Thought and TI(e)-ME (Part Three): DAY 254

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Thought and TI(e)-ME (Part Three): DAY 254

The FORCE - continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog - Heaven's Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 - suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

We’re continuing with the THOUGHT-Dimension of the TIME Character/Personality, both in relation to our general relationship to Time, and how this evolved in/as Consciousness to also representing our Time-Relationship to/as the end of the world / doomsday prophecies and predictions.
In and from this Post, we’re going to walk the Process of Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments, investigating Thought’s relationship to Personality Systems, to ourselves and what it in fact means that One Thought can determine, can change, can influence/affect ‘who, how and what I am’ in a moment of Breath.

THOUGHT Dimension: Commitments
I commit myself to show, how – the TIME-Personality within and as the relationship to 2012 and THOUGHT manifest, whereby: one would have had a moment within one’s world/reality, either during childhood or within/throughout adulthood where a Memory manifested, which stand as a “defining moment” for self in relation to, for example the prophecies/predictions about end times/doomsday/end of the world/new era. For example, within “religious upbringing”, being “educated” regarding the “coming of Christ/Jesus” and/or during adulthood, being “educated” on the prophecies/predictions regarding the end of the world/doomsday/end times within varying Spiritualities/Religions/Movement and in/as that defining moment, established, in one’s Mind, a relationship as reaction to ‘who I am’ regarding the end of the world/doomsday/end times/new era. This ‘defining moment’, created by self in the moment listening to the knowledge and information presented by others, imagining it within one’s mind, placing oneself as the primary character/personality in the Imagination and creating, for example the imagination of “seeing a new world/self and/or seeing the old world pass/become non-existent” and in that Moment, from within one’s Mind – creating the micro-chip Thought that will become the root from/of which one construct/program/create one’s Sub-Personality within the TIME-Personality regarding end times/doomsday/end of the world/new era as ‘who I am’ to Time in relation to how self within the MIND, defined self in relation to the past, present and future based on Knowledge and Information and Energy-Experience.

I commit myself to show, how – with Self-Honest, Self-Investigation – especially regarding the Sub-Personality of/as end times/doomsday/end of the world/new era, that stand within the context of/as the TIME Personality, that one will see, realise and understand How - within one’s MIND in a moment, with Imagination and Energy, animated the knowledge and information seen/heard regarding the past, present and future within and as the Religious/Spirituality/Movement paradigm and within and as such a moment, created a ‘Who I Am’ micro-chip Thought/Memory manifestation that will become the start of/as the programming/construction/creating of/as a Personality System within/as the Main TIME-Personality relationship, within and as which one ALREADY exist in and as various energy-relationships to the past, present and future within and as Imagination and ENERGY. And so, how – the Sub-Personality of/as end times/doomsday/end of the world/new era simply being an “evolution” from/of our already existent TIME-Personality, that has us caught in relationship to the past, present, future Time-Machine of Consciousness in relation to our “personal world” and the Sub-Personality of/as end times/doomsday/end of the world/new era, being our relationship to the past, present and future Time-Machine of Consciousness in relation to our “existential reality”. In this, neither relationship to TIME in fact correlate/is aligned with/as the Real Time of/as the Physical, as Breath within and as the movement, pace and expression of/as the Physical Body/this Physical Existence, as we are in our Minds within Consciousness through Imagination and Energy – separated/taken afar from/of the Real Time of/as this Physical Existence and so conjure up Illusions of Time in/as Consciousness that have no context to/as this Actual, Real Physical Existence.

I commit myself to show, how – the extent to which one BELIEVE in/as end times/doomsday/end of the world/new era Future Projection in the Mind’s Imagination, simply illustrate how far taken one is from/of the Physical Body, this Physical Existence. With no investigation, introspection, understanding, or gathering of REAL, valid, knowledge and information takes place regarding: finding out how the Mind works, how the Mind influence/affect the Physical Body, how we through the Mind create/construct/manifest our Personalities, our thoughts, imaginations, energies are Produced in its relationship to the Physical, where/how they all come from and then Taking this to/as our relationship to this Physical Existence, how the World System Works, how the World System influence/affect this Physical Existence/Humanity as a whole, how we through the World System create/construct/manifest the Systems that make this existence functions, how all the resources are produced by/through the World System in relation to humanity/this physical existence and then The Most Important question within Both Dimensions of the Mind and this World System as: WHY is human nature Such, that we cannot co-exist and why is this World System not aligned in such a Way for Humanity to co-exist with each-other and our relationship to/as this Physical Existence? NONE of these questions/contexts of questions of THAT which in fact determine who the Human Being is as the Mind/Consciousness, and THAT which in fact determine ‘life on earth’ within Humanity, this Physical Existence as the World System/Money is Questioned AT ALL…But, we continue living in/as the Self-Interest/Survival/Competition of the Mind/Consciousness, this World System of Money, directly-indirectly keeping ourselves, this existence the ‘way it is’ within and as our accepted and allowed internal and external living. And thus within this simply Prove how any BELIEF, belief which only exist in a relationship to Imagination, as Imagination is an Energy-Dimension in the Mind/Consciousness and so needs an energy-relation as the experience of “Belief” to be fed/fuelled/charged. Therefore, Imagination = Belief, keeping the human beings in the Heavens of the Minds, while deliberately ignoring the Certainty of/as the HELL that is within/as this Physical Existence, Humanity and the Demonic Mind one face within/ throughout the Day that’s in fact, through our living, acceptances and allowed – keeping ‘life on earth’ existent as-is, without change.
Therefore, the Question within this all is: when are Human Beings going to see, realise and understand the REALITY of/as this Physical Existence, walking in/as Real Time Consequence as what this Physical Existence is/has become and that the Imagination and the Belief-relationship to it, only exist within the Individual that create it, feed it, animate it in the Mind as ILLUSION – and that this World is not going to Change through an energy-relationship of BELIEF to the Mind/Consciousness IMAGINATION; but only through getting out of the Illusion of the Mind/Consciousness, the veil of Energy to face/see-Direct, Understand and so become the Living Solution to/as the Consequences, the Certainty of Consequence we face within and as this Physical Existence???

I commit myself to Assist and Support me, to start observing as I participate in my Mind within and throughout my daily, physical-reality, participation – regarding how often, how frequently, random Thoughts/thinking patterns emerge/manifest in the Mind, to which I will then REACT and from that reaction, can domino-effect me into and as going into all sorts of Alternate Realities in the Mind/Consciousness – from imagination, to fantasizing, to projecting into the past, the future, to other thought-patterns and all the while, generating/producing All Sorts of Energy-Experiences…and then before I know it; moments as Breaths has passed me within and as this Physical, Real, World.
How have we done this, where: we can be in two Existences/Worlds ‘at once’ – in the Mind/Consciousness and in the Physical Body?
How have we done this, where: we believe the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY-World, to be “more” / “more Real” than this Physical World, this Physical Existence, our Physical Body?
How/Why have we done this, where: we would create an alternate reality of Imagination, with an energy-experience of Belief in relation to a past, present and future Interpretation of ourselves/this Physical Existence MORE than the certainty of reality, this Physical existence as what is Here and what we’re really facing in the present, how we practically, physically throughout the generations have gotten here from the past, and how our future will be within/as this physical existence of/as we don’t learn from/understand our History, both in the context of Humanity, and our personal mind-physical existence?
How/Why have we done this, where: One Thought can automatically come up within our Minds, without one’s directive principle, will, or choice, without understanding HOW that thought came into existence, WHERE it comes from, exactly, within Self – and then “take the Thought personally” by reacting to it in/as an energy-experience, which means that the One Thought has power over/of “who I am” as one is submitting, through reaction, to/towards it and so disempower ‘who I am’ and at the same time define ‘who I am’ in relation to that One Thought, the Moment one react to it. And within this, never questioned – Why/How we react in the first place, how/why did we create a “reactive relationship” to Thoughts coming up in “our own Minds”? Who/what is reacting? Who/What is producing the Thought?

We’ll continue with this in Posts to come…  

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