Friendship Secret Anthology: DAY 90

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Friendship Secret Anthology: DAY 90

"Those are the inner voices inside ones mind, The voice you use to reason with yourself inside yourself, the arguments you have with others in your mind, the thoughts you have, the multiple personalities one exist as where they are one personality with one person and a different personality with someone else." - Andrew Gable

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the mutli-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Who I Am as Money – continued

As we’ve mentioned in the previous post we’re continuing with, when and as in present-moments we face human beings that within our Memories are not aligned with our Characters/Personalities we physically live-out/embody and the processes that manifest in our Mind-Physical relationship when this happens/manifest. And within this – the consequences we have accepted and allowed in our individual expansion/growth/development as human beings, with accepting and allowing characters/personalities to determine our relationships based on experiences/reactions of energies as emotions/feelings; to protect/defend the secrets of the reality/truth of ourselves within and as our mind and/or protect/defend our own personal wants, needs, desires and interests within the secrets of ourselves/characters within and as our minds. Designing relationships to protect/defend ILLUSION, and self-deception: instead of aligning our relationships to in fact assist/support our development, growth and expansion as individuals/human beings to contribute to life for all in this physical-existence as a whole, in equality and oneness here.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, in equality and oneness with and as Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical, from the beginning to now – seen, realised and understood within and during an interaction with another human being, I within my Mind-Physical relationship will imprint/manifest the present-moment with that being through my Physical-Mind Eyes, into my Unconscious-Mind ‘glass window pane’, where my Consciousness will scan through all my already-existent layers of memories/characters/personalities I created/manifested in my relationship to/towards this particular human-being. Where, each memory with this particular human-being – contain how I behaved and experienced myself in my mind-physical relationship to/towards this human being as how I defined me in relationship to them, as I defined them in relationship to me. Where, this process of imprinting present-moments with a human being that we’ve come to define as ‘friend’ with whom we have had past-experiences/interactions with, that is existent/layered/stored as memories within our Mind-Physical relationship – is used by our Mind/Consciousness to ensure that the Character/Personality that that human being / ‘friend’ secure within ourselves in our relationship to them within our Memories: is protected. Thus, every ‘new’ present-moment where we interact/participate with them in physical-reality – is ‘security-checked’ by/through our Consciousness from within and as all the memories we have in our character-alignment/personality in our relationship to this human being. Where, the present-moment is captured within and on the glass-window pane/Unconscious-Mind – resonated within and throughout Consciousness that detect the human being/friend within past memories as how we aligned our character/personality in relationship to them, and will in quantum-time assess whether this ‘new present-moment’ memory within and on the glass-window pane, consisting of/existing as the human beings’ experience/behaviour/physical presentation is aligned with our experience/behaviour/physical presentation as character/personality we embody/live-out in relationship to them. When/as all is aligned, and the two characters/personalities are synchronized with all the other existent memories / primary character/personality we developed/created/manifested to/towards/with this human being within our Physical-Mind existence/memories: we have the positive-energy experience that resonate within the memory of the glass-window pane, with this ‘positive-energy experience’ essentially our character/personality within the memory “recognizing” its counterpart as the other human being as being similar/the same. Once this recognition is confirmed/established where the human being/friend is still aligned with our personality/character – the memory with the experience and our relationship to the human being/friend is then transferred into the centre of the mind/head/brain region – resonating within and through the person’s mind-physical existence and so the person comes to embody/live-out the character/personality they have developed to/towards this particular human being in their experience/behaviour towards them. 
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand – why and how I have automated my Consciousness to ALWAYS, automatically cross-reference my characters/personalities within memories of my relationships with other human beings with any/all present-moments within which I participate/interact with human beings in my world to/towards which I created particular-specific character/personality relationships/alignments. In this: my Consciousness ensuring/securing that my relationships/friendships protect/defend my Mind-Definitions of ‘who I am’ as all the Primary Characters/Personalities they confirm/validate/justify in my relationship to/towards them, in memory and in reality. Not seeing/realising/understand that this thus means that we’re never in fact self-honest within our relationships to friends, for example – as they’re always in the first few present-moments of interacting with them, seen as a ‘potential threat/change’ that is ‘security-checked’ by/through my Consciousness against all the previous-memories of my character/personality alignment/synchronicity with them to ensure/secure that they’re ‘still the same/similar’ so that I remain the same/similar within my definitions as characters/personalities of me within my Mind/Consciousness.
And thus, within this – friend, with the R as the standing moment where friend can reverse into fiend the moment the human being/friend within their character/personality change in any way that would be a threat/change to my character/personality definitions of and as me within and as my Mind/Consciousness – always hanging in the balance between friend and fiend in every moment of present-moment interaction/participation when/as my Consciousness proceed with the ‘security check’ to protect/defend the ‘me/I/self’ of Mind/Consciousness characters/personalities.

I commit myself to show, how and why the current definition/existence of friendships only exists within the statement: “You are my friend – as long as your character/personality secures the existence of my character/personality and we protect/defend each other’s self-definitions. BUT this relationship will R reverse into you becoming my fiend, the moment your character/personality is not in alignment/synchronized with my character/personality that places my definition of me in my Mind/Consciousness under threat/change and so will sever all ties with you to ensure I’m protected/defended in my who I am as characters/personalities.” Thus, within ‘friendships’ that is always existent on the fence, essentially with the fence the ‘neutrality’ of the moment the present-moment reality interaction/participation is manifested within the Unconscious/Physical-Mind and Consciousness assess whether the human being is still friend/fiend, which from the fence will move either to the positive or the negative, dependent on whether the person/human being are still synchronized/aligned with our personalities/characters.
Thus, in this – I commit myself to show – why/how ‘friendships’ as they exist within us in our Mind-Physical relationship is deceptive/dishonest, as every moment we continue interacting within such friendships – ‘friends’ are firstly approached as potential threats to our definitions, and will only be accepted as continued-friends/relationships if they are aligned/synchronized to who/how we are in our character/personality definitions. Thus, within this – we are never in fact REAL within our friendships/relationships, as they’re always determined only according to the reference/framework of who we are within our Minds within the starting-point to ONLY protect/defend our self-definitions. That friendships thus have nothing to do with anything else but each-other holding themselves imprisoned in the Mind, limited to the definitions as characters/personalities we’ve become.

In this, I commit myself to show how/why, the feelings/emotions as experiences we have within ourselves towards friends, does not define our friendship to/towards them ‘personally’ within ‘who they are’: it defines us within the according character/personality we created/manifested within ourselves towards them, that we decided to experience/be/live-out/behave that the ‘friend’ is protecting/defending/securing for us, within our memories in our Minds through/from which we’ve developed our characters/personalities in the first place.
And furthermore, how we use such feelings/emotions as experiences/behaviours to solidify/cement our relationship to/towards the human being, as an actual manipulation to ensure/secure that our friendships remain tied within the memories as we continue living-out/embodying such characters/personalities within and as our external world/reality. As the more we live them/physically embody them – the more such characters/personalities integrate/permeate/manifest into and as our Mind-Physical relationship, which is the only reason why/how friendships will ‘last long’ as that ‘lasting long’ is the extent to which both equally, more and more and more physically lived-out/embodied their character/personality definitions within themselves, towards each other within their memories that became consistent/cemented/solidified memories/relationships within their Mind-Physical existence.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself, to in equality and oneness with and as Life, energy and substance, the mind and the physical – from the beginning to now, seen, realised and understood the processes that manifest within me, in that moment when/as my consciousness scan the present-moment memory within and on the ‘glass window pane’ within my Unconscious/Physical-Mind against the framework/platform of all my previous-memories of interaction/participation with the human-being/friend that contain my primary character/personality that the relationship with this human being/friend’s character/personality is securing. And when/as – within that present-moment, there is an inconsistency within their presentation/behaviour/language/words, that inconsistency will be highlighted within the present-moment memory together with an activation within the present-moment memory as “warning”; where the present-moment memory will go into a negative-experience of “friction/conflict”, as in that memory – the other human being/friend’s character/personality is not in alignment/synchronicity with mine, and so I within the memory will go into reaction of friction/conflict as negative-energy experience. This will upload into and as the centre of the Mind – where, I will in ‘real-time’ as that Memory interact/participate with the Human-Being and within my Subconscious-Mind internal conversations/backchats – scan my Physical-Mind Eyes within the detail of what is ‘different/inconsistent’ within the other human beings’ behaviour/experience as physical presentation/behaviour of their character/personality.
So, essentially – the processes that manifested in my Unconscious/Physical-Mind, is now happening in ‘real time’ in the physical present-moment AS THAT ONE MEMORY uploaded into and as the centre of the Mind/Head/Brain – with me as Consciousness from and as that ONE MEMORY as me – assess/analyse/scan whether the person/human beings’ ‘changes’ / ‘inconsistencies’ is/will be a threat/change to my personality/character of me in relationship to them. Where, within my Subconscious-Mind as Consciousness conversing with only me in my Mind in deciding whether why/how this person/human being has changed, what has changed, when this change happened etc. And will within that, in my Mind, in conversing with myself – see if in this real-time memory-consciousness interaction, I can determine the change, or whether I will build up enough energy/curiosity as fear to ask, which is in fact fear as this entire process is manifesting due to an reaction of friction/conflict with the person/human being, being a potential threat/change to my personality/character.

We’ll in the next post, and posts to continue – walk the process of what manifest when another’s character/personality is changed/inconsistent to who/how they exist-as in our memories in alignment to our character/personality we secured/protected/defended in our relationship with them; what processes manifest in our Conscious/Subconscious Mind as internal conversations/backchats, to in/as fear – assess/determine whether they are/will be a threat/change to our self-definitions. And how we will accordingly change in our behaviour as our protection/defence mechanisms as resistance we go into for a moment while we determine/assess in our Minds/through asking questions whether the reality of the threat/change is ‘real’ as re-assessing whether we’ll stay in relationship with them or slowly, but surely start the process of severing the ties ‘cordially’ or through manifesting deliberate external friction/conflict within the relationship to justify/excuse why/how the relationship cannot work, when in fact: it was always in all ways only to protect/defend our own personality/character as definitions of Mind/Consciousness.

I commit myself to show – why/how, thus – we as human beings have never changed/evolved or will never change, as long as we only base/define our relationships on the starting-point of protecting/defending our characters/personalities of Mind/Consciousness that we developed/constructed/manifested from and of our family/parent relationships. Where we will protect/defend such personalities/characters at all cost – with ANY change/alteration/inconsistency – no matter how significant/insignificant in ANY ONE human being we have developed a relationship of character-definitions to/towards: we will immediately approach with fear/resistance, not even considering what we may learn from another as ourselves; but only immediately going into protection/defence mode as fear/resistance consume/possess our Physical-Mind existence, where in that moment – we will see NOTHING ELSE, but our OWN FEAR in that moment, and so completely miss the reality of the moment and the person/friend in relationship to us.
I commit myself to show, thus – how this expose/reveal the extent of trust we have within ourselves in our physical-reality participations with human beings, that we don’t even trust ourselves to accordingly assess the moment unconditionally, in seeing the reality of the moment/person within what we can learn with them to expand/grow within who we are, but instead immediately go into Consciousness/Mind as Fear we have come to accept/allow ourselves to abdicate our directive-principle/trust into and as, to within FEAR – make decisions based on the MEMORIES of who we are in our Mind-Physical Existence. And so always in all ways: securing/ensuring our definitions/characters/personalities of the past, always remaining existent in ‘past selves’ – never living here in the movement/change of all as me, with opportunities to expand, grow and develop and learn more about myself/others as me.

I commit myself to show, how – within friendships, as they currently exist: we’re ensuring/securing that no-one in fact change, but remained imprisoned in past-selves living in constant/continuous fear of any change that may present-itself, and instead of us trusting ourselves to assess the moment within equality/oneness/what is/will be best for all and thus best for self: we assess moments in fear/resistance as protection/defence – guarding our Mind, our past, our memories as the God of our Eden/energy-existence of and as Consciousness to never step out of/expand beyond the imprisonment/limitation of our Minds, into and as the equality and oneness of and as our beingness, the physical-body and so this physical-existence.

I commit myself to, within and as my friendships – assist and support me, to investigate my thoughts, internal conversations and reactions/behaviours to/towards them, in seeing/realising/understanding that my friends are the mirror of the characters/personalities I have developed/manifested as me in my Mind-Physical existence, to protect-defend me in the Mind/my separation from me, my physical-body and so this physical-existence as a whole. That, it has nothing to do with the friends/human beings ‘personally’ – but has everything to do with ME, as MY RESPONSIBILITY of who I am WITHIN MYSELF, and so: it’s not about me in any way judging/blaming/condemning friends, as I am in fact only doing that to myself. That it is my responsibility to first walk my process, in taking responsibility for me – as/while I continue interacting with friends, for example, to as/while I’m interacting with friends – to remain here, self-honest with me, breathing to be a living example for them as me. Not enforcing change/demanding change, as I see/realise/understand that it was my decision to start walking my process, walking me from consciousness to awareness to the living of me in my physical-body in aligning me/my life to what’s best for all. And so, I first walk me within myself to be/become eventually a living example, and when/as they are ready as I stand as a living example, they will ask/not ask – but that will not determine who I am in my commitment to me as all as me.
Thus, the key is to first walk self/responsibility to self WITHIN SELF, walking me into an eventual living example, so that I am prepared/ready to assist/support those, who are ready to assist/support themselves and so can walk WITH those as me who have decided with me, they are ready to let go of Fear of Change – and see the potential of who we can become in taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives and so for all

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