Have you Ever Really Loved your Parents? – Part One: DAY 86

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Have you Ever Really Loved your Parents? – Part One: DAY 86

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

We’re in this post, with  now having the understanding of our relationship as energy to substance, as walked in the previous posts, with how we have given ‘life’ to energy/illusion at the sacrifice/compromise of substance/physicality/existence as real/reality. Within this - how we have constructed/created ourselves into memories/characters from memories/characters of those that has gone before us: and thus walking WHY we’re in fact ILLUSION and our beingness/substance and the physical-body/this physical existence as substance-manifest is the REALITY that is and always has been compromised/sacrificed for the Illusion as Energy/Mind/Memories/Characters to survive/exist and maintain its ‘life’ from the taking/stripping of what is real, and piecing ourselves into separation within ourselves as Illusion.
To walk this relationship between illusion and reality, we’re going to have a look at, from childhood our relationship to our parents/siblings – in how, our relationship to our parents/siblings is/has always been designed/manifested from and of a multi-dimensional relationship of MEMORIES within ourselves that we created/manifested/constructed within our MINDS. And so how/why we have thus never in fact really had any real/substantial relationship with our parents/siblings within the entirety of who they really are, never in fact really met/saw them within the entirety of who they are, as we’d only design relationships/characters towards them within our Mind that would serve our interests/intentions/preferences only.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood how with me as a child, with my automated consciousness existent in the merged-relationship between: my beingness, my Mind Platform/Framework and my Parent’s Minds/Memories – where:
My Beingness - consisting of/existing as memories/characters I have accumulated/manifested throughout my lives that I lived on Earth, into and as my very beingness that had come to define my very nature as a being, as -all the characters/personalities I physically lived-out that became a ‘living pattern/habit’ within and throughout my lives - that became ‘me’ as my beingness as the acceptance of ‘who I am’ within and as my very beingness. And thus, whatever characters/personalities within/throughout my lives I physically lived-out/embodied consistently within space and time, would manifest a merging of acceptance between the mind, my beingness and the particular-specific personality/character I would physically/habitually live-out. And in this merging of the character/personality with the physical and so my beingness: I would within my very beingness accept the very nature of me within my ‘who I am’ as a being – equal-to and one-with such characters/personalities I had come to physically/habitually live-out in my mind, beingness and physical merging/relationship within and throughout my lives. 
My Mind Platform/Framework – that consist of/exist as the automated functioning/movement of and as Consciousness as a multitude of interdimensional-dimensional, multidimensional programs that activate the moment my beingness merge with the Mind Platform/Framework. As substance’s (my beingness) relationship to energy (the interdimensional-dimensional Mind) that give ‘life’ to the Mind as energy consume substance, with this relationship between my beingness and the Mind that becomes me in my physical-living, as through and as the Mind I come to create my Characters/Personalities I will embody/manifest within my Mind-Physical relationship within and throughout my life on Earth. And so, my Consciousness within the Mind Platform/Framework programs in its relationship to my beingness, together with my Parents’ Mind/Memories – will be the initial System from and through which I develop/manifest the Future ‘me’ as Characters/Personalities from existent-memories manifested within my Beingness, Mind and Parents’ Mind.
My Parents’ Mind/Memories – that initially merge as a platform within my Unconscious-Mind of my interdimensional-dimensional Mind merged with my beingness. With this platform consisting of/existing as primarily only Memories representing Characters my parents created/manifested in their mind-physical living, consisting of/existing as a multitude of multi-dimensional memories and characters that they manifested in all dimensions within their Mind – within their conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Memories/characters that they either fantasized about or actually lived-out; all of it transferred into and as a platform within my Unconscious-Mind that would become an entire database that my automated consciousness would use to develop, construct and manifest my own ‘personalized’ characters/personalities from.

I commit myself to show, how and why we have throughout our lives on Earth – life, after life, after life, only accumulated into and as our very beingness memories of characters/personalities we had physically lived-out within and throughout our lives in our beingness-Mind relationship/merging within the Physical. And how within and as our very beingness we had come to exist as manifested/accumulated memories/characters that would come to influence/determine/direct our ‘choices’ of ‘who we are’ in the lives to come, from additional manifestations of memories as our very Mind and our ‘parents’ to be Minds/Memories. Where within and throughout our lives, within our relationship between our beingness, our Mind and our parents’ Minds/Memories within the initial merged/manifested existence of Consciousness from birth: will come to determine the new/ ‘evolved’ memories/characters we’ll create/manifest in and from our new Minds/new lives/new Parents’ Minds/Memories.
However, life, after life, after life – the process remains the same: constructing/manifesting characters from memories of characters within our beingness, our parents’ Minds/Memories with the automated Mind that facilitate this process FOR US, as a memory/character creation Machine/System. That this is all that we’ve done and become within and throughout our lives on Earth – creating/constructing/manifesting characters from an accumulation of multi-dimensional memories; that is/always has only served our own Purpose/living/experience within and throughout our lives in our own Minds. Where, within this process – we develop NO relationship with ourselves, or others in fact, as what control/manifest ‘who we are’ within ourselves in our Mind-Physical relationship: Is MEMORIES. Where, within and throughout our lives we’re simply as our beingness of substance, serving as a ‘life force’ for the Mind/Consciousness to automatically from childhood serve us our memories/characters that we’ll personalize with, through and as Consciousness to within and throughout our lives physically live-out. Where the entire process of ‘who we are’ within our Mind-Physical relationship only manifest within our INTERNAL REALITY of the Mind as Memories/Characters, with NO equal and one relationship to ourselves, our physical-body or human beings within our world/reality from childhood, as we’re always in all ways only preoccupied and occupied with MEMORIES.

In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now, how:
My Mind Framework/Platform in itself – exist as a Memory, a Memory-database of programs already prepared/pre-ordained that would initiate into and as the existence of Consciousness, the moment my beingness/substance merge with it, to prepare me/itself to create/construct/manifest/program my/its own Characters/Personalities that will come to occupy the Mind/preoccupy me from my equality and oneness with me, the physical-body and so existence as a whole. And my Beingness – exist as Memory, a Memory-database of and as characters I have come to accumulate/manifest into and as the manifested-acceptance of ‘who I am’ within and as my very beingness. And my Parents’ Memories/Minds of Characters, exist as Memory and together with my Beingness Memories/Characters, with Consciousness/the Mind – this relationship would come to evolve into and as my ‘personalized’ Characters I will become/construct/manifest within my Mind-Physical relationship/existence within and throughout my life.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realise/understand – how/why it is that I never in fact, from childhood really see the reality/equality and oneness of and the totality of my parents, because:
Within the relationship with my Parents: All that is existent within me, in my Unconscious-Mind – is MOMENTS as MEMORIES of CHARACTERS they have constructed in THEIR MINDS that transferred into me in my inception and conception process within the womb of the female. Where my parents accordingly constructed/manifested/created their memories/characters from their beingness as memories/characters, from their parents’ minds as memories/characters, through and as their merged-relationship between their mind, their beingness and their parents’ Minds/Characters; and so: what transferred into me as my parents’ mind, that I use to develop my relationship WITHIN ME towards them, come-from only moments, as memories as characters of them that will come to determine ‘how I see me in relation to them’ from the references as memories/characters of them I firstly used within my Mind.
Thus, I never in fact have an actual, real physical, equal and one relationship with my parents from childhood, as all I am busy doing in my Mind with memories of them as characters in my Unconscious-Mind, is to create/construct/manifest my own ‘personalized characters’ that will become memories/characters I embody/physically live-out. And so, my relationship to my external environment – whether siblings, parents, friends, extended-family, acquaintances, colleagues, classmates: I never in fact in any way have any form of relationship to them as a being within the totality of who they are: as they as all people in my world serve as a mirror that I use within my MIND to construct/create/manifest characters within me.
In, taking the example of the mother smiling at the child – in that moment, I as a child do not see the totality of who my mother is in that moment of smiling, her expression, her mind-state, why she’s smiling, how she’s smiling, what she’s experiencing, the absolute detail of who she is in that moment: Nothing of her exist in an equal and one relationship with me. All that happens in that moment, is my Physical-Mind Eyes capture that moment into the interdimensional-dimensional glass-window pane; scan through all my Parents memories/characters as mere ‘pieces’ of the totality of who they are within the platform of my Unconscious-Mind, search for MEMORIES/characters of who/how my parents were in the PAST, with such memories that is accordingly used to determine who I am/what/how I am in my experience and behaviour in that Moment. Thus, a moment of interaction in physical-reality is used to create/manifest me into characters I will come to embody/live-out based-on other’s behaviours/responses towards me. Therefore, from childhood all my interactions in experience and behaviour towards my parents, come from their PAST as MEMORIES of characters of who they WERE that is manifested in my Unconscious-Mind as a database I use to create me from as characters within my Mind-Physical relationship, creating my own experience/behaviour as a character-incarnate from previous/past characters manifested within me/my Unconscious-Mind of my parents. And, furthermore within that – we later in life, when/as there aren’t memories within our parents’ minds/memory/character database within our Unconscious-Mind that we can use to construct/create/manifest into our own personalized characters as we participate in physical-reality: we then use the reference of our beingness from past-lives characters/memories to manifest our experience/behaviour to/towards people in our worlds. Thus, within this – how even most of our interactions as experience/behaviour to/towards our parents/our relationship with them, as characters we become/that activate in our relationship/interaction with them – has not even been really designed/manifested within any context of ‘who they are’ in actual real reality, as we’ve used references from past-life interactions/relationships as characters we’ve activated to manifest characters with which we interact/participate as, with our parents.

I commit myself to show – how and why; we have never within our existence, or our lives on Earth, had a relationship with another being, let alone ourselves. Because in having a look at the processes involved in our interactions/participations with our parents in physical-reality from childhood, is that we use such interactions/participations; not to develop an equal and one relationship with them in who they are as beings in really seeing/living with them in equality and oneness, but use such moments of interactions/participations, to develop/construct/manifest our own characters within the backdrop/blueprint of the parents’ minds/memories of who they were, manifested within our Unconscious-Mind within us, that determine our reaction/experience/behaviour as character-manifestation TOWARDS them.
And, within this – I commit myself to show, as we continue within this process of memory/character creation to substantiate our Minds with characters we created/manifested from Memories in our beingness/Parents’ Minds/Memories in our Unconscious-Mind; we develop/manifest eventually our own Subconscious-Mind characters/personalities that become the living-definition of ‘who I am’ in this life. Where – whenever we continue participating, with for example parents later in life – we’ll use such physical-reality participations, imprint/manifest such present-moments within us/the glass window pane. Then - use MEMORIES of past-interactions with them, with such memories containing how we experienced/behaved towards our parents in the past that is similar/the same to the present-moment we just encountered. Where such memories of past-interactions, contain our own view/perception/experience of our parents dependent on how we experienced ourselves towards them in the memory/past-encounter, thus WITHIN OUR MINDS framed our parents within a particular ‘light/picture’. Where we essentially characterized our parents within our Minds against our existent Characters/Personalities and so warp/change/mould ‘who they are’ in relationship to our characters in our Minds. Seeing them how we WANT to see them within our Minds that would best serve our Character/Personality to be the best/better/right/winner within the present-moment interaction/participation. And so develop an complete alternate version of our parents within our Minds according to our interest of our characters/personalities where we’re for example ‘right and they’re wrong’ and so try and physically impress our illusion of them in our Minds onto actual physical-reality when in conversation/interaction with them, as we’d behave towards them/experience ourselves towards them in physical-reality, according to how we framed/manifested them within our Minds, which is not the real representation of our parents in fact.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now, seen, realised and understood – how I have NEVER in fact had a relationship with my Parents – in the totality of who they are. Because each and every moment of interaction with them, from childhood throughout my life – I in my Mind-Physical relationship, created/manifested my Own characters as experiences/reactions/behaviours to them, that had nothing to do with ‘who they are’, but had everything to do with only ‘who I am’ in my mind-physical relationship as consciousness to construct/manifest/create characters as experiences/behaviours to/towards my external world/environment and everything/everyone within it.
And as I continue within my childhood and my relationship to them throughout my life, I will capture/manifest interactions/moments of participation with them in my Physical-Mind Eyes, into the glass-window pane, scan through my already manifested characters/personalities in my Subconscious-Mind and accordingly experience/behave within my physical-living as characters as what is best suited in the moment to fulfil my own intentions, wants, needs and desires. And so, from childhood to throughout my life – I never have a relationship with who my parents are in the totality of themselves in every moment of interaction/participation, and so it is with each human being in my world/reality: because I will always only reference the moment/interaction within physical-reality with them, within and as the memories/characters in my mind and beingness, that can completely warp/misconstrue the reality of an individual/person/parent to serve only my interest/intentions/experiences/behaviours as characters within my Mind.

I commit myself to show – how, with writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application – identifying all the characters/personalities as Memories that’s come to control/direct our internal and external experiences/behaviours as our entire ‘who we are’ in and as our living. To write them out, to forgive ourselves for accepting and allowing ourselves to separate ourselves / the creation of ourselves through an automated system as consciousness as a separation-creation system, that’s taken from our beingness/physical body/this physical existence to construct/manifest ourselves into pieces/parts as characters existent only within our mind and occasionally live-out/embody into and as our physical-living. That we’ve separated ourselves into memories/characters from our beingness, our physical-body and so this physical existence: to construct an illusionary self/reality only existent within our Minds.
To from here – identify the characters, forgive ourselves for separating and so creating/constructing ourselves into pieces/parts as characters to the compromise/sacrifice of our physical-bodies and so this physical existence, to from here align our living into and as the physical, where we re-align ‘who we are’ in equality and oneness with our beingness, our physical body and so eventually this physical existence as a whole. Where we in fact start LIVING HERE with the physical/what is real as we become the Living Word as the Physical, and no more as controlled-separation as memories that only manifest consequence to the physical/all relationships within our actual world/reality. So that in this Equal and One Actual Living of ourselves as Here – be able to develop ACTUAL REAL relationships/agreements as we commune/participate/interact in equality and oneness in REAL TIME Here as every moment of breath and in fact get to know each other for who/how we are in the totality of ourselves/each other here.

We’ll in the next post continue with more practical/physical examples of how we never in fact have a relationship with our parents/all beings in our world for that matter, because ‘who we are’ in relationship to them in our Mind, is/always has been constructed/manifested from memories as-us, within ourselves. How, we even go so far as creating/constructing ‘alternate versions’ of our parents within our Minds to serve only our interest/intentions/wants, needs and desires according to how we manifested our ‘who we are’ in our Minds. So, understand what we’ve walked in this post, is simply an introduction framework and we’ll be going into more detailed, practical specifics in posts to come.
And within this continue with preparing for the process of seeing, realising and understanding the difference between Illusion and Reality as we outline this process of the extent of separation that in fact exist within ourselves and others within our world/reality, where with us not even having a real relationship with our parents; we don’t in fact ever have a real relationship with ourselves.

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