TIME Character/Personality: DAY 249

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TIME Character/Personality: DAY 249

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

For context from the Previous Post:
So, the question here is then – how can we make PRESENT/the Present PRACTICAL so that we ensure we do not in the present, recreate the Future from/of the Past in/as our Minds? Where, the Present becomes a LIVING HERE in/as the moment, being attentive, focused in/as what we do in the Physical Moment and not be possessed within and as TIME in our Minds?

These questions we will continue exploring in the next post with having a look at how we’re going to change TIE-ME in/as the Personality Possession, to bowTIE-ME, where we GIFT ourselves the PRESENT, the DAY, the HERE with organizing, structuring and categorizing our days/lives effectively, to not exist in a possession in our relationship to TIME and so ensure we do not use time as an excuse, justification and hiding to not face/expand ourselves/our living within and as our day-to-day participations.

We’re in this Post, continuing with walking the TIME-Personality – walking the Dimensions of T-I-M-E as we have established in the previous post, with T – as the choice/acceptance and allowance of I – as Personality we become as M – that we live-out/behave within and as E – as energy experience; all in relationship to TIME as what we’ve become as TIME within and as the Mind/Consciousness.
We’re then within this, more specifically going to walk the TIME-Personality within the context of referencing for example the relationship to 2012 / Doomsday, as we possessed ourselves with and as Time that is in fact in accordance to dates/times not relevant to/as how this physical existence Move but only an interpretation of movement manifested within/on “time machines”.
And then within this, furthermore – walk through the Dimension of TI(e)-ME, as we walk through the Self Commitments/Corrections of/as the TIME-Personality, how to assist/support self to UNTI(e)-ME from/of our Mind-Possessive relationship to Time, but to walk with TIME in/as equality and oneness that it no more have power over/of self, and also no more being able to be used as an excuse to run/hide/not face self within/as certain things, obligations/responsibilities within and throughout one’s day. But change the relationship to BOWTI(e)-ME – preparing each day, each responsibility as a Present, as one walk the HERE in/as one’s responsibilities / day-to-day Living.

Referencing again the illustration/image we walked in the Previous Post, regarding where on a piece of paper one draw a circle in the centre as TIME, with the hands of the clock ourselves moving from one responsibility to the next within/throughout our day according to Time: we now want to get to the Point where – we Ourselves, stand WITH Time in the centre Circle of the Page, and move AS Time within/throughout our Day from one Responsibility to the Next, in/as Breath, here, in/as Physical Stability – and so not making our life/living more difficult than it already is, with additionally creating Possessive relationships to/as TIME. With Time an manifestation that is a set-part of our Daily-Functioning and so cannot change Time in itself, but we can most certainly change our Relationship to/as it, from it having power over/of us, to us learning how to work/walk with/as Time to become more effective in/as our Daily Living in/as this World/Reality.

With what we have walked through Personality-Systems thus far, Personality Systems consist of/exist as the following Dimensions: 1. Fear Dimension, 2. Thought Dimension, 3. Imagination Dimension, 4. Reaction Dimension, 5. Physical/Behavioural Dimension and 6. Consequence Dimension – and as we Identify all the Dimensions with walking it through Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Statements we get to Redefining the TIME Personality and who we are as Time.
(NOTE – we have walked an extensive process from DAY 162 to DAY 186 explaining in detail each of the Dimensions and what they entail, so we will not be explaining / walking it again. If one has not yet read the Personality/Character Process we have walked in this Blog, we suggest doing so as it will explain the background-perspective/platform/blueprint of how we’re walking this Personality within and as all the Specific Dimensions.)

How we’re going to walk this Process as the TIME Personality, is take it from our base-platform design in our relationship to Time. This means, our ‘general’ Mind-Physical relationship to time, and then as we walk the Dimensions – we will include/expand on the Time Personality with walking the relationship to 2012/end times/doomsday.

Let’s start with the Dimensions – walking the Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment Statements of Each Dimension Individually.

FEAR Dimension: Writing
As we have established with walking the Personality Systems in this Blog before, the FEAR Dimension is the starting point of a Personality System – as all Personalities originate / start developing from/of an initial Fear-Reaction/Experience/Memory as Personality Systems are in fact the Mind/Consciousness ‘protection/defence’ mechanisms in/as its Reactive-nature/Response to/as the Physical, this Physical Existence and others. Therefore, the FEAR Dimension in the context of the TIME-Personality – here one can have a look at the following FEARS:
Fear of Time-itself, in the sense of how Time is connected to responsibility and so consequence. With, from childhood already, being imprinted with fear by Parents as ‘being late for school’ and the fear instilled by the school itself for ‘being late’. Thus, it is from a Fear-imprint that, from childhood, one’s relationship to time, being ‘on time’ exist within and as a starting point of Fear. Therefore, Fear of Time itself stand more in the context of ‘Fear of the Consequence/People’ for when/as one is late/not on time and so it’s that Fear of Consequence that drive/motivate one in one’s relationship to Time.  Instead of one’s relationship to Time existing in CONSIDERATION of others/Responsibilities in commonsense practicality, where one’s relationship to Time do not exist in ‘Fear of Consequence’, but in/as UNDERSTANDING and Consideration – this will already assist/support with not going into that anxiety, stress, fear, worry, doom in one’s relationship to time, but simply align one’s day practically in such a way to ensure that one is/will be on time, with understanding/considering that others are connected to you, dependent on you to meet/plan for a particular-specific Time.

So, within this Dimension – let’s look at its relationship to 2012 / Doomsday, placing a TIME and Date to/as the “end of the world as we know it”. What is in fact existent within/behind this relationship to Time, to 2012, to Predicting the “end of the world”: is the Fear of/as the physical consequences we have created in/as this world/reality and humanity. It’s existent in the statement of: “Shit’s really getting bad in this existence – IT MUST MEAN THE END IS NEAR”.
Well, I can show you something, from direct-experience/process – when we explored the Interdimensional/Heaven existence through the Portal and moving through the dimensions, the layers, the extent of consequence in it, ‘hoping’ to somewhere in something/someone find the answer to WHY heaven never actually assisted/supported humanity/this physical existence: all we Found was the extent of deception, enslavement and deliberate control within Heaven itself, and Heaven’s relationship to Humanity, the Mind and this physical existence as a whole. That, the deeper and deeper we went into Heaven, its relationship to Humanity, the Mind and this Physical Existence – the father back we went into and as the History of Existence, all that we found was an accumulation of Consequence, Deception, Enslavement and Control. All of our Journeys into the Afterlife Processes can be walked in the Interview Series Journeys into the Afterlife available on EQAFE with the Discoveries of what we found, through the Portal, in Heaven from the moment the Portal Opened and so also how Heaven changed, all of Heaven, to now stand to facing Consequence and Responsibility within and as this Physical Existence. Also, what one can Invest in – is the Demons in the Afterlife Series, walked by a then-Demon, that has transcended/changed himself from a Demon to a being in the interdimensional-physical existence that is now walking the process of Responsibility within and as this Physical Existence. From the Demons in the Afterlife Series, one will gain more perspective/understanding of the actual real meaning/purpose for/as human’s existence in/as its relationship to Heaven.

So, the point we’d like to show here, is that: there’s always only ever been CONSEQUENCE in existence – with no Solution, Change in Sight. So, we’ve walked a process within the Heaven existence, regarding taking responsibility for/as this Physical Existence as their creation, their past that has to be faced/changed within and as themselves, and Now it’s the Human’s turn to realise this Responsibility to/as our creation within and as this Physical Existence. That, what the human has to see, realise and understand is that: what is HERE – we’re CREATING, accepting and allowing and is thus our Responsibility to change, to be/become the living/manifested Solution within and as this Physical Existence.
So, with 2012 and what we’re walking now as the FEAR Dimension regarding the TIME-Personality and its relationship to 2012, is that: we Fear the PAST, the CONSEQUENCE of our Minds, of our Lives of ‘life on earth’ as what it’s become. That, we in our Minds/Consciousness cannot ‘conceive’ that what exist in/as this physical existence, we ourselves in fact created/manifested, and so – have related the overwhelming consequence to ‘something/someone’-else, when all the while, it’s us ourselves, individually and collectively creating, manifesting, accepting and allowing life on earth as it exist now. And, Consequence will continue, continue accumulating, worsening, intensifying – as this is all that we’ve ever done from the beginning of our existence, as is also walked and explained within The Secret History of the Universe interview series available on EQAFE.

And so, the TIME-Personality relationship to 2012 within the FEAR-Dimension: is Fear of Consequence, the Past, what’s HERE. And our ‘Base’-Relationship within and as the TIME-Personality is existent within the Fear of Consequence of the Future.
So, what one have to identify in/as one’s relationship to FEAR and the TIME-Personality, is one’s relationship in the Mind within and as the time-frames of “past, present and future” and what within these Time Frames do one FEAR, what is it within these Time Frames that motivate one’s Personality Possession in/as one’s relationship to TIME. In this, one will see, realise and understand that one never really in fact is in the ‘Present’ – cause one’s relationship within and as the TIME-Personality is either Fear of the Past and/or Fear of the Future, Fearing Past Consequence and/or Fearing Future Consequence.

We’ll continue this in the next post, expanding on the FEAR Dimension and its relationship to Time within the context of “past, present and future”.

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