical-living condition for the Majority of Humanity on this Earth. Thus, here we have to look at the principle of “as within, so without” / “as without, so within” – thus, what is this Polarity of Good and Evil that is existent within ourselves that we’d DENY the Evil with/through the GOOD, never actually within this standing and facing the EVIL, we always seem to blanket ourselves with the GOOD, the benevolent, the positive, but it seems the more and more this is happening/being done in our own Minds and in our relationship to the World: the Evil, the Negative, the Bad, the Dark is literally “taking over existence” and the Minds of Humanity.

As we have walked in Posts before regarding the very origins of ourselves as the Mind as EVIL, where we’re reversing life/substance and transforming it into and as energy, through friction/conflict, producing Negative Energy that accumulate into and as the Positive Energy Experience and thus, the origin, the source/root of the Positive is in fact the NEGATIVE. And the Mind USE THE PHYSICAL to resource/mine energy from/of that, that is our PRIMARY RELATIONSHIP to the Physical, with the Physical: Negative/Bad/Evil; and this is what is in fact manifesting as this Physical Existence: HELL itself. So, why is it then, that – no matter how much love, light, goodness, positivity is resonated throughout the generations of humanity on this earth, even with those little, minute, really insignificant moments of “good deeds”: is HELL on EARTH prevailing and more and more Human Beings are transforming into LIVING DEMONS?
I mean, obviously, one can justify, excuse and validate this all in the name of religions, spiritualities, beliefs, opinions – the most common being that in the Afterlife “something better awaits”…However, I would suggest investigating Desteni and the Interviews walked on EQAFE, especially the Journeys into the Afterlife series, where individual beings explain the detail of the actual nature, the actual EVIL of the entire Heaven Existence’s relationship to the Physical Existence and Humanity. Again, here we have a look at the principle “as within, so without” – the Mind’s relationship to the Physical Body, resourcing energy through sacrificing/consuming the Physical, Heaven’s relationship to this Physical Existence, resourcing energy through sacrificing/consuming the Physical, the actual lives of Human Beings as Human Beings’ Mind-Energy generated from/of the Physical was channelled into and as the Heaven Existence – the mechanics and detail of this relationship is explained/walked in the Journeys into the Afterlife Series.

So, within all this, we head back into the Mind-Physical relationship again: that essentially, our participation in the Mind, the Energy - would represent “heaven”, we’re always up there in our Minds in separation from the physical body, not giving two shits about our relationship with our own Physicals, and I mean even that statement “relationship with the physical” many individuals may go “what the fuck do you mean “relationship with the physical” it’s just a piece of meat, a vessel”. And this was the relationship of the Heaven Existence to this Physical Existence: the Physical was just a resource. HOWEVER – the one most important point not grasped within this all is that the Mind cannot exist without the Physical, Heaven as it existed, could not exist without its relationship to this Physical Existence, the Mind as ENERGY, Heaven as ENERGY – because for energy to exist, it has to as the Mind, resource it/mine it from the physical, it had to as Heaven, resource/mine energy from human beings’ Mind-Physical relationships for Heaven to exist.  
And so, with us participating in our Minds, in our “heavens” as ENERGY above, in separation from the Physical Body – the Heaven Existence as ENERGY above this Physical Existence did not give two shits about this physical existence/human beings’ actual physically-lived lives/experiences on Earth with the abuse, suffering, madness and pain, because Heaven got its Energy as long as human beings remained in their Mind-Physical Relationships. We’re getting our Energy in/as the MIND as long as we participate in it, not even seeing, realising/understanding the actual pain, the suffering, the abuse we’re accepting and allowing in our relationship as the Mind to the Physical. The same goes for our relationship to the World System of Money – how Money as the physical representation of Energy takes human beings to be “above/elitist” to the pain, the suffering, the madness and abuse of/as the majority of humanity and the lives of animals, nature in/as this Physical Existence.

However, within this all, the point to consider here is Awareness. The beings in the heaven existence was aware, knew and could see what was happening in its relationship to this physical existence, but didn’t care – ‘cause it had its Energy. Us human beings in the World System in our relationship to money are aware and we do know what is happening in the World-System’s relationship to humanity and this physical existence, but we don’t care – ‘cause we have our Money. We’re Individually in our own relationship to ourselves Aware of the Nature of what goes on in the secrets of our Minds and to what extremes our Minds within ourselves can take us to in our relationship with other human beings, but we don’t care – cause we’re feeding our Egos, our Personalities, our Self-Definitions as ‘my existence/who I am’.  And yet, despite this knowledge, this awareness that has “physical evidence” – from Heaven with its relationship to Humanity/this Physical Existence, from the World System’s relationship to Humanity/this Physical Existence, from what in fact Manifest in our Minds as the thoughts, imaginations, reactions, behaviour, internal conversations that is/has been and can be Pure Evil: we refuse to see how we’re the one’s in ourselves, as ourselves, that is creating/manifesting this Physical Existence to be what it is and how it is.
That, despite the Evidence of Evil that is existent even within our own Minds, despite the Evidence of Evil that is existent in the World System’s relationship to Humanity/this Physical Existence – we refuse to take responsibility for it, but instead – apparently, “focus only on the Good, the Positive, the Light, the Love” – WHERE ARE THESE THINGS IN THIS PHYSICAL REALITY, for the countless human, animal, nature and physical lives in/as this Existence that is suffering in unimaginable ways?

I mean, this is/has been the perfect “long con” of Consciousness. That, simply because human beings can’t communicate with their own physical bodies, can’t communicate with the grass/nature or the bugs that is walked on/crushed/killed as we physically move/drive with our cars for example – it is “not alive” / “not a being”, when in fact, the Physical/all that is Physical is Aware and communicate in various ways/within various dimensions in a different “physical language” that Humans can’t hear/comprehend, because they’re separate from the PHYSICAL - Deliberately kept separate from the PHYSICAL so that humans can continue abusing/resourcing as destroying the Physical for ENERGY for the MIND, for MONEY for this World-System. I mean, how different would we have lived if one could actually hear the animals, the bugs, nature as one is driving/walking for example, or hearing the physical cries, the screams of the animals/nature/the physical being tortured to death to produce food for Humans’ physicals to survive as long as possible for the MIND to resource energy from it for as long as possible…but this is not happening, humans are Deaf and Blind to our actual relationship to the Physical, this Physical existence and our responsibility and direct participation, acceptance and allowance within and as it, because of our separation from/of it all into and as the MIND the ENERGY, as we’ve been created as “power sources” for HEAVEN, as “power sources” for ENERGY for CONSCIOUSNESS – so absorbed/possessed in our own self-interest that we’d deliberately deny/ignore the existential consequences that is accumulating/manifesting in this existence as a whole.

So, we really have to look at what our relationship is to this Physical Existence, how have we come to exist in a creation of constant, continuous abuse, death, pain, suffering, madness - and why/how, despite being aware of what goes on in our Minds, what goes on in this World System – we refuse to change, individually and together. Why/how have we made ENERGY / MONEY MORE THAN the Physical Body/this Physical Existence, despite the physical evidence of what Energy in the Mind and Money in this World is creating/manifesting in human beings’ lives and the living conditions of this physical existence as a whole? Why do we do not have a direct, equal and one relationship to everything that is PHYSICAL, but in fact only walk in this Physical Existence destroying, annihilating the physical/animals/nature into and as extinction?

Thus, here is the Point we’re going to walk with posts to come through Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments – how the Physical, what we created in and as this Physical Existence, had become the manifested Evil reflecting the actual, real true nature of ourselves as Beings, and within this – to see, realise and understand that there is no real HEAVEN ‘out there’ waiting for Anyone. This that is here as the PHYSICAL is what is/has been the REALITY of what we created within and through who we are and there is no escape from this existence, not here and also not in the hereafter, as even in the hereafter, one face THIS EXISTENCE and what one accepted/allowed in one’s relationship to everything/everyone HERE.
To within this see, realise and understand that no matter how much we focus only on the good, the positive, the light and the love: it will not change the nature of ourselves or this existence, the only Point of Change, is looking the Evil of ourselves and this existence in the Eye, facing it, understanding it and changing it. And so, will furthermore within this, see, realise and understand how we have individually and collectively, deliberately tried to run away/hide from our own evil within and without, and so why/how it is that we’re in fact responsible for what has become of this Physical Existence and why/how change can only come with facing, and taking responsibility for the Evil of ourselves within and without.  

So, time to come out of the heaven-illusions of Mind, and face the consequence of what is HERE as the PHYSICAL as our responsibility to sort out, to direct and to change, for ourselves and so also for the generations to come.

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